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August 2011
ICAST 2011

August 3rd

So tired, I can barely raise my head.
But, I had to tell you that Stan's column is up for August! I usually have it up by the first of August, but I had a wonderful (joke!) "Welcome to my new house" sewage blockage present!
Welcome to home ownership, Jen! There IS no landlord to call! I'm me lordy!
They thought it was the main, but thank goodness it wasn't. It was a clog, under the house.
Pheh! Anyhow, I'm all fixed for now. Just have to get some sleep!
I'm back on the Kilchis for some R & R and some catch up work!
More, tomorrow!
Anyhow, for now, all you readers who might have been wondering where Stan is, he's up!

August 4th

Ever done anything for someone on a routine basis, that brings them a whole lot of happiness?
I've tried! I've spent my entire life, trying to find that gift, for that someone! I mean, I buy little gifts for friends, and I cook nice meals for people who appreciate it. I try!
In the grocery store, I get all excited in the cereal aisle and think, "Oh! David would love this!" In fact, when he first moved out, I nearly broke down and cried in the cereal aisle, knowing he was gone and I couldn't do that, anymore. (of course he moved back in! LOL)
I think all day about what would make Bill happy for dinner. I search for surprises at garage sales for folks. I am a giver. I am! I love to make people happy! I feel I am thoughtful. I do try!
But- I don't think I've ever hit the mark, like crabbait has for me!
"crabbait", if you don't know, is a long time member of ifish. He has given much time as a moderator, and still helps us out, immensely.
Yesterday, after being in the city for about a week, I came home to a pile of mail, and one single mystery box, waiting for me to open.
What could it be?
I was so curious, as I am every time I get a box when I haven't ordered a thing. Sometimes I get medical supplies for my INR. It wasn't that. I could tell! The box, unlabeled, was a real surprise to me. But, what was in it?
COFFEE! Coffee from Costa Rica! From Crabbait! Special coffee! (Oh, you have no idea!)
Crabbait, you have no idea what joy this brings me! Not only when I open it and see those tiny little dark pea beans, all shiny (and wonderfully greasy!) in their package-- but, every single day when I wake up and smell that wonderful, deep, dark, goodness in my cup!
Thing is, crabbait owes me nothing! I don't know why he gifts me with this! But, one thing is for sure! It makes me so, so happy! Giddy happy!
I have a new resolution. I'm going to find something that makes someone this happy! I'm going to search until I find what that is, and I am going to try to provide this kind of surprise to someone! I just don't know where to start my search! Knowing how much it means to me, and how happy it makes me, well? I want to do that for someone, too!
It seems like lately, my life is so busy and hectic that I've not been able to get my dose of "feel good" by giving. It's as important to my well being as food and water.
I woke up this morning, totally "pickled tink", that I have this coffee! And, I will wake up tomorrow, and for many days... and feel that same tickle!
Life is so tough as an adult. I try to make my kids understand that. and if you can make someone's life easier, by bringing a smile, well? I want a piece of that! Crabbait, you have it down!
I used to be part of a "secret sister" program in church, where we'd pick a name out of a basket, and give little gifts and cards to that secret someone.
It was just as much fun (or more!) giving, than receiving!
So, I'm getting back on that giving wagon! I've just got to search to find that special "something" for that special someone! It will be fun to figure it out, too!
Thank you, crabbait! You have given me so much more than wonderful coffee!
Wow. I had no idea how much I'd miss my river, and my "home".
I feel just a little lost, lately. Where do I live? Where is my home? I have home in the city and home on the river, now. Can you do that? Is that possible? Or, is home where your heart is?
When I was happily married, my husband said to me, "Home is where my family is." Uh oh! My family is all over the world!
I came home to my place on the river, minus my beautiful flowers. It looked so empty, here. Black and white, without my colorful flowers. Do I bring some back? What goes where?
Emotions just over came me, when I saw things I had missed. I stood in the garage, while Bill hugged me and I cried, like I hadn't in a long time. It's been so hectic, lately!
