Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
November 2010

Ah! Sunshine in November! I love Maui!

November 4th
Another day at the beach...

Back from Maui, but so tired, today!
I was so excited to get home, that we left the hotel at 5 this morning.
Little good it did me, as I wandered around, driving in the dark, lost in NE Portland till about 6, and then, finally, once on the Sunset, took off and got home about 8.
Andrew and I were so excited to get home! David wasn't as excited, as he's a real bed type person. Always has been a late nighter and a late riser. How can you sleep thru the day? I can't!
I have a bunch of catching up to do, and story tellling, too! I'll have Stan's column up in the morning, and then off to an oncology appointment. No rest for the wicked! Oh, wait. Halloween has come and gone!
You can check out some of my Holiday videos, here on youtube. They were fun to take! I'll upload more, tonight, maybe?

November 5th
Read Stan's Column! I know it's late, but that is the second time in ifish history that I've been late on Stan's column. Please excuse me for that! I did my very best! The column is great... especially if you are into reading about women fishing! :) I am!

Good morning, you dog faced salmon!
What that means, I have no idea, except that I once was friends with a fellow that would tease by calling nearly everyone this! Makes me giggle, now. I wonder what that fellow is up to.
He was a friend in Cannon Beach. Well, more than a friend... seems like a million years ago.
It is that kind of thinking that makes me realize what a long, wonderful life I have lived. So many experiences! So many rich, rich memories!
I am reminded multi times daily how lucky I am, and how wonderful my life has been! Just think! Now I can add all those wonderful Maui memories to my database! :)
I love my kids so much! They were so much fun to hang out with. I haven't laughed that hard in ages, and there were several days that I didn't even THINK of the C word!
Now that I am home, however, I'm filled with thoughts of that, and that's OK. That is how I planned it. I need to face it, deal with it, fight it.
Please know, family and friends, that no matter what treatment I decide on, I am not giving up the fight. If I decide not to do chemo, that's not the end of the line for me. That just means I'll fight it in other ways. I'm not really a fighter type person, but I do know how to reject or refuse an illness! I mean, just look at me! I'm still here!
And so, I'm off to a breast cancer oncologist for the last of my opinions on what to do. Her name is Dr. Webster and she is supposed to be excellent.
Yesterday, I watched a show on Triple Negative Breast cancer. Of course, it made me cry... Just certain things they said made me weep... It helped me to identify my weaknesses in facing this illness. I really must be vain, because losing my hair is a huge trigger for tears, for me. I love my hair! I can't imagine losing it, but the thought of having wigs and fun hair styles helps! The other thing that bothers me is that your toenails and fingernails can fall off. That just grosses me right out! Eesh!
Anyhoo, I'm off to face it, head on!
Thank God my orchid waited for me to bloom! It is still a little bud, waiting to pop open! And my Christmas cactus is already blooming! It is so gorgeous!
OK, off to shower and off to Portland. Have a great day!

