Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

November 2012

November 2, 2012

November. Wow! The seasons are on a race, lately! I don't even notice, and a whole month flies by!
From now on, I'm not even going to promise I'm going to fish a bunch for this season or that. It never works out that way, these days. I'm just so busy. I said I was going to fish a ton for Fall salmon, and nada. Not once did I hook into a salmon, nor did I even try much! Maybe three or four trips!?
I'm missing the coast, so much. Missing Revvie and Bill, and cooking together, like we do. We eat like royalty, Bill and I. I don't know what it is, but often times we look at what we have prepared, and estimate what it would cost in a diner. Often times, it's upwards in the thirties.
It's probably due to the fact that our freezer is filled with seafood delights that we fish for, or chanterelles, picked fresh from the forest. We live in a land full of expensive but easy to forage delicacies! Yum!
Everything reminds me of Andrew, lately, and so many times a day. I look out at the burst of fiery maple leaves, and think how much he would have loved that. He'd take not one picture of it, but several. I have proof of that, from the downloads on my computer. Picture after picture of things he found awesome. All the same, but at slightly different angles. Andrew appreciated nature more than most, and it was inspiring to be around him.
I know he's in Heaven, but often times I just don't get it. It doesn't sink thru. "Andrew, where are you? What happened? Where did you go?" How could someone I love so dearly just be gone? I did OK when my Mother died, and my Father. I mean, I mourned just like I am, now. I did grief. But, it wasn't as confusing to me. I expected it, I guess. You don't expect your children to die. I have trouble even typing that word, "Die", when it comes to Andrew. I guess I'm still in shock. Little by little reality is creeping in, and it brings trickles of tears. I guess grief is a regulated thing, when your children pass. Thank God, as I couldn't take this all in one fell swoop.
Yesterday I told David I knew Andrew was in Heaven. "So say, hi!" He said. I did. It felt weird. I think I was trying to convince David that I was sure of his location, as much as I was convincing myself.
Heaven... a place without sorrow. Yes. That's where Andrew belongs! I should be joyous, but I miss him so much, Lord. Take good care of my Roo. He's my special, magical soul and I love him.
I have so many birds, this morning! They flit from one feeder to the next. It's weird having hummingbirds in the winter. I'm not used to filling up feeders from season to season. Yet, they keep coming, and they gladly drink the fresh nectar. It's fun having so much life this time of year.
I think to myself, "Is Andrew in the birds that I enjoy? In the maple leaves that awe me? In the sunshine that so brightly lights up those leaves?"
I like to think so.
Well, as soon as I wrap up this home owners nightmare, I'm going fishing. I find myself breaking my above promise, already, as I promise to myself I'll fish more than ever, this coming steelhead season. I guess that anticipation is part of the fun, and I'm not ready to give that up, even though my ceilings in the living room may fall, and the leaks in my roof, continue to drip!
I just dream, lately, of having more time to do things.
Things like standing on the river bank, knee high in fallen leaves, and casting an oakie drifter into the water.
Things like leaning over in a drift boat, peering over the side, counting the rocks on the river's floor, lulling myself into peacefulness, listening to the water splashing onto the chines.
Ah.... steelhead season. Take me away!
Promises, promises.... I love that anticipation!
LOL. I'm going to be cleaning the yard today with the help of David. I just opened up his bedroom door to wake him, and said, "David? This is the Day that the Lord Hath made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"
Ya think he liked that!?! Muhahahahahaha..... Well? It's true! The sun is shining on the pretty colors of leaves, and it is a good reason to rejoice! There are tons of them! Let's clean 'em up, Dave! Rejoice!

