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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

Thanks you guys for the kind words...

Kurt, yep yep yep! Like I said, I'll do a piece later on anchovies & crowbars. Don't want to get TOO far into it without the pictures, but since you brought it up.... we always use pins & rubberbands; the copper wire is tres obsolete, because they take so much longer to tie & untie. On occasion we'd put pin/rubberband on a herring, so we could snap it on, if we were using mostly junk and didn't want that big Sonny Maahs snap hanging on a spoon. Here's an odd thing: on a herring the pin goes in front of the eyes (otherwise the mouth won't stay shut); on an anchovy, it goes behind the eyes.

I should acknowledge my wife for taking the photos, all the while grimacing at what I was doing to that poor little herring.

p.s. Walt... "I would try an FBR at RBH though"

OK I get the FBR jokes, but my poor brain doesn't know what RBH is
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