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November 2013

Holly!November 3, 2013

Oops. Happy November. (redface).
I really forgot, this time!
Well, it's because, (and like my son, I'm going to list off a bunch of reasons.)
The Holidays (Yes, the Holidays!) are catching up with me!
Can you even believe that?
I mean, it was summer, just yesterday. Wasn't it?
I think this elongated stretch of sunshine has me wondering where we are, on the Calendar!
And, this is the season where lots of things are going on at ifish!
First, don't forget to enter the Kwikfish contest, if that is something you were going to do, this year. It's closing very soon. What is it? The fifth that I usually close the contest, and make the poll? Oh, yikes! That's in two days! So, click on the link, here, or up top of this page.
OK, no. I just checked. It's supposed to be the 25th, but I'm not going to wait that long. I'm going to close it the 15th.
Hey-- Look at this one! I love it! Don't think it can be painted in that manner, but I thought it was so cool! I wish we could do it!

Kwikfish Portland
Stonefly1's wife made this!

OK, so there is the contest going on, and then, there is the Christmas Party! Please, please, please come to the Christmas party! And, tell your friends and co workers to come to the Christmas party! And collect toys at your place of work, or your church, or your local post office? Or??? Anywhere? Your bible study, your men's group, your prayer group, your AA group? Anything! Just help us to get those kids the most toys that we have ever had! Wouldn't that be groovy? To know that you are a part of making these kids have a very Merry Christmas is such a good feeling! Let's get on it, this year!
OK, it's an hour later. I've been updating links, putting up the final Christmas Party notice, instead of the poll, that had been there for a long time... trying to update and count the number of kwikfish entries so far, and pheh! You know, there is a lot of work to be done, this time of year on ifish!
My dearest Willie is not so patiently waiting for me, to go for our morning walk!
I think I've done enough for now, but please, get involved! Do the Kwikfish thing, and try to come to our Christmas Party! You'll be so glad you did! It's so fun to meet people that you talk to on the board! Face to face!

November 6, 2013

Just had to post the following!
This touched my heart, not only because of Ben, but because it is being shared by my dear niece, Megan.
Megan is my brother David's daughter, and has a heart of gold. (Pretty much like all my dear nieces and nephews-- but I'm partial!)
Does anyone still use that term, "I'm partial?" Biased- that's kind of what it means!
So, here is the e mail she sent me. This is for a dear child named Ben. I can't afford to help out right now, but I can do this!

"I sent the following email to dads side of the family, I think this is a more formal way to make the fund raiser viral. PLEASE send along the message!
Every summer I spend a week working with kids at a special needs camp for children called "Camp Attitude".
The past two years I have been fortunate enough to work with the same child and his family. His name is Ben and he suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease causing him to break/fracture easily and numerous amounts of time and on a regular basis.
Ben is living with the most severe case of the disease. He has survived 4 years which is a complete blessing as he was given 2 years to live from his birth. The family is trying to raise money so that Ben can be mobile without relying on others. For example, this summer when I took care of him, I carefully pushed him in a stroller and that is the only perspective of the world he has ever seen.
The fund raiser is raising money so that the family can afford to buy him a chair (as described in the link) so that he can sit up straight, move himself around without relying on others, and see more of the world than he has ever seen before!
I would appreciate if you could take the time to read the description of the fund raiser in the following link. If you feel inclined to donate, it is greatly appreciated but more importantly your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for the family and little Ben.
Ben deserves this chair more than anyone I know. He's way too social and sweet to be constrained to so little of the world.


ALSO if you're interested this youtube link is a cute video of him dancing. You really get a feel as to how precious he is!
Please feel free to forward this email on to whomever you would like, I have gotten permission from his mother to spread the word.
Thank you,
Megan Logsdon"
This is the beginning of the season to help others, and besides our Christmas Party at ifish, if you'd like to help out someone who really needs it, this is a good one!

