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May 2016

It's Spring!

May 1st, 2016
Happy May Day!

Wow! Does time fly? My gosh, but it's May and officially time to hit the bay.
Bill and I went on a shake down run on Thursday, and believe it or not, everything worked perfectly.
Everything started up, purring like a kitten-- except for us. I have a feeling that pre dawn trips are a thing of the past.
I have this image in my head of me laying in bed, with someone trying to pull my ignition cord, over and over but I just lay there, silent! My engine just won't turn!
The only problems we had, after we got up, and prior to getting out on the bay was one of the life jackets. Somehow, we couldn't recall which capsule had expired, and which had been replaced, and then, zipping it back up was a mystery of zippers that go this way and that, manual pull cords and whistle cords, and pheh! What goes where?
When your new boat has spots of mold on it, you know that it isn't being used, enough!
Helpful Hint:
To remove those little white spots of mold on the rubber molding of your boat, a mixture of vinegar and water takes it right off. Try it! It was on my new Stearns life jacket, too! Yuck.
We took both dogs, and they had a ball. The weather was delightful.
We didn't expect to catch anything. Like I said, it was just a shake down, but there were more boats out than we expected and there actually was a fish caught. A spring chinook! Whoo hooo! I just can't wait to get my teeth in one of those juicy springers!
By the way, we are looking for a few good new moderators on the discussion board. If you are interested, PM me! You can also use the contact us form, below, and select "Write to Jennie".
I'm off to Oregon City, again. Can't wait to get back and start the ritual of fishing, again. That is, if I can get my engine started in the morning!

May 6, 2016

Being unable to get here to write, I have missed so many words of thought that I'd planned to plant here.
One fine day it rained and gave me the most awesome, warm and joyful feeling. The big spring drops splashed down on thick canopies of green, green GREEN foliage. It gave me a warm jungle feel. Maybe held close in a womb, kind of feel.
There wasn't a breath of wind! Just soggy rain falling on warm plateaus of leaves. It gathered on the leaves until it fell off the side, onto the next leaf and then finally, falling off and to the earth. .
I slid into the hot tub and enjoyed every drop that fell around me, and after, wrapped myself in a thick terry towel. It was so spa like!
Of course, while in the hot tub, I was immersed in that warmth. I loved it!
Had I the time to write, then, you might have felt it, too! Instead, I'm left with limited memories.
As I get older and feel something, I have to write it down, right then. At least the key words, or I partially lose the freshness of the idea, and then the words come out a bit stale.
Fall used to be my favorite time of year. I think partially because of the fishing, but also the crisp nights. I hold close one memory especially. I was about 14, and in love. I was wearing baggy jeans and a new Esprit vest that I had wanted with all my heart. Mom bought it for me, and I loved it. I was warm in the crips night, and free and I felt... (OK, I'll say it.) cute in it!
Now, crisp is a bit harsh for me. (And feeling "cute" is a thing of the past! LOL) Also, I've been through much loss in the Fall, and it's left a sustained sad note to the season.
Winter was hard for me for a long time after my dissection. The light blue winter skies were difficult for me to look at. Almost eleven years later, and I'm finally able to enjoy that powder blue color. It sure sent shivers down my spine, though, for many years, post.
I'm so thankful for the ability to get passed things. To heal from life's cutting blows, and to move on, and remember the good over the sad.
Remembering the fact that we have an inborn ability to move on and to heal, now helps me to endure tragedy and heartbreak. I am a little stronger.
Dang. How did I get off into sad things? I am not sad, today! This isn't meant to be sad! The point is that I'm happy that I'm not sad! I'm joyful and thankful for the ability to move past sad to the glad!
If there were one thing I could tell my younger self, it is that heartbreak doesn't last forever.
It frustrates me so to see young Mothers who lose a child, and hold onto that bitterness for so long. You can't help them by experience. I understand it. I have been there. It takes so long to heal at all that hearing that it might get better is a bad joke.
I guess elling my younger self wouldn't have helped at all.
People can tell you things all day long, but you just have to plod through it. Slowly, achingly, day by heart crushing day. Life is a long, long, journey. That is, if we are lucky!
I'm finally at a point where I can enjoy memories of Andrew, and not cry. At least, not every single time.
I think that as a young person, I'd have never enjoyed the warm, drippy rain of spring that I basked in, the other day.
Sunshine is everything in your youth. It was very adult of me, and beyond my years to even enjoy that crisp, Fall night! (smile)
That very same rain I spoke of above would have brought me the soggy Saturday blues as a youngster.
But, knowing what I know, now...
Well.... Rain just isn't a bad thing.

May 8, 2016

Janice Rose Davidson (Logsdon)
Happy Mother's Day!