November 4, 2012

I have the absolute most wonderful dog. I'm so proud of him. He's turned into such a good friend.
I don't know if you remember, but I was really worried. I guess after having a 13 year old dog, people forget what a puppy is like. Oh, boy, did I forget! I was ready to turn either one of us into the pound!
He required several serious runs a day, and I just didn't have it in me. But, I made it! Like a light switch, he turned into the most wonderful dog, ever! Now, he's a mush pup! He lies in my lap, and wants to be held like a poodle! Yet, when it's time to work/play, he's always ready. There is nothing he likes better, than when I say, "Hunt 'em up!"
We have a schedule down. When I get up, he's mine. I feed him, run him, play with him, and then it's time for me to work. So, he rests. Then, we go to the puppy park or for a walk.
The afternoon, I cater to him, but it's mostly my time. I get things done, and he's my companion. You know, he's always my companion. Even when I go to the girls room. He is my shadow, always.
Late afternoons, David takes him for a boy romp. You know, David can play a bit harder, run a bit faster, and wrestle. I get a break!
But, after David, and after dinner, he's Mr. Mush. He has to have his head in my lap, or even crawls right up, so his whole body is draped over mine. I love that!
When I lost my last dog, Kilchis, I thought I'd have no other that close. I thought that there would be a huge hole in my heart, never to be filled. Well, I was right, in a way. That dog spot in my heart is still an open wound at times.
Yesterday I went to Wilco and they have a grooming area. There was a dog that looked exactly like Kilchis, and my heart sunk. "Kilchis!" I said, under my breath. That dog looked into my eyes, and I swear I saw his soul! There is still that place, open, in my heart.
When I lost my son, I learned that I had never known a greater loss. There is no greater hurt than losing a child. Losing a dog that I loved was but a warm up to the greatest loss of all. I learned the deepest hurt my heart had known.
Willie has stretched my heart to make room for more love. I had to work for that love. I had to go thru that puppy hood, in order to be blessed with the best friend a person can have.
I needed Willie's love through the toughest time in my life and I am so grateful to have him.
There are times that I bury my face in his fur and he snuggles right back at me. Sometimes, he looks up at me and you can tell that he knows everything I've been through. I can see it in those big brown, soul filled eyes. It makes my heart fill with love.
There really is no love greater than the love between man and his best friend. This morning, I thank God for the comfort that Willie has brought me.

November 6, 2012

And it goes on and on,
Watching the river run,
Further and further
From things that we've done
Leaving them one by one
And we have just begun
Watching the river run;
List'ning and learning
And yearning;
Run, river, run.
Kenny Loggins