November 11, 2013

Just a few days left till I close the Kwikfish coloring contest! Get that entry in! Quick! Have your wife do one! Your kids, too! Sit down after dinner at the table, and have some quality family time! It's fun!
Speaking of, I found these little slips of paper in a drawer, not too long ago. For one week straight, right before Thanksgiving, oh, about 15 years ago, (the kids were probably 10 and 11?), I asked each person to write down 10 things they were thankful for, and bring them to the dinner table. Then, we'd reach them, each night.
It was so much fun to read them all!
Even Bill and I did our own!
By the time I was finished reading, tears were falling down my cheeks. I am so thankful for my life and everything that has filled it! My life is so full, clear up to the top! And here I spend my time worrying over finances, and silly little things that will never, ever matter! Just don't worry! Be thankful! (Isn't there a song (kind of) like that!?!)
Hey! Want to do something fun? I received this in my mail:

"Tackle Time Bait & Charters
It's time to go Dungeness Crab Fishing. October, November, and December are the best months for Crab fishing. With limits most every time.
The Lady Dee has plenty of Crab pots and crab rings for 4 to 16 people on board. We can have your crab cooked or you can take them home live and cook them yourself. Bring a large cooler for your catch.
The cost of the trip is $70.00 per person with cooking or $60.00 per person without cooking.
Call 503 861 3693 to book a trip. Thanks Gene"

Gene and Linda of Tackle Time Charters were ...the first? Yeah, I think so! The FIRST sponsors of ifish, and have never, ever let their sponsorship lapse!
This would make an awesome Christmas or Birthday present for someone! I mean AWESOME! They are SO fun to fish with! Gene is the best captain in the world, and I mean that! He is up there with Mark Charlton and all the great captains of the Columbia. You have to be, in order to be in business for so long. That's one body of water that if you fish it daily, you will be challenged as a captain. But, Linda and Gene are just so much darn fun. I always enjoy seeing them each year at the Sportsman Show. You can contact them, here. Or, give them a call! (503) 861-3693
I'm off to take Willie on his morning walk. I have been going to the middle school, lately, here in Oregon City, to walk Willie. Yesterday I met a nice man and his dog, Harley. He does 20 laps each day! I cannot keep up with him, but it's fun to meet new people!
Love you all, every one of you out there. I can't wait till the Christmas Party. I want lots of hugs! :) Christmas hugs! Now, that is what is important in life!
Oh-- this is so funny to me. Funny, or sad? I'm not sure. But, it makes me shake my head. What am I doing?
I would say, like four years ago? I was given, by a very sweet man that I do not know, a very generous gift certificate for a spa in Portland. A really nice one, too! I was so excited! I don't normally do that kind of thing. I mean, if I could afford it, I think I would, but... Now, I can afford it!
And I don't go!
It's not because I don' want to go, but I would say that I was going to, every single week in my life, since I was given that certificate, I have said to myself, "I am going to do that, this week!" I have told my family, my friends, everyone, that I was going to do that! THIS WEEK!
I say, "I am going to make time for myself, this week, and go to the spa."
Why can't I, why don't I do it? I have to ask myself, and really wonder what is going on, here! I get too busy, and it never happens! Yet, even knowing that I have it, is a gift to me! Maybe that's it? If I use it, it will be gone? Is it a treatment in relaxation for me, just to have it? Or, am I, seriously, too busy? If I am too busy, then that is a shame.
I have always been one to make sure that I tell people to take "me" time out of the week, to go on "Husband and wife" dates, once a week, etc. Yet, I don't take my own advice! Even my dog takes precedence over my time! LOL.
So, the last two weeks, I have been getting more serious about this. I even called, to make certain I still have this certificate! I do! I do!
I am going to go. I don't have time this week, but next week I do! I'm going! Mark my words!

