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October 2016

Strawberries! BOO!

fall leafOctober 3, 2016
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Happy October! Well, maybe a bit late, right? Seems to be the way things go, lately!
My canoe is still out, but not by Bill's wishes. I just have to have one trip down to the big hole so that I can spot the salmon coming in! I think today will be that day! He doesn't like that, once the water is up, and guess what? The water came up!
I promised to wear my best life jacket. I'm going down, Bill! Sorry, not sorry!
For the entire summer, I wait for this time.
The rocks on the river have been dry, dusty and totally exposed. Tiny plants worked so hard to break through the cracked soil. Such poor conditions for growth of any kind, alongside the Kilchis river! Dried out, dusty rocks, and an ever so small amount of dust that passes for dirt. That's what holds any nutrients or water for food. They fought so hard to grow! Most died, but a few of them made it all summer! A few made it to be a foot tall!
And then... It rained. It rained real rain. Not just a summer drizzle, but a real fall rain storm!
It's so sad that they worked so hard and now, after all of that work, just to survive, they are covered in water and drowning!
It's feast or famine, along side the river. The water that they craved so intensely now floods their roots, and some of them break loose of their poorly held roots, float downstream.
It is but another blow to their struggle, as my feet crush them as I make my way up river. Feeling badly, I decide to hop on wet rocks, instead, even though it's a slippery and dangerous path!
One thing I have learned, walking on these wet rocks after the rains... don't ever keep your hands in your pockets! One slip and a face plant quickly follows. This will help you learn your lesson!
I think that's why God invented fishing rods. They keep your hands at the ready, to catch a fall!
I stopped at the rushing water that tumbles over the rocks, and into a deep pool. Here is where the fish have to do that majestic jump that you see on TV, in order to make it upstream. I watched for all of five minutes, and saw nothing but rushing water. Dangit. That's such a treat to see. You have to catch it just at the right moment, and who knows but the fish, when that is!
Instead, I stopped at another pool, and to my delight, saw rolling salmon! This means that yesterday they were traveling. That's a good sign!
The river is alive! The rain brought life to the Kilchis river!
The pinch period is finished, and now is the time to catch fish!
It's feast or famine. Famine for the greens, and feast for the fish!
The almighty chinook salmon that people travel miles to experience, live in my backyard! Oh, my!
How lucky am I!?
Life here has changed so much in just a couple of days!
The rain has come and washed life into the river! I can feel the energy down to my bones!
Time to get your tackle out, kids!

October 6, 2016

Boo! It's almost time for the chums to show up in their ghastly colors and spooky costumes! I can't wait!
The river is really full, now! It makes me giggle! I had to carefully move the canoe up the bank, so it didn't get swept away. It's chained and locked, but still. Just easier to keep it out of the rivers way.
It's too high, now, to canoe. I hope it goes back down so that I get one chance to go see the salmon pool up! I love that! Nothing more do I love!
I'm slowly getting used to the thought of living at the river full time, again. If you know of anyone who wants to buy an Oregon City home, let me know. I think I'm finally in the market.
David won't be happy, but then again, David isn't paying the bills. It costs a lot for home maintenance, and if I learned one thing, it is just that. I mean, I need bark dust around the house, and that's almost $1000.00! My goodness! Even if I do it myself, it's half of that, which is a chunk out of my budget, right there.
So, it's cleanup and sale time.
I told myself that if I lived 10 years after my aortic dissection that I would go on a tropical vacation. Something I have always dreamed of. Yet, I can't afford it unless I make some changes.
I think it's time!
I always wanted to own a home. I did! But I think I'll live in Bill's instead! Besides, he doesn't need bark dust!

PumpkinOctober 11, 2016

Oops. I goofed. I wrote a thingy on October 3rd at home in Tillamook, put it on the October page, but it didn't get uploaded on the index. Just oops. :)
Anyhow... I was reading a letter that my brother shared with me, that was written to his son. I just love these things and I want to share it with you! His story reflects so much how I grew up and it brings back such great memories!
My girlfriend Tammy came over last night, and we were talking about how youth grows up, now, and whether they have the same childlike innocence and good feelings that we all grew up with. Sadly, I don't think so. I also wonder if I would choose to even have children, in this world, today! Isn't that awful? Is that why our kids are waiting longer to have kids? Or opting not to, at all? I don't like that!
It also goes to show you that alas... I'm getting old! I think all generations feel this way, but it is getting scarier and scarier! Isn't it? Or is it just my age showing?!
Here is my childhood... written by my brother, David Logsdon. I love it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
If I could, I would name the below story, "How to be a Father".

