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Default Re: Would like some hints on how to search (hunt) for Tuna

All here make excellent points. I am very wet behind the ears - having all of two trips out this year - my only trips out with my boat. I started out tentative, with no experiance being that far offshore, always had friends around. From my limited experiance, if you have done your homework - you are probably in the right general vicinity. I found, no, my friends, put me on easy fish early on at around 20 miles out - July 4th. Second trip, was different, had 5 fish all morning, then, dissappointed, just trolled toward the barn, and boated 7 more on the way. Learned later, a few miles west, would have made a huge difference, although one buddy boat had a stellar day, in my same general area. The boat was green and yellow - just don't get that! Tuna must like (the) Ducks (too). Anyway, if your in the right area, it appears to me, that your search needs to go west - north and south seem less important. The first trip, birds were everywhere, lots and lots of birds, easy to see you were in the right place. Second trip, hardly any birds around - scratch fishing, if that. Only needed to have gone an extra 5 miles and the reports were plugged boats - just should have headed all the way to where I said I should go in the first place. Always anxious to get those lines in the water when you see blue and temp. - but thats not always enough. Now to figure out if I over ran fish, or they just snuck in behind me!
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