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Originally Posted by Fishsizzle View Post
Side note: anyone have insight in Macks here? The screen is LOADED with fish under the small guys. Everywhere I fished there were these big returns. Would love to hook into and release some.
I'm hardly an expert for providing advice on catching big macks or browns. There are some regular contributors to this forum who are very knowledgeable about that fishery and really know their business. I have managed to 'stumble' into quite a number of them while targeting kokes with jigs throughout the years. Both at Odell and Crescent lakes. They're a real kick in the biscuits to catch on light tackle and before releasing them the battle is always enjoyed.

If you're trolling for kokes and spot some on your sonar, you might try putting on the brakes and dropping a jig in front of them. I would suggest at least a 1 oz jig. Forget the corn. Kokanee colors like half blue/half white, green/white, silver/blue, and silver/green would be pretty good starters. Jig above them, below them, in the middle of them, and drop all the way to the bottom. Move your jig around. For trolling, some of the other guys/gals on this forum could offer better advice.
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