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November 2011
Meet Willie!

November 1, 2011

Just had to get in here and wish you a Happy November!
I have to go take down my Halloween stuff. You know, the rats that I nailed to the wall, and the snakes on the ground, and the lit up pumpkins in the window. :)
Bring on the Holidays!
I had a ton of trick or treaters! So cute! Princesses and goblins and goulies! Too fun! Haven't done this in ages! Plus, I have tons-o-chocolate, left over! YUM.
OK, time to take the darling puppy out.
OH-- My thought for the day.
I remember once my brother Gary said, regarding having babies... "Jennie, you'll have good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. That's just the way it is."
Well, I was thinking it's true of puppies, too. And then... I realized that it is pretty wise thinking about life in general! Don't you think?
My brother is so smart.

November 4, 2011

Funny thing happened, today.
I was at Costco, and they had pianos for sale there. Some were player pianos, and they had them playing nonstop. They were playing good music, too. Nice jazz stuff, older classics, you know? It was getting to me. I wanted to feel those shiny new keys on my fingers! So, as I made my way that way, I saw a beautiful ebony black Yamaha that was calling my name.
There was an elderly lady in a wheelchair listening, and this man that looked exactly like my Dad, including his stance. You could tell he loved the music. (Just like my Dad!)
The piano that was enticing me was off to the left a bit. (Thank God!) so that if I did play, I wouldn't be noticed much. Still standing, I played along. I have perfect pitch, so I knew what key it was in, and where to start. The lady loved it, and so did the man. The lady said, "So, how'd you get so good?" I laughed. This was fun! I was feeling it. It was just that old Joplin favorite, "The entertainer" and despite my chops being out of practice, I didn't miss a beat. I learned that song, maybe 40 years ago? Funny how that happens. I don't get it. How do my fingers do this!? But, they clapped, so I played a long a bit more. The next song was an old Sinatra tune. Can't even remember which, but I was feeling the groove, man. I was jammin! I was having fun!
I nearly died, however, when I turned around and there was nearly... I don't know? 50 people, standing and listening. My face probably turned a thousand shades of red. I did a bow, grabbed the arm of my shopping cart, and headed to check out! (FAST!)
I chuckled, though, on the way home. Did that really happen?
Oh! I must confess. For all those that think I'm so smart to name my puppy Willie...well, I'm not. I deserve no credit whatsoever for coming up with such a brilliant name!
My next door neighbor, who is a fishing guide (and now friend!) Scott Nichols of Scott Nichols Guide Service named him Willie!
I hear that Scott is an awesome guide. I'm lucky to have him next door. It's fun to talk fishing with someone around here. I miss that!
It's also nice that when I forget how to tie a certain knot (again!) I can just knock on his door!

November 6, 2011

Good morning! And don't be late for church! This is that fall back date, you know... DST, where everyone shows up an hour late for church. After it's all over!
I'm so lonesome for the river, this morning. It's time to head back.
I'm supposed to go on Wednesday, but I'm afraid it has to be sooner. My heart is calling for the river.
Bill went out and threw a spinner around, and caught a beautiful wild silver on the second cast. I need "me" some of that!
Not only that, but this morning, Willie took off and ran the short length of the lawn, and it made me want him to know the ability to run until his heart was satisfied. That's the river. That's home.
I want to wake up and listen to the music of the full, loud roar of a river, full to the rim, running fast and strong, carrying whole downed trees. A river out of control, running clear up over sand that hasn't felt water in months. A body of water that spills over, cutting tiny new channels up at the high water mark in the sand and rock until they finally meet together as one, creating their own smaller rivers that rushes over the virgin sand to meet back to the mother stem. As it does, it cleans and carries Fall's fallen leaves all the way to the ocean. That. That is my river. The Kilchis river that calls my name, forever, I'm afraid. I'm hooked.
I have spent hours on that river, unclogging leaves from those tiny new rivers on the sand, helping them to make way their journey back to the main stem. Just playing. My fingers frozen, the dogs playing along with me, fully enjoying the game, no matter if it had a purpose or not. The dogs are "working" dogs, and no matter if the job is important or not, they need a working purpose and that was it. Playing on the river is a dog's favorite work! Mine, too!
I have to go look at the forecast, now. I want to know if we are headed for the kind of rain that would bring the above scenario. Not a flood, thank you very much, but at least a good high water. One that leaves spawned salmon carcasses on the river.
That means the scare of salmon poisoning again, for our new pup. We go through this time and time again. It's going to happen, sooner or later, so I have to get to the vet to get our medicine. I have to be prepared. First skipped meal at this time of year, and I must treat him. The sooner, the better the outcome, and then they are good to go. Safe to be on the river, at any time. The fluke is everywhere on the Kilchis, at this time of year.
Yesterday, Bill picked me up to attend Dr. Besson's funeral. The stories the widow, Aase told were fascinating. What a wonderful life, well lived. I feel honored to be a part, and to know his family.

