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November 1st 1999

Yikes, it's November... I'v been working all weekend... I am trying to get ready to fish with Don of the sturgeon page, oops, I mean the Sturgeon, Salmon and Steelhead page!
The first of the month means that I have to do some Ifish updating. New pages, etc. and I don't have time! So, wait patiently dear folks. The most important things in my life are fishing right now! We told Don Larson that we would have breakfast at 8 and we don't have anything on the stove yet! It's 6:31.. Go Jennie... ARGH......
I am not all that excited about our chances, with the dropping river levels, etc.. and Bill on the Ghost hole all day yesterday.. He brought in fish number 6 according to the checkers. It was a bright shiny.... jack salmon! Hope it didn't wear out his arm! Bill fished with famed Dave Schamp of Fishing and Hunting News yesterday. Dave fished the Wilson the day before in his shiny new drift boat. The reports coming in are just not all that exciting.
Oh well, things have got to pick up, or hook up!...and I will be there. Come low or high water!

November 3rd 1999

I think I would go stir crazy if it weren't for mornings. I make a point of getting up when no one else is up. Making coffee.. listening to the river run.. Talking with God a little as my thoughts run. I have time to look out into the darkness and know that light will come. Proof that another fresh start is possible. Hope that this day will bring new fish, maybe some rain, but whatever it brings, it will be another day that I am here on this earth. That alone is perfect!
I like to start each day thinking something positive, and it isn't always easy. I have been getting a little bit down about the fishing. There is rain on the way, however, and I can't help but think this may be it! The eternal fish optimist!
Yesterday we drove out to the Nehalem hatchery and there were Chinook swimming around in front of the handicap ramp. Kind of fun to watch. Oh yeah, also took the Mohler loop that goes by the Miami.. Oh please, is it the Miami? I think so. I am new to these grounds. What's the other river? The one that starts with an F? Geemany, I need coffee... I'll think of it. Anyway, we pulled over to reset the clock, and I stared into the water and saw a chum swim by! I rarely get to see these things. I have eyesight that is not great and getting worse, and often times people will point out fish to me in the water... I don't see them. They keep saying, getting frustrated..."LOOK! RIGHT THERE!" until I finally lie, and say... "Oh yeah... I see it!" (NOT)
But I saw one! It made my day!
I also saw a bobcat yesterday. Bill and I were driving down Kilchis road very close to home and one ran in front of the truck 15 feet ahead of us! A real small one, but still! First one I'v ever seen! I wonder if he had my cat in his belly.... ugh. gruesome thought. It kind of took the joy out of catching a glimpse of him.
Don Larson of the Sturgeon, Salmon and Steelhead page came down to fish with us. I was kind of embarrassed at the lack of fish, but we had a pleasant day. Hi Don!
I fished for a bit yesterday. Really worked those holes. I was desperate! No luck, but I sure gave it my all!
Today I am going to Astoria to take care of more business. Don't you think I should have them come to me? (Good Luck....) I am wearing grooves back and fourth to my old grounds. The drive is always beautiful though.
Well, hunker down and wait for the rain. That is what I am doing, and have been doing for two months now!
I am going to take the news ticker off of the top of my page. If anyone likes it there, and doesn't want it to go, let me know. I am trying to get the page to load faster, and although I think it is neat, it seems to take some time to load.
Oh Gosh, it's 6:30 and I have to get the boys off to school. Have a great day, and THINK FISH!

November 4th 1999

The Guide Shop reports good catches yesterday! It figures! I was out of town!
I forgot to dump the rain gauges yesterday until last evening. So when I got up this morning there was nearly a half inch. So from 5 to 5 we got a half inch alone! YAY!
You know me... I am this person who writes about fishing. I love to fish! I am not, or do not presume to be knowledgeable about any topic related to fishing, but I love to learn more and more about it all the time! I misspell words occasionally. My grammar is not perfect, nor my content always clear.
A friend of mine said he didn't want to bother me while I was writing a column. Hey! Not a prob.... bother me all you want! And I figured out why.
I was born with musical talent which was instantly discovered by my parents, and for this I am thankful. They drove me miles out of town to the best teachers in Portland from my home town of Canby. I was to study before school, and for hours after school. I remember crying at the piano while I heard other children play outside. I remember vicious fights with my Mother about the subject. I am not bitter about her efforts. I am grateful, since my music has enabled me to get out of many financially scary situations. I have raised my two children alone on mostly musical endeavors.
I went on after high school to study with more great coaches on my own, and then traveled with musicians around the U.S. I would rehearse for hours before gigs....And got to perform for many prestigious events.
However, whenever you make a living at something like music, it tends to rob the joy out of what could be a relaxing hobby. I rarely sit down to play anymore, unless I have a gig coming up.
I never... NEVER want this to happen to fishing.... or writing about fishing. I want this to be fun fun fun! I want this to be an "I don't have to, I want to" kind of project!
So, if you ever read across my column and find mispeled werds...(HEE HEE), Deal with it! I'm havin fun!!! I do, however, appreciate people who correct me on fishing terms and fishing methods! Like I said.... it is a joy to learn about all of this..... And a joy to fish! So I think I will...... Right now! Let's go fishing! The rivers may be up! I don't know though, cuz it's too dark to see!

