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Default Re: Update continues with the Dodge Ram

Originally Posted by jimh View Post
Not a surprise that you aren’t your car’s mechanic. Most people never look under their truck/car’s hood. Also, typical Toyota owner who also doesn’t know how to use capitalization. Sorry, that’s supposed to be a joke. No offense intended, but I just found it hilarious.

I have friends who like Toyotas. They have no standards. Sorry, another joke.

Seriously though, this is not a good thread for Ram.
Yeah, the joke's on us fools alright, those Toyota 4.7's really suck. Only 308K miles and nothing but 2 timing belts, shocks, wheel bearings and brakes, towing a 21' travel trailer some of that time. No head gaskets, no stretched studs, no lift pump, no $5k tranny replacement, no front end falling apart at 30-60K, no $4k injector bill, no flashing lights in the dashboard, no def tank, etc.

The big three are lucky Toyota decided not to get into the US diesel pick-up market, consumers not so much.
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