November 9, 2011
Christmas Party!

Christmas for kids!

Oh, my but I have trouble.
I'll tell ya one thing for sure. This is the last puppy I'll be raising! From this one forward, it will be adopting older, wiser dogs, that need a home. I thought about it this time, but... I was seduced by Willie's sweetness. Aren't we all? Puppies are adorable! Darling! and TROUBLE! LOL
And, I'll tell you another thing, for sure. He's kept me smiling through one off the most difficult times in my life. I can't help it! I smile through my tears! I miss Kilchis, so much... and he has really helped me through it.
He is keeping me young. That's for sure! I've just talked Bill into giving me 15 minutes to write. Sheesh! To see just how cute he is, click these videos! Never mind on the new video. I can't get Bill's connection to upload them.
The Christmas party is December 6th!
BE THERE! I can't wait!

November 11, 2011

It's a puppy day outside, for sure! It's dry, and the wind is blowing the leaves wildly! That's what puppies like, I'll tell you. Puppies at the right age, and Willie is right there!
Below is a cute fishing video. You don't actively fish a whole lot when you have a puppy this age in the boat, but you laugh a whole lot!

I've been having more fun with him. Yes. He's a bunch of work, and no, I won't be doing this, again, but yes... it's so worth it! Every minute!
So frustrating when I play with him for 20 minutes, then take him out to do his business, and he plays with Rev, comes in, and does his business inside! Rats!
Last night Rev was under the weather after a three hour surgery. He had to have two big molars pulled. Bill had a Steelheaders meeting, so I was on my own, with the two of them.
Bill! Come backkkkkkkkk!
It was difficult, to say the least! Rev was grouchy and tired, and Willie kept jumping on her. "Let's play, big dog! Let's play!" Oh, man! I wanted to love Rev and cuddle her, and pacify Willie, at the same time. No chance! I only have eight arms.
I was so glad to see Bill come home! So was Revvie!
But, Willie and Revvie are great friends, already. Revvie is such a Mother to the baby. Barks, growls, teaches him when he's out of line, and plays gently with her newest friend.
I'm well taken care of with the two of them!
Molly is even coming around, a bit more! She sure has a forgiving heart. A new puppy at her age? I know, Molly! I know!
Oh! Too funny that on the weather, the other night, they were discussing why the leaves haven't fallen, yet. On my next video, I talk about that very same thing, before the news was on! It's on my Youtube account , if you want to have a listen. It's more of Willie, too.

November 12, 2011
Here are a couple more Willie Videos, just for fun!

