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Default Update continues with the Dodge Ram

Long M'Fing rant...My Ram Saga continues and I hate it....Really was a lifetime Ram person.

I've owned the following RAM vehicles in my family/lifetime = 72' Ram 95' Ram Gas, 03' Diesel '14 6.4 Hemi < The F'ing worst of them. I love that truck too which is hard for me. Ram/Dodge fan through and through and dealing with this...seriously?! no help from the higher ups....#$%#$%#

Here's a change for ya'll on our current events. For those that have seen my previous posts on my '14 Ram 6.4 3/4 ton long bed....here's another F****** good one....just got back from deer scouting...computer says low pressure on all tires...nope all full....drive from Ukiah area to Eugene...light comes on "oh you have no fuel pull over now....Well I just filled my tank!!!!

Take it to a certain coastal dealership...oh your fuel pump is going out and your brake sensor is bad and we won't get one for 3 plus months again....WOW. the words that would have have came out of my mouth stuck in the middle of nowhere....after going through a new trans, new torque converter, EGR cooler, new wheel sensor...F them. Guess what the fuel pump is on back order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me look reallll hard at a go' dam' Tundra. Warranty for rental covers 1 week...they say 4 months! Thank god I spent 3K on a lifetime warranty....expires in 2097 F'U RAM. They have covered over $10K in parts/labor so far. F! Beyond it.

Thank god I made it out of Ukiah/Desolation...that 72' Dodge would been just fine. They literally had my truck 5 months to get it fixed some 5 months ago!!!!! it has less than 80K miles! I'm done. Thank god for extended coverage...Anyways....Sorry... :/ So F'ing flustered. SORRY! Stuck in a rock and a hard place...
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