November 6th 1999

Shoulda been here yesterday. Ever hear that? The story of my life! Peter Morris sent me an e mail that the ghost hole produced day before yesterday, and that he got 8 big crabs! So, even though I had lots to do yesterday, I had to get in on the action! It has been a slow hard year for salmon on T bay. I am still convinced that the flood of 96 had a role to play here, and now I wonder about next year also.
Anyway, we saw 3 fish taken at the hole yesterday. Went up to check our crab pots, and no luck there either. Used shad for bait. No keepers, and three undersize. Peter, e mail me some crab!
We had a good 2 inches of rain last night. The power went out and it sent us into a practice emergency drill. Do we have kerosene? Do we have Coleman tanks?
We had a great night. The kids love it when the power goes out, and we sat by the fire and played rummy. Fun! Sometimes I think that in this day and age we forget how to converse. Since moving here, we have family dinners at 6 and we all talk. What a concept! And last night, without the T.V. and lights... we talked, giggled, had fun.
Anyway, I'm off to fish the Kilchis. Wheeee!!!!

November 8th 1999

Oh gloom and doom in the fish world!
Seems like everyone we talked to had a pretty rough time of it yesterday. I got many e mails that they had fished every spot on the North Coast and no one was catching fish. Then there is the flip side! I got an e mail from Walter M. Kirkbride and he had some suprisingly good news! He writes, "I caught a tagged, LV, fresh run 27" female Steelhead at 8:30 am just below the boat launch at Mills Bridge, Guide Hole.Another Steelhead was caught a few minutes after. Didn't see any Salmon caught as we left the hole at around 10:00 am and went upriver."
With the left ventral fin clipped we are wondering what the source of this fish is, considering that ODFW clips adipose fins on steelhead, supposedly??? So don't give up hope all of you fishing people out there!
We took out at the logging bridge hole yesterday, after fishing the Kilchis from our place down, and we saw very few chum. Fished for Chinook. Saw two darkies caught, but it was mostly a scouting trip as Bill hadn't drifted it in many years. Learned a lot about the river, and it was so fun to be drifting again! It is my favorite!
When we got to the bridge we met up with a friend who was chum fishing there. I had handed a Chinook off to him some months ago, and he happened to hook up with one. He handed it to me in repayment and whhheee heeeee, did I ever need that! A big one too! Whooo hooo! See? All things come back to you! Thank you Dick! I always get a kick out of all the men around when any woman has a fish on.... They instantly figure I don't have a clue what I am doing and begin to coach me! Listen, guys..... I can land a fish..... Really I can!
Well, maybe today.... I know, I have been saying that for months.... maybe years....
Bill grew up a fishing fanatic, from very early ages.... I asked him if fishing were this dismal now, would he still have pursued it. Interesting issue. It is difficult to get kids into fishing these days, and it is, I believe partly due to the fact that they haven't really gotten into a good bite.
Still, I don't give up.... I know what it is like on that special and mysterious day... When you have a feeling..... that feeling that you will run into the big one, or the big bite. It does still happen! It is that hope that makes my heart sing, that makes me wake up on a rainy morning and jump out of bed with more enthusiasm than a kid on Christmas morning! It is what I live for and what I want to share with my kids. I honestly believe that there is nothing more healthy or exciting to share with a child than this honest outdoor endeavor. And I refuse to let them believe that the only way they can fish successfully is on a Nintendo!