November 14, 2013

When Willie was a puppy, I almost gave up. I almost gave in.
I almost gave Willie back to the puppy home, again!
I couldn't take his energy. Man, oh man! What a terror!
I physically had trouble walking at all, at 11pm at night, let alone, being drug around by a springer spranger. :) But, I had to, in order to sleep a full night. A tired dog was a good dog..
The only good that came of it was that Willie reintroduced me to the beauty of night.
Now, we have grown past the need of the 11 PM walk. Thank God!
We have graduated to only one after dinner run. That's our last outing of the evening. Well, we have one "Last call for the men's stall" at about 9:00 PM, but that's just an in and out. No play, just business!
So, tonight, right after dinner, right after my glass hits the tray, he's up and running. He knows what time it is, even if I should ever forget. There is barking, running, excited panting and nose nudging at my duck chair.
I take that darn chair wherever I go. Just in case I can't make it back, I can at least have a dry soft place to sit! When I die, I want that darn chair to attend any services I might have. That chair has been my best friend!
We have a routine for everything. I think dogs thrive on routine as much as people do, if not more.
We go down to the river, and I place the chair up in these tree roots and he digs in the sand and barks, while I flash the light out into the mirror-flat Kilchis river. When the river is full, there is current, and standing waves. It's fun to flash the light into that fury, and watch the water spray.
I've always been fascinated at the thought of seeing a salmonid flash in the water at night. I've never seen one, but by golly, I might! The hunt! You know, the quest is best!
But, we walk back up the river bank, and into the meadow. Here, I set down my chair once again, and I sing while he runs. Yep That's me out in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, sitting in a duck chair in my pajamas in the field, singing at the top of my lungs.
Hohhhh boy!
I'm a weirdo!
It has to be something up beat and fast tempo. he carries that silly flashlight in his mouth, and the beam lights up the forest, around him. Lately, in keeping with the season, the song is:
"Willie, the red nosed Springer!
Had a very shiny light!
And if you ever saw him, you would even say it's bright! (Like a flashlight!)
All of the other Springers, used to laugh and call him names,
They'd never let poor Willie, join in any Springer games!"
Oh, he adores this song! I'm quite sick of it, frankly, but the joy it brings Willy is worth it! The more he likes a song, the faster and more to the beat, he runs. My, that dog can even do flying lead changes on command!
So, I sit and I sing, and sometimes, before I even know it, I've stopped singing and I'm off staring into the sky at the stars, or the clouds, moving past the moon. I realize just how beautiful this entire universe is! It stills my mind.
The winter seasons skeleton-of-trees, display like black lace against the dense, fog-gray sky. I would like material out of that, to make a dress of. The trees quietly decorate the entire perimeter of the meadow, all enclosed in lace, like that.
Christmas trees, all! And every once in a while, a twinkling batch of stars back light the trees with starlight around all, black lace, leafless, twinkling and beautiful!
When the moon peeks out from the clouds, it just lights up the whole meadow in a blast of surprises! It comes to me, that old book that my Mom used to read me each night, "Wait Till the Moon Is Full" Does anyone remember that book?
It is then that I can see the soft swells of the meadow, all mowed and softly rolling. The surprises in the brightly lit nighttime; It's just something that I haven't enjoyed in so long.
The river sings a quiet song, so quiet, you can barely make it out. But, it's there! The river is just very low, right now. But, even when it's full and roaring? At nighttime, the river sings a hush quiet lullaby.
Sleep comes over me out there, sitting in the middle of that Kilchis river valley at night, with Willie doing hypnotic circles around me. I'm all cuddled up in blankets or my fuzzy nightgown with a down coat over all. He carries that flashlight around, and around, and around. My eyelids get heavier, and heavier, and heavier! We are just weird.
It's a good thing I like weird. He's introduced me back into the beauty of the night, that I had forgotten. Willie forces me to love the out of doors, from top to bottom, from day to night. He makes me touch and feel the dirt, the sand, the moss, the river seeping into my boots! The damp, mossy, moldy, rich and dense and lovely Pac Northwest coast!
I do love it, here!
And no, I haven't taken that spa, yet! Next week? Gotta do it! I still have it to look forward to!

