Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
September 2016

Love this pic!

September 1, 2016
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The History of Labor Day

It's Fall! You guys! It's Fall!
August is past. It disappeared into the night, last night. Poof! Summer is over.
Of course, we'll still have those summer like days, and I think when that happens, we are more appreciative of them.

But, it's crunch time. Everywhere I walk! It's time to pick apples and asian pears! The berries on the bush are more of a surprise than an every day thing. Sometimes, they are as sweet as summer. Other times, crunchy with seeds, and not so good!
I'm starting to think about the annual ifish kwikfish contest! Wow! Is it that time, already? Close!
Maizee, the new kitty and the dogs are making progress. It's almost magical. Last night, Willie and Maizee got nose to nose and nothing happened! Nothing! Revvie is almost afraid of her.
Come to find out, Maizee had kittens and before that, got along with the dogs just fine. But, after having her litter, she was "fiercly protective" of them, and wouldn't let the dogs near.
That reminds me of banty chickens and their chicks. I have a picture of one telling a cow to back off! They are so protective that they lose the sense of their size!
Yesterday, I walked down to the river, and thought about plunking for steelhead. The time is not near, but it will be here, before we know it!
Hey! They have extended the B-10 season! Did you hear?
Back when I bank fished more often, I used to spend long days with my little ones on the sandy beaches by the jetties in both Warrenton and Hammond.
You know, I caught more fish then, than I certainly do now, but even more than my fishing time in a boat!
But, man... the hours I put in! It was enough time that any partner would have divorced me! And they did! Dang! LOL
But, I was always a good parent! Just not so good as a wife, I guess?
I just couldn't help it. I had the bug, and bad. My husband would come home for lunch and I'd race out to the jetty, catch a salmon and come panting back, before he had to leave, again. I'd throw the salmon on the lawn, give him a big kiss and... I guess he got tired of that.
I'm kidding. There was a lot more to the problems than fishing. But, I digress...
But, it led me to Bill and Bill has the same fishing affliction that I have.
The moral of this story is, if you have the fishing bug, find someone that has it as badly (or as goodly?) as you do!

And Happy Fall to all!