November 9th 1999

A bunch of stuff...Time to catch up on old e mail, and add things to pages that I have meant to for ages. First, a fly fishing site I found that is just great! Perfect for me, and perfect for this time of year when it is fun to fish for chum with a fly rod. Visit Flyfishing 101!
And another thing I found exciting! The Necanicam! I love it! This is brought to you by Ron Pittard. Ron is an amazing artist, and I am sure you will enjoy looking at his art work. He is also a taxidermist, probably the best! Bill says he is always booked way into the future. Thanks for the Necanicam Mr. Pittard! And thanks for the art work! I love it!
Stan Fagerstrom submitted a new article today also! Read it! He is awesome! Let's also say a quick prayer for his immediate recovery from a knee operation... Come on Stan, those bass need teasing and torture!
Dang, this ifish page is a lot of work. It started out as a small endeavor, but I swear I could spend all day at it and not keep up with everything! Especially when I want to fish too!
Well, the storm that was predicted sure hasn't hit here, but the rain is coming down, and even with a touch of a cold that I have, I want to drop some eggs in the drift in front of my house. See ya later, and I'll let you in on my success or lack of! Byeeee!

November 10th 1999

Notation as of 10:00 A.M. The rivers are high and dirty.... wahhhhhh... Mud churning masses of gloop!

Wow! Lots of rain last night, and it is too dark for me to see the river...!!! Come on, God, turn on the lights! We had 3.05 inches of good clean showers in less than 24 hours!!
I don't think the rivers will be out of shape, at least the Kilchis! Wheeee! I have a feeling there are fish in the river!
Best of luck to all of the people in the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation Tournament this week! Looks like good fishing this year, and I hope you all have a blast!
I may drift from the Park down on the Kilchis today. There is one tricky stump in the way up there, but I hear it is not all that bad. I must learn to drift a river. This is my goal this year, so when I go with people I watch intently! I want to learn on the Wilson on the beginners strip! Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream!! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is one huge 'fish on' dream!
O.K., I will shape up and not be silly.... I just want to see that river! Think I'll go get the spotting scope! See ya!

November 11th

( PSSST! 6:56 update!) It is getting light out, and I can see the river. It is full and strong but more clear.. I'm.... what do you think I'm going to do? FISH!!!!

I spend my nights after dinner muting the television at commercials and saying...."shhhhh listen.....It's still raining...."
You think you would get used to it. The frustration, that is. The frustration of being so intuned to river conditions that it sets the mood for the day...It affects whether I sleep well at night. If I think the rivers will be out of shape the next day I sleep really well... If I suspect they will be good, I get so excited that I can't sleep. Last night, I thought, I hoped, I prayed that I would wake up to a river that could be fished. It made it worse because Dudley Nelson, retired State Police, one of the guides at the Oregon Wildlife Heritage is staying here and it is a constant reminder of fish on or fish off! I did sleep well, but not enough.... 5 o'clock rolls around and I can't wait to get on the computer.. Read river levels, and the weather forecast! I am a sick sick, fishing girl! Now I want to go back to sleep. It rained an inch last night, the rivers have sort of leveled off, and although the high wind warning has been canceled, the weather forecast is as such:
Today Rain increasing...becoming heavy at
times. Highs near 60. Southeast wind
10 to 20 mph becoming south 20 to 30
mph by afternoon. Gusts to 55 mph
near headlands,
Rain at times...locally heavy. Lows near 50. South wind 10 to 20 mph.
Rain turning to scattered showers.
Highs in the mid 50s.
Patchy morning fog then partly sunny.
Lows 40 to 45. Highs in the mid 50s.
So, looks like now I can sleep til Saturday or so....
I wonder if the Heritage will fish today. Too bad it is such crummy conditions, but how can you actually plan an event like that and get lucky even 50 percent of the time around here? Too hit and miss..... But you know, that is what makes it so exciting! If it were good all the time, would it be so great???
I just wouldn't get anything done, my kids would starve, I wouldn't sleep, my piano students would come to my door, and I would either be out at the river or smelling like salmon roe. I would arrive at gigs I had to play in a skirt and hip boots. I don't know.... I guess it's a toss up!