I miss my Mommy! Isn't she absolutely beautiful?
This is the first Mother's Day that I've not been with my kids. David is in Oregon City, and I'm here at the coast. I want to go home to be with him, but I have an appointment here in Tillamook on Wednesday. Seems a waste to drive home just to celebrate a Hallmark Holiday. I mean, why can't we have Mother's Day next weekend? We can!
So, today, I want to wish all the Mothers, a wonderful Mother's Day! Enjoy your little ones, whether they be with you, or far, far, away!
This morning, I got a Mother's Day present, though! There are finally goldfinch at my feeder! They are late, but they are here, today! I love them so much! Nothing can put a smile on my face like my little butter yellow goldfinch!

May 11, 2016

It's summer, right? But different.
First, because it's May, and not August! It is officially Spring.
But also, kiving in Canby, growing up, we'd go to the coast when it got too warm. Now it's warm at the coast, too! It got to 79, yesterday. That's a rare bird at the coast! It happens some times, but this is crazy! Day after day after week after week!? Bizarre!
I'm really not complaining, except that it is so weird that it kind of worries me. It's just not normal!
I think that's why the other day I enjoyed the rain, so much!
My brother just sent "The Magic Bank Account" to me. I thought I'd share it!
Bill had me cracking up, yesterday, as I was bugging him about not taking me fishing. He said he had "too much to do" and that when he was younger, he used to get an eight hour day of work completed in an hour, and now, it takes him eight hours to do an hours worth of work! LOL. I laughed, but this is so appropriate!

The Magic Bank Account

Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest:
Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use.
However, this prize has rules:
The set of rules:
-Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken away from you.
-You may not simply transfer money into some other account.
-You may only spend it.
-Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another $86,400 for that day.
-The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say,“Game Over!". It can close the account and you will not receive a new one.
What would you personally do?
You would buy anything and everything you wanted right? Not only for yourself, but for all the people you love and care for. Even for people you don't know, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself, right?
You would try to spend every penny, and use it all, because you knew it would be replenished in the morning, right?
This game is real...
Each of us is already a winner of this prize. We just can't seem to see it.
The prize is time!
Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life. And when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is not credited to us.
What we haven't used up that day is forever lost.
Yesterday is forever gone.
Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time without warning...
So, what will YOU do with your 86,400 seconds?
Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in dollars.
Think about it and remember to enjoy every second of your life, because time races by so much quicker than you think.
So take care of yourself, be happy, love deeply and enjoy life!
Here's wishing you a wonderful and beautiful day. Start “spending”....

Source: This was found in the billfold of Coach Paul Bear Bryant of the University of Alabama after he died in 1982


As with any circulating e mail, I can't verify the source, nor if it's "true", but it sure makes a point, doesn't it?
Have a great day, and go spend your credits wisely!


May 16, 2016

It's that time of year!
Are you going to join us for the Bounty on the Bay!?
It is SO much fun! I look forward to it, each year. You know, Christmas, Easter, BOUNTY ON THE BAY!
I just received an e mail about it. I couldn't say it better than the following!

Bounty on the Bay is just around the corner! 
June 3rd and 4th!

There are many ways to participate! Click here to register!

1) You can just join us for the dinner(s).  June 3rd is a Pasta Dinner with fishing workshop ($25) and June 4th is our acclaimed Seafood Feast with guest speaker Jim Martin, Vice-Chair of the Berkley Conservation Institute and former ODFW Chief of Fisheries ($40).
2) You can be the captain of your own boat. For $125, you will be treated to both dinners and entry into the fishing tournament as well as one of our cool t-shirts!.  You can also purchase one of our famous lunches from the Garibaldi House Inn and Suites.
3) Or for $250, you can get the deluxe treatment with one of our awesome fishing guides, both dinners, lunch, and a cool t-shirt. 

Along with all of this comes the opportunity to take part in our Silent Auction which is shaping up to be the best one yet! 
Many thanks to our sponsors:  Garibaldi House Inn and Suites, Trinidad Tackle, Pacific Seafood, KTIL Family of Radio Stations, Northwest Hardwoods, Dick's Sporting Goods, and the Hook, Line, and Sinker!  
If you are staying overnight, Garibaldi House Inn and Suites is offering a 15% discount to all of our participants.  Even if you live in town, what a great chance for a weekend stay-cation!  And the Hook, Line and Sinker is our after-party host offering $5 off to all participants Saturday night.  
To register or for more information, go to

So, join us! Bill and I will be there, for sure! Whooo hooooooooo!