Fall LeavesSeptember 10, 2016Fall Leaves

I texted my neighbor to ask about 15-20 lb dumbbells that my son wants.
Scott was fishing the Nehalem with his girlfriend, Portland, so I switched over to talk to her, on facebook.
Our technology advances are weird. Just weird.
I think back to the days when it seemed so out of this world to "call" someone on a cell phone on the river, let alone text, facebook, or now, even video chat!? Remember that? When we all talked about how cell phones were changing the world we fish in? Ha! Will it never end, the technologies that we create and crave more and more of?
Is it even a good thing? I don't know! It's fun! I know that!
It's absolutely instant gratification. I know it would be so incredibly difficult to wait until someone actually got HOME from fishing, to find out how it was! That is how spoiled we are, now.
As it is, if you are fishing a river a mile from someone else on the same river, you can just call them to see how it is, and if it's better there, then you find out, instantly and just go there!
If I'm sitting home one day, and find out that so and so river was hot, today, I can go tomorrow, but there is no guarantee (even same day, actually) that the bite will remain hot. It's just so different, though, than how I grew up!
We thought it was really neato in the old days, when we'd hear Diamond Lake was hot in July, and we were going in late July! Whoopee! It's going to be good! Ha! I can just imagine my Grandfather rolling his eyes over how we rely on these tools. Would he even believe it?
Anyhow, I love to talk to Portland, Scott's girlfriend. She is much younger than I am, but she reminds me of me, at her age, and she and Scott together, remind me of Bill and I. They do nothing but fish. Well, they hunt, too, but they fish as much as Bill and I ever did! And that's a lot! I remember back to giggling about every single morning, going to fish! I felt guilty, but I felt giddy, and we'd just go! Oh, those were the good old days, and it thrills me to no end to talk to Portland and Scott and feel those old feelings, again.
Heck, she can even launch Scott's boat like I can launch Bill's boat!
We are capable fishers. I love me some capable women fishers! Oh, I do! It inspires me.
I secretly told her what to use to nail those silvers on the Nehalem, but they were fishing the jetty, so it wasn't the right method.
I know the Nehalem and its fishery pretty well.
Man, it's been years since I've fished the Nehalem jetty. Last time I did, I nearly freaked, because you could almost walk, gunwale to gunwale across the rolling, tossing and turning and heaving waters of the jetty! You could pour a cup of coffee, and hand it to your neighbor without getting up from your seat! It was scary to me, and I haven't been back! It's not so bad when you know everyone knows what they are doing, but there always seems to be that 'someone' out there that just shouldn't be there! That was the case, on my last trip to the jetty.
The inexperienced fisher that gets defensive, instead of wanting to learn.
So, from then on, we fished the calmer waters of the Nehalem, right in Wheeler or Nehalem. Or, maybe we went upstream to windy bend.
And then... Jim Erickson died and our world kind of stopped. When that happened, it was just too weird to fish the Nehalem for a while.
If Jim wasn't always on the river, himself, there was always someone close to him that would tell us when he was last on the river, and how he did. If not that, we'd talked to him that morning, and someone would ask us how he was, and where he caught fish last. The Nehalem just seemed to revolve around Jim Erickson. Just like the North Fork revolved around Milton Fischer.
Do you have a river that you fish that "belongs' to someone, in that sense? Can you relate to what I'm saying, here?
There is an empty echo on the river, since Jim died, and that wasn't something Bill nor I enjoyed experiencing. It was the beginning of the end of connections to that river. It was hard enough just knowing he was gone, but fishing the Nehalem made it so powerfully and hurtfully evident.
Oh! And I think I've given up the idea of ever, ever drifting the North Fork again. So long, Jack, Queen, and King of the river. (That's the name of the three rapids on the N. Fork.)
Both Jim Erickson and Milton Fischer are gone. (All too soon, and way too finally.)
It's almost as if their faces hang long, like some spooky Halloween mask from the tall trees. Their branches hang as some ghostly dark costume, brushing the tips of the waves over the water's edges. It haunts me, even as I think of the North Fork. These men were the North Fork. They kept it alive with their laughter and their "Fish on!" or "Toss one over there!"
The river has ghosts too familiar for me, just yet.
I can't seem to make the ghosts go, and the laughter come back. When or if that happens, I can fish there, again.
I'm just beginning to be able to see and feel the laughter of my son, again. It's so healing when that begins to happen. Such a relief to be able to remember and enjoy their spirit, rather than to mourn them.
Perhaps, some day.
I think both Jim and Milton would have balked at cell phones or smart phones. It was not their style.
Milton Fischer took me from a 'bank maggot' (and no, I don't think of that as an insult. I love fishing on the bank, and I love being a bank maggot to this day. I just think it's funny!)Anyhow, he took me from a bank maggot to a raft fisher, and Jim Erickson held me there, not ever giving me time to go back.
Fishing with Jim from a raft, though, he would let me out to experience bank fishing like I loved, but soon you'd hear, "Toot! Toot!". That meant it was time to get back in the raft, and go on down river a piece.
From raft, to drift boat, and from drift boat, to sled.
Jim introduced me to Bill.
It seems like as soon as Bill and I became fast fishing friends, (never to be separated!) both Milton and Jim left us be. We'd all get together and fish from time to time. Now, Bill and I share the memories, together, and we have each other to comfort one another over the loss. It is comforting, in a strange and lonely way, to share the sadness and familiarity of such awesome fishers of men.
Fishers of men...
And then, there are Portland and I, and a handful of other women I know, that seriously share the passion for fishing. The love of the hunt. Fishers of women!
Where? How? How do we fit in this story of the "Fishers of men" thing? I've never heard it said, "Fishers of women!" But, yet, here we are!
We need more women out there to make the saying more commonplace! I hope is that we, as women fishers can inspire strength and ignite the same passion that Jim Erickson, Milton Fischer, and Bill has kept burning in me.
I already had the will and the way and the want to be on the water. Another fisher of Men... my Dad, inspired it in me in the beginning.
But, they fed me, and encouraged me, and showed me new ways! I want to do that for other women!
Just not... just not on the Nehalem. Not. Quite. Yet.
So, my dear fisher of women... where to start? We need more women on the rivers!