November 13, 2011

The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.
Isn't that awesome?
Just think about that, for a moment. I really don't need anything, as long as God is in my everything. :) Cool!
So, I'm set!
People worry. I worry! I think, "Oh, no! I can't afford to live this month!" But-- think of the birds of the sky! God thinks so much more of us than they, yet they don't at all worry if they'll be fed. You know, if birds were to worry! Do they? I don't know if they do, but they don't seem to worry! So, why should I? God takes care of them!
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
Don't worry. I'm not preaching, this morning. I'm convincing myself. I need to do that, from time to time, when I find myself getting caught up, worrying.
Do you know that in the Bible somewhere, it says that worry is a sin? Oh, am I ever a sinner, then! Of course we all are, but when I think of me with that title, it gives me the shivers. What an awful thing to think of us, as! A sinner! Yep! That's me! As well as other bad habits, I'm a worrier. But, then I try to search the word over to calm myself. I did that. Now, let's move on!
I'm in Oregon City, now, and puppy is absolutely a doll. I find myself happy, most times, now.
My "roomies" here in Oregon City think I'm weird. I get up in the morning and I can't help but watch Willie and catch the glee. I sing "You're the happiness of the world! The happiness of the world..." And all kinds of other happy songs. It's that disgusting kind of happiness that makes other people gag, when they haven't had their coffee, yet. I just can't help but be happy, when you have a puppy. They insist on it!
He comes to me, wagging (no, he doesn't wag his tail! It literally vibrates with happies!) vibrating his tail so fast, and jumps up in my lap. (or tries! He can't quite make it!) I hold him and he licks my ears, and face, and cuddles me with that incredibly soft fur. I LOVE him! I need that kind of loving! Who wouldn't?
I have tried so hard to crate train Willie, but he just won't. He's the only pup I've had that has given me such trouble, that way. He gets himself so darned worked up with separation anxiety that I just can't do it to him. It couldn't be a good thing! I am following all the rules. Everything I read!
I know I'm not supposed to let him out when he is putting up such a fuss, but what do I do? I've given him treats in there. I've fed him in there. His toys go in there. It's a good place! He'll even go in there, no prob, to get his toys, etc. But, the minute I close that door, he begins to shake and sob so badly that he gets the sup-sups and hyperventilates! So, I sit near him in the cage, let him lick my fingers, and try to calm him so that I can let him out. I refuse to let him out unless he calms down so that he won't associate whining and crying with opening the door. Pheh.
So, he sleeps with me. I know this is not a good habit!
On the other hand, though, if he is that insecure, wouldn't being close to me, receiving love, etc., build his confidence? Seems like it would, but who am I to know? I've done a million searches on Google, trying to learn what to do about this, but so far, no magic words. No magic dog training advice. Can anyone help?
Perhaps I should search the Bible? I mean, Willie... It's a sin to worry! I am always with you!
Being the bird dog he is, and all, I doubt the birds in the sky part would be appropriate, here. :)
I can't believe how birdy this dog is, so far. He points at my bird feeders and stays absolutely still for so long! He is retrieving well, and we have a blast training. He already sits, and is doing fairly well with stay. Can't wait to take him to obedience classes!