November 9th

Good morning!
Man, I have been "catching up" forever! That darn river is out there, just pleading me to visit, but I can't! YET!
So much to do! And, my energy level is not great, so I rest and then work, and then try to catch up, and then rest! It's so hard to do when things happen faster than I'm able to catch up! I wish I could just turn off e mail for a bit, in order to try to read my old stuff. But, it doesn't work that way! And my son keeps IMing me. Quit it, Roo! I'm busy!
Let me tell you a secret, though. I kind of like it!
It all keeps me going. I love to hear from my friends, and even though I growl, I wouldn't have it any other way.
OK, so finally, we have our 2011 Kwikfish Design contest! Read about it, here! It was supposed to be up a bit ago. A BIG bit ago! Last night I was laying in bed relaxing, trying to let things go, and someone private messaged me about the contest.
That'll teach me to try and rest with a laptop in bed! So, I got up this morning, and got that handled.
You know, I keep a "worry list" next to my bed at night, so that I can eventually sleep. I've never had problems falling asleep until lately. But, lately, I sure do! The 11 O'clock news comes and goes and I'm still humming!
When I think of something I haven't done, or need to do, I write it down, thus erasing it from my brain. If I don't, then I lay awake nights, worrying that I'll forget whatever it was that came to me. As soon as I write it down, I can leave it there, until morning. Maybe I shouldn't call it a "worry list". Maybe a "Relief list?" Yeah! I like that, better.
Salmon fishing. I want to go. I've picked a day. I'm going on Friday. In a boat! Now, I just have to make sure that my powerful oarsman can row me!
It's dark and gloomy out, but it feels fishy out. For the first time this season, Bill and I are going bank fishing, and soon! Jigs or bait, you guys? Or both? I have to finish ifish first, though. Oh! And maybe I should get dressed and out of my PJs!
Hey! I don't always! Click on that. I do fish in my pajamas quite often! You know, when I just can't wait. Maybe this morning will be one of those days!
I was reading my test results from all this cancer stuff last night. STGRule sent me this info that I thought was interesting. I'll have to ask my doc what my 'gene expression profile' would be.
With Triple Negative Breast cancer, and all of my tumor size, grade and all that info, I have a 43% chance of recurrence, if I do nothing but the lumpectomy and the radiation. If I do chemo, also, they say it drops to 23%. I guess that sounds like a good idea. So yes, I'll do chemo!
And so I'm off to do wig shopping with my BFF, Tammy, soon. Call me vain, but this hair loss thing really bugs me a bunch.
However, it may be fun, come Pacific Northwest Show time to be shiny headed!
I may just 'go for it' and show up bald! Maybe I can talk all the mods into shaving their heads, too? Wouldn't that be a riot? Hey, kind of doubt they would! But, the thought makes me giggle!
Or, maybe bald and a baseball cap with ifish on it? :) Or, perhaps a pink ribbon, like they do for baby heads?!
I have to figure out when to start chemo and call my doctor to schedule it. Yucko. I have four treatments, three weeks apart and then I start daily radiation. Doesn't this sound fun, you guys? :) As I normally say, "Wheeeeeee!" LOL
I'm excited, though. I'm going to my storage and getting all my Christmas lights out. I need some JOY in my life! And that is where JOY begins. Both with the birth of Christ, and with Christmas lights!

November 12th
“And forgive me, please dear Lord, for all my mistakes, and there were many. You know, Lord, that I dislike crowds and the likes with all their rabble and babble. I believe that perhaps, you have spoiled me a little by going with me on every fishing and hunting trip that I ever took.
Many were the times, that just you and I, up some winding canyon, with nothing but hush clean up to the brim, save the low moaning of the wind in the pines and the music of tumbling water, interspersed occasionally by the raucous cry of a bird, who challenged not you, but me for being there. And how I loved and enjoyed all of it."
Roy L. Davidson (My Grandfather)

I love those words!
Oh, it's a beautiful day, today! A short reprieve in between storms, but awesome, nonetheless. I hear the call of predator birds out on the stream, and it's begging me to join them!
I start chemo next Tuesday.
I think I'll hide out, the entire 12 weeks and maybe longer. I don't want to see anyone! Yikes! I'll be bald!