November 18, 2013
Later... I did it! I finished the 2014 Kwikfish poll!
Click here to Vote now!

With all of the Holiday decorations up so early, I keep catching myself, wanting to say, "Merry Christmas!" But, I refuse! It's just too darn early to say that! So, I think about saying "Happy Holidays!" Because then, I can include Thanksgiving and all other Holidays for folks, but I don't like that, either. It takes the Christ out of Christmas! So, here I go! Merry Christmas! LOL It's only Mid November! Agh!
I'm even thinking about decorating and all that stuff, but I know. I just know that if I do, I'll be so sick of it by New Years!
So, hang in there, everyone. There is time, yet!
But, how come if there is all this time, that I won't be ready, once Christmas comes? I won't have all my shopping done. Yet, people complain that it starts so early! Funny! A week before, I'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, going, "I haven't bought anything for "xxx"!
I'm starting NOW. Some people started the day after Christmas, last year! Oh, how I don't like those people! They make me feel so bad about myself!
I spent all yesterday and most of this morning making out a poll for the Ifish Kwikfish contest! What a lot of work that is! 69 entries! Way to go, you guys! I think this is the most entries we have ever had! I just checked. Last year we had 60, and that was the most last year, so yes! This is the most!
We have some great entries, this year! Just wait till you see! I'll link it here, when I put it up.
I'm going to go take a walk with Willie. (In the rain!) Willie's beginning to understand that it's no fun walking in the rain! I bundled up last night in my rain gear, and took him out, and he just wouldn't play. But, doubting him, I said, "Want to go in?" He headed for the garage! Smart dog! Good dog! Yay!
So, this morning, I'm sure he'll be full of .. um... vinegar!
Yesterday, we went for a long river walk, kicking fish. I try so hard to not let the dogs get into the salmon. They probably won't get sick again, but rolling in it smells so bad! And there is nothing better to a dog, then to lean their shoulders into a good stinky carcass! Ish! So I kick all the fresh dead ones further into the river so they'll float down past our walking area.
Oh! This was so funny! Willie is one of those dogs who will put his head under water to get what he wants. He searches with his paws, till he finds what he wants, then he goes clear under to grab it! And yes! He came up with a whole 12 pound-ish chum, yesterday! One that I had already kicked! Darn, that dog is handy! He thinks he has opposable thumbs!
So, off we go, kicking fish, whether it does any good, or not!