Did I mention that my sewage backed up as a "welcome home" to my new home, and I spent three days without a shower or toilets? I was lost without a "landlord" as I was me land lordy! Uh oh! I had no clue what to do, but with help, we got it figured it out, and fixed!
Seems like I live life in chunks in between serious illnesses. I have a retinal detachment, heal, then "live, live, live!" real fast!
Then, a dissected aorta. I heal, then "live like crazy!" Then, breast cancer, and "Live, live live!"
The other day on the phone, I said to my brother, "I feel good! Almost better than I have in ages." He replied, without skipping a beat, "Or-- do you just appreciate life more, after all that you have been through?"
Bingo? Is that it? I think he is onto something! It's that old "ying-yang" thing, where if you don't know what it feels like to feel sad, bad, sick... you won't feel the opposite joy, hope, life!
Let me tell you, having an aortic dissection doesn't feel good. Taking chemo and radiation is yucky! So, just like it hurts when you hit your finger with a hammer? Well, when you quit hitting it, it just feels SO darn good!
Last night, after a wonderful dinner, I took the dogs out to the river. I have missed that river so much, lately.
There, sitting on the bank was my canoe, looking so entirely lonely.
Each summer for the past 12 years, almost every morning and every evening, I'd take that canoe out, and study the bottom of the river. I did it partially for the upcoming seasons of Fall, then steelhead seasons, but also, just because I love the Kilchis river, and that time alone. I also need the exercise!
I hadn't been out once, this summer. Not once!
I stood exhausted, gazing at it, and realized I didn't know where the nests of pollywogs were, this year. I didn't know where the beavers were building their dams. I had no idea what part of the river had washed in, and where the deep holes were.
The light was fading in the sky, but I had to. I just had to get in, and go.
The lock on my canoe was rusting closed, and as I fumbled with it, trying to even remember the dang combination to set it free, hot tears fell, yet again. Isn't life supposed to get 'less' busy? 'Less' hectic, as you grow older?
Finally, I pushed off. The air was perfectly still and windless. Perfect for a canoe ride! I hadn't once gone down thru the riffles so that my canoe could spin in the current in the deepest hole, while I stared into the depths.
The dogs were ecstatic! Molly the river cat climbed into the bow, and off we all went! She curled up and rested in the little triangle in front.
It was wonderful! I made it clear thru the riffles, without getting stuck, and then floated fast and free, thru the riffles! Fun! Fun! Fun! Joy just filled my heart! There are so many things that I love to do! There just isn't the time!
I spent a long time down there in that deep hole, just studying the bottom of the river, counting the beaver bones, and watching for that magical first fall salmon. I didn't see one, but I could have!
Finally, as just a sliver of light remained, I worked that canoe back up stream. I got stuck on a rock, and had to climb out and push and pull the canoe to its resting place.
Brr! I was wearing knee boots, and not only were the river rocks as slippery as glass, but I went too deep, and water filled my boots! I had the ultimate river experience that I had needed so much! The full meal deal, and I didn't even take a fly rod!
I went to bed, last night, fully sated. I fell into a deep sleep, listening to the soft river whisper, and to a distant owl calling thru the woods.
Yes. I'm tired. Yes. I'm exhausted, but I'm also so excited to be healthy and alive, that it brings me the will to push thru.
In my new home in Oregon City, I unpacked my bicycle, and pumped up the tires. I was so excited to have a flat place to ride, that I hopped on and wobbled out of the driveway. It had been at least 10 years since I'd ridden a bike, but it came back to me, immediately! I felt like I was flying! Half way around the block, I became so out of breath that it scared me, though! I am so out of shape for that kind of thing! I'll have to do that daily, now, until I build up my strength. (Can I still do that!?)
I'm just so full, right now. Full of emotion, full of thought, full of life, full of worry, yes, and fear and a whole lot of things, but I'm also full of hope! I'm well. Or- I hope I am!
But, one thing is for sure. My cup overfloweth, (thanks to crabbait and his Costa Rican gifts!)
I think I'll have another cuppa!