Last night in bed, I heard the music of tumbling water, interspersed occasionally by the raucous cry of birds.
Each night at dusk, I hear a lone heron making the trip up or down the Kilchis, as he heads for somewhere to bed down for the night.
It's that time of year when eagles soar, searching for dead salmon.
Kilchis has an aversion to eagles and gets so revved up, chasing them. I've never seen a dog so excited as when he spots an eagle in the tree, or soaring low and fast, over the river. Seagulls are one thing, but he can tell when it's an eagle! Darn right, he can!
I start chemo next Tuesday.
I wonder if I'll lose my fingernails, too?
Bill and I had plans to fish, today. For some reason, we aren't getting after it. Neither one of us have mentioned it, since getting up. Why is it that we aren't like we were? What happened to us? Why don't we fish as often? Everything seems busy and chaotic.
I start chemo next Tuesday.
I have to soak my fingernails in ice water, while I'm there, to reduce the chance of losing them. What will it be like? Will I be instantly sick?
At least, today I'll go out to the river and fish off the bank. There is no doubt of that. But, for some reason, as I drove to Portland, yesterday to take my Dad out to breakfast, the packed ramps, the millions of zillions of fishermen both excited me, and made me not want to battle them for a spot. Both at the ramp and on the river, it looked like a challenge. At the same time, it looked fun to cruise by them, with the current slapping at the chine, and chat with all of our friends. Would it be fun, or too tough? Would I get too tired?
I have my mind so deeply entrenches with thoughts of cancer, lately, that I'm just not the same person. I want to shake it out of me. I want to deny it. To fight it, to make it go away.
At least I have a sense of humor about it. Every time my doctor or nurse navigator calls, I turn on the humor. The stress/nervous humor. I do make them laugh. I make myself laugh. Humor IS the best medicine. Right?
It was so good to see my Dad. We had a great breakfast, and then I turned right around and drove home! I played "tough gal" to him, making sure he didn't worry about me. "I'll be fine, Dad! Look what I've been thru! I'll beat this!" But inside, I am a wimp!
I loved the drive across the coastal range. The floor of the forest was 2 inches thick with leaves the colors of Fall. Oranges and yellows and light brown! So gorgeous! Tall frames of undressed trees stood out in a dark brown, almost black. They were bald... and beautiful!
So... with a lumpectomy and radiation, there is a 43 percent chance my cancer will return within 2 years. If I do chemo, that drops to 23 percent chance. Or, as Bill says, (glass half full!) "Jennie! If you do chemo, you have a 77 percent chance this cancer will never return!" I liked that. That sounds way better!
So... I start chemo next Tuesday.
Off to shower, and then out to the river, I go. Either by boat or by bank.
... up some winding canyon, with nothing but hush clean up to the brim, save the low moaning of the wind in the pines and the music of tumbling water.
I think Grampa was talking about Diamond Lake and that area, but except for the pine trees, it works for the Kilchis, too!
I start chemo next Tuesday, and I am sure that I will be just fine. I'm just a little nervous.

If you want to hear the new stuff about my health (who would? Not me! Much finer finned things to do!) I posted an update on the Angler's Chapel.