November 23, 2013

So excited!
We are going to do some satellite parties for the main ifish Christmas party for those that can't make it on the 3rd!
If you want to attend the first ifish satellite party to collect toys for the kids at Emanuel, just contact Sherri Cheney of D and G Transfer at (360)635-0102. She is having one in the Longview/Kalama area on December 14th at 1:00 PM.
You can read all about it, here! And if you would like to host one, simply post on this thread, and start planning!
The main party is still Dec. 3rd at Pietros.
Next year, we will try to start in November with the satellite parties around the area, (or further! Who knows how big this can get!?!) and end with the Pietros party. Everyone that had a host party can have a rep to bring their toys, and wowza!
You know, it's always so awesome when God closes a window, and then opens a door. I was so bummed that Gary, the usual driver, couldn't attend this year. So, this is what we came up with! Sherri and I were talking, and wow! I think we are onto something! Thing is, that several people have suggested this in the past, but this year, I got kicked in the rear end to do it, and we are doing it!
So bummed!
I was so bummed out as I waited and waited for Bill to call me. I knew when the river was in shape! Before I left Tillamook, that was the plan. The river was high, then. So, as I left, we both agreed he'd call me first thing as the river fell into shape, so we could fish our favorite river stretch, together. It's a place where we have fished together for years. You know, that kind of place that your heart lives? Where you fished when you were deeply in love with both the fisher man and the fishing stretch?
I wondered each day, why I didn't receive that call, when I knew good and well the river was past falling into shape. I read on the board of people fishing, and I knew the rain hadn't been falling. But, I was so busy with so many activities, meetings, etc., that three full days flew by, and I hadn't heard from Bill! What the? Even when we don't fish, I usually hear from him multiple times a day.
Well, then I hear that Bill is on the river with... MEN!! GUYS of all things! Who fishes with... guys?!? Especially when they have a pretty lady to fish with? And one that can do everything, even wants to tie her own hooks and do the bait!?
Ladies, you hear how "lucky" men are to have a woman that fishes. Right? Well, you just wait! It's novel and fun for them for a while, but sadly, the novelty wears off. To my surprise, it didn't last! They go back to their buddies, in the end! I guess I'll have to admit that I'm no longer his favorite fishing buddy, and it makes me sad. I used to be in first place. So.... I guess I'm looking for a new fishing buddy. After all, I'm not much good at sitting at home, waiting! Or, maybe I'll just find a woman to fish with! Is it true that you can never truly be friends or fishing buddies with men?
I wonder what Bill will think when he reads this? What do you think? LOL! Bill-? Dog house! Or will I be in the dog house? Perhaps both, in our own "special" ways. :)
We both hadn't fished in ages, but I haven't fished in more ages than he has. I mean, I fish out back, but in a boat? AGES!
OK, enough of that. We are sitting around wondering what we can show Luke, today. We are taking him on a sort of "field trip". The coast would be lovely, but I don't want to do a whole day trip. Maybe Saturday Market? MT. Hood? Hm. The choices are endless!
Oh! Tammy called and she is coming "home". That was a shocker for me. So, I guess I'll have two roommates for a bit. Sargent Pepper will be so happy! He missed having his own "person" to sleep with!
Well, have a nice day out there. I sure love this sunshine, even if it is freezing out! :) It's bright and happy and makes me smile. It makes Willie have the wilders, and that really makes me smile!

