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Fished yesterday, 5.25.19. We started fishing at 700am, temp. 32 deg, no wind, a little overcast, no rain, did not feel like 32 degrees tho, felt warmer. We had warm Sun from 9am-noon and then it started changing. The forecast starting at 4pm was for continued winds, heavy rain, and up to 6 inches of snow. Princess Creek campground was full of tent campers, and we hoped their tents would hold up to the snow. I guess they do not follow the weather forecasts, Dohhhhhhh...........

We started out jigging, caught 10 in about a hour. Jig bite was light and slow. About 9am it warmed up to 48 degrees. Water temp. was 48 degrees. We started trolling and it was basically non stop action. Charlie did use a pink smiley blade hoochie setup with a pink bone pattern dodger, and I used a conventional orange hoochie setup, with a orange crush pattern, dodger. The dodgers we use are from a company in Idaho. Trolling @ 1.1-1.3mph. At first Charlie was red hot catching, I am sure it was the pink color. So I switched to pink and I was catching like him, so, I do not think the smiley blade thing makes much difference, maybe a little. Tuna corn and pink crappie nibbles was the bait. Fish were down in the 20-30 ft. depth range. Every several minutes we would get bit and we had 4-5 doubles. Sometimes we would get bit while we were letting out the line. We could not even get a break to eat some egg salad sandwiches that I brought along. So, we had a lot of fun until about noon, then the wind came up big time, to 10-15mph, 2-3 ft waves one after another, could hardly stand up in the boat, had to use the big motor to troll, but, we were still catching fish. At 100pm the conditions were just to nasty, and we called it a ball game. We headed in and left a hot bite. Loading the boat at PC was challenging. No docks in yet. If they are not going to have the docks in yet, WHY open the Furkin campground??????

Here is the Nugget: We put 30 fat ones in the cooler, we lost 20 at the boat, we had approx. 20 drive by"s, where they on on, you pick up the rod and they are gone, thats, part of Kokanee fishing.

I am glad we left @130pm yesterday as the storm did hit there at approx. 5-6pm and they woke up to 4 + inches of fresh snow and 30 degree temps. Sunday morning. Yikes...........

Came home to a savage rain storm. What the Duck??????

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