November 13th

"I'm going to tell you the truth."
"Let me be honest with you."
Ever notice how popular these phrases are? Why do folks need to make this statement? Are they usually big fat liars? :)
How bout, "Let me lie to you."
I do have to tell you the truth, in this instance. I didn't even fish, yesterday! That's no lie! I had it all planned to fish, Friday... but I didn't!
And it was kind of refreshing, actually!
I start walking down to the river, and notice fishermen on the bank. As soon as they catch first glimpse of me, they begin to act nervous.
I remember the feeling.
"Oh, crud. Someone to compete with me. Will she try to take my spot? She's on the other side of the river. Will she cast, right from where I'm casting? Will she take the run that I'm fishing?
Muhahaha... and then they see it. My only arsenal, a cup of hot coffee and a couple dogs. Oh! And a duck chair!
I'm a girl! How many girls outfish men?
Lots of them, actually! And that's the truth! Let me be honest with you! We get away with things men usually don't. I can wedge myself in between a couple guys in close quarters at the best hole, and no one says a thing! Well. Usually!
But, there is much more to a visit to the river, without a rod.
I study the bottom of the river. I stare into the shallows, watching for salmon, as they search thru the riffles for the best spawning area. I look thru the clear depths for schools of travelers.
It's even gratifying to be the spotter, and to yell across the river, where they are holding and how they might catch them. It's a feel good thing!
Even better, is new drift boat people that don't know the river. It's fun to tell them where to anchor and where I usually catch fish. It produces smiles and new friends!
I think part of it, is that people don't expect folks to be nice, when they see a land owner with a cup of coffee, surveying the river bank. They wonder if I'm a meanie, and I'll tell them that I own to the middle of the river, or up to the high water mark. Ish. I don't do well with folks like that, so if you see me, fear not! I'm more likely to tell you where to fish and to invite you in for coffee, if it's cold.
Sometimes people are so taken back by kindness on the river, that they are suspicious. It takes a while to break their ice.
Sometimes, if one of our dogs chases a bird into the water in front of them, they are ticked off from the get go. (And I don't blame them a bit.) But, when I apologize, they look at me like I'm from Mars. Nope. That's men. I'm from Venus. I come in peace.
Remember, I'm the one who wanted to open the "Donut hole" and give donuts and hot coffee to fishermen and women on opening day. Or, perhaps the "Drift Inn"? Oh, that's a good name!
Opening day is different each year, on the coastal rivers. The first day after the river clears, after a big rain. That's opening day!
I sprained my ankle many years ago, living in a home in Astoria. I jumped off the deck and landed wrong. Ever since then, I've had trouble when I irritate it.
In Maui, I twisted my bad ankle again, in the sand, and have had soreness, ever since. Walking on the slippery rocks of the Kilchis River makes it even worse.
My walk on the Kilchis river was shortened, yesterday, due to this and now, for some reason, it's even worse.
Today, I may take my chair and bank fish. It is a Saturday, so the river might be crowded. It's a bit low, though. I think, too low for drift fishermen.
Sitting here, I haven't seen any boat trailers go up to the park. I think that they are mostly fishing the Wilson.
Man oh man, but the parking lot at Sollie has been crowded, this year!
Day before yesterday, I accidentally grabbed my 1143, instead of my salmon jig rod I broke off the jig on the second cast, so simply watched Bill fish, and enjoyed the sights of the river, instead of fishing. I could have gone back and grabbed my correct rod, but just wasn't up to it, due to my ankle.
I took a Youtube video while I watched Bill. It's here.
As I fished my 1143, I hoped for an early steelhead, as it really isn't good to try to fight a salmon with such a whippy jig rod.
Today, I'll fish with the right stuff. Watch out, men! I'm serious, today. I'm going to be serious competition, so perhaps you should be a little nervous, when you see the dogs and I approach.
Each year, and especially on years when I am not fishing much, I have to... I must catch at least one salmon, in order to proceed to the next fishery... steelhead.
It's a job. It's a must. I simply have to!
Oh! By the way, did I mention that I start chemo on Tuesday?
By the way, November and December are very slow financial times for ifish, and I wanted to thank the folks that so generously have donated to ifish.
I used to do a fundraiser on ifish about April or so, to make up for it, but I quit doing that, trying SO hard to do it all by myself.
Well, I really failed!
Thank you so much to those that have donated! I have made a page to honor those that donate to ifish, here. If I've missed your moniker, please let me know!
If you'd like to support ifish, please know that we are not a non profit, so it's not tax deductible. But, we really appreciate your generosity in reading ifish and in using our classifieds.
Thank you, so much for keeping ifish rocking!

November 14th

How come no one told me that I have chemo on Tuesday!?!?!
It hit me last night like a bomb. I was trying to figure out how to post my chemo dates on my ipad, to see when I'd be finished.
Lessee.... every three weeks for 12 weeks.... and then...
The little squares on the calendar before November 16th, my "start date" were oddly few.