HollyNovember 25, 2013

I need the river.
I'm in Oregon City, and my heart craves the river. I want to go to sleep to the lullaby of the river and smell the ocean air. I want to wake in the morning to watch the winter birds gather their feed. I want to sit at the kitchen table with Bill and talk over birds and coffee. The winter juncos, the occasional thrush and those friendly little chickadees. Very occasionally, a hummingbird will stop by to see if the feeder is frozen, or not.
Dang I miss home.
A friend of mine, (STGRule from, actually) wrote about taping one of those hand warmers to the side of the feeder bottle. I love that idea, and I'm going to try it! Warm breakfast!
I think I'm stuck here, though. I think that with Turkey Day on Thursday, it would be silly for me to leave today, only for a couple days, having to be back with goodies ready, by Thursday.
We have invited Luke to Thanksgiving. I wonder what he'll think of our traditions? Can't wait! Gobble, gobble! One thing we have in common, from anywhere around the world, is the love for food!
I just hope he is here for Christmas. I can't wait to fill a stocking for him! Um. I mean, I can't wait for Santa to fill his stocking!
Oh! The other day I met with some people from Pacific International Academy to see if I could be a host for more foreign exchange students! They liked me! I'd LOVE to do it!
Funny thing, though... one hour after I met with them, I heard from my ex roomie, Tammy. She wrote, "I'm coming home, Mom"! (Why does everyone call me Mom?)
Things didn't turn out in Lakeview like she thought, and was so looking forward to moving back. So, when Luke leaves in January, I'll have a room open. Maybe we'll have another fun student!
Let me tell you, though, I have never eaten so much rice in my lifetime! Luke has rice three times a day, no matter what I cook, otherwise! It's kind of fun!
Anyhow, the day after Thanksgiving, we have a traditional downtown lunch for the girls in our family, and shopping, of course! Hey- you can shop and not buy, right? I'm going to try that!
So, I can't really head to the beach then? Shortly after that is our Christmas Party. This coming Tuesday night! So that would mean another three day stint at the river. Is it worth the cost of gas? The hassle of making Willie sit in the car calmly for two hours, both ways? Sometimes he is very, very good in the car. Other times, um. Not so much!
All of this makes me even miss the river, more! Shall I just go? Shall I just get in the car, start it up and head to the river? Oh, my heart says yes! My common sense says No!
The phone just rang. It was Bill. I had written him an e mail about the three day at the river, situation. He intelligently thinks I should just stay put, although he misses me as much as I miss him. Too much driving, not enough time. Well, I agree. But, he doesn't know how much my heart misses home! Bill! Rev! The river! The chickens! Molly!
But, not only am I struggling with finances, wondering if Santa will even stop by here, but the cost of gas is so high! The cost to fill my tank to go to the coast used to be something I didn't even consider. Now, I must consider it, and I consider it expensive!
Do I want to eat, or do I want to go to the coast?
Until I get things figured out, I might not be able to donate to the food programs. All of the times I have donated to the programs, well, this year, I won't be able to.
Thing is, of course Bill will feed me, but you know what I mean. It just costs a lot for someone on a fixed income.
I was being thankful the other day for my used makeup. :) Back in the day I could afford a new lipstick, whenever my heart desired. And, what girl would turn down a new lipstick? But, when you think of it, why on earth do people need 20 lipsticks? Do I think some new color is going to change my life? Or, some new consistency is going to make my lips fuller, more plump, or what? I mean, what the??? Sometimes I think the female population is plumb crazy. That's me!
I have so much lipstick! I opened my purse the other day while sitting at the ghost hole, waiting for nets to fly. I told Bill to guess how many lipsticks I had in my purse. He guessed five.
I counted... "5, 6," I stacked them on my lap. "11, 12," .... he laughed. "21, 22..." They overfloweth my lap and starting rolling onto the floor mats. I opened another zipper pocket on the inside of my purse, "23, 24..." "WHAT?" All of the sudden, his chuckles were overcome by concern for my vanity-sanity.
Yep. 26 lip products in all. Balms, sticks, glosses, rollers, pots, the list goes on.
But, ladies and gentlemen, I have had to go on a budget since I bought this home. I cannot pick up lipsticks like they were candy bars, any more.
The other night I was going through little makeup bags under my sink that had been stacked up and packed up for months (years?). I used to be a girl crazed for "gifts with purchase." Gifts with purchase are little sample sized goodies that you get with a purchase of a larger department store make up sale. My Mom got me hooked on these. Sometimes they are facial care products, and you can go home and play beautician and have a facial! I'd get in the bathtub, and have girls night. I loved that!
I found one bag chock full of almost new lipsticks! Whooo hooo! Thank God I never threw them away! It was like winning the lip lottery!
So, I put away almost all of the 26 half-used lipsticks, some of which the lids had fallen off, and gotten ickies on them. They went into the trash, even!- and picked out some "new" ones. It made me so hap-hap-happy!
Oh, thank you, God!
I mean, what does it say in the Bible? "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"
I don't know why I thought of that verse, because I did store away my lipstick in "the barn", but still. Thank you, God, for taking care of my lips! God really does want every one of us to be happy and to have everything our hearts desire. I just thought that was cute of Him to give me those lipsticks. :) I love you, Father! The longer you live, the more you realize that God is like a friend, even. Not only to worship, but to have a close, very personal relationship with! He knows I love lipstick, even!
So, the entire time I counted my lipsticks with Bill in the truck, not one net flew out on the bay, so Bill and I drove on, with not so much as a wish to fish that day.
But I think, somehow.... after getting a phone call about my last hem... that I'll be fishing soon. :)