My Dad, Bob Logsdon
My Dad, Bob Logsdon

I am not a great writer, yet I wanted to send below a few words of things that meant the most to me about my Dad. I hope my words illustrate one of the most important traits of my father. He never complained no matter how hard it was. He never, ever let his kids know times were tough, and I now realize just how tough they must have been.   He taught us never to quit, never to give up.   Self reliance was his strength, and perhaps why it took Dad so long to find the wonderful relationship and peace he enjoyed with Jesus in his latter time.   Although Dad attended church his entire life on a very regular basis, it took many years for him to find Jesus as he knew him in the end, as he was a very strong self reliant man.    I recall in his latter days he told me so many times how  his tough experience had drawn him so close to Jesus and in a way he never had dreamed of in the past.   I was lucky enough that Dad asked me to pray for his acceptance into Gods Kingdom while at his bed side on one of his hospital visits.    I hope my simple message below  points how Dad worked so hard to give his family the best, and never ever complained.   He always intended to do his best and was very unselfish, putting his family ahead of his own interest.

I recall growing up, that we had a great family life.    Mom and Dad did an amazing job of raising a family of 7 on a school teachers salary while making us feel rich.     Looking back,  Dad never sacrificed strong family values and time with family in trade for self interest.   Dad always put his family first and foremost.   I recall once I complained after having children that I found little time for golf.   He reminded me that he hung his golf clubs up for over 20 years to make the sacrifices he felt most important which was time with his family.   I am sure times were very tough on both my parents raising 5 kids on a school teachers salary yet we never ever heard about a concern or worry and had everything we needed.     Some of the things that stand out is that Dad insisted all 7 of us sat down to dinner each night at 6 PM and had dinner together.   This was one of Dads most strict rules.   Family was always first even when it came to sports and practice schedules in spite of Dads position as Athletic Director at Canby High school.    If there was a family vacation scheduled, he would never hesitate to advise the coach that family is first and his kids would be missing.   This would be unheard of today and I recall his disdain when one of my kids would miss a family vacation for summer athletics.   He would often groan when he would see games being played on Sunday Morning expressing that this was time to be in church and our priorities had gone south.

One thing that stands out most about my memories as a child was how Dad worked so hard to give us the best upbringing possible.    In the summer, he always took extra jobs to raise money in the off months to supplement the family income.   These jobs ranged from driving a berry truck, working at a mill in Aurora, and working construction at the new bridge being put up in Canby.   He earned the bridge construction job by walking up and asking the construction workers for work, telling them he was a school teacher and he needed money for his family.    He used to tell me that they gave him the job thinking they could run him off as he was just a soft school teacher and they would test him by giving him all the tough dirty jobs.    He survived as he needed the money and surprised them all and actually made friends with many of his coworkers.   Later he became the first person to apply Plexi Pave (the tennis court coloring surface) in the Northwest.   This turned out to be his summer job for many years that he later involved both his boys with which helped put both of them through college and a career for Gary.    Both boys enjoyed traveling the Northwest during the summers building tennis courts with their father. 

Dad loved the outdoors and fishing.   He did everything he could to provide and excellent experience to his children with his favorite hobby on very few resources.   I recall him wanting to get us a boat.   Short on funds, he traded the local Canby Bus Driver his shot gun for an old rotten wooden boat with a bad trailer.   I remember so well going over to pick it up. It was a total wreck that had been weathered from being stored outside for years.    He worked nights after school out in the garage learning how to fiberglass up all the holes. He painted it up to look as nice as he could.    I have to admit that first boat was a disaster as I recall the trailer coming off the old 53 Chevy pickup two times on the maiden voyage trip to Diamond Lake, Oregon.    Plus, I remember sitting at the dock many times while poor Dad could not get the old 10 horse Scott at Water motor started and he never had enough money to pay for a mechanic to fix it so we sat by somewhat impatiently while he tried his best to fix it.   He later traded that boat in for another wooden boat that had been wrecked and totaled on the Willamette River.    He spent hours, day after day out in the garage repairing this boat, stripping down the wood and he made the most beautiful mahogany trimmed ski boat with an old silver 45 horse mercury motor on it.   He made that boat beautiful after it had been totally wrecked.     He taught all of us kids how to ski on this boat and we had so many great memories skiing after his summer work on the Willamette River.   We did not have one of the best boats out there, yet we had the best of times.     Well, later that boat was not quite fast enough so Dad an I stopped off at the Oregon City Marina and found another boat that had been totaled out with a bigger motor yet!   This was our first Fiberglass boat and now we were really up town with 100 horse motor and the works!   