August 9th

I have a stack of darn computers, but not the right software on the correct computers! The only computer I have my editing software on, is this tiny little netbook! Not only is the print so tiny I can't read it, but the keys are so tiny, these long piano fingers get all twisted up, trying to type! Please be patient with my typos!
Also, last night I sat all alone out here on the deck, enjoying the sounds of the neighborhood, and wrote a long column. Somehow, it all got deleted! Grrr!
I'm starting new! I was so tired, anyhow. Much better to write in the morning.
I think I'll write a book on "How to furnish your home off of Craigslist!" I'm not kidding! I wrote down exactly what I needed on a budget, and figured brand new pricing. I have scoured Craigslist and reduced those costs to so little! Everything is used, but by golly, you couldn't tell it!
From my new comfy sofa to my new television set, everything is great! I'm doing well, filling up the spaces.
Today, I am helping my friend Tammy to move into the "spare" bedroom. Is there really a spare bedroom in 1200 feet of space? Yes! It will be fun having her here!
Tomorrow, I take off for the coast, again. I can't wait, and Kilchis can't, either! He is missing Rev, and from what I hear from Bill, Rev is missing Kilchis! They are buddies for life, I think.
I bought a neat little wristlet thing that contains doggy doo bags. I have to learn all this city stuff. When Kilchis does his business, I pick it up with the baggy... but then, what? What do you do with it? There are no doggy deposit stations around here! So, I pack it home and... then what?
So, I read about a doggy decomposition thing that you can make at home, where it breaks it down and it seeps into your soil. I'm going to try and build one of those!
I'm finding home ownership kind of fun, but a whole lot of work! Today, I'm scrubbing down the spa as it has a moldy odor. I guess I need to wear protective glasses, when using this product. I have none. So, I'm wearing plain old sunglasses! That'll do, right? :)
I need to hire someone to install a door in one part of my home. I have no clue where to start shopping for something like that. Also, someone to come help me set up my cheapo Craigslist surround sound! I have no clue how to do these things, or to find someone to help me. I'll figure it out, though!
Yesterday I was so exhausted that I just lay in the chaise lounge all day and napped, off and on, while the kids took their placement tests at the college. I sure needed that! I thought I was getting sick, but I feel better, today!
I'm even playing the piano more, since I moved here. My creative side is coming out to play!
So, have a great day! I'm going to dig into the days work.

August 11th

Homes sweet homes.
Yep, that's right! "Homes!"
It's confusing!
No matter which I go to, I miss the other!
Hey-- ever said, "I'm just too old for this?" If you have, then quit it!
I have had to catch myself several times, lately. I'm not too old to ride a bike! I'm not too old to do... anything! I'm just going to X that right out of my vocabulary!
Last night I drove into the Kilchis property, and Kilchis (my dog) went wild! When I let him out, Kilchis and Rev had a lotta-love session. It was so cute! They wiggly-waggly cuddled up together, and their bodies were as one. I nearly cried it was so sweet! They sure love one another.
Because I took one dog bed to the Oregon City home, last night, Rev and Kilchis slept together on the one bed. It was darling! They were both stretched out lengthwise, side by side! Molly sure missed me. She usually chooses not to sleep by me, as I'm a fairly restless sleeper. I've been accused of performing what was deemed the "nocturnal ballet". I guess I have restless legs, or something. But, Molly slept with me, last night! She didn't care if I kicked her while doing an air Plié!
Bill and I had fun last night, cooking for two, instead of 22! (Yes, the boys eat 20 portions!)
Hey-- I've had fun in Oregon City eating the boys way. I have! You know, there are a million choices in fast food in the city, and yes, we had to try each one, but it was so, so good to come here and eat healthy! I had 20 servings of broccoli to make up for the damage I've done, lately!
From Dairy Queen to Burgerville, the boys and I had sampled it all! Each time we tried a new fast food, we'd say, "OK, this is the last fast food we are eating!" And of course, we've tried every Blizzard flavor! But, then the next night, all tired from moving boxes and arranging things, we'd sigh and say, "What's for fast food, tonight!?" Too tired to cook, we'd drive to the untried, untested, and order up!
I just miss my Traeger. That's all! I can't cook without my Traeger! What a great excuse!
Bill and I cooked chicken on the Traeger, steamed up a pot of rice, and cooked some fresh broccoli. Yum! It just tasted so good!
Want my tried and true chicken recipe for the Traeger? You must first buy their Chicken Rub Seasoning from Traeger, and of course, a Traeger grill!
Anyhow, lightly rub the chicken pieces in the rub, and heat up the grill to 350-375. Cook the chicken till almost done, and then lightly spread your favorite bbq sauce on top. I use Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue. It's just so simple, and so good! Try it! We can't get around using one of those auto thermometers that beep when it's done, so get used to that, with a Traeger, if you want to be good at it!
Eating last night reminded me so much of once, as a young adult, tired of the singles scene, I went home to my Mom's home and she asked what I wanted for dinner.
"Something healthy!" I sighed... I was so tired of the staying up late-eating unhealthy scene. She baked some fresh halibut, steamed some fresh veggies and made rice, and never... never did food taste more like real food!
It took me back and I felt that same thing, last night! Yum!
Bill and I are planning an ocean fishing trip for Saturday, and perhaps an easy float down tidewater cutthroat trip. I can't wait!
Off I go... Have a great day!

