Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

May 2018
Spring Chinook season on the coast!

daisydaisyMay 4th 2018

How do I write with Thumper gone? Jack read my column every day. He commented on it, cared about it, shared about it.
I sure miss him. Everyone misses Thumper. He was just great. He passed away about a month ago, and I just can't deal with this!
I subscribed to the thread where we talk about Thumper's passing on ifish. (Did you know you can do that? Just click on the thread you are interested in, then click on "thread tools" in the upper right, and "Subscribe to thread". There, you'll see options you'll want to make sure to choose from. I always choose "notification type: "Instant notification by e mail".
Make sure that once and a while you clean them up, by going to "My ifish" (Top left) and then down to subscriptions, on the left column. That will list all of your subscriptions, and you can check them off and delete them as needed. Pheh! I just deleted over 150 of mine!
Jack was as much ifish as I am. As Pete is!- as all of us old timers who have been here since the beginning, 20 some years ago!
I've been thinking of looking up our first discussion board on some archaic software, just to read how it was, back then! I'll post it, when I find it!
It's like little pieces of ifish leave, though. I'm not much for change, if you haven't noticed- and especially when it has to do with special things leaving my life.
Here is one of the last letters Jack sent to me, and I'm keeping it near and dear to my heart.


I cannot tell you how much I "enjoy" your daily writings. "Enjoy" is a terrible word, but I am transfixed by your thoughts. You know what I mean.
Andrew awaits you in heaven, of that I am sure. And there is truly a god, I am sure of that.
How am I so sure? Easy. For 38 years I have operated my own consulting business. Just as it seems that I am out of clients, the phone rings. Every single time, over 38 straight years. I know that there is a God, and I know that he is watching out for me, and for you and for Andrew.
I pray for you each morning. Thank you for being the light of my life.


Man. How do you live without that in your life?
At least I know for a fact that he is still praying for me, each day, and still reading my writings, here!
I love that he knows that Andrew is in Heaven, waiting for me!
I once described how I write when I have trouble wondering what to write about. I still use this "tool" today.
I used to pretend I was writing to my Grandmother, who so enjoyed my hand written letters. Grandma was also the one who praised me for my writing abilities and encouraged me to do more and more of it.
So, now I have two more people to write to, when I have that old writer's block we all suffer from!
Jack, Andrew, and Grandma.... This one's for you! I miss you. I love you, and one day, we will all be together!

When we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be!!

Best news of all is that Bill Hedlund is doing so much better! In fact, we took the boat down to do a shakedown run for our Spring Chinook season! I can't believe that! I mean, he's doing SO well!
It felt so good to do as we have always done. My place, backing the boat up, and his, in the boat, testing the motors. Unfortunately, the big motor wouldn't start, but we took it into Greg's, (or what used to be Greg's!) and we got it back, all fixed, yesterday! We are ready to fish! Wheeee!

daisyMay 9th 2018

I keep forgetting. This is the slow time on ifish. I get up every morning and go to do my work, and there is barely anything to do. It used to be that panic would set in. What's wrong with ifish? Where is everyone?
Well, they are FISHING!
Just like I should be! Instead, I spent all day Monday at the doctors, one or the other. I went to a foot specialist, and sure enough, the pain that I've been feeling for well over a year is bone on bone pain. The cartilage in my foot/ankle has broken down. The only thing that could "fix" it, is surgery where you are down for 8 weeks.
There was a lady who was going to write a book on the effects of marfan on the older patient. The thing is, we deal with all this stuff all our lives, and do really well, actually, but then you add the normal aches and pains of getting older, and it's a lot to handle!
The doc says that part of his job is talking people out of foot surgery. LOL. I had no problem with that! We decided to wait until it's unbearable, before we think about surgery.
For now, he's going to have me fitted with an orthotic and I will do physical therapy, which never hurts anyone! I'll be just trying to build up the muscles around my foot, so it's not so loose and marfan like. That only adds to the problems- you know, the laxity of my joints, etc.
Then, off to the eye doc, where I got a good report. In fact, the good doc said I was his easiest patient all day long! Now, that's a first!
The world is green, all around me. It's one of those,
"i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes"

