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Originally Posted by jimh View Post
You seem to be comparing diesels with gasoline engines which is surprising since you are Toyota owner who knows how to use capitalization. You may not know it, but lots of gasoline engines make it to 308K miles if you do all maintenance as designed.

I’d argue that most people who own the big three don’t follow maintenance schedules, so you are really comparing people who do regular maintenance vs people who don’t ... not Toyota vs the big three.

There is probably a Toyota business reason that they aren’t producing 3/4 ton and above trucks.

The proper maintenance schedule is key. where I have my shop. The number 1 issue is people don't realize how far they drive and they don't include actual engine hours when calculating oil changes.

An example is, from Federal Way WA to Bellevue. it is maybe 20 miles one way. Pre Covid, it would take at times up to 90 minutes to go this distance. They go 3K miles between oil changes is not accurate. Commercial customers who idle there engines, don't usually include this metric.

The actual hours on the oil is way higher. It is the #1 issue we see with Ford Gas Engines that fail. Go to full synthetic with your ford gas engine, change it at 200 hours or 5K miles, or 3k miles with semi-synthetic. Adopt this, hours or miles metric, whichever comes first, and your engine failure issues will significantly drop.

The same was true for the 6.0 ford diesel that everyone bashed upon. They simply need clean oil and pro active maintenance. It didn't solve every issue, but it did help a lot

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