I love the river. I've been watching it for the past 24 hours. Watching it like a hawk. Walking beside it, breathing the mist that rises in the warm air. I gulp down big swallows of salt and mist. It is still clean, not yet polluted with rotted salmon, so I can breathe deeply, cleanly.
My ears fill with the rush of the river's power as I doze off. The curl backs are full and the river is wide. The banks disappear as the water takes over much of the riverscape we enjoy in the summer.
You can't sit anywhere, but get soaked. The logs are soggy, the rocks hold water in blankets of thick, spongy moss. "Remember to bring something to sit on, Jennie!" I always forget, but yet I have to rest.
Just call me soggy pants.
Salmon live in this river! Life! The dark depths are filled with life and hope and the drive to get upriver to spawn. I can feel that drive, and it gives me inspiration and hope. I feel the anticipation at each riffle, each rapid. Can they make it? Jump it? Push through? Riffles? No! Rapids! No more riffles this time of year! Big, strong, full rapids!
God does not give them more than they can handle. (Repeat after me...)
Willie isn't quite sure of himself. He jumps in and the current immediately grabs him and carries him away. This is most unlike the small creek-like Kilchis of summer.
What happened, Wil? What happened to your play pool? It's grown! It's strong!
He is learning quickly that he can't jump in and just splash around. He has to be careful. "Careful" and "puppy" are two words that have absolutely nothing in common. He runs to his normal spot at the end of the property beside the deepest hole. A month ago, he was able to jump in there and then crawl out. But, the bank where he crawls out is totally under water. Now, it's a cliff almost 5 feet up. He fell in here, last year, as a small puppy. He fell in again, yesterday. So much for lessons learned. At least this time, I didn't have to fish him out. He swam to a spot where he could get out. He shook himself off, and by golly, he may do it again! My heart, be still!
Why are lessons so hard to learn?
I've been tossing different lures into the river, trying to fish something out. No luck, so far, but I haven't put in much time, so all's fair. Mostly, I just want to immerse myself in "river". Be beside it. Breathe it. Feel it. Hear it..
I have so little time. I have to go back to Oregon City, tomorrow. My time here was spent at appointments, taking me away from the river.
My heart beats faster, as I think of fighting traffic, and all that the city brings.
I showed up yesterday mid day, and I headed straight for the river. Well, that is, after giving Bill a welcome kiss and hug, and loving my Revvie up. I had tennis shoes on, and I didn't even stop to change into boots, knowing full well my feet would collect all the water off the grasses. That's OK. Just more river to feel. I miss it here, so much. I try to get my fill before I leave.
So little time. So much river.
So much stress in the city... I feel it peel off, as I grow nearer to the river.
Revvie misses me. I know she does. Her face says so. When I lay in bed, she cuddles up as close as she can. Willie gets a little jealous, so I have two huge dogs near me, squirming to see who can get the closest. I love it.
Who doesn't love to be loved?
I think it's time for me to retire to the river. I feel my life slipping by. The salt running out of the capsule. I'm busy with things that don't mean that much to me. Too busy with ceilings falling and repairs, and lawn work. Why do I have two houses?
I can't afford one!
Why, when I have one at the river to live by, to love, to immerse myself in? To keep me plenty busy.
Yesterday, I stood in the driveway in the silence of night. There were no city lights to distract the view of the stars. No sound, but the river. The stars were full crystal white against the black night.
One very bright star zoomed across the sky so that I wasn't even sure of what I saw. But, then I knew! Andrew is up there in heaven, playing with the stars!
I remember one night when Andrew was alive. We were laying outside together in the night sky, up on the second floor deck. Laying there, as if life never ended. We had sleeping bags up to our chins, snuggled up, giggling as we told stories and searched the sky. There was to be a meteor shower that night, they said on the news. Neither one of us had seen a shooting star.
We were equally as determined to see one as we are both visually impaired. That's what you call drive. A drive to do the impossible. To see what you aren't able to see!
-To jump 10 feet over rapids and falls in a river! Go, salmon, go!
+To live through the death of my child. =Equally improbable?!
We kept thinking we saw a shooting star, but I'm still not sure that we did. But, now? Last night? Thanks to Andrew, I'm darn sure I saw one!
Just one of the many ways I'm going to miss having Andrew around, is to be my marfan buddy. Someone to understand what it's like to live this way. But, I'm beginning to understand that it's a blessing to have an angel to watch over me that understands. One who shows me shooting stars is even better!
I try! I try to see the blessings. I try to understand!
Tomorrow, I leave for Oregon City. I'm sure I haven't gotten my fill of the river, so my plans are to head back here, as soon as my business is done. I want a full week. A full week, at least, of river. A month? A year! Forever... of fishing. Breathing deeply... even if, the smell of rotting salmon. I don't care!
I just want time with the river. Nothing hurried. Just time! Time of nothing but river.
That, and maybe a shooting star or two, too.

November 9, 2012

Back in the city. It's not so bad...
Well, except for my never ending accidents...
This morning I woke up in total pain. My left side is so weak! My shoulder, well, let's just say I need a new one, please!
That dog that ran into me was huge! Total mass of muscle, and going at warp speed!
I'm afraid to go back to the puppy park!
Today, I have to run errands, pick up Andrew's death certificate, :( and tomorrow, I get to go to the Steelheader's banquet. Bill is coming to my house!
I just heard a rumor of snow. Is it true?!
Are you going to the Ifish Christmas Party? I sure hope so!