August 12th

I'm just too old for this! (Oops, strike that, as per my writing yesterday!)
I mean-- I can do this! I can!
I went to the Tillamook Fair yesterday with Bill and had a blast, but I'll tell you... My legs sure are wimpy! Both of us were hobbling, by the trip back to the car!
We had so much fun, though! Fun, and an elephant ear and a corn dog! Yum!
They have this raffle every year where you buy tickets for a chance at a cow. The poor thing is in a pen and it was so beautiful! Its eyes were just mesmerizing. Bill and I were talking softly to it, as I bought five tickets. Bill said, "But, where will we keep her? We don't have a fence!"
I said.... "In the freezer!"
I couldn't believe I was that cold about it. I do know that I could never look at her, again. If I won, I bet we'd end up building a fence! Some "Tillamookians" we are!
I took some pictures at the fair and posted them to my Facebook page. If you want to see them, you'll have to be "friended" by me, so let me know you are an ifish reader, and I will do that! There are lots of pictures of ICAST there, too.
Bill wouldn't go on the upside down rides with me. I guess it is not because he is too old, but that he has never liked those. I love them! I wanted to go so bad!
We did play some games, though, wandered around, listened to "Lars Live" smelled the roses on display, and said hi to each and every chicken, rabbit, sheep, goat, and cow!
We stopped in time to watch the Pig and Ford races. One guy was hurt pretty badly, and one pig got loose. It was anything but uneventful! I sure hope the guy is alright!
Yesterday, I had a migraine all day long. In fact, I've had it for three days! But, yesterday I just couldn't shake it. It got a bit better-- enough to go to the fair, but on the way home, I literally thought I was headed to the hospital. My head hurt so bad! I came home, put ice on my neck and that is where I stayed until early this morning. Today it is still there, but barely. I do hope it is on the way out, because I'm too old... I mean, I can't stand it another day! :)
Yesterday, I realized with a shock that it is Andrew's Birthday, today! Oops! So, I'm headed back to Oregon City to celebrate with him.
Back and forth... Back and forth... This too shall settle, right? I was just settling into the rhythm of the river, and then.... Poof! Back in the car, I go!
Bill is bummed (and so am I!) because we had a couple fishing trips planned. And, next week is busy as we are getting this house painted. It will be so nice to have this house freshly painted! I can't wait! My flowers will look so pretty against a brand new painted house!
Well, I'm packing my bags, and I'll be on the road, again soon. I just don't know whether to take Kilchis with me, or not. He loves it here, but he loves it here with me and he can't have both! (And neither can I!)
When, oh when will my life ever settle? Because darnit, I am! I'm just too old for this! :)