Again, it took months of hard work after his day job and he fixed it up to what we thought was the finest boat on the river.    What great memories of the fishing trips, camping trips, and the ski trips on the river.   Never once did Dad complain with all the problems and work he had to do to provide us these great times.    To think he did all this by trading away an old shot gun and building it up from scratch to the nice yet modest boat we had in the end.   You never wanted to say "I cant do it Dad", as I recall him saying "I cant died years ago", or "the lazy man always works the hardest in the end."    "Quitting" was never in Dads vocabulary.   I can not imagine what it was like playing on one of his high school teams, as I am sure he pushed his kids hard, which in the end they appreciated.      

Dad taught us all to work hard.    I remember working weekends cleaning the garage, or mowing the lawn while we watched our friends ride up and down the street having fun.   I recall many weekends working in the yard as Mom and Dad had one of the nicest yards in Canby.   People would often come from far away visit to look at the landscape.     He instilled a strong work ethic in all of his kids. 

Dad also did his best to see that all his children were introduced to the word of God by having us all attend church on a regular basis.   I recall many Sundays sitting in Canby Christian church pews not wanting to be there and begging to get out of the church service after already attending Sunday School.   He served as Deacon and Elder at the Canby Christian Church for many years.   One Sunday he served communion to the choir and after serving it to them took the wrong door exiting the church to the outside.  He came back through another door with a big grin on from embarrassment.   [In his retirement'] He also attended church in Palm Springs and would buy the tapes of the sermons and send them home for us kids to listen to.   I also recall him starting a weekly breakfast meeting for high school athletes at the church, sponsored by Christian Athletes, where he organized weekly breakfast before school with guest speakers attending.    

In his later years, he enjoyed playing golf and spending time with his friends at Arrowhead Country club and Cimeron Golf course working as a marshal.    I asked him if he liked the work or if he just did it to get free golf rights.   He said "I love the work".   " I love being around people and helping them have a good time on the golf course".  He has many funny stories with his friends playing golf.     He also loved working in his yard to the very end and was always updating and moving in new plants.    Never would Dad turn down a chance to go see one of his Grandchildren's games or sporting events.   All 11 of them.  I am happy all my Children got to know Grandpa his later years.  No matter how sick, he would attend the games many times in a wheel chair at the end.   He was very encouraging and supporting to all of them and never critical.  

He insisted he go to Church every Sunday even when it came to having to take oxygen and a wheel chair in.    Not only would he insist he go, he invited a friend to get them out to church also.    I would ask him "Is it just you Dad that wants to go this time?"   He would reply that no, I enjoy getting others out to church and breakfast also.  

Always thinking of others.  

Written by David Logsdon.


Next time, I'll tell you some fishing stories that my brother wrote to his son. They are pretty funny! Anyhow... I loved that! It really took me back. I love my Dad SO much!
Have a great sunny day, you guys! The storms are coming soon!
Guys, it's SO important that we write these things for our children, as a legacy to our families! Get out that paper and start writing! It's so valuable!

