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Default Re: Update continues with the Dodge Ram

This kind of thing can happen with any vehicle. I've got two stories. My neighbor bought a brand new Ford power stroke and he started having problems with it at a couple of thousand miles--one thing after another. One day, when he took it in, the dealer told him to go pick out another truck and he'd get the paperwork ready. He did.

The brother of one of my friends also bought a new power stroke that was nothing but trouble. The 3rd time he blew a head gasket (under warranty) and had the truck towed in, he walked into the office (he'd bought a couple of vehicles there before) and told the manager he was going to go out and find another truck on the lot, and when he found it he expected to get the amount he still owed on the 'bad' truck as trade-in. Surprisingly, the dealer went for it and he left with a new gasser.
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