August 15th

Well, I got a new copy of Dreamweaver to be able to update things when I'm in Portland, and guess what? There is a learning curve! I can't for the life of me figure out how to justify this paragraph to the left.
Interesting! I found out how, but they did "remove" that option in the new Dreamweaver. Now, that isn't fair! They want nearly 400 dollars for this program, and there is no "Align left" button? lol
I'm sitting outside, enjoying my patio.
I have spent hours this morning, trying to figure out what to do about uploading my column, and now that I've figured it out, I'm too tired to write anything much!
But-- I'm set for next time!
I'm going fishing out on the ocean this week with Bill. I guess the ocean has been pretty flat. I can't wait! I simply can't wait!
I had about 10 beautiful hummies here this morning, flocked around my honeysuckle bush. They just really love that bush! I have feeders out, but they don't normally use that. They are after the real stuff, here!
I also have several chickadees. Bill is envious! I have to go get some feed today. I'm spoiled by Bill doing that job. Hey, Bill! I need some feed over here, too! (Yeah, as if!)
OK, off I go. I had no clue how much it takes to keep your own home! I'm either doing, or ordering the boys around to do this or that. It's really fun, and I have a whole lot of pride about it but man I'm tired!
I finally got rid of a three day migraine and that alone is reason to celebrate!
Alright.. I'm going to take off, and get the rest of my work done, and then head out to the coast.
Oh! Did I tell you? Bill and I got a car for the boys. It was a Ford Tempo. They drove it for about a week and a half and then Andrew called one day. I heard sirens in the background.
"Mom? My car is on fire."
"What Luck!" Said the duck.

August 16th

Home... Home on the river!
But, turns out we can't go fishing after all! The painters were late, and so are the carpet layers. We are doing a bit of renovating around here.
What is it, when you are all the sudden having trouble finding time to fish? It's not that we don't have interest. It's just that things keep happening that cause us not to go!
Whatever it is, I'm not liking it one bit!
I have never in my life caught so few fish, and Bill can say the same.
So, after dinner, I'm going to go fly fishing and that is that. Even if there is very little water to fish in!

August 16th later...

I went out to the raspberries after dinner, really excited to see how many we had. When the bushes were loaded a couple weeks back, we asked Bob Rees to come pick, so they didn't go to waste.
But- I missed the whole season! Not a berry was growing! I can't believe I totally missed it, though! There was one "real" picking, and now they are done? That isn't normal, is it? Doesn't it usually last a while? I remember it that way!
Where did time fly?
Maybe... just maybe there will be a bumper crop, because I remember last year, picking into the Fall. They are never as sweet as early summer, but close!
So, I turned to the blueberries. But-the bushes were bare! Bill got in one good picking! Just one! Here the berries were just loaded, when they were green. The birds must have gotten the rest! Harumph!
So, I thought... OK... the blackberries should be ripe, then, if these are no longer in season. That's how it goes, right?
It has been so odd, this year. The strawberries, the raspberries and the blueberries all got ripe at the same time, and then poof! Gone!
So, I headed down to the river, and yes, Fall is on its way! My bare feet and bare legs were cold. I should have worn more than a summer dress!
As I approached the river, I saw but a few gleaming black berries, from a distance and got all excited! But, for naught! That's all there was! A few! But, boy were they good. Just ask Rev!
The river was so quiet. It reminded me of that awful day in Fall on 911. It was hot out that day. Hot, dusty, and so quiet.
I did mange a few berries for my great big Grandma bucket, and then I made my way back to the house.
The house has been pressure washed, and it looked so sad, from a distance. The paint was chipped, and made the house look uninhabited. It added to the sadness that I felt as I passed the boys (now vacant) windows to their rooms.
I stopped to peak inside, and I shouldn't have. They were so ...empty.
"Berry Fairy!" I used to sing as I went by. They'd swing open their windows in the early summer light, and I'd hand them the juiciest, most sweet berry that I could find.
The windows just stared back at me from some very hollow place.
OK. I cried. "Mom" cried as she went past.
I know... I have the boys at home in Oregon City and the fact is, sometimes I wish I didn't, and sometimes I wonder if I should... but it's just the history of it all, the past, the wonderful days when they were small children growing up on the river. I miss those days so much!
Man... Life is so strange, and so full, and pulls at me so hard from every emotional direction. I feel joy so "hard" and I feel sadness just the same, if not more.
It's a new season... yet again.

August 17th

Get this! I mean, really! Get this!
Remember the story about the boys car? Two weeks ago, I bought the boys a car. A red, Ford Tempo. It caught fire and died.
Well, we got a new one! A beautiful Buick Century, owned by an ASA tech. Surely a mechanic would sell us a good car, right?
Two days later, after I finally though I had my jobs in order, and could rest at the coast.
I shivered in my boots.
What, already!?!
"The car won't start."
My heart sunk, but I felt better, after I heard the symptoms. Andrew said that it went "click, click click" when he tried to turn it over. "That sounds like a dead battery."
So, I had them call the jump people at Triple A. (Sure glad I invested in this, this year!)
Well, they came out and said that the battery couldn't be jumped, as it was rotted in place, and held together with a pink wire! And, that it had corroded the engine in places. What!?!
So, then... I called the previous owner, and he said he didn't have time to look into it.
Oh, my. Finally, he said to tow it to his shop, and that's the last I've heard about it.
I'm just dumbfounded.
So, I hopped in the car, and now I'm back in Oregon City, handling car problems. I just wonder what is next!? :) I just have to laugh. What else can I do?