PumpkinOctober 17, 2016

I'm homesick.
I guess it's OK that I'm not at the coast. The rivers are full of leaves and too high to fish. The weather is nasty with hard showers and thunderstorms. But still.... I miss my home. I've been here long enough. Too long, really.
I thought I needed time at my home in Oregon City to clean up my garden for the year. I had been at the coast a long time, with very short trips in between, to my home in the city.
I got what I asked for. Time in the city. And now I want time at the coast!
Am I ever happy? Satisfied? Moi?
It's like the grass is always greener on the other side of the river. One things for sure. The fishing is better on the other side! Always! And right now, the river is too high to cross, and my canoe has been put up for the season. I didn't get that last trip down to the big hole so I could spy on the salmon!
Boo hoo.
That's a big goal, each year. I love that experience! There is nothing as exciting as up-close and personal encounters with salmonids! Just the thought makes me "WHOOO HOOOO!"
Holding them is one thing. Yes. I love that! But, what gets me even more is seeing them as they are supposed to be! In the water! Wild, strong, free! Wheeee!
Once, Bill and I were going down into tide water and there is this one small chute that we go through, to get to where we like to fish. It's all but four feet across, and the water flushes through there pretty strong and fast. We were squeezing through, and I just happened to be looking down into the water, and there, before my very eyes, maybe a foot under water was this gorgeous hunka-flash of silver! Oh! It had these strong shoulders, and it was pushing against the current, and moving upstream! My kind of man fish! Giggle!
It was right before my sight for all of five seconds, I'd say, but that five seconds was the most amazing five seconds and forever imprinted on my mind! That salmon had to be 20 pounds, and I saw him in all of his natural glory, doing what he had to do to escape us and get upstream!
Oh, this is what I live for! I held my breath in excitement for the longest time! Finally, it came out! "Bill! Did you see that!?" He did. Thank God he did, so that I knew I wasn't dreaming!
That's where I want to be, right now! In a boat... going downstream to fish! Or... in a boat, on a bay, where schools of salmon are seen. Actually seen with your own eyes! I've seen that, too, and these images are in my head, forever! If I ever lose my eyesight completely, thank God, I'll still have those memories and I'm forever grateful!
We were fishing at Memaloose and the water was pretty shallow. The talk in the boat was centered around trying to figure out if we should flat line our lures, or just use very small weights to get our lures in front of these salmon. They swam in schools before our very sight! We could SEE them! They were springers! The salmon that dreams are made of! I wasn't involved in the debate as I could SEE them and that's what I was concerned with! Just SEEING them! Oh! I LOVE my vision! And I love when I see salmon!
I almost think that's half of the reason (or more?) why I fish. The chance to SEE them up close and personal. Those wonderful, majestic flashes of silver that swim magically in every water system on our coast.
The coho! The chinook! The jack salmon! The cutthroat... and the chum, all dressed up for Halloween! I love them each and every one!
There is a place on the road to our Kilchis home where a small stream runs close to the road. Most people think it's just a gutter. But, no! You can slow down and look for chum! It's a strong bet that every trip I make to town that time of year, I'm looking behind me for cars, and if there are none, I'll be slowing to a stop to get my eyeful!
Trick or treat!
If I see a splash and then the color of chum, my heart races! I have to pull over and stop and get out and "OH MY GOSH! There is nothing like a small stream, full of salmon, fighting to get up, up, upstream! I don't even dream of having a rod with me! It's a camera I crave! Or someone to share it with! I want to capture that feeling forever and ever!
There is a place up the Kilchis from my home where I walk the dogs. It's a perfect place for spawning salmon.
Once, a very long time ago, I walked with my boys and Bill up there, and we climbed up the bank, sat on a log and watched the salmon spawn in the shallows. We were all bundled up and sitting together as a family. I will never forget that day. The memories that I hold are precious. What more can you ask for, than a family adventure that includes the sighting of salmon, doing their magical thing in the shallows? What a treat that even Andrew, with his limited vision, could see the show! Amazing! I was sharing with my kids what amazes me most about life! It was a Thanksgiving adventure I will never forget.
Those salmon! I love them so much!
Once upon a time, I floated the canoe down to the big hole. (You know, the trip I missed, this year!) It was right after the first rain, and the water had come up just enough for the salmon to make it to that hole, and the rain stopped so they could go no further.
PERFECT! Gotcha! It's like my own little trap! :) I paddled back and forth around that pool, watching schools of salmon go under, and then ahead of my canoe. I was in Discovery Channel land! I had a grin on my face that wouldn't stop! All that could be better would be a glass bottom boat!
I went home and got Bill and put him in the back of that canoe, and paddled down to show him the proof. "The salmon are in, Bill! The salmon!"
For some reason, on that trip, he couldn't see them! Imagine that! Me, with the very poor vision, seeing the salmon, and he couldn't? That's bizarre. Maybe it was my polaroid sunglasses. But, it really bummed me out that he couldn't see them. All that work. All that excitement. I wanted to share these salmon so badly! When I feel good, when something is awesome, I want others to feel that same excitement!
Bill is mainly a boat fisher. He likes fishing on the bank, also, but he gets a bit bored. So, when I tell him the salmon are in, I imagine that his mind immediately goes to the bay, to figure out what that means for boat fishing.
Me? My mind stays right there, enjoying every vision of every salmon I see! There can be nothing more magical than sighting salmon!
Please, don't ever get me wrong! I LOVE fishing! Every minute of it! But, nothing compares to spotting them for me! The first hit on my rod is very, very close in excitement. You know, that first tug!?
In fact, in the deep, dark of winter, and in the privacy of our own home, when Bill and I are alone...
When the rivers are all washed out, and the weather forces us inside, I know just what to do, to give me giggles of excitement!
(Stop that! It's not what you think!)
I get out my most sensitive fishing rod and whisper in Bill's ear, most seductively...
"Bill?" I point the tip of the rod towards him.
He knows exactly what this woman wants and needs.
You'd think I was talking about... well, something else. But, no. We are a strange group, us fishers!
He reaches out and grabs the tip of my rod and pulls on it, exactly like a salmon would! WHEEEEEE! FISH ON!
I can't help but get excited by the feel of a biting salmon, even if it's not really a salmon!
"Do it again, Bill! Do it again!"
Giggle. It's true, but I probably shouldn't have shared that.
So, here I sit in Oregon City. My garden is all cleaned up. I did that yesterday in the rain, in my bathrobe, right after coffee. The neighbors think I'm crazy.
They are correct.
The rain is pouring down in buckets, and I know the rivers are full. No chance of seeing, nor even catching a salmon, when the rivers are this high. But, I still want to go home, more than anything. I miss Bill. I miss him tugging on... never mind.
I have just one more appointment today, and then I get to be home.
Home sweet home, where the salmon roam!
And the jacks and the cutthroat, they play!
Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word-
And the chums will soon come out one day!