That will stay with me, my entire life. I think of it, every time I see that Spring, summer, or fall or winter, blue sky, despite the shade of blue. :) But, mostly in summer. That way blue-true dream of sky!
Speaking of which, yesterday David and I worked in the garden most of the day, here. I said to him, "Doesn't it seem we hopped from winter, right to Summer?" The sun beat heavy on our backs and sweat poured from our faces, down our neck and back.
It was truly a lemonade type day! I only drink lemonade in the summer, so yeah. It was summer!
It felt too late to be planting!
I have this rock hard clay soil, so I drove to Canby Fred Meyers which was the only store that has my favorite Black Gold Soil conditioner. A friend told me about it, and it is so great! Today I'm going to wilco to get some Gypsum, and I should be good, from then on. I've been meaning to fix this soil for ages, so now is the time.
I had an appointment Monday and I have an appointment Saturday, so I'm here in the city with nothing to do but garden. Yay!
And get this! When I get back to Tillamook, Bill had a greenhouse put up! I'm so excited to play in it! It's like a little fort-house, and Willie and I can't wait to put my orchids, my lemon tree, my plumeria! All those tropical goodies that I barely keep alive, may thrive in my greenhouse! I just cannot wait!!!
OK, until then, I'm back out in my garden, Bill. Call me, when you get a chance! Bill got a brand new red pickup truck and I can't wait to see it!

daisyMay 13th 2018daisy
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I doubt you could ask for a nicer day. Yesterday was just gorgeous and the perfect temperature! Today may be a bit warm! :)
My garden is to die for! We rented a mantis tiller, added a bunch of gypsum and bone meal, and went to town. It will be the first time we'll have soil that you can actually handle and crumble in your hands. The cement like clay is finally broken down! Yay! It's so exciting to me, because there is nothing better than nice soil!
I'm so excited to get in there and plant, today!
I also got an automatic timer to set the watering, and we set up a bunch of hoses to go to each bed. I'm just so excited about it!
The strawberries are soon to be real berries! Just look at this!

click pic to zoom really big!

That was an entire week's work! It was so much fun! :)
Now, when I get back to Tillamook, I have a new greenhouse to play in! I can't wait!
Have a super happy Mother's Day!