August 18, 2011

I think it will be alright. Everything is going to be fine, right?
The mechanic who owned the car called this morning and said it is all fixed, and that David left the interior lights on.
I certainly don't doubt that, but I am still worried that both the triple A mechanic and the guy they send out to jump dead batteries said that the battery platform was corroded so badly that he was afraid to jump it.
Just to make sure, I'm now hunting down a man that could go with me, to make sure we are on track. You know, a man that knows about cars, etc.
I think I trust this guy. He seems nice, and he seems qualified, but at the same time, I've heard from both the triple A mechanic and their tow guy that this "doesn't look good." Argh. I don't like that!
Every time I go back to the coast, and begin to relax, and get into the coastal feel of things, (laid back, relaxing, fishing, etc.,) the city calls me back for an emergency!
I so badly just want to be out on the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves, and watching dolphins swim, nearby! Nice dream!

August 20, 2011

It's a beautiful, late summer morning The wind is blowing a bit, and the sun is shining strong on the garden work I did, yesterday. Yes the garden "work", complete with large piles of weeds all over the yard, yet to be composted, or picked up and placed in the debris container for the recycling folks to pick up. Hey-- Will they pick it up, if still in mounds on my lawn? What a deal that would be!
But, no... I think it's a job for the boys!
I'm so glad I had the house inspected before buying. Not that anything was found to be wrong. It's delightful, actually, and the previous owners were very attentive. Not only that, but the previous owner was an inspecter, himself!
Ifish is so awesome. What a great, big family full of life knowledge we have built, here! If you need a plumber you can find them on ifish! If you need a carpenter, you can find them on ifish! If you need parenting advice, well, the same!
If you need an inspecter.... you can find Mike Huppi! You know Mike Huppi of "Iwantofish" fame! I found this about Mike, here.
In fact, I don't think I could have bought a home, without my ifish team. I took the knowledge of so many of our members, and put it all to use, buying the house. Steve Salveson gave me expert advice about home mortgages, and he is on the directory for sponsors. Steve has been a member of ifish for a long time, as has Mike.
I mean, I'm new at this. I had never bought a home, nor had I ever researched buying a home, and I can't tell you how much confidence I have in the people that I have known through ifish.
Mike was so awesome. He went through every nook and cranny of the house. He really took his time and made me feel much better about the purchase. Plus, when something did happen, (the plumbing problem) I called Mike to find out who I should trust to fix it!
Just thank God for ifish, and thank God for Mike. That's all I have to say about that!
Whenever I have a problem, whether it be how much air it takes to fill up a basketball , what to do about a parenting problem, to finally, what size hook to use for a certain style of fishing, I have ifish to live and learn by!
So, yes. I'm proud of how many hits ifish gets. I'm proud that we are known as one of the best fishing sites. But, I am even more proud of the family we have built, here. For the relationships that we have formed.
I have been reading, lately, about how God really cares most about our relationships with others. How that is really what it is all about. That God doesn't care as much how much we pray, or how much we read the Bible, or how much "better Christians" we are compared to another, but instead, about our relationships with our fellow man.
Of course he does care about these things, and all the prior things mentioned are good, and holy. (-whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.) But, my thoughts this morning are that God really cares most about our relationships with others, and how we help each other become closer to Him.
In the past couple of months, I have received several letters about how our ifish chapel has really helped some of our members, and what a great feature it is. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been as involved over there, as I had been. I need to make that a priority, again! Have you visited our Angler's Chapel? It's awesome!
I have seen some members on ifish, who hadn't had a relationship with God, find comfort and love over on the Angler's Chapel. It's so awesome to see!
OK, How did I get on this topic? I was talking about weeds and home inspecters, and ... realtionships! Aha!
So, this morning, I just thank God that I have found so many new and wonderful relationships on ifish! Whoo hooo!
Today I'm off to my nephews wedding near Mt. Hood. What a gorgeous day to celebrate a new relationship!