November 12, 2012
Happy Veterans Day
Please read about it, here.
Veterans Day

I can't wait to put my flag out. I'm so proud of having one, here! My neighbor is a veteran and it makes me proud to fly the flag for him, and for all of the others who have served our country. Let this be a day of peace and remember those who have fought for our freedom, and for our peace! I am forever grateful!
I get mixed up sometimes. I finally have it in my head that Memorial Day is to honor those who died in service, and November 11 of each year is the day that we ensure veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made to keep our country free. Oh! Those words made me shiver! I do appreciate! I do honor! Thank you!
There is nothing to me more awesome than to see a 19 year old (or younger!) "kid" turn his life over to serving our country. From that moment on, they become heroes for serving our country. Not only that, but they begin a journey from "kid" to "man"!
So, to all of you who serve or have served, young and old, living or dead, I want to honor you today by flying my flag, being thankful, and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, today, and always.
I've had a good weekend. Although I was really tired on Saturday, Bill still drove over the pass to visit, and took me to the Steelheader's Banquet.
It gave me shivers to watch Dudley Nelson walk to the front to accept an award for Dudley Sr.! Way to go, both of you!
The banquet was really nice, this year. If you haven't attended, do so!
I met a really nice couple that are ifish members, and that was really fun! I always love to talk with all the people there. Just wish I could remember that couples names! Write to me, if you are reading this, you guys! And thank you for introducing yourselves!
I have recovered from my dog crash, the other day. Man, was I ever hurting for a while, there! I haven't been back to the puppy park since, but I'm going to brave it, today!
I'm so worried about the Christmas Party. Will anyone come? I worry every year, and it always turns out, but do me a favor. If you are going to be there, or even if not, invite folks from your work, or your family! Please attend! I really want a bunch of toys for those kids, this year! Will you help? Please?! :)
It's December fourth at Pietros in Milwaukie, from 5-8. I have Gary and Sharon Cheney and the truck they always volunteer to drive over to the hospital, all set up. Let's fill it up!

November 15, 2012

I've been full up with Andrew business. I think I'm doing OK, and then all of a sudden, boom. It hits me! Andrew is gone. I mean, really, really gone!
It hit me like a bad fall when I picked up his death certificate. That piece of paper was so final. I went down to my car where Willie waited for me. He seemed to know. He got right up into my lap in the driver's seat and although I was holding him, he seemed to be holding me. He put his paws out the window and lay his head down on them, as if to say to people passing by, "This is my Mommy and I am guarding her heart." We sat together and got all the days tears out.
It's all about canceling his phone service, taking back his Comcast DVR, and distributing his death certificate to financial institutions and businesses. (Death? Certificate of? Who died?) Andrew. Andrew died. That's such a weird word. It doesn't go through my head right. "Death." "Died." "Passed away."
I love him so much. I can't use the past tense of love. I still love him. But how can he just be gone? How can you apply love to memories?
Part of me needs convincing, still, that it's true.
And life goes on. Just when I'm trying to swallow this death, Len Self's passing comes along like a big pill that won't go down. Len Self is ... gone. He died. Death. Passed away.
Both Len and Andrew were larger than life. "Were?"
Heck, they are. I just can't groove with the past tense of it all. Terry and Len together, happy, smiling, bobbing above the crowds at the Sportsman Show, making their way to my booth. "There's Len and Terry!" And their smiles greet me, long before they were in front of the booth. Their presence together was so strong. Oh, Len! Oh, Terry! What the heck is going on?
Terry writes, " I am in such shock that I can barely function.  I just want him back!" and then, about the thread on ifish, "I read the thread - what wonderful people."
I can so relate to both of those statements. I just want Andrew and Len... and my Mom and my Dad and Ginny and everyone that I love that has passed, back! But, the most recent deaths fall hardest. I thought I had death down. I thought I could relate to it, and understand it and go through it. But lately, I'm not so sure. Thank God for my Heavenly Father, as he carries me. Otherwise, time would be stuck fast and not proceed.
I love Terry so much. I just want to help in some way and I know from experience with Andrew that there is no earthly help, really. Well, except for the ifish family. Which is why I can relate to her next statement. Ifish folks are wonderful, awesome people and oh, how they helped me, after Andrew's death, and frankly, they still do! Whatever would I do, without ifish.
And that is why I still "ifish". People ask me why, and it's because they are my family. I am there for them, when needed, and they are there for me!
Well, I'm off to the coast. Willie is all excited to go see "Revvie at the river". Those are the keywords that make his tail wag. Oh, how he loves "Revvie at the river!"
Let's all group together and show Terry the love that will heal her heart. She is such an awesome person and she took such good care of Len. Together, an inseparable team. You know, it's kind of like trying to divide the peanut butter from the jelly in a sandwich. It's not going to be easy.