May 20th 2018

What I write below is about being thankful. It's not about fishing, or anything that should be on a fishing website, but it's about being thankful. Sometimes a girl's just gotta write what's on her mind! It really helps me to process it, to write about it.
Just a few fishing things, though. Trout season opens tomorrow!? On a Monday? Isn't that weird? Am I right?
I heard that there were a few fish caught out around the jetty. Did anyone hear that, too?
Funny what we can find to be thankful for because we "don't" have something. (No, I'm not thankful for not having a springer!)
Today, I'm thankful because I don't have pain!
I know what it's like to have pressure build up in something so much that it splits.
My eye. Yes, my eye.
Ever blown up a balloon too far? OK, it's gross, but it is what it is!
Yep. After eye surgery, I was bleeding inside my eye. It kept bleeding until there was no more room for any more blood, and it literally split open.
My son, David, (Thank GOD he was there!) took one look at me, and said, "Get in the car, Mom! Your eye is literally bleeding!"
It was the most painful thing I could remember... until yesterday.
What's amazing, is that today, I can see out of that eye! I was blind, everything had been dark for about 7 months after, and then one day I was walking my dog, and I looked down and saw my hand with that eye! SO exciting! Sometimes it takes God quite a lot of creativity to make someone realize how thankful they should be!
I guess that I am a challenge to my creator, because He gets very creative with me, but He gets the job done!
God, I am so thankful!
Yesterday it was that same sensation, except it was my entire head! OMGosh... The pain! Had I forgotten to be thankful?!
I don't know what type of headache I had... Cluster, migraine, tension?! -but it was intense!
Afterwards, I had that migraine aura, but I have had that with and without headaches multiple times a week since my aorta blew. (yeah, that got blown up, too.) But, rarely does it turn into a headache, and never to this extent!
Turns out the word "pressure" is not a friend to the patient with marfan syndrome.
I have to remember to breathe whenever I apply any type of pressure to my body, whether exercising or every day lifting. Just anything.
So, yesterday I rose from bed like any other day. The odd part, I guess, is that it was 9:00 AM before I woke. I woke out of a total slog. I had been so out of it. I woke with my ipad in my lap, sitting up. I guess I had fallen asleep, reading, and waking was the next thing I knew!
That was strange for me. I don't normally sleep in!
I felt no differently, though.
I brushed my teeth, hurrying a bit more than normal, so I could get the dogs out before there was an accident.
When I hit the top stair, it hit. The pain. Oh, my, the pain!
It was like no other headache I've had, but the pressure did remind me of the pain of my eye, or aorta.
By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, I was in full pain. Full pressure. Throbbing pain in the back of my head, like it was going to split.
I couldn't speak. Bill asked what was wrong, and all I could say was "head", in a whimper.
My face started pouring sweat. I let the dogs out, and went straight to the freezer for ice. Ice is my magic cure-all. But, it didn't cure any.
I took two excedrin, my migraine cure-all, but it didn't cure any.
I took a narcotic pain pill, but again, no cure.
I managed to get the dogs their treats in their bowls, as forgetting that is just not an option. (just ask them!) I sat myself down on the couch, which really confused the dogs.
They have their routines, and eating as I work on the computer is the way things roll around here.
Not yesterday. I was couch bound.
Bill, not realizing the extent of my pain said that he was going upstairs. "NO". -is all I manage to get out. There was no way I was dying alone!
Nausea overtook me, due to the pain, I think? I rose to take care of that. Oh_my_word. That was the worst ever! My head felt the same pressure build up of Kilaueai.
It's kind of funny now, but it wasn't yesterday!
I thought back to my Mom, who suffered from migraines, and I remember that helpless feeling as a child, seeing your parent in pain. Was this the same pain she had? Oh, my... Mommy! It's awful!
I have had migraines since my heart surgery. Interesting, because they are finding that migraines can be caused by having a hole in your heart. I recall being in the ER, and having visual auras. But, that's where it stopped. I didn't get the headache part of migraines, except very rarely, and they were NEVER this intense! Oh, my!
They say to go to ER if your headache can ever be described as "the worst ever". Well, I guess I should have gone, except that by the time I would have gotten there, it would have been so much better!
I probably had excruciating-worst-ever pain for about a half hour.
I hate to say it, but the pain was so bad, that if I had to endure it on a regular basis, or even for much longer than a half hour, I would choose not to live. I get it. I get the Kevorkian thing, now.
The only thing that would change my mind, is looking into Willie's eyes, or any of my pets, and knowing how sad they'd be. Or perhaps David, Bill, or any of my loved ones.
OK. OK... I wouldn't end it... but I sure get it!
I was never more thankful as the pain eased.
This morning when I got up, I was shaking a bit.
Fear took over. Fear that I'd have another episode like yesterday.
Oh, thank you, Lord! I'm fine, today! No headache! No pain!
Today I'm going to work in my greenhouse! I'm just so thankful! Not for what I have, so much, but for what I don't have! :)

May 21st 2018

Look at THIS!

The Khimera by Mustang

I can't wait to get my hands on a Khimera! It's perfect for Memaloose, The Ghost hole, and my canoe out back!
Actually, since it is so darn easy and comfortable to put on and to wear, it's the best, in every way!
I struggle to wear a bulkier vest, and this is just perfect! Remember, the best flotation vest you can own is one you'll wear!
From Mustang:
To make it as easy as possible for recreational boaters to don a life jacket, the Khimera PFD is Mustang Survival’s newest personal flotation device, designed for freedom to move on or in the water. The dual flotation design offers just enough foam to stay sleek for dynamic movements, while a hidden inflation chamber can quickly inflate should the additional buoyancy be needed. As Canada and the United States work together to harmonize their flotation standards to improve products and streamline regulations, the Khimera PFD is the first flotation vest to be approved by the new harmonized standard and complies with both Transport Canada and U.S. Coast Guard requirements.
In honor of National Boating safety week, please read and do your homework, making sure your life vest is safe, and ready to save lives. Download and read
You can download it and share it with your loved ones, too!

May 22 2018

I remember back to my childhood when my Mom read my favorite book to me. There was a happy image of a cute little bird, singing his heart out.
Well, that bird has come to life just for me!
Every morning, one of my violet greens (sometimes two, but just one that faces my window) sits less than two feet from where I sit. He rests on the arch of the shepherds hook that holds my feeders, and sings and sings and sings!
I find myself slacking on ifish work, and instead, having my coffee and enjoying the music. I swear that bird is singing just to me! I mean, who else is around?! :)
I searched google to see if I could find the image, and this is as close as I could come.

