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Originally Posted by chucknormous View Post
Hahah. This is the same as saying I bought a ford that came with a 6.0. Out the Cummins in the ford and the world will be right again.

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Fummins! Lol...

Part of me wonders if I should really switch from a life long brand due to this one truck and partial problems of my 2015...It all boils down to customer service/experience and how I have been treated, honestly. Just seems like corp. or dealership doesn't care....Nobody can get an answer from dealership...rental service can't get a P.O which means I have to submit for reimbursement some $700 for my rental car for the week I used it to corp...which will take months to get back.

I think a new Tundra TRD would do everything I need...haul my 20ft alum. boat and my smaller Kubota tractor if I need to tow it somewhere. On top of that, no mechanical problems?!?!?!
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