November 18, 2012

It smells like Steelhead out, today. It feels like it, too. Brrr! So, I grabbed my steelhead jig rod and headed out with the dogs. I fished up and I fished down. I fished long and I fished short. Not a bite.
Do I even believe in fishing, anymore? You know, if I can't even catch a fish with a jig, then I am in big trouble!
You know, there are some words that writers over use. One of the more common words is "just".
T hink about it... or, "Just" think about it! I went through some of my writing a while back, searching for the word "just". In almost (I coulda used "just about!") every instance, I could have (just) done without it! If I (just) replaced it with more interesting words, it would have (just) been a lot better!
But, just leaving those thoughts out of my mind... I just want to go to Hawaii.
This was all brought on by a movie. Yep. Came inside after fishing, and watched a movie. I never watch movies! But, I did! A whole movie!
Let me tell (just) you why I want to go to Hawaii. (ARGH! STOP IT!)
It's not about beaches and warm sunny skies.
It's about Andrew.
When our family went to Hawaii, (oh, how glad I am, that we did!) it was an extremely wonderful experience.
I had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, the trip had been planned, I was diagnosed, and then we went. I had the doctors and nurses all plan my treatment around the trip. Regardless of the news I received, I was bound and determined to make the trip work, anyhow. No lousy cancer cell was taking my family trip away! No way!
I never wanted to come home.
Let me tell you a short story.
My Mother was diagnosed with a sort of ovarian cancer. It wasn't really ovarian cancer, as it is known, but the tumor was wrapped around her ovary. She fought the cancer for a long time.
Right after she found out that the end was near, that there was no more fighting, my Father took her on a vacation to the Grand Canyon. Something she had always wanted to see. They had a wonderful time, together.
I don't know how much of this is accurate, or how much of this is my romantic mind, remembering my own story, but in my mind, this is how the story went. On one of the last evenings, they were standing at the rim of the canyon, my Dad's arm around her waist, and said to my Mother. "Mom? (He called her that, sometimes.) Shall we stay another night, or shall we head home?"
This part I know to be true.
She turned to him, and said, "Bob? I never want to go home."
That story brings tears to my eyes, every time. She knew that going home meant facing her death.
When I went to Hawaii, after being diagnosed, I couldn't help but feel that same fear. I sat on the beach, in total awe, watching the sunset, and all I could think was that I never wanted to go home. Home, to face surgery and who knew what else? Home, to face chemo and... who knew what else? Was I to be like my Mom? Was this the end? The last time I'd ever go to Hawaii, or be with my family on vacation?
Little did I know, that yes. It would be the last time. But, not because of me. I am alive and pretty well. Not perfect, but I went on to survive cancer, and to survive several other medical mishaps.
That week was so wonderful! Just me and Andrew and David, having a ball. I mean, watch this!

Andrew spent every waking hour in that ocean. He swam, and he waded, and he did hand stands, and he swam some more. He went under water, looking for turtles, and he found some, and he'd come back and tell me about it and go right back out. He was swimming at 9 in the evening and at 4 in the morning! (Much to my disdain!) He loved that water! David swam, too, but not quite as much.
At Andrew's celebration of life, my sister talked about how much Andrew loved the water when he would come to stay with her in Lake Oswego, and they'd be at the easment. She said that he'd swim all day if she just threw him a sandwich!
Andrew said he didn't hurt as much in Hawaii, and that if he could swim all day, then his muscles wouldn't be as painful.
But, Andrew... Andrew is gone. My family is not three, anymore. It's two.
I just watched the most awesome movie. It was slow, but it was so touching to me. "Descendants", is a movie starring George Clooney. At the ending, the starring family took his wife's ashes out into the ocean in Hawaii. George Clooney and his two daughters, spreading the ashes of his wife, who loved the water, and loved to boat. They floated out to sea in a pristeen white and red canoe. They wore leighs of tropical flowers and after the ashes were spilled, they let their leighs down into the water, and said, "Well, I guess that's it."
What more can you say? "I guess that's it."
It touched my heart so much that I cried. I cried for Andrew, and how he loved Hawaii, and how he'd say out of the blue, "Mom, let's go back to Hawaii", whenever things got too much for him. I cried for David, as he no longer has a buddy to be silly with, to talk with, late into the night, and to be a brother to. No one can take the place of a brother.
I cried for me, and my memories of all three of us, so close, together. We were a team. We were a family of three. David and I are still a family... even if only two. Perhaps even stronger, now.