Bluebird of happiness!

Of course, my little avian soprano looks nothing like the above, but the same childhood peace and happiness happens in my heart!
What a glorious blue-true dream of sky we have this morning! This is my Father's World!
Click here for old pics of my violet greens!

May 27 2018

Warning: New toys cause stress.
It's true. I've never been so busy in my entire life! OK, so Bill gave in and bought me the greenhouse of my dreams! I wanted it! I craved it! I couldn't wait! And now I have it! It's so beautiful, you guys! It's the Costco 8 x 12 Palram and I love it!
So, now, since Bill and I couldn't set it up ourselves, we hired a contractor to do it, and ordered the gravel for the base, and bought the potting soil, and then decided we needed shelves for the greenhouse, so I ordered those, and well, there is just a lot to do! I went to the store, and to nurseries, and bought the seeds and the plants and move everything out there, like my lime tree, and my orchids, and busy, busy, busy!
About a year ago, Bill bought a stair lift, which came in very handy when he was ill, and we do use it and love it! It comes in very handy when I can't lift heavy things upstairs, but there is maintenance on this thing. We made an appointment to have the maintenance done, so we have to be home at a certain time, and make lots of phone calls about it. So, there's that.
Busy, busy, busy.
Bill bought me a car! A brand new 2018 Ford Escape and it has so many new techno things on it, that I have been studying, watching videos, and helping Bill to learn his new 2018 truck, as I learn! You know, we have to program buttons so that we can open our garage doors, and program the other buttons so that we can remotely open our car doors. Yesterday was spent with Bill on the ladder pushing the "learn" button, while I sat in the car trying to program the homelink buttons. He yelled at me, when he'd push the button, and I'd yell at him when it didn't work.
Oh. Then the garage door opener broke. We did get it all programmed, though!
Bill? Call the garage door fixit man, OK?
I think by the year 2021 or so, I should have the car thing mastered. It takes time to learn these things! Time that seems to be a rarity, while I learn to use all the other new gadgets in this house!
I can't talk about it, but I was silly enough to think I had time to accept an offer to do a survey on a really cool techno gadget I'll tell you about later. The price on this techno gadget is around $1500.00. I don't get to keep it, but I get to play with it for a while, whilst I video myself doing so.
It flies. It flies, if you know what you are doing, and have time to learn how to do it!
Insiders secret:
It's still in the box!
Oh! Get this! Our Traeger kept getting wet, and thus the pellets got soggy, so what did Bill decide to do? Get an awning from Sunsetter awnings. (Sold at Costco).
I won't even go into detail about how long this has taken out of our lives because I don't have any spare time!
They sent the wrong model, so after we had it custom installed, we had to custom uninstall it, and order the right one! They didn't credit us for the original, so we spent hours and hours and weeks and weeks on the phone, trying to get credited for it. They finally found it, credited us, and shipped out the right one, and we custom installed the right one. However, the motor gave out on the first day, so we had to custom uninstall that motor, and dial up Sunsetter awnings. As soon as they locate that one, they'll send us the new one. Should be a year or so.
They sent the wrong cover for it, too, so that is on the way back, soon, so that we can order the right cover soon, too!
The moral of this story is this. Stick with your old stuff!
It's OK! It works! Even if your old stuff doesn't work, fixing it won't take up as much of your time, as buying new stuff!
Plant your garden in the dirt! Grow things that will grow at the coast! Because not much grows at the coast, it won't take up nearly as much time! Or, any at all!
This way... this "old stuff" way- You can do things like sit out on the deck with a cup of coffee and enjoy the birds that you used to be able to sit and watch! You could even take the day and go fishing!
But, because you bought a bunch of new bird feeders, you are too busy filling them in between phone calls for your broken new stuff, you have lost your entire flock of birds to the neighbors feeders!
It just isn't worth it, no matter if Amazon has new stuff of your dreams on sale!
AGH! I never-ever thought I'd complain about new toys!
Bill was right all along. We are going back to the Bill-way!
For 18 years, he has been very frugal. Very cautious about spending money on anything but our necessities. But, lo...he has regressed and given in to our fancies. He is providing us with all the luxuries we always thought we wanted but didn't.
Well, if UPS or Fed Ex knocks on our door with one more package, I think I'll run screaming!
I want to sit and watch the birds, again!