August 23, 2011

I'm sitting out on the porch, watching the sun fade from the sky all too early. I thought it was still summer!
It's not! You can see it in the sky, in the shade of light that my sister said she noticed, just the other day. The sky is now blue, at last... no more rain for quite some time, but it's too late! The sky has lost that summer deep blue. It's now almost Fall. I guess we'll have to stand for an Indian Summer.
Andrew is serenading us with guitar music. I think he is trying to tell me he wants to borrow the laptop. The tempo is increasing, and so is the volume!
I'm so excited for this week! First, tomorrow I'm going horseback riding with a friend, and then after that, Bill and I are going fishing! It's fun week! Well, I have worked quite a bit this week, so I feel like it's fun long-weekend rather than the whole week.
I guess I'm tired. David just told me I put the ice cream in the refrigerator. OOPS.
Off I go! I have an early horse ride to attend! (I can't wait!)
Andrew!? If you are reading this, you may come get the laptop!

August 24, 2011

I can't wait! Thanks to Jim and Janis, I'm going riding!
Its been so long! So, so long!
I have to hurry. It was one of those nights, where I woke up every three hours, thinking, "Is it time, yet?" A glance at the clock and no, not yet! Over, and over again! LOL
I used to do that with fishing. Don't know if I still do, because it's been so long!
Then... I took my INR before I left. I'm not even going to share what that test said, but I really shouldn't be riding or fishing or doing anything of the sort, but I HAVE TO!
Then, I'll go to the doc, if I still need to.
Just prayers that I don't hurt myself, and also perhaps, prayers that I get a little less impulsive, and a little smarter! I know this isn't smart, so don't tell me that! I'm stubborn and I want to ride!
When I get home, I get to eat tons of green K vitamin foods like broccoli and spinach! Yum!

August 26, 2011

Wow. So much news!
I received this beautiful fabric in the mail from a lady who actually made it. It's all fishing related, and some of it is the history of commercial fishing. I am going to take pictures of it for you, so that I can show you. It would make awesome shirts, sun dresses, and pillows! Actually, it would be awesome if you are a quilter! It's such nice, soft cotton, too!
Oh! I found it online, here! That's just one of the fabrics, though. I found a few more, here.
They thought it would be of interest to you all, and I think they are right!
I had so much fun, riding! Here's a picture of me on Mickey, Skein's horse.

Jennie horse riding
Click pic to zoom

I can't walk too well, right now, but it was so worth every minute of it! One thing that was funny... My INR was really high that day, which means that if I were to get cut, I could bleed badly. Like, if I were to get into... you know, and accident?
So, I was riding, gaining confidence with every step. So, I took off to go around a small track. Well, obviously, Mickey the horse really wanted to get back to his horse friends, and as I turned to go back, Mickey decided it would be best to pin his ears back, buck, and run like mad! YIKES! I thought for sure that I was about to experience the third in a row of tragedies! (The first being the kids car burning down, the second, about their new car not running and the third... well, you know!)
But, I made it! I stayed on!
When I got back to the group, the owner of Promise Ranch said, "Wow! Look at you go, cowgirl!" I think she thought I meant to do that!
Shortly after that, I dismounted and decided I would be done with risking my luck! Besides, I was tired. It's frustrating to get tired so easily! It's also difficult to admit that, and to plan accordingly. It really makes everything I love, limited. Fishing trips, riding, everything... has a price. What a wimp I am! But, then again, I have to remind myself all that I have been through, and be thankful I'm still even here!
I'm in Tillamook, and Bill and I were going over our options for fishing trips. Remember that this weekend is the Hood to Coast run, which would make traveling to fish B-10 nearly impossible. I've been fishing on that weekend, traveling from Tillamook to Astoria, and it's just not fun to be in that traffic.
I can't believe that we totally missed the season this year! Sheesh, it's frustrating to miss out. And, it's closed so early, this year! Sunday?! No, really? I remember fishing well into Fall, in the past. I couldn't believe it when Bill told me it was closed, Sunday!?! Wow.
So, Pete went fishing right out in the bay here last weekend and got his party into a beautiful chinook, and plenty of full crabs, so that's an option. The tides are good, this weekend, too.
I've also heard that there are a few fish in the Nehalem, so we still have some choices. We may also take an afternoon and throw some flies at some cutthroat in the tide water.
The weather is fine, and the weekend approaches! So, have fun out there, and be safe!