May 21, 2016

I can barely stand it. Every day, there is something [else] to do. Something besides Springer fishing. WHY?!
Today just screams Springer Fishing. From the wet grass to the overcast sky. It's cool, damp, windless... perfect for springer fishing! It's in the air! If I close my eyes, I can feel the boat move. I can hear the waves lapping against the chines. I can feel my iphone in my pocket, just waiting to scope a fish being caught!
Agh. And here I sit in my robe. I'm not in a hurry. I'm not hearing Bill's engine roar, waiting for me. There is no boat hooked up. I need no life jacket.
There is simply... silence. Silence, and zero anticcccccc ipation.
Bill is leaving this morning for a Steelheader's Meeting in Salem. I admire him so much. He is a dedicated Steelheader, by golly. Bill Hedlund is a lifetime Charter member. I love how that sounds! :)
Joyce Sherman, Art Israelson and Bill Hedlund are all people I respect in the fishing world. They are givers. They were involved in the organization of the group in 1960. Then, the Steelheaders joined with Trout Unlimited. That didn't work out, so in 1962, The Steelheaders reorganized and offered charter lifetime memberships. Bill has a little pin on his main fishing hat that says so! He is very proud of that little pin, and I am, too! I have only seen one of those pins, in my entire life!
You know, the main reason he got the North Coast Chapter going, was largely in memory of Jim Erickson. I remember sitting in bed, talking about it, after Jim passed.
Jim had the North Coast Chapter for many years, and when he passed, Bill took it over. When Bill took it over, though, he went all out!
It used to be such a small little group, and we'd all get together for a nice dinner and talk about things to do for the chapter. We'd write an article, or something... but we never really did big things.
What started as a very small group of steelheaders has become a full fledged active group of Steelheaders, right here on the North Coast! YAY, Bill! You did it!
If you'd like to become a member, please call Bill at 503-815-2737. Join us! It's so fun!
Frankly, I'm not that involved. In fact, I've let Bill have this for his thing. A thing where the girl that tags along fishing all the time, stays behind. I fish with him enough. He needs a guy thing. Plus, I'm no good in the evenings, so this is his thing.
It started very slowly, and the first few meetings, Bill was very nervous. Maybe one person... maybe two, or perhaps a handful would show up. I remember once, that no one showed up! -but Bill was not deterred! He kept it up and week by week, month by month, year by year... the meetings became better attended and the group became more active. The things they accomplish are awesome, now, and Bill still gets nervous! LOL.
The things that we do in life change, as time passes. The things that are important, the things that can wait.
But, darnit, Bill! I want to go fishing!
Well... guess what? It's May 21st... and guess what that means?
I can go fling a fly around! Whoop!
So, that's just what I'll do!

May 26, 2016

It's one of those years, and I can't stand it! It's so awesome! We have hummingbirds! Zillions of them! they are everywhere, and if I go outside to fill the feeder, (which is must do at least three times a day!) they buzz all over me! I can hold the feeder, and they will come and feed, right there! It's awesome! Oh, I love my hummers!
We were so worried. I think, partially because the weather has fooled me into thinking that the birds are late. But, they are thick, now! It's so exciting! The only thing missing is the purple finch! Oh, and barn swallows. I don't know where they are. Is it just that I'm expecting them too early? I don't know and we'll just wait to see. I'm not complaining. I'm fully smiling over what we have!
I have been using Periscope to do videos of the hummies, but the problem with Periscope is that they only keep videos for 24 hours. I kind of like that, but it's difficult to share with others. I think I saved one of the hummies, though. Let me find it. Agh. I can't find it. I promise that I will find it, and post it here... But, they are thick!
Here is what Bill and I were laughing about, the other night. Too funny! Willie keeps us in stitches!

Willie really thinks he controls things. For instance, he has learned that if he puts his paw to the window in the car, the window unrolls. Magic! He did that, right? Mom didn't help. It is just his power. Willie power!
So, he gets very frustrated when it doesn't happen. There are times, like when it is pouring down rain, that I don't want the window open! Boy, does he get upset, though, when his window is broken!
I'm really enjoying our new Moultrie three-cam cam! I forget what it's called, but it is more fun! It takes panoramic pictures, and it sews them together quite nicely! I find that most times, I only need one of the pics, such as this sweet one:

Click pic to zoom

Click pic to zoom

The pics aren't amazing. I just enjoy them, though! To know that when I go check the camera, that sweet little deer was standing right there, before me!
Anyhow... I've had more fun, here with all the brushes with nature I have had. I hate to go back to the city.
More and more, (and especially as I look at my remaining pennies in my purse!) I think of selling my home in Oregon City and just staying in a hotel when I have to do medical stuff. Sigh... it's a tough decision, but it's got to be made, some day!
Off I go. Who will feed my hummies while I'm gone? Bill better! We have his and hers hummy feeders, and I hope he fills mine, so that I don't lose my birds! :) Oops! My feeder is empty, again! Time to go refill!