Oh, my gosh! That's two empty squares away!
How many hours? Honest to God, I felt like I had been fooled! I felt like running away!
Shall I eat differently? Shall I have a "last meal" the night before, or will that make me sick? Will that be the last time in 12 weeks that food will taste good? That I'll be able to keep it down? When will my hair fall out?
I haven't even been to a wig store! I'm supposed to go before it falls out, so that they can match my hair color and style. I don't even have an appointment! It could fall out the first week, I'd read, somewhere. It could fall out on week three. Who knows?
Alright. So, I knew it was Tuesday, but what the heck? That's day after tomorrow!
I looked up and my eyes were filled with oddly wavy lines. Kind of like a test pattern on the television circa 1960.
I knew what that meant. Migraine aura. And soon, overwhelming pain hit me like the worst pain I'd ever felt. It was a 12 on the 1-10 scale. On top of it, my stomach churned. My eyes went blank, then fuzzy, then brightly colored. I felt like I was going to throw up, but the fear of more pain kept it at bay. The world was spinning. It's like worse than being a sick drunk.
And then the biggy hit. My head was going to blow up.
I got down on my knees. I was in so much pain and on top of that, I was scared out of my wits about the chemo. You know how things are worse at night?
I stayed up till almost one, trying to mask the pain and ease the fear. I tried everything. A hot bath, a cool shower, frozen peas on my neck. Nothing would take it away.
I still have remnants of that pain, this morning, so I got up a few minutes ago, and stood on the back deck. Palms open to the sky, I prayed.
There is a wonderful healing power from nature and God, all put together. Especially when you live where I live. It's beautiful! What good Chi surrounds me!
The woodendeck was soaked and softened and slippery. The hem of my robe quickly absorbed the water, as it dragged behind my bare feet or stuck to my ankles. It's one of those "soaker" days. The air was thick with a soft mist that kissed my cheeks as I looked up to my Heavenly Father.
I had few words.
Lord, help me. Help me be strong.
The trees were so tall, towering above me. So tall and so strong. I want to be as strong as those trees that stand tall and rarely fall, even in the strongest storms. That thought made my problems seem very small.
In the background, the river played in full symphony. The water tumbled, crashing against rocks. No matter what... the river runs to the sea. I wanted to be like the water. I want to make my way to that sea.
The trees that do finally give, fall into that water and make their way to the sea, too. Some trees get stuck, and rot, right there in the water. They provide structure for the fish to hide in. Everything has a purpose, no matter where they end up.
The dogs played in the yard, wagging their tails. Their wet fur soaked my legs, as they jumped up on me. "Winter is here, Mom! Let's go fishing, Mom! Grab your rod, Mom! The river, Mom! The river! Let's GO!"
Lord, give me the joy that my dogs have. Simple life, simple joy.
I almost did go fishing. Right there, right then... in my robe. It made me laugh to think that if I did, a boat would probably come down the river. But... I could have! I'm free! I'm healthy! I can do whatever I want! That is... until Tuesday.
After Tuesday, will I be able to fish? Will I feel like it? Will my best rain hat still fit me, if I have no hair? What will it feel like to fish in the rain and let the rain fall on my head, if I have no hair?
So many questions. The unknown.
Forgive me, dear Lord, but I like to know. What am I in for?
Is this the time that I will see only one set of footprints in the sand? Am I making too big of a deal out of this, Lord? Help me to trust you. Every day, and in every way. Help me live a simply, joyful life, no matter what.
I'm wimpy.
Last night, I nearly shaved my head. Just to get it over with.
Somehow, the thought of landing a salmon in my pink fuzzy robe didn't appeal to me, this morning.
My head still hurts a little. It's numbed by several cups of coffee and a couple Excedrin. Someone told me once that caffeine helps. So, of course, I overdid it. I overdo a bunch!
I'm rarin' to go fishing, but my head is still behind the game. How does that work?
What will I do, until Tuesday? Do I want to fish, or do I want to lay in bed, trying to get rid of this headache?
I know! I will go to Hawaii!
I'll be back on Tuesday.
That made me giggle!
OK. I want to fish. I'm going to go get dressed.
Sure woulda been nice, tho, if someone had told me that I only had until Tuesday before I start chemo.!!!
I know. I knew.
I just didn't KNOW.

November 15th

Maybe? Maybe my headache is going away? Woke this morning with the same pain I've had for over 48 hours. Never had a migraine this long. Is it something else?
But.. it may be slowly dissipating. Wouldn't that be a blessing? Today I will go fishing for the last day until who knows long?
But... then again, I may feel terrific after chemo! Maybe it will turn me into superwoman?! Maybe?

