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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Me again,

So, using the phone number visible in Mark Mc's original
posting, I called Maahs Marine and spoke with Donna.

She says, "Well, Englund just called yesterday and we're filling their order..."

Sonny, also known as Bill, is out fishing this AM. At 74, it's getting harder, but a grandson has stepped in.

Lastly, the reason that Maahs snaps are a bit slow to market from time to time is that Bill and Donna make them by hand. They sit and watch TV, Donna makes a start, and Bill finished up.

"But after a while, your hands cramp up." Donna explained.

So, that's the real secret here: Mark Mc is fishing with hand-made snaps. Hand-made jigs, hand-made spinners, hand-tied leaders are all fine, but I've never knowingly fished a hand-made snap.

Kind regards,
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