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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Hi Phoebus (what's your real name BTW? Can I just call you Apollo? It's easier to spell),

Regarding "baiter blades"... I use those quite a bit too. In one regard, they are actually easier to thread than a cable, because they are stiff. So no, I usually don't need a threader for the blades.

However, because they use a short shank spoon hook, the eye creates a bulge, especially on a smaller (read narrower) bait. So if you go up the side of a bait, it can tear a noticable hole upon entry, and a bulge from the eye may show, which is an imperfection, and we don't like any imperfections on our bait. If you do a split tail however, the eye enters from inside so there is no tearing, and the bulge is less noticable.

Good luck....... Mark
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