He wasn't so happy about my personal style of writing.
I do write personal things, sometimes, and that wasn't the first time that someone has been unhappy about my open style of writing.
It's funny. And this goes for writing on the ifish discussion board, also. In fact, that's where I learned this lesson; If you even have one inkling of a thought when you write something that someone will be unhappy, they WILL be. A million fold! So, just don't do it.
I shouldn't have written that, and I'm sorry I did. I just goofed, because I didn't realize that my column is the darn same as the discussion board.
You know how you don't recognize acquaintances sometimes, because they aren't in their place of work, or where you usually know them from?
It's kind of the same with this writing thing. I didn't recognize my own lessons learned, because I was writing here, instead of on the board. Same lesson, different media!
Wrapping up, I guess I'll see the river, Bill and my pets, soon enough. For now, I must concentrate, and do a good job of Turkey day and the Christmas Party. I have to get a prize for the "Guess the Toys" contest, get the name tags going for the Dec. 3rd "Christmas for Kids" party, and I have to think about what appetizers I'll bring, to accompany Bill's Smoked Salmon for Turkey day. Also, I need to keep up on the Kwikfish contest! So much to do! So little time!
And meanwhile... I'm just going to be thankful for what I have, and to stay put. Willie patiently waiting right now, to go to the puppy park and exhaust his energy.
BTW, I am so thankful! The other day I had this bizarre pain, and it was right where my aorta dissected, and kind of like the same pain that I had, that fateful evening that I almost died. It scared me so much! I whined in an out loud whisper, "Not now, God! I'm having so much fun!"
He granted my wish. I'm still here! So, I think, by golly, I'm going to have a great little day! Not a moment should be wasted!

HollyNovember 26, 2013

It is driving me crazy! I'm scratching my head. How in the heck can you improve on a beverage holder? Man, the internet drives me crazy, sometimes. Just tell me already! "Jettin' Fool", a long time member of ifish has an idea. Have you seen this? What in the heck is the"Bevie Pro"?
I don't know, but on January 15th, he is starting a kickstarter campaign.
Andrew, before he passed, (in fact he was working on it, the night he died!) was doing a kickstarter campaign for his bbq biz.
Well, whatever this is, Jettin' Fool, I want to know. Don't you? Follow his page to find out! If I miss it, the day he reveals it, please message me!
So, the other day I was at the dog park, and this gal lets out her little aussie dog, and it immediately goes after Willie, barking and snapping. I said nothing, and the dog ran off. However, the Mother instinct in me was on her high horse, watching closely as the little herding dog went after a chocolate lab. Sheesh! I finally lost it. We occasionally have problems at the park with aggressive dogs that shouldn't be off leash.
"You should probably have your dog on a leash." I tried to sound calm. Oh, that set her off! "It's a herding dog, and they do that!" She snapped at me.
"I hope so!" I tried to sound cheerful, taking back my overly protective instincts... or trying to! She still didn't like me, I'm sure!
So, I watched as the little dog chased to and fro, every dog in the park. They watched carefully, also.
It got to me, though. I wondered how I would affect her day. No one likes confrontation. Do they? I certainly don't.
The little dog chased and chased but didn't harm a flea. Just bugged the dogs. :)
Later, I went over and apologized. I just had to. I didn't want to ruin anyone's day. If someone had said that to me, I know I'd have a shadow over my day, due to that. Maybe not everyone feels that way, but I'm sensitive.
I walked over and said, "I just want to apologize for being over protective." She was kind and I could tell, a bit relieved.
Thing is, if I'm responsible for someone's bad day, I feel awful. Probably worse than they do.
On the flip side, if I'm responsible for someone's good day, I feel awesome!
So, my Christmas present to the world is this:
I'm going to try to say something nice to at least two people a day. Something unexpected, that makes them feel good. Something out of the blue, where I have to go out of my way. You know, when you have a nice thought about someone, express it! We too often express the negative, but not the positive!
Yesterday, I wrote to a gal that I didn't know, and just told her how nice her website was, and how impressed I was in her web mastering skills.
I told her a bit of my ifish story, so that she knew that I knew something about the web. It is my hope that it made her smile a bit.
The other day, I walked up to someone in the store, and told them how lovely they looked.
It was a woman, about 65 years old, I'd say. She was dressed in a beautiful white coat. She was relaxing on a bench, after grocery shopping at Fred Meyers. She was next to the pharmacy. Perhaps she was waiting for a prescription. I don't know, but she just looked lovely! She had white hair that matched her coat, and pretty sparkly glasses that picked up the silver in her hair. She just looked stunning to me and I told her so.
Now, that surprised her! I could tell! I could tell it made her feel special! My heart just swelled after that. I LOVE to make people feel awesome! It makes me feel probably better than it made her feel!
Have you ever had a stranger say something nice to you that rang throughout your day? That's my intention! I want to do that for people!
So, every day from now till Christmas, I'm going to do that at least two times a day. If it gets near bedtime and I haven't done my two, I'm going to get on the internet, and do it before I go to sleep. Just pick two people on the internet... perhaps they are on ifish!
Two is the minimum, but the more, the better!
Instead of starting a darn fight on ifish, you guys, say something NICE to someone! Make their day! This is my challenge to all of you!
You know what? What comes around, goes around. Love is catching, just like anger is catching. Be mean to someone, and they'll be mean to someone else, just to lash out, and the circle goes on.
Let's flip it. Let's spread some love, you guys! We have enough people on ifish to make it a trend. Hey! We could even trend "ifish love" on twitter!!!! LOL.
Yeah! Trend "Ifish love" and we can do the two-a-day "ifish love thang" and spread it around!
I don't know. Remember last year where the coffee thing happened, and the person in a car in front of you in the line at Starbucks would buy your coffee, and the trend just kept up? Everyone was buying everyone coffee?
Well, how about everyone giving everyone love, kind comments, compliments?
I don't know about you, but I'm going to do it!
I just wanted to thank the owner of the yippy little chasing dog, for giving me this idea! Apologies, if you ever make someone feel bad, and love for those who don't expect it!
Ready, set, IFISH LOVE!