PumpkinOctober 22, 2016

It's up! Enter the Kwikfish Contest! OK? I want this year to be awesome! Do something different, and fun! Get your friends to enter! How bout a cougar or an elk on a kwikfish!?! A hunting kwikfish! YES! I just think we could do so much different, with this, this year!

October 25, 2016

I've been fishing, again! Whoo hoooo! It's so fun, and I can't understand why I didn't fish there, for a while. I'm a bank maggot, again! I love it!
My pants smell like shrimp, but that's OK! They wash!
My beautiful manicure looks like heck, but that's OK!
I have blackberry cuts on my fingers, my hands, my arms, but that's alright!
The only thing... I haven't caught anything yet, but I've sure had fun trying!
I finally went through all of my tackle. Got a new plastic bin to sort through my line, my lures, my everything. I have so much boat tackle these days that I haven't been using. I'm back to bobber and jig, and bobber and bait. I have no eggs, but I can use sand shrimp. No big. I do miss my beautiful eggs, though. But, salmon season will pass.
There is a bit of pressure on us, as Thanksgiving requires Bill and I to bring our famous smoked salmon. We have no smoked salmon. We have no salmon! Yikes! So, I'm out trying to catch one, every single day!
Expect a fish with every cast. That's what Stan Fagerstrom always taught me, and that is exactly what I'm doing!

October 30, 2016

I almost felt like it was Spring, yesterday! I tried to pretend, anyhow, as that thought brightened my mood.
I thought about my sister, who mentioned to me in August that she was sad that summer was ending. She's a rose gardener. Roses, amongst everything else beautiful in her yard. Going to her home in Summer is almost like visiting the Busch gardens. Stunning!
She's happiest in the spring time, when everything blooms. Oh, yes! Me, too!
Anyhow, yesterday the warmth on my sweater made me feel springy, if not in the seasonal sense. I had a bounce in my step, that I hadn't had since the warmth of summer. I think it's probably that I wear big old mud boots most of the time, these days! Ha! That does tend to slow my sloggy steps.
I've been fishing, you guys! It feels so good, too! I went through all my tackle, and put it all in the right places. I threw away a bunch of things that I didn't need, or bottles of this and that scents that I just couldn't bare to throw out for years. Remember that awful stinky scent that they came out with? The stuff that you couldn't even stand to open? I forget what it's called. But, I threw that out, no problem!
But, hey. Even though my Marie's shrimp scent is now probably 12 years old, it was difficult to give up. That stuff is SO good, but I bet it's lost most of its magic by now. Time to buy new! Does Marie still make shrimp scent? That stuff was the magic, back in the good old days! As I held it in my hand, trying to decide if I could really throw it away, visions of salmon danced in my head.
Throwing away that shrimp scent felt like throwing away all the long days I spent fishing with it. It wasn't easy to toss, at all! The days in the boat, the days on the bank, oh my! Days where I caught so many fish that we didn't know what to do with them all!
I remember Bill and I, whenever we were bored in the boat and wanted to catch a fish, we'd say the magic words, "But, what would we do with another salmon?!" Bam! Fish on! Maybe I should try that, too!
And yet here I sit, this year, totally salmon-less, and it's almost November! Help! I need a salmon for Thanksgiving dinner! I have got to catch a salmon to smoke! It's my duty! It's our appetizer! It's tradition!
I'm off to go to Marie's. The only thing that is missing from my fishing is Marie's Shrimp Scent and a little cocky "But, what would we do with another salmon?" attitude!
I hope she still makes it, because that's exactly what I need!
Remember what Stan Fagerstrom taught me. "Expect a fish with every cast!"