November 15, 2011

We have turned a corner!
I had the darndest time trying to figure out if I was holding the puppy too much, or too little. He seemed so needy. Was I turning my puppy into a Momma's dog?
That was part of what I didn't want to happen to Willie. Kilchis was a Mamma's dog. Maybe not so much a Mamma's dog, but for sure, a one owner dog. When I left him, it was a problem.
I want Willie to like to be with others. Andrew, David, Bill, Tammy, at a kennel, even! Although I loved it when Willie chose my lap to be in, at the same time, I didn't want that exclusive right/need.
Well, this week, he has discovered his independence! It's so awesome! He goes outside to play for a half hour at a time! He runs back and forth, back and forth in our small lawn at Oregon City. He'll sit and chew a bone for minutes at a time, giving me a much needed (and deserved, I would say!) break!
It's so nice!
And also, we are learning to be house trained and doing pretty darned well at that, also! He hasn't had one mistake! (Or, should I say I haven't!) They say that when your small puppy has an accident, it's really our fault, since we aren't watching closely enough. I subscribe to that kind of thinking. It really is our fault, if we aren't watching.
What I have learned in my short time as a puppy's Mom is that it is so well worth that awful two week or so period of puppy training. (Mom training!) You do almost NOTHING but watch your puppy every minute! It's like raising a baby. It really is! You nap when they do. You play when they do. (Except you play with them!) If you do this constantly, it will pay off, well in the future!
Of course, I cannot guarantee that Willie is done with potty training, and I can't take advantage of this time off-reward entirely by ignoring him. I still have to watch closely. Just a little bit less, lest we go backwards in our training, and lose some of what has been gained.
I'm a little worried.
The other evening I met my brother at our family favorite hamburger joint, Tebo's, for dinner. Our family has been gathering there, for decades. Ever since it was Ted and Bob's, and even before that!
David was to have knee replacement surgery on Monday. He wanted his "last meal!"
So, we ate our fill, (I had to join in the fun!) and then went to a movie. When we got home, I went thru the garage, and hit my head really hard on a bicycle that was hanging on the wall. I had hit that bike, before with my head. I should have known better, but I did it again! This time with a whole lot more force than before. The pain! Oh my gosh! The pain! I nearly blacked out. In fact for a moment, I think I did! I instantly felt nauseous, and later did get sick.
But, here I was trying to take care of someone else, and I refused to acknowledge it as a problem. David went to bed, so I just went to bed, too.
I woke up and felt a bit woozy. But, it was 4:30 in the morning. Of course I felt icky! I went to the hospital and did all the stuff I was supposed to. Off he went for a very successful surgery! Yay!
I came home and rested... my vision was a little fuzzy, weird, somehow, and my head ached so badly.
I just didn't want to go to ER. I mean, who wants a MRI or cat scan? Not I!
My pupil is still huge, and isn't contracting to light. Part of that is due to a previous failed eye surgery. I'm hoping it's all due to that. But, my eyesight is a bit sensitive to light. More so than usual. My head isn't aching anymore, like it was. Am I OK? I sure hope so! I still don't want to go to ER! I really, really don't! At the same time, I'm a little woozy, and still wonder if I'm doing myself a disservice by not going. I am the absolute WORST patient. It's been 48 hours, and I am still fine. I mean, what would they do, anyhow? What do they do for brain patients, if there was a problem? Wouldn't I feel worse than this? I think so. But, if anyone else knows for sure that I should be seen, let me know, k? Not an "I'm worried about you", but someone that knows that I need to be seen. If you are that person, would you let me know? :) Please?
So, I'm off to play with the Willie-pup. He is such a good dog, this week! I'm so proud of him! He has discovered flashlights and when I point the beam at the ground, he chases it madly, leaving our entire family in hysterics. What a hoot he is! I'm not sure if I'm driving him crazy, or if he's having fun, but it sure is fun watching him run!

November 19, 2011

Please know that I now have my ifish store open, and you can buy decals and last year's lures, right now.
I'm putting up some brown and black t shirts that I have left over, before I order more black sweatshirts. I need to sell some inventory, so I have money to order them! Also, we are ordering ifish burgees (flags), soon, due to customer demand. :)
You can click here to go to the store, or use the link at top, right.

We have turned yet another corner! LOL. Back to the worst of puppy-hood!
No, really. I'm kidding. But, I did have a rough night, night before last. It went something like this.
8 PM: Puppy wild. Really wild! Tried to get him to settle in. Not happening!
9 PM Still trying...
10 PM. Still trying... Finally, he goes to sleep. I conked out, right behind him.
11 PM Puppy up! Wants to play! I firmly said no, and placed him in the crate. Puppy cries. Puppy wails. Puppy freaks out, and tries to chew his way out, while hyperventilating. Bill says, "Just let him cry." I said, "But, Bill, they say not to let this happen, but they also say not to let him out until he settles down, so that he knows that whining doesn't get him out. What now?" Bill says, "I have no clue."
We let him cry. I finally got up and calmed him and let him out. Pheh. I take him outside. Maybe he has to go? Nope! Puppy wants to play fetch outside. "No, Willie! No play!" We go back upstairs. Puppy settles in.
2 AM Puppy cries, chewing my face. Ouch! "Bill? What do I do?" Bill says, "He just wants to play. Ignore him." Okkkkk.. Puppy chews my face some more until I finally let him outside.
Puppy goes number two outside! Good puppy! Good puppy!
I was so tired, by that time that I was about to fall over. I gave him a treat for going to the bathroom outside, and take him to bed.
He cuddled up by my chest, so sweetly, shivering from the cold, and trying to get closer. Oh, man I love this puppy!
I was laying on my side, and had a wonderfully warm, soft puppy cuddled next to me. And then, the ultimate! He lay his neck over mine, cuddled into me like the softest, warmest neck warmer you could ever find! His throat on mine, his little head over my ears, and his incredibly soft, floppy ears on my cheek!
It is ALL worth it! Every single bit!
Willie is cuddled up on my feet, right now, waiting for me to go fishing on the river. Oh, how he loves the river!
I have a new pair of chest waders that I bought from Fishermen's last summer. I can't wait to wear them and break them in! They need a little blood and fish egg goo on them. Don't you think?
Willie! Let's go!
The only thing I worry about is that the river has come up, and is now receding. That means dead salmon on the bank. I have to walk faster than he, to kick them back into the river. I am not in the mood for salmon poisoning!
Last night, Willie slept like an angel. I'm ready to go!
Wow! Ifish is so awesome! I have been having trouble crate training, and this is JUST what I needed! Read these ifisher's advice! Super!