Fall LeavesSeptember 11, 2016Fall Leaves
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This is the day that the Lord hath made!
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

It's Sunday. What to do? Nothing! That's what!
I have been celebrating a bit. I have not one request this morning, to get help logging in!!! Not ONE!
Let's change that! Hahahahaha! I'm a glutten for punishment! AHAHAHA! I'm crazy!
I keep thinking that I'm going to be done helping people log in, but then I do something stupid like what I'm doing now, or, I write about it on the board, (like last week!) and a new wave of people come flooding into my e mail asking for help.
Ahahahaha.... Why do I do this to myself? Because I LOVE IFISH!
Someone close to me said, "No, Jennie! Don't offer to do that! You aren't being paid for that! That isn't your job, anymore!" But... but... but, I love ifish! I think they understood, after all. We all love ifish!
It's kind of a love/hate thing!
The thing is, I want to help! I do! I want every last ifisher to be able to get on ifish without frustration. It's easy for me to help people, and I like doing it, but I've been so busy doing it! It's gratifying, too, to see their happiness and to be able to log in, simply. I know that feeling. I've had troubles logging into things. Haven't we all? And the feeling is good to finally see the computer grind to a successful entry! I'm in! YAY! I do know that feeling!
It gives me a real happy dance to be able to help someone do that.
So, I have this little form I send out to people. I fill it in with the necessary goodies... you know, the secret to the entry of ifish and most times it is successful! Bingo! They are in! I think that almost every person I have helped to login, thanks me. When they do, I write back, "Happy Dance!" Because I do a happy dance when someone is back on ifish! I do!
Here is the form you will get, if you want on ifish. I have it copied and pasted to my desktop. Then, I go to the super secret handshake place on ifish and get their user name and create a password to help them into the deep, dark, secretive chambers of fishing! IFISH.NET!
Below is what I send people:
I will try to help you! It’s much easier if I set the password for you, the first time. Feel free to keep it, or change it. Your choice. Either way, it’s secure and encrypted.

User name: 

Please remember that this is case sensitive! Capitol letters must be capitalized, etc.
I just set it as this so you can get in. You can reset the password later, if you like, or just keep this one. I promise I will never remember!
All new passwords are case sensitive, and the above password follows all the rules: They need to be at least 10 characters long, at least one special character, and at least one capitol letter.
I have also checked and updated your e mail, if necessary, as this is the main trouble people are having. Outdated e mails make it impossible to get a new password. If this is not a good e mail to receive ifish mail, please update that, also.
Any change to your profile will need to be securely proofed by an e mail response sent to an active e mail that you must respond to.
If you need more help, please let me know.


Busy as it keeps me, I want YOU to be back on ifish. So, if you need the above e mail sent to you to help you get on board (so to speak!), use the contact form, and choose any of the ways to contact ifish. The top three are best, but they all go to me. SO.... let's get you back on ifish! As much as I complain, I equally do a happy dance!
So.... Let's dance

