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Default Re: Update continues with the Dodge Ram

Originally Posted by Lucky Guy View Post
So what all rigs are you referring to in particular?
It’s not that hard just google it. Of course, any truck with really high miles will have to have a lot of highway miles. Otherwise, it would take too many years to get to high mileage.

My trucks would never make it that long with me as owner. I don’t drive that much any more although I put 160K miles on a S10 v6 in 4 years. I put 48K on a F350 in 8 years. My ‘07 Mustang has 40K on it. My ‘06 Explorer which I bought used has 200K on it. It had 110K on it when I bought it. Yeah, I know they aren’t supposed to make it that long and yet it has. My brother’s ‘02 Suburban has 200K on it as well. My old mechanic (I moved) did work for limousines and said those Ford 4.6 v8s regularly made 400K to 600K miles.

At the end of the day though, buy what makes you happy. I don’t personally like any trucks other than Fords even when they are new, so I wouldn’t really care if a Toyota lasted longer because I’d never buy one. I have tried Chevy’s, but I simply don’t like them after driving them a while. I’ve never liked Toyota trucks or Nissans.

You can also find plenty of issues with Tundras if you look. Take this website for instance that mentions which years are the worst. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/the-wor...uld-never-buy/

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