So, I just want to go to Hawaii with my two-family.
I want to take Andrew's ashes, and rent a white and red canoe, and I want to spread his ashes where Andrew loved to be. In the water. In the water, in Hawaii.
I wonder if I have enough Alaska points, and if I have enough Hilton points, to make one last trip. I wonder. And, would it be too sad? Just David and I? Should we just spread his ashes, here on the Kilchis?
I don't know. But, I do know that sometimes the word "just" is just the only word that will do.
This weekend has been so nice. It's the first weekend that I can remember in years, when I've done nothing but what I've wanted to do.
Bill and I peeled a bucket full of apples for frozen apple pies.
I bejeweled an phone case!

I watched a movie, and I cried.
Enough of all that, though!
Now, I just want to go to Hawaii!

November 19, 2012

Will update more later, and post a video, but we had one heck of a storm. I have to clean up and fix things before dark. Be back in a bit. Whew! What a storm! I was actually scared for the first time in my life over a wind storm!

November 21, 2012

I can't get it together! So much hassle from storms, power outages, trees down, more power outages! I don't know, but the further I go along the path of home ownership, the more I think it's just not for me! Lesson learned!
We were involved in the power outage in Oregon City, here, where the tree fell on the guy's truck. He is one lucky dude! It was so cold in this house, and I was panicked about losing all my freezer food. Luckily, we did OK. I only have to throw out one shelf of food. Unlucky for me, that includes spring chinook. Ouch!
Bill's drift boat is fine, after traveling with the wind across the yard, and into the chicken cage.
The only real damage we incurred, which is so sad, was DeeDee's rhodie. We have a rhododendron planted on each of our dog's graves. Dee Dee's just took off with the wind. It was just gone! We found it later in the trees, and it was not re plantable. Is that a word? Anyhow, it was our favorite Rhodie. So sad.
Willie is happy to go to the puppy park, today. He's happy that things are back to normal. He wasn't getting his fill of attention. You know, I have a very special dog in Willie. I adore him and he, me. We are partners. Cousins. Besties. :) He is so funny! I've never seen a dog that runs around the yard to only one song. It has to be the "He flies around the field" song. No other will do. He won't move until that song starts. Then, he prances around the yard, flashlight in mouth, showing off his show stuff. Weird! Weird, but charming. I love him!
At night, he snuggles up close, placing his chin on my shoulder, trying to get closer, and closer. He reaches over and kisses me goodnight. No sleep until that has been done.
In the morning, (and he lets me sleep in!) he sits over me, and gently places his paw on my arm. No scratching. Just soft, "Wake up, Mommy!" I love him!
I had more trouble with Willie as a pup, but it's totally paid off. He's a very special one. All of them are. But, right now, he's got my heart.
Willie has seen me through the worst of times. He's my BFF.