November 12th

Good Morning! I can't wait to see the river at this stage! Dudley went out this morning, and we have a river gauge outside, and it is under water! We had 3.9 inches of rain since yesterday morning. We are talking bank FULL.
Maybe my first flood experience? I don't know!
Had a blast last night at the North Coast Salmon Rendezvous. It is fun seeing people on the river all season, but not getting to talk to them much, and then to have a nice dinner at the end of it, where you can visit and swap stories. Plus, I met tons of people, Buzz Ramsey, Chuck Yeager, Jim Martin of ODFW, and tons more!. Buzz Ramsey spoke about the brood stock program, and how well it did on the Siletz, and now the Wilson may very well follow suit. The Nestucca may be next in line for this project. Jim Greer gave us encouragement as he spoke about raising money to enhance the fisheries.
Anyway, the auction was a blast. Came home with a big chief smoker, and some prizes we won buying raffle tickets; some line, some salmon jerkey, a tachometer for a trolling motor. Bill came home with a neat shirt, some lures, lots of goodies.
A good time was had by all....I even donated a web page, and Ifish may be featuring a new guide!
Sooooo all in all things are good. Fishing, however isn't. Maybe by Saturday????
Fish on though!

November 13th

I lived in Cannon Beach, Oregon, many years ago. I have many fond memories of that area, fishing on Elk Creek every morning before work, walking on the beach, etc. Today, as I was riding bikes to Kilchis Park with my son the memories flooded back to me of taking long drives on the logging roads on lazy winter days. I remember the heavy, wet branches of the forest, and the thick moist air.
It was so quiet as we biked down the road. We explored waterfalls that came trickling and sometimes rushing down the mountain. The mud on the side of the road clings to your feet, and the grass soaks your tennis shoes faster than you can run to get to a clearing. Exploring makes me feel 13 again! Listening and watching for wildlife, looking for trails that lead to secret wonderlands in the forest! Making plans to go explore here or there.
Today I did things that I moved to the Kilchis area to do.
I have a bag full of river treasures that the receding waters had uncovered. Agates of the finest quality! I walked, bent over, searching the river bank for anything that caught my eye...Some purple, some blue. Some you can totally see through! When you do things like this, everything disappears but you and the earth. The sound of the river fills your ears, but it becomes so natural you don't hear it. All your problems fade away, and the smallest find can outdo the joy of things that some people buy with money! You start to remember how the natural, little things in life are so precious, yet so uncovered every day!
The time I spent today, hunting rocks with the kids... Biking along the river... I guess I could spend countless hours with them doing homework, or driving them to sporting events, but somehow... somehow.... I think 5 minutes of what we did today will be remembered the longest.

November 15th

I just don't know what to say. I have been putting off writing for hours now! I fished the Kilchis yesterday and today. I came home from work yesterday about 4 and took one look at the water and yippee! Not much thought given to the fact that the kids were at their Dads and Bill wanted to take me out to dinner for the first time in ages.... No! The water Bill....The water! LOOKA LOOKA LOOKA! Had to fish! It was kind of a milky green last night, with this perfect little eddy that swished my bobber around at just the right depth! About 8 feet deep, working it round and round. And you know what? No bites.... no fish.
Well, got up this morning, and the water was.... well, how should we say... Perfect? I mean absolutely perfect! There were umpteen thousand boats on the little Kilchis. Should have made lanes! Anyway.... the sad story is, no fish seen, no fish taken by us. (or hooked!)It was very depressing to me! I looked out at this absolutely beautiful river water, with this gorgeous color that should be filthy with fish, but not one to be seen. Worked Kwikfish in all the right places, bounced eggs, laid out bobbers, nothing did the trick!
Oh well, as I was drifting down the river I had this great thought! I think some of you should follow up on this! I want to decorate a tree along side the Kilchis.... Not with paper, or metal, but a decorated tree for the birds! I am going to make some suet, some popcorn strung on something non dangerous, cranberries.. raisins... and maybe some squirrel cookies. (I have a recipe.... e mail me if you want it.) I just think that would be zippy! Christmas the way it should be! For the birds! Woops, I mean.......Sharing with the animals.... that's what I meant. I think the kids would really get into it! Plus, it would be so pretty! Now to figure out how to do it environmentally friendly... Any suggestions?
Well, so there are very few fish this year.... So I am a slow learner....Steelhead.... There WAS a wild steelhead caught today! Anyway, heads up and looking forward to a better Steelhead season. And during the wait.... hey, there may still be some straggler chromers out there! Byeeee!

November 16th

I fished this morning for about two hours. Tried everything except dynamite. I think that maybe wouldn't have worked either! I will soon catch a fish in front of my house! I WILL! The water is still clear. Haven't heard any other reports, but I bet people are on the Wilson today. Fish will happen.

