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Originally Posted by flatman View Post
when i first bought a toyota the salesmen said oh you want to look under the hood, i said yes, he said it would be the last time you did. 7 toyotas later and maybe close to a million miles and still havent opened the hood on any except to disconnect the battery if going away for a time. not one nickel in repairs.
ive had all kinds of makes but never a dodge and for good reasons. they break and when they break its the expensive stuff that breaks.
I've had Ram diesels since the mid 90s with minimal problems, and no major expenses. My most recent one, 6 years old and 95K miles, has only had a fuel filter sensor replaced at $150, and nothing else other than oil changes. It's hard to make generalized statements about a model you haven't owned. And while I've had a Toyota pickup, it won't pull my boat with a camper on, nor will it pull our travel trailer safely.
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