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Tillamook Anglers
7510 Trask River Road,
Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 842-6519

"Working together to enhance fishing in Tillamook County"

What is Tillamook Anglers?
Tillamook Anglers is a non profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of habitat and fishing in Tillamook County.

Who are Tillamook Anglers?
Mostly, they are people who like to catch fish and are interested in preserving the fishery resources of Tillamook County. They are men and women of all ages from all walks of life, who are willing to volunteer their time and effort and/or make financial contributions to fishery enhancement projects.

What has Tillamook Anglers accomplished involving thousands of volunteers?
Since it's inception in the summer of 1988, Tillamook Anglers has made improvements to several boat launch facilities, worked on habitat improvement projects, sponsored informational public meetings on fish-related matters and has raised and released over 1.5 million salmon and steelhead into Tillamook Country streams.
We also assist the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at their state run hatcheries and annually deposit tons of fish carcasses into local streams to add nutrients to the water to boost the natural fish food chain. Tillamook Anglers has been in full operation of the Whisky Creek Hatchery for the last 14 years. The Anglers have also provided some exceptional fishing opportunities for thousands of fishermen and physically challenged individuals.

What is Whisky Creek hatchery?
Located on Netarts Bay, 2 miles north of Cape Lookout State Park, the Whisky Creek hatchery is an all volunteer Salmon and Trout Enhancement project. Tillamook Anglers obtained a lease from Oregon State University to renovate the hatchery and raise 100,000 Spring Chinook smolts annually for release into Tillamook Country streams. The old, deteriorated rearing ponds have been removed and replaced with a modern enclosed facility. An incubation room, work room, and storage room have been added, along with an existing classroom/meeting room that provides an educational facility for the public and school groups. A new water intake structure was built along with an expanded parking lot that has a park-like setting with picnic tables, hiking trails, informational signs and a viewing area where people can watch returning Chum salmon. The hatchery sponsors an annual fin clipping day in April where 400 volunteers work throughout the day clipping adipose fins for 100,000 Chinook salmon smolts. Lunch is provided for all volunteers by local merchants from surrounding communities. In September, the hatchery sponsor a Fishing Day for kids with disabilities. Upwards of 600 kids come from all over the state of Oregon with each child being allowed to catch and keep 4 Rainbow Trout. 300 to 400 volunteers assist in providing the special day for these special kids.

Where does the money come from to finance these projects?
All projects of Tillamook Anglers are finaced entirely through grants and Tax Deductible Donations and memebership fees. Thus far, the Tillamook Anglers Board of Directors have been able to secure grants fro ODFW's Restoration and Enhancement Program, the Fish America Foundation, the Oregon Lottery, the Department of Land Conservation and Development, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, and Parks Medical Foundation. Volunteer of professional service has also conributed to a large part of the building program.

How do I join Tillamook Anglers?
Click here to print out this coupon and return it with your annual tax-deductible membership fee of $20.00. You will receive an official Tillamook Anglers membership card, a sticker for your car, a Tillamook Anglers hat, and you will be put on our mailing list nad kept up to date about the activities and accomplishments of Tillamook Anglers. To recieve your Tillamook Anglers hat, bring your membership card to the hatchery and show it to a volunteer and they will present you with your hat.

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