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I fished at Barview today from around low slack until well into the incoming tide. There were loads of anchovies in the water, birds (murres,seagulls),and a couple of seals out hunting the incoming swells. I fished 35 pound white Tuf line with 4 inch wide Buzz Bombs, 4 inch Point Wilson Dart, and a few Charlie White's "the Lure" anchovy-imitating jigs which also have a v-shaped spinner blade at the tail end of the lure. Nothing but a couple small sea bass hooked accidentally, and about a dozen anchovies landed... About 2 hrs into the incoming, I switched from 35 Tuf to a spool of 20# Big Game, and wish I would have had 25#, because I wanted to stay up high in the water column,and with such a soft incoming tide, even 20 pound line was amply "thin". A bit too thin in diameter,actually.

The swells were pretty big, but the wind was very low,and the weather was gorgeous. The anchovies were SO THICK that on almost every cast, often all three points of my sticky-sharp trebles had one or two scales on each point. I have never seen so much bait at Barview, for so long a time.

I really like the Point Wilson Dart when there are that many anchovies around--it looks a LOT like an anchovy. The tide exchange was pretty soft, a little over four feet. I don't think I would necessarily confine my fishing to just the hour before and around high slack tide...there was a lot of bait, and seals actively hunting from low slack all the way up until 5:30 when I bagged it for the day.

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