November 18th

I just keep trying and trying and trying. The eveready fisher. Can't catch anything, but I keep thinking, when I least expect it..... and that is every day now!
I went cutting wood today... yawn... ache!
The water is low and clear. What can I say?
Can't write much, have to go to Portland tomorrow, and Astoria on Sunday. Busy busy busy!
Please catch a fish for me.... Tell me they still do exist!!!!

November 19th

Yowie it's raining and blowing down here! If you want to come to the beach to storm watch, now is the time! It has rained a little over an inch in 12 hours.
Now the wind is blowing, and the weather forecast says winds 10 to 20. HAH! The weather people aren't here obviously! It's got to be gusting at least to 45 here....I love it! Stormy, windy rainy fall! And..... that means.....STEELHEAD soon!
I'm going to hit the rivers tomorrow, but I bet they will be blown out. If so, it's back to the kitchen for fresh doughnuts.... How bout this, how bout I open a little store front on the river... let's see, called "The Doughnut Hole", and serve doughnuts to all of the drift boats coming down??? A fishing sort of lemonade stand!
I went to the Trask Dam hole not to long ago, and had the most wonderful time just staring into the water and waiting for salmon to show. Bill took me.... He knows how to make a girl happy! I could have stayed all day! I kept saying..... "just one more fish!" Just like I say "Just one more cast....." I didn't even have a rod in my hand, (Thank goodness... it's not legal there!) but it made me understand that yes, even if the fishing is bad, I stay. I stay and watch the water, gazing for hours at the swirls, the white water, the calm deep water...If I fished only for fish, I would be in very sad shape. I fish for the friends I share time with on the water. I fish to watch the wildlife. I fish to calm my mind, and to think through things that have upset me until I am calm and more reasonable! I stare into the water for that chance to see a fish swim by. And I stare a lot without seeing them, but remembering the thrill I got when I did see them! Catching the fish is a big bonus.... but still... I fish in water that gives me very slim chances sometimes.. Just to watch the water..... and to live with hope!

November 22nd

Monday, dreary Monday.... Got to wake up! How is the river? I don't know.... my eyes aren't open yet. This driving to Astoria once a week is getting to me! I came home last night, and Bill was on the river, and I just couldn't get enough energy to join him to fish... I took a Jacuzzi instead!
We had very light rain last night. The Wilson shows about 7 feet and leveling off on the graph . The Kilchis is at about 2'7" and the color is really nice. (Thanks Bill, who wandered out to the river in his robe.....)
My kids really think I am nuts. On Saturday the water was strong but in good color. I plunked out in front of the house. I sat there and stared at my rod for hours. I held the rod, I stared at it in the sand spike, my neck aching and arching and waiting for movement. The kids danced around me finding agate after agate.... Look Mom! Look!...Mom????!!!! Helloooo Mom??? They successfully scored beautiful rocks as I stood there hopelessly scoring nothing! Now, what sounds like more fun? I wanted so badly to prove to them that what I did really pays off! I feel like I am daily convincing them that fishing is Booorrriing~! They were having so much fun! I was so serious.... Dead serious staring at that rod tip. Through rain and wind and shivering I stayed still. Their pockets were full of treasures, my rod was silent. One of these days.... one of these cold, storming days they will be out there collecting rocks... and I will yell, and scream and holler, and they will see the ferocity and excitement of a fish at the end of my line.... They will see.. I'll show em..... it's going to happen.....! Maybe not this year..... I just hope that when it does happen they won't add up all the times it didn't happen, calculate the risk and the time it takes and decide that it is just too time consuming. I guess I'll just have to hand off the fish to prove it's worth... To show them that my time was well spent.... Boy, it better be a good fish!!!
I am going to try it today again... and tomorrow again.... and the next day...I am simply not going to lose!

