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What are the levels displayed under user names? Fry, etc?
Your active participation is highly encouraged at iFish.net. After you spend some time viewing posts you may notice a title under the moniker of each member. These titles correspond to different levels of membership. New members start life at iFish as a fry. The more you post, the more mature you will grow and gain new titles. The following chart represents the standard progression of Fry through King Salmon.

Fry... 0-20 posts
Cutthroat... 21 - 50 posts
Coho 51... 100 posts
Steelhead... 101 - 500 posts
Chromer... 501 - 1000 posts
Tuna!... 1001 - 2000 posts
Ifish Nate... 2001 - 3500 posts
Sturgeon... 3501 - 5000 posts
King Salmon... 5001 and up

Note: In some instances you may notice members whose titles donít match any of the species listed here. Custom title are available for a small fee.
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