Fall LeavesSeptember 16, 2016Fall Leaves

Good morning, Fall!
Just got back from tooling around in the canoe. Ran into Suzie and a 20 inch cutthroat I haven't named, yet.
Suzie, of course, is a springer that I've spoken about, previously.
She comes each year to live in the deep, dark pool on the corner of the property. She's quiet, and easy to keep. There aren't very many deep enough pools on the Kilchis for springers, so I can imagine she's fairly lonely.
She requires no feeding, no litter, no treats like my dogs and our new kitty Maizee does. Frankly, I don't even see her, unless the sun shines on the pool, at precisely the perfect angle.
Talk about easy pet care! I think that everyone should have a springer as a pet! Just think of all the springers we'd have! Springers taste too good, though, to have as pets.
Come mid September, Suzie gets a bit restless. She works her way into the shallows and begins to make her redd. She shuffles and switches her tail. It's quite interesting to watch. I've seen it actually in process a couple times, but usually, I just see where it as past tense, a couple days after. There is a spot, about 2 feet wide, very carefully chosen in the riffles. The dirt will be disturbed and is a lighter color. It looks all the same as when deer or elk cross the river in summer. But, this is just one spot in the middle of the river, and unless those elk can jump mighty far, I'm fairly certain it's Suzie's redd.
What concerns me, this year, is that both Bill and I have only seen one salmon in the deep hole, on those particularly sunny days. That would be Suz. So, who will fertilize these redds?
If anyone has a pet springer male and would like babies, please bring him on over.
Kinda makes me sad, but I guess this is why we don't have a springer run on the Kilchis. I only hope that Suzie will come back next year, with or without her kids.
I feel kind of bad, -wish I felt worse a little bit, but regardless of my feelings, I can't help but think this way. I hunt. I'm a hunter, you know. I hunt fish, I hunt agates, I hunt chanterelles, and berries, and asian pears, and well, all kinds of things. Without hunting, I'd be so darn bored. So, tonight, just before dark, I'm going to go out and see if I can't entice that cutthroat into biting.
I'm going to throw a fly and hunt out that cutthroat trout. That's what I'm going to do!
It kind of bugs me that you can use worms and mostly anything to hunt these fish up this far on the Kilchis. Used to be fly only. I liked that. Just not fair! I don't think that these fish can sustain that kind of fishery, but alas, it's not my decision to make. But, because I feel sort of badly that this is the pinch period until we get a good rain, I'm going to fly fish for this cutt. Not only will that make the hunt more fun, but it will make it more fair, I believe.
So, let's see... until then, I have about 8 hours of daylight.
What to do?
Hunt for clothing sales on the internet. After all, I am a girl, and I hunt.
50 percent off? Hunt 'em up, Jennie!

Fall LeavesSeptember 19, 2016Fall Leaves
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Speaking of 20 inch cutts... Have you ever sent in scale samples? I wish I'd sent in a sample of this salmon

just to see what they'd send back. That was the strangest salmon I have ever caught. I caught it out at parking lot D on the Columbia at Ft. Stevens. How did that thing feed, or get my herring in it's mouth?!
Anyhow... back to cutthroats. I caught a 21 inch cutt (on a fly!) some years ago, and Bill and I sent the scale samples in.
Here is the result:
"Though it is difficult to be certain, it appears the fish spent three years in fresh water, then had a significant growth spurt in it's fourth year. This suggests it migrated to the ocean, where feeding opportunities have imporved in recent years.
There is a possible 5th annuli near the edge of the scale, suggesting the fish may have spawned some months ago, and remained in tidewater or fresh water. If it did, it did not grow much over the summer. My best guess is that the fish spawned after its 4th year and has remained in the river or bay since, which makes it almost five years old."
Interesting, huh? Bill just came upon this letter a couple days ago, and I thought I'd share it.
Wow! I caught a big cutt that was five years old! Or... almost! Is that like me "almost" being 21? :)

