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Originally Posted by StrawberryMTN View Post
If a tundra had 3/4 ton capabilities...I think I would be sold.

I usually get rid of my trucks around 100K-125K...Never had a problem until this new generation...Ball joint went out on my 2015 at 38k miles...then the head studs around 60K.

Wish I would have kept my 03' Diesel...only had to replace the fuel pump at 100K...


If you look at towing capacity. Today's 1/2 ton trucks will pull what 3/4 ton diesels were rated for, not too long ago. (Ok maybe a few decades ago). If you don't need actual payload. There's no reason why a tundra won't work. It will be my next truck as my boat only weighs 5K lbs.

The gas savings of my diesel I've had for 8 years, went out the door, after the first turbo and full front end rebuild that happened after the warranty expired.

We just had a Tundra in my shop, 333K miles and the water pump failed. Looking at that engine, you would have no idea it had that many miles on it. It ran and sounded that good.
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