November 27, 2013

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I can't believe this!
I went to get my mail from last night, and from whom did my wandering eyes appear, but a letter from Santa! And all of his reindeer!!!

He said that he wanted to help spread some cheer,
And visit some ifishers eating pizza, and drinking beer!

So, he will arrive to check out our sleigh full of toys,
On December 3rd at Pietros!
and bring cheer to all girls and boys!

I was flattered and scattered, I fell on my bum!
Right in the middle of the road, good thing a truck didn't come!

So, I brushed off and came in to to leave you this note!
Please bring your kids to see Santa at Pietros~
by car, bus or boat!

November 28, 2013
Turkey day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope that you have so much to be thankful for, that you can't possibly list them!
But, it might be fun to try! And have your family bring their list to the table, and throw them all into a basket at dinner time. You can either read them before your prayer, or as your prayer... or you can save them and not look at them, until next year!
I mentioned earlier, that it was so heart warming to read my families lists, after 20 years! It's just so much fun! It really makes you realize how lucky you are! Even in hard times, there are things to be thankful for!
Here is an update for the Christmas Party! Sally sent me the 2013 list of toys that are needed for the kids at the hospital. Please click here to read them, and print it off for your wallet. That way, you will have it, when you are out shopping!
Congratulations to "Driven2fish" for the winning 2014 entry, "Ninja Boy!"

Ninja Boy!
The 2014 Kwikfish Winner, "Ninja Boy!"

Please enjoy this day, and hold it sacred as a day that you give thanks... no matter what!


November 29, 2013

Oh, man. I got called out on the board, but good! I really made a doozy of a mistake. I forgot, when naming the 2014 winner of the kwikfish contest, that I said I'd do a top five vote.
So, the guys had a great time pointing their finger and laughing at me. Oh, well. I deserved it! I goofed!
So, I apologized from the very bottom of my heart to Driven2fish, and all of the members and contestants--
I have to do what I said I would do. I will do a contest on the top five, now. Vote here!