November 17th

Chemo is just alright with me!

It's a windy, wonderful day on the Oregon Coast. There is a high wind warning out. I can't wait!
I'm dancing at my desk to Katy Perry. Can't keep me down!?
Very interesting.... Woke up this morning... singing! Bill looked up the stairs, incredulously. Where is the sick chemo girl?
I feel... good?! Darn good. Whattheheck?
I thought chemo was supposed to be a bad thing? I feel better than I've felt all week! Are they just faking me out? Did they give me a placebo? Am I in some test thingy?
But, wait... I'm supposed to get my Neulasta shot, today. Is that what will make me hurt?
Yesterday, I got all hooked up and they started the drip. They give you Benedryl at first, to stop any allergic reaction. That knocked me silly and I slept the entire time!
When I got there, Don Becker was there, and then Newbs stopped in! I got two kisses on the cheek! Perfect! I want more visitors! More kisses, please!
I finally had to have Jim leave, as I just couldn't even keep my eyes open!
Bill drove me home when I woke up, and that's where I couldn't sleep for hours! I felt great! I lay in bed and did my ifish work. Probably due to the steroids. I got all caught up, and then passed out about 1 AM and slept till 8. Oops! I have to go take my steroids again. I forgot!
OK, did that. I'm going to have to keep a diary.
My mouth feels a little funny and my hands itch. That's about it, but my energy level is good. Just bizarre, so far!
No complaints here!
The only thing that scares me, is that there was a special on PBS or Discovery or one of those channels about Triple Negative cancer, and this one lady said she did the first round of chemo and the next day said, "I can do this! It's not bad!" But then her facial expression changed, and she told of her troubles beginning. I shouldn't have watched that show! So far, I feel the same. Will the end of the story be the same? I hope not!
The only weird things I feel is that my mouth is a bit sore, and my hands itch.
Anyhow, off to take my INR. I've got to do that daily, but the good part is that I get to do it at home! I have my own machine. Lucky me!
I have a feeling it's all going to be about my health for a while, so please excuse me. I'll be tardy on mail, etc.
But, I have to watch the pressure in my eyes, due to my retinal detachment of past, and watch my INR and watch my heart rate due to my aortic dissection, and watch my hair fall out! LOL. I also have to make sure that I'm not in too much pain, because that can affect your heart, too. Pheh.
This too shall pass!
But, I woke up singing "Good morning, Mr. Zip, Zip, Zip with your hair cut just as short as mine!"
That's going to be very true, very soon!

November 18th

Got my shot of Neulasta yesterday, and I'm still alive!
I'm a little sore, and I think the skin in my mouth is peeling away, but I'm still rocking and I'd like to go out fishing, if only the hail would stop and the river would go down a bit! It's roaring!
You know, one of the very neatest things that was gifted to me when I had my aortic dissection and wasn't able to keep up, was a young lady that came to clean my home. She was SO awesome and I'd again like to thank her and her wonderful husband for suggesting or mentioning it to her! It was the most awesome gift of love! I don't think my house has been that clean, since! (or before!)
I felt a little weird about it at first, but oh, my! Was it ever wonderful!
When I was at NW Cancer Specialists, Rose Quarter, (which by the way is the most AWESOME hang-out for cancer folks!) they mentioned to me a great group by the name of Cleaning For a Reason.
Cleaning for a Reason is a foundation that assists women in cancer treatment by offering free home cleanings.
You can donate online, here!