August 28, 2011

Very little time to write before I hear the rumbling of Bill's truck and the revving of his engine, while he waits for me to finish! It's fishing, this morning!
Yesterday, we did the same routine, got to the ramp, backed up the boat and the motor wouldn't start. So frustrating for both of us! We had the crab pots baited, and everything ready! Gr! Turned out to be something very simple, that we just didn't notice. The kill switch was on! Argh!
So, this morning, we are fishing! For sure!
Just not sure if we are fishing Nehalem or T-bay.
George from Allcoast wrote me. The gang who runs ifish live in New York and surrounding areas, Long Island, etc. Here is what he says. Keep them in your prayers!
"What a storm. No electric on li.(Long Island) I have a generator so at least I can keep my food cold. No tv just Internet for now. Many downed trees, limbs, and just an all around mess. And the worst is yet to come. Yikess!"
So, hang in there, Allcoast! We need you!
They are working hard on fixing the slowness issues on the board, and soon we will be zippier than ever, again. I can't wait!
OK! Got my lucky lipstick shade, and I'm out the door!

August 30, 2011

I'm so excited! (Is that a new thing? LOL... Just realized how often I say that...)
But, I am~!
My brother Gary is leaving for Alaska tonight, and I was able to assist in getting him to go on my dream trip! Want to hear about my dream trip? (Don't answer cuz I'm going to tell you!)
OK... Long time ago, I was laying in bed on a Sunday morning, waiting for Hawg Quest. (Love that show...)
Finally, it came on! I love Sunday mornings in bed with coffee, and fishing shows! Especially Hawg Quest! Anyhow, on came a show about my favorite dream fishery... Trophy rainbows on the upper Kenai.
It was with a guide I wasn't familiar with.. Gabe Linegar of Drift Alaska Charters... I watched...
I have never been on the edge of my seat, watching a fishing show like this one. Most of the time, I sit back on my pillows, and watch with my glasses, but I really see better, even on a 42 inch screen if I sit at the edge of my bed. This show made me do that! I wanted to see every scale on those beautiful creatures!
By the time that I realized just how "into" this show I was, I hit "record" and since then, I've watched this same episode every time I was down, or needed the 'will to live' by a fishing high! I wish I could find part of it on google. It's supposedly linked on his page, but it just takes you to the main site. Anyhow, it's just awesome how they fish with beads that mimic the natural feeding cycle and catch these huge trouts!
Dang, I want to go! So badly!
I was talking to Glenn of Hawg Quest on the phone a week ago or so, and learned that this fishery is an every other year thing, like humpies. I think Glenn said that next year is the "on" year, so I'm going to work hard to put together a trip for Bill and I! Whoo hooo! I'd be so pumped!
Yeah, I just read on Gabe's page, "We also target Silvers (Coho), Pinks (even numbered years - that means 2008 is a Pink Salmon year!), Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trout." So, that means 2012 is rainbow year, right?
And... I feel like I need these things to look forward to, to get me thru my medical challenges. When I get feeling sick, or tired of all the tests, all I have to do is think about the upcoming excitement, and I'm all better! Fishing really does gives me the will to live!
When I go, I want to do the "Trophy Trout & Silver
Salmon Combo Trip" and perhaps skip the silvers... although silvers would be fun, too. I just told my brother to listen to Gabe and what's hot on the river, right then. I can't wait till he gets back and tells me all about it! I told him to take lots of pictures!
Bill and I fished the Nehalem on Sunday. It was so refreshing to clear my mind of things. This living in two places is kind of confusing, sometimes and it was just so nice to be on the water.
No, we didn't catch a darn thing, but I still enjoyed myself. There were a few salmon rolling, but honest to God, we didn't see one fish hooked. We did hear that about four were caught at the break of dawn. You know, the "Shoulda been here..."