November 21, 2011

Willie, Willie, Silly, Willy! He is so darn cute!

Willie was so excited, yesterday, when Bill landed his fish. "What is it, Daddy? It's HUGE! Can I have it? May I dance in your line? Can I chase that pretty pink fluffy jig? Look at that huge thing that chased that fluffy thing, Daddy! Here! Let me help you with that!"
It was hilarious! The sad thing was that I had it all on video, and for some reason, it's no longer on my phone! Dang!
Bill didn't know how to take videos, but I tried to teach him, and he did really well! My video is here. I lost my "big thing that chased the fluffy jig" but mine came unpinned. I didn't care, because it was a dark chinook, but it was sure fun! I really needed that!
My back, however, did not need that! I hurt so badly, today, but it hurts good. I don't care. My mind is so much better, now. I caught a fish!
Oh, the takedown was awesome!
When I was just fooling around, getting ready, Bill was helping me, because the line had wrapped around the tip. He kind of pulled on it, to release it and I said, "Oh, Bill! That feels so good! Do it again!" He did. Little did I know that the real thing was coming, soon! A real takedown! YES.

Anyhow, I'm all refreshed. The storm that dropped the barometer during our bite has approached the coastline, and it's blowing and raining! I love a good full blown storm like this!
I have to go to the dentist, and then head home to Oregon City. I'm bummed, but I have to get to work on things, anyhow, so that's OK. I seem to get more work done when there is no river to go to!
My life seems so perfect, lately. Every time I get overworked, I head for the coast and "run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, that lovely mysterious and awesome space." --Edward Abbey

November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble! Happy Turkey Day!
You know, I have so much to be thankful for, and although turkey sounds darn good, and seeing all my family sounds wonderful, Thanksgiving also brings me full circle.
Everyone that knows me well, knows that dates just don't stick in my head. Bill is so awesome. He remembers everyone's birthdates, everyone's death dates, and I just stand in awe. I'm terrible! I remember none of that! I have to have an ap for that! I finally got an ap for that, and what do you know? It doesn't have an alert feature! You have to remember to look at the ap!
Anyhow, 2011-the whole year- is going to be remembered by me. The first year that I think I'm going to recall, as future years roll by. 2011 wasn't a good thing, either. It was a really stressful year! But, it is due to that, and in comparison, that I'm going to know real joy in the coming years!
It was just one thing after another. I lost my Dad, my best dog, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, went thru chemo and radiation and two surgeries. This sounds like a country western song, doesn't it? And stress is stress, whether it be good or bad. I also bought a home, I sold I moved. (Kind of!)
And, since I had these stresses, I became stressed! So, little things become bigger. Two days ago, I had the worst day, ever! My brain was just full of negatives. Things happened two days ago, just little things that built up to make it difficult to sleep, that night. Just drama between folks and I listened to their troubles. Everyone seemed to have them- and little things went wrong at ifish! By the time evening rolled around, I was just full to the brim.
Yesterday was better, but today? Thank GOD it's Thanksgiving, because it reminds me that I need to keep track, and be thankful for the good things. And oh, boy, do I ever have good things to be thankful for! I just wish I could remember them, when things look bad!
I'm going to spend the whole day recognizing and being thankful, and perhaps I'll even write down everything that I'm thankful for, as it enters my mind! Then, when I have a day like two days ago, I can sit down and look at my "thankful" list! There should be an ap for THAT!
Oh, my gosh! I just looked it up and there is one! I'm getting it! It's called "Thankfulfor!" In fact, there are a couple, but that one stood out.
Willie is one of the things I'm most thankful for, so far, today. He makes me smile. I have no choice but to smile, even first thing in the morning! How can you not smile, when you wake up, pull the warm covers back and instead of shivering, I feel next to me the furriest, warmest, softest thing! Willie licks my face, gently, and wags his tail! Dogs are always so great at letting you know the world is good!
I have had troubles. I know what it's like to have real physical pain. I know what it's like to be so broke that you can't afford food. I know what it's like to have everything, too!
When you know real pain and real suffering, you have the ability to know joy, like no one else!
So, as we head from thankfulness, on this sunny Thanksgiving morning, and on, into the Holiday Season, this year... I want to share some of my joy with others. If you look around in these times, there are folks that need joy, everywhere!
Find someone, and do something nice for them! Take them something you baked, share with them a bounty of something you have, We, as ifishers have plenty of fish and there are people who never get fish! Take them some! Just knock on someone's door that you haven't met, maybe, and ask if they'd like some! I did that the other day, and it was so fun! I even think I have a new friend over it!
That's part of the fun of living in a neighborhood, that I've really missed! Think of the opportunities for new friends!
I guess it's also time to drag out the Christmas lights! I'll do that, this weekend.
Life is good. We need to remember that, every single day! Be thankful every single day, rather than just on Thanksgiving!
But, for now, I'm glad it is Thanksgiving! It has hit me hard, now, how darn thankful I am, and how many wonderful things I have in my life!
So, thank God! Thanksgiving should be every single day!
And yes! There is an ap for that!