I made a donation last night, and received this response:
All funds support the corporate headquarters which manages the recruitment of maid services, cancer patient applications and matching with our partners. We also have ways where individuals can be monthly supporters for $10.00 a month (less than a price of two cups of
Well, I could only afford the "2 cups of coffee" option, but the service just so touched my heart, that I had to give something. Especially thinking back to how awesome the gift I received when I was sick, was to me!
Unfortunately, I did discover that not everyone is eligible for these services, as there is not a participating maid service in every area.
This foundation requires that the cleaning companies that partner with them are insured and/or bonded and perform background checks on their employees. (How cool is that!?)
Then, the companies donate their services free of charge - no one pays them a dime. They offer this assistance to give back to their communities and assist women in cancer. We all need to support companies in our communities that give back!!
If any of you use a maid service or know a
maid service owner, ask them if they are part of this foundation. If they are, continue to use them and support what they are doing! If they are not,
ask WHY NOT? And encourage them to check out and find out how they can be part.
Speaking of "giving back" to your community... do you? It feels SO good to do that!
I was thinking of ways, last night, to give back, and to in turn, make your life happier, and longer, even. I'm not that old, but I do think that I've made it thru these tough times medically, by making sure that every day I do something to make someone else happy. I wonder sometimes, if it does more for me, than it does for them!
Here are a couple things that help me.
I keep a box of "Thank you" and other "thinking of you" notes on my desk at all times. Out of the blue, when someone touches my heart, I just grab one of those cards, and make it out with the very thoughts that live in my heart about them. Then, I mail it! You have to finish the job, you know! And mailed letters are just so much better than e mail!
Even if all you do on one day is to compliment someone on their hair, their sweaters, tell a man he looks handsome, today, or how striking his eyes are. Anything like that can make someone's day better! Really!
My brother just so touches my heart, sometimes. He'll pick up the phone and call me, out of the blue. He has no idea how much that means to me, I think. But, it do! It really do! (LOL)
So, make sure that you never go to bed at night, without doing at least one thing to make someone else smile. It will come back to you, a thousand fold.
Not only that, but I strongly believe that it makes your life happier, healthier, and that you'll be stronger in so many ways!
Fill your heart with joy! How? Give it away!
Wow! Just found this, from five years ago! Was it that long? I'm old!!!

November 22nd

I've been having a ball with Facebook, lately! I have reconnected with a bunch of my old Canby High School (and even grade school!) friends, and some may even be coming to our Christmas Party! Yay! I can't wait to see them!
I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching! Like a freight train!
It's scary!
Never have I had my heart filled with fear from hearing, "Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus..." and seeing a vision in my mind of Santa, coming to drive over me with his sleigh!
I put up some indoor Christmas lights and some boughs of holly. (Fa la la la la) It seems so early, but it's really not at all! Or is that the commercialism that makes me feel early? I mean, Christmas commercials are already thick on television! So thick that I find myself singing Christmas carols, 24/7 in my brain! Oh, well! At least they are happy tunes! (As they run me over in a sleigh!)
I spent a little while fishing yesterday and the day before. It's so cold, out! Yesterday I had this cool flashback feeling of fishing with my Dad on the Sandy. It came from the vision of the rocks and the feelings of my hands being totally numb from the cold. Maybe even a touch of a hint of snow, coming? You know how that's a feeling, all of its own? You can feel snow coming! Or, I can!
It made me stop, rod in hand, staring down at the rocks. Bill said, "Jennie? You alright? What do you see? Hurry up!" That broke the spell, and it bummed me out. I wanted to be back there!
Anyhow, I coulda sworn I was on the Sandy river, instead of the Kilchis! There, with my Dad, playing long and hard while he fished, the same... That's how I learned to fish 'long and hard'! From my Dad! I'm sure he didn't even set out to teach me to love to fish. I just caught on from his love for it. He was much too 'old school' to ever set out to teach a "girl" to fish.
Mom would just kind of shove me out the door when he left, because she had to teach piano lessons. So, he was stuck with me! But, look at the good its done, Dad!
So, I'm off to figure out a schedule for the party (Dec 1st at Pietro's!) Remember that! And, to look at the Kwikfish contest and see how it's going.
Then, out to the river to walk Kilchis and pray for snow. I'm good at that!