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Originally Posted by First Bite View Post

I really appreciate your posts here on ifish and can tell you have a lot of knowledge concerning this topic. I have one question for you. I've read several articles on climate change stating that the US on average puts out around 15% of the pollution in the atmosphere. China & India are by far the biggest polluters and show no signs of slowing down or even trying to mitigate their emissions. In fact, they're doing just the opposite. Even if the US were to implement the so called "Green New Deal", and drop our emissions to zero, we will never be able to reign in the major polluters in this world. How will we ever slash the global carbon emissions and make progress if China & India don't get on board?

I think your information on China and India not even trying to mitigate their emissions is either a bit out of date or perhaps from a source that is less than completely truthful. Both India and and China have been world leaders in spending on renewable in renewable in the last few year. To be completely honest, the U.S. hasn't been doing all that bad in investment of renewable lately, despite federal policy.
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