Fall LeavesSeptember 24, 2016Fall Leaves

Speaking yet more about 20 inch cutts. (That's something I'm having trouble getting out of my mind!)
Bill has commented, since I caught that fish, "Don't expect to catch another one like that one. That is a fish of a lifetime!"
I know he means well. I know it was a compliment, but no! Just no!
It may be the truth, but who knows? It may not be the truth! I just might catch another one! I certainly won't, though, if I don't try!
If you've caught your trophy, or if you've won the lottery, or if you've traveled the world, what then? Do we let those dreams die?
The first thing not to say to someone is that you won't do it again.
You can! You can travel the world twice, and catch 2 (or more!) 20 inch cutts and you can win that lottery again and again! It can and does happen!
There is always that chance! There is always room to dream!
With each cast out there into that river, not only am I going to expect a fish with each cast, I'm going to expect a 20 inch cutt with each cast! Haha! Because I can! Because I'm a dreamer and dreams DO come true!
Maybe he said that about my 37 pound springer. Maybe it wasn't the cutt. So, I've kind of already caught two fish of a lifetime!
I love that little girl on AGT, Grace VanderWahl. I adore her spirit! She told the judge, when he asked if she thought she could win, "Well, miracles can happen!" And, they can happen more than once!
I mean, look at me! I shouldn't be here, many times over, and yet here I am! My sisters have decided that I just won't die. Now, that would be a miracle!
I didn't die from cancer, and when my innards erupted with an aortic dissection, I kept on breathing and after they repaired me, I came to.
I think we should change that fairy tale. "All the Kings horses and all the kings men, put Humpty together again, and again!"

Fall LeavesSeptember 29, 2016Fall Leaves

As I ramble about, doing my ifish admin work, there are several times that I wish I had time to convey things to people, but I'm busy with a project at hand, so I just go on to something else.
There are three things that fall into this category. Follow along, if you are interested. I'll also post them to the board.
I figure that about 50%t of our membership may read part of it, and perhaps 25% will actually follow (part of) my advice. But, that's OK. Each time I post it, we will get a couple more people who will follow through.
It's not a matter of disrespect. (Well, I hope, anyhow!) It's just that people get into habits that are difficult to break. Especially when it's just not that life changing-important!
Here we go!

The Back button
Our forum software wasn't designed to use the back button, while browsing different threads, etc. Vbulletin software keeps track of what you have read. If you use the back button, it still keeps track of what you read, but it doesn't show for you. If you can, please learn to use the top left file directory, underneath the area that displays the largest advertising banner. If you are reading at the bottom of the page, you'll see the bottom right link that allows you to "go back" by saying "Go fish". You can leave it at the forum you are reading, or even choose a different forum to read.
If you use those two buttons instead of the back button, (admittedly a difficult task to relearn!) you will see that the forums/threads you have not read will be bolded and the ones you have read will be plain text. Cool, huh?
Advanced edit
Many people ask the mods if they will change the title of their thread for them.
You will see that when you hit "edit" on your post, (Which is available for like 60 days or so after you post any post) you are not able to edit the title. But, if you click "advanced edit" after you click edit, (It's at the bottom of your post, like the edit button was), you have a plethora of new options! Try it! You might like it!
The attachment feature is meant for documents. Written documents like word, or pages extensions. It was never intended to display pictures. This one does bother me, because when I had ifish I paid good money for our photo program, where you have your own space to post pictures! As many as you like! (I think it's still that way, too!)
You can post pictures with the attachment feature, but each account only allows you a tiny bit of space. Like, enough for 10 photos or so, depending on size. Documents don't take up much space, but pictures can be huge space eaters!
So, get to know your photo gallery! It has really neat features!
Oh! That made me think of one more thing!
I have to be careful how to word this. But, I_Don't_like_Tapatalk. How is that for careful? Hey! I don't like the ifish mobile experience, either.
I like plain the way it is written for the desktop, when I'm on my phone or ipad. But, I especially don't like tapatalk and I don't know why people use it.
Did you know that Tapatalk records and keeps all the links you click on? If you'll notice, they have updated their privacy policy and now they have rights to almost everything you do.
Your choice, of course, but I no use atapa talka! :) I gave it a chance when it first came out, and it was a no-go for this girl. I like to keep my information MY information! :)
OK, I'm posting this to the discussion forum! And then I'm going out to kick crunchy leaves. It's going to rain tomorrow, so I am going out to enjoy the crunch while it's here! I love this time of year!