November 24th

I guess it's time to fold up the rods and give it up for a while. Stormy weather on the way, and the first chance for me to see what Tillamook flooding can do. Hopefully not, but there is a flood watch out.
I did a little token fishing this afternoon again... Sat staring at the tip of a motionless rod. What is it to catch a fish? What does it feel like? What does the rod tip do? What, for heavens sake would I do? Probably faint.
Well, off to bed after a nice big dinner of beef stroganoff and lots o veggies.
And then..... a long winters nap. Ahhhh listening to the roar of the river through the open patio door. The wind.. the rain... zzzzzzzzzz

Nov 26th 1999

Wow! I am utterly amazed at what Tillamook people take in the way of a water bashing! Lah tee dah... no big deal? The plains were all lakes, and the hiways get washed out, and there are trees in the road! I am impressed that they stick it out!
I was constantly on the net checking out river levels, and comparing them to the Kilchis. I am, however very comfortable that this house won't flood. I mean, if it didn't get hit this time, I don't know what would flood it. It is a little bit uncomfortable though, to sleep with that powerful roar right out your window.
I have now done it all. This morning, Bill went out to the river, came back and told me that there was a spawner out in the front yard. I went out with the boys to see it, and they were everywhere! Fish thick in the muddy water! Flipping, floating, fighting their way up the river! So, silly me..... I grabbed my rod. Still in my pajamas, clad with rubber boots and a coat. I don't know what I thought I was doing. BUT there were fish out there! I lasted about 10 minutes, but I couldn't get anything to bite. They were thick in there, though. It was neat to see the river alive with fish, even if the dang things were safe from me.
The river has dropped about 4 feet from yesterday, but is still another 4 feet from being fishable.
Downtown Tillamook is under about 8 feet of water at Safeway according to a hiway dept. employee that stopped Bill at F. Meyer about 9:00 A.M. this morning.
I am supposed to play a wedding tonight at a church downtown Tillamook tonight. I wonder.....
Well, Thanksgiving was a filling experience. I started cooking on Wednesday and finished at about 4 yesterday. 20 minutes of eating and poof! It's time to clean up! It was very nice though.
Oh Gosh, a turkey and cranberry sandwich is calling my name. Byeeee!

Nov 27th 1999

Happy day after Thanksgiving... or has it been two? What day is it? oh! Saturday evening after turkey gravy over mashed potatoes... mmmmm still likin' it!
The kids have been home forever! They were both sick-ish on
Wednesday... Whew! Been a long cabin fever kind of week.
Anyway, here is what I know, and have heard about rivers:
The Necanicum is still flowing heavy and is greening up a bit. Same story with the North Fork Nehalem. Might..... with a lot of hesitation.. fish tomorrow.
The Kilchis is no longer the fast clearing river it has historically been, as far as what I can see. Seems there was a slide, or perhaps it is the upriver clearcutting that is causing the thick, yellowish brown goo. It is still flowing heavy, and up above the park it is clearer. Looks like the creek flowing in below the park is a great contributor to the color.
Quite a flood, ladies and gentlemen, and I was awed by the power, and the fact that people get together and just clean it up.... over and over again. I wish I knew if I could help somewhere, because I would sure like to.
Off to Astoria at first light. Have a good day rigging rods, and cleaning tackle boxes.... (hint hint)!

Nov 29th 1999

Geez guys, everyone looking at Ifish from work? :) All Holiday weekend Ifish page hits were down to below 500 from the weekday 1000 or more. Then Bingo! Monday...... and we are up again! By the way, did I tell you that Ifish gets 1000 hits a day??? Who woulda thunk? I started this out as just a fun thing to do....I was trying to see if I could use all the study I had put in learning to submit sites to different search engines and get a page to show up on the top ten, and then poof! Lots of people find it and think it's fun!
Where to fish today.... This is the question. Finally the kids are off to the school bus....Bill and I at the table discussion. Necanicum.... pretty clear and steelhead being caught here and there...but do we want the drive? Kilchis..... still milky green, and there is a new tree blocking the river at the park. Wilson.... still muddy? I dunno! Storm coming in today.... All the factors lead me to a ??? Well, I will certainly let you know the results, or lack thereof..... Hey, wait a minute..... I'm getting negative and was told by my friend Ben to ALWAYS fish positive! Its tough, but I'll try!!!!
Tim Juarez and his wife came by yesterday..... Hi guys! I'v heard so much good about Tim from so many people. He is one heck of a fishing guide and really gets into the fish!
Well, off to decide the fishing plan for the day..... see ya..... and tight lines!

Nov 30th 1999

Fished the Kilchis yesterday from milepost three down to the takeout. No fish.... Water is milky still, but clearing better today. I saw a fish taken by one drift boat, a bright 20 lb buck. I also saw a fish taken at the bridge by the bank fishermen.
I am so busy today, but am going out now for a quick bank expedition myself.... See ya!

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