November 25, 2012

Jennie falls flat on face.
I can't believe it! Wow. I was really nervous about the Grant McOmie "Grant's Getaways" show that was to be shown last night, but wow! Flat on Face! I mean, WOW.
That was quite something! He made me out to be some kind of super woman.
Yes. I play the piano. Yes, I started ifish. Other than that, I'm pretty darn normal. No, I'm not. I got that wrong. I'm kinda just there. No big. Kinda weird sometimes, too! Just ask my kids. I mean... Kid. (That is so hard to get by!)
I mean, how many girls like to fish? I'll never forget my sister saying, "What happened to get you into that?" You know, with a kind of "Ewe! She's holding a worm" kind of voice.
How did I get into fishing? I have no clue. I've just always loved the out of doors and grew up playing in ponds and sloughs and creeks that dumped into the Molalla. Time would just fly by, while I was near water.
So, it's not only fish, I suppose. It's water. And fish live in water. And I love the hunt! I always have, no matter what the species. (Including, I suppose, guys!) The quest is best! I have to laugh.
A nice lady that saw my piece on TV wrote to ask if I had a cd. That is my next quest. But, that would mean having to play a bunch and getting my chops back in shape. I still hear music in my head, but I'm not as able to pull off a Schubert or Rachmaninoff, anymore. My fingers just aren't in shape! But, I do want to record a cd, someday. It's just so expensive! Also, I absolutely wonder if my fingers are capable of that kind of thing, now. I can slop thru a sonata, but Schubert? Oh, my!
It's Sunday. I should be in church, but I slept kind of funky last night, and I'm feeling lazy.
I'd like to put up Christmas lights, today. Do I have the energy? The Christmas spirit will drive me!
Speaking of... I so worry that the Christmas party won't have enough folks attending. Please attend! Please! Please bring the kids a toy or three! I'm counting on you all! The kids are counting on us, too!
Have a wonderful day, and I hope the Christmas spirit fills your soul!

November 28, 2012

November 28th.... Oh, beans! It is the date of expiration on my Honey Baked Ham. Let us all enjoy one last slice before we cook it into beans.
I bought one of those turkeys this time, too. Quite a treat! Really yummy!
My first turkey, however, was not as exciting as my first ham. I was hoping to recreate that feeling, but alas, nothing happened.
I'll never forget the first time I bought my own Honey Baked Ham as a young married adult. I was so proud of that ham! I bought it with my own money and carried it home, like a baby in a bundle! I was so excited! It somehow made me feel like I had finally made it! I was married and I had a ham!
This was my second ham, and although I was still proud, I was an experienced Mother, now. An experienced, unwed Mother of all things!
Your second ham makes you feel a little bit educated. I had done this, before. I had gone thru ham birth. I knew what to expect! Days upon days of ham! Yum!
And now, the rebirth of this ham into soup. Still yummy, but... somewhat less enchanting.
Better make some bread...
Thanksgiving was so lovely this year, but somehow I've turned into a late person. I was supposed to arrive early with the hors devours. Bill was bringing smoked salmon, and I had the Wasabi mayo and rice crackers. I couldn't even do that on time! One O 'clock turned into Two, and I was late!
I used to always be Johnny on the spot, and never forgot anything! Now, I've been known to totally forget dental appointments, and I'm often late! What has happened to me? Is it that I'm not as uptight as before, or is it that I'm losing it? I'm not sure whether to be happy or upset.
It's kind of the same as if I were to get a speeding ticket by a police officer. I'd almost be excited! See, I've never gotten one, and I'm often accused of going too slow.
If I were to get a speeding ticket, I could show it off! See!? I went fast! See? I'm wild, just like you! I'm young and trendy and I speed!
Knock on wood...
I really don't want one! I can't afford to be young and trendy, I guess!
Well, it's raining. I have nothing new to say.
Oh, wait. I forgot. Yes, I do!
Here's what:
The Kwikfish contest is ending tomorrow. GET YOUR KWIKFISH entry in! Kwikly!
And, please come to our Christmas party, and if you have seen Santa anywhere, please tell him we need him at the Christmas party! I have been searching everywhere for Santa! The kids are asking if he'll be there. I don't know! So, help!
See? I forget everything. I'm cool! I'm young and trendy! Watch me speed!

November 29, 2012

Phew! I just put up a poll for the 2013 Kwikfish Contest! 60 entries! That's quite a poll! Please be a part of the community and help us by voting! It's our responsibility as part of the ifish gang! Vote here!
Oh! And a sweet note from your Ifish Mom....