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Pictures from my trip to Alaska


With Chris Session, Fishing Guide

Float plane flight though the mountains.

Aerial view of the camp


Wooden bear statue that has been attacked by a bear. Note the chin and nose. OUCH!

July 22nd writing about Alaska...
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started on the Kenai, and extended to Mt. Redoubt.....
Wowza! Alaska, a place where everything goes wild!
Including this girl!
The last night I couldn't waste sleeping, so I was driven around to all the sites in Soldotna and Kenai!
We watched the locals dip net sockeye at midnite.
We watched a moose and her calf at one in the morning.
I sat beside the Kenai river in my car at Two A.M., watching the bank anglers try their luck in a rain swollen river at a 23 foot tide.
At three we put the boat in at Centennial (on the Kenai) and took off for a short fishing trip.
I then got in my rental car, and drove to the Kenai airport. On the way, I nearly mowed over a Caribou and her calf! A large Moose cow and her calf then sauntered out in front of my speeding vehicle.
I thought I was safe and clear, but no! Upon entrance to the airport a black bear challenged me to stay alert, and I slammed on the brakes.
I sat there, still in the car, motor running, in absolute wonder and shock.
I have a story to tell. Many, many stories, and I will write a bit of it each day, starting out with my travel to Alaska, and ending with my trip home.
Stories of float planes, Arctic Char, King Salmon and Lake Trout. Stories of wild adventures, and tales of learning to be cautious of bears.
I have grown spiritually and emotionally.
I realize, now, that I am not a very tough girl, and that I need to work on some of my fears.
I realize that I need to relax more, and worry less.
A place where I am not in charge. Where the animals reside, and people are guests. Where weather and nature rules and I stand by, politely, waiting for my pass to go.
I could use a few more lessons, and I will be back as soon as I can put the funds together.
It's not for everyone, but it calls me. It calls me so deeply that I can imagine myself living there. Living there to learn, to grow, and to fish.
Teach me to live.
I didn't catch my record King, but I caught a record memory.

Wow! First day on the Kenai for Kim Katsion at Clam Gulch Lodge