November 28, 2011

Off to go fishing! Will report back in a bit!
OK. Just bizarre! I rarely have hummies in the winter, but I do this year! Right outside my window! Cute! I heard him, and then saw him. That's how my senses usually work, since my eyesight is so weak.
What a fun surprise, though!
I just got back from the river. I'm waiting for Bill and the sand shrimp to get home so that we can take the boat out. It's kind of a Christmas tradition we have, to take hot coffee out, (and perhaps some Kahlua!) and sit in the boat, this time of year, not moving much... just in the "bedroom hole" and fish for salmon. It's kind of a neat thing to do, during the Holidays. It's of course a day off from everything else, but perhaps crock potting a venison roast that Dudley brought us. Fun!
Man, that hummy is hungry!
The dogs are having an absolute blast, together, today. Revvy is happier than can be, to have a playmate. At first, she wasn't so sure about it all, but now? She's a happy dog! She is remembering her puppyhood, and teaching Willie just how to be. How to bite, and how not to bite. How to play appropriately!
Two hummies! Wow! They are doing that thing where they go up in the sky and then tumble down, together! Neat show, you guys! Thanks!
OK! Bill's back! Time to go! Toot! Toot!

December 1, 2011

Wow! Happy December! Was I first? :)
The morning sparkles. It's sunshine and cold! I love this time of year. You should have seen Tammy and I trying to make it from the door to the hot tub, last night. Brr! But, once you get inside the hot tub, it feels so good! I kept asking her, "Why are we doing this? Because it feels so good when we stop torturing ourselves?"
Oh, shoot. Willie is up from his nap. I knew that would happen if I typed too loud!
Wow! I have 142 videos on Youtube! Wow!
It's fun, as I take walks on the river, to keep track of changes in my world. The most recent, of course, is Willie!
Bill and I had a great time while I was there. One day was a fishing nightmare, with oar locks breaking, Willie grabbing wrapped Kwikfish, having trouble launching. We finally looked at one another and said, "Gee, it's cold out here. Let's go have coffee."
We loaded up the boat and went inside. LOL.
I wonder, sometimes, how I used to be able to stand the cold, and actually enjoy it, and now, it shocks me to the bone.
I love these cold, crisp days, and how beautiful they are, but I must say, I like to look at them from the inside out, these days!
I'm so looking forward to the Christmas party on the 6th and I hope you are planning on going, too! I can't wait to see everyone and get that rush that I always get, seeing so many bright and colorful toys for the children.
I'm also excited about the Kwikfish contest, and can't wait to find out who the winner will be! Click here to place your vote!
Oh! We'll be doing another coloring contest, very soon with a brand new lure!