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Originally Posted by STGRule View Post
This study only measured mortality for 24 hours. To measure the true mortality, those fish would have to have been tagged and released and spawning ground/hatchery recovery rates analysed. But that is expensive.

All this did was measure the mortality that fishers see. Not the mortality/spawning loss that the fish stock suffers.

And as has been pointed out above, the technique and environmental factors aren't much applicable here.

They need to watch them for two weeks or more...

Many years ago, Charlie White (anyone remember Charlie and his Bilge Water? Underwater filming of salmon? One of the first to do it)...told me of his experiences opening the Undersea Gardens in Newport...He said they caught and handled salmon to put in the tanks and many (or several anyway) developed fungal diseases or other signs of distress in the areas where fingers had gripped the fish.

Just anecdotal, but Charlie said it took a week or two for the symptoms to develop...I don't believe at that time the handlers were wetting their hands or using latex gloves, etc...It would be an interesting research study for the Hatchery Center (might have already been done somewhere...both fresh and salt water).
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