May 28, 2016

If you don't know by now, I'll tell you the story. :)
I also posted this on the "You're officially old when..." and How about a "That Moment" thread"
Once upon a time... Bill volunteered to take my brother David's dog, Lucy, for a week, while David was out of town on business. A holiday for a golden retriever on the river!? YES!
So, I was in Oregon City during the week that Bill was dog sitting. The dog scared the heck out of our cat, "Molly the fishing cat", and it just didn't work out. We routinely keep Molly inside at night, due to the wild critters that could kill her, but due to Lucy chasing cats, our cat wasn't coming in at all. We had to leave her outside one night, and that is NOT good in a land with coyotes and such. I said I'd meet Bill half way at Hillsboro Costco, pick up Lucy and take care of her, the rest of the week.
While there at Costco, meeting Bill, I guess I lost my Costco credit card.
I had been searching, looking all over for my card, for days, while in Oregon City. I was afraid to tell anyone, but finally when back at the beach, I told Bill about it. "OH!" That familiar "I remember" look, flashed across his face. I know that look, well.
"I forgot to tell you! They called and they have your credit card!"
WHAT? You FORGOT to tell me?!
I never forget anything... Ever. (Hahaha)
I had searched the entire floor of my car, behind the dashboard, in every pocket of every item of clothing. Everywhere!
On the way back to Oregon City a week later, I drove off of Hiway 26 and to Costco in Hillsboro to pick it up. I was also to take Bill's hearing aide into Costco to get it fixed.
After getting my card, I mindlessly went to the dog area to pick up some dog treats and a few other things, and while Willie was in the car waiting for me, (my dog) I checked out.
I walked to my car. But, while approaching my car, I went to unlock my door on said car, and ... WHERE ARE MY KEYS!?!?!?!
My mind went scrambling. I remembered while walking in, I clicked the door lock button on my keys, so the last time I knew I had them was in the parking lot.
I unloaded my goods in the back of the car, (thank God I have one of the code things on my door and I remembered my code!) and went back in for the search.
I had already spent my energy! How were my legs going to do this? I hadn't found a disabled parking spot, so even the walk into the store was a bit of a struggle.
I limped to the office, dragging one leg. That's a trick I learned while hiking. It works! Try it! (Even if you aren't disabled) when you are tired, drag one leg for a while, then the other. It helps! I also checked with the members desk.
NO, they hadn't seen a set of keys. I asked if they'd take my number to call me if they came in. No, that wasn't a service they offered people.
Completely tired out by now, I retraced my steps, looking in between boxes in the pharmacy area, under bags of dog treats in the dog treat area, in the bathroom, and in the clothing area.
I don't have much time on my feet since my aorta thing. I have to plan my trips, carefully, knowing this. But, there are times that I have no choice. I had to find my keys! Plan aborted!
(Hey, tell me something. Why don't they have chairs in places like Costco, Fred Meyers, etc... for people that need to sit down? I have often found myself at the other end of these stores, so tired that I have to sit on the floor! There must be a reason. I'm just interested.)

I went back to the office and asked again, just in case someone had turned them in- in the meanwhile. "No." And this time, they were dismissive to me. Almost bordering on rude. "NO! We don't have your keys!" Or was it that I was just tired, and grouchy about the whole thing, myself? Maybe a little of both. OK... "Thanks", I said in a wee little voice, but this time, afraid to come back again to ask! Now, I'm close to tears.
On the way out, I asked the checkout guy. (You know, the guy at the door, that checks your receipts), and he was SO nice that I all out cried! LOL. He helped me look thru the carts, and walked me back to the office and all over. He was SO nice! So helpful! So concerned! That's what was missing. Concern.  The only guy there, out of five employees that seemed to care! I told him so, too! What a nice guy! I felt like I won the lottery in him!
But still, no luck. His kindness, though, helped me so much!
Thank God that I have an extra key in the car. I located it, and on the way home on 217, I was stuck in a stand still in traffic due to an awful accident. It had been over an hour, so in between prayers that the people in the accident were OK, I thought I'd call Costco and see if someone had turned them in, yet. Uh oh. The lady who had been dismissive to me, answered the phone. "Hello?" I addressed her, meekly. "This is Jennie, and..."
"No. We don't have your keys. We told you that we don't have your keys" She repeated.   Why was she being so cold? Did she not realize that at any moment, someone could walk up and return my keys? I had been incredibly meek and polite, while asking. Afraid, even! I tried to explain my repeated inquiries, by telling her that there are about 10 keys on this key chain and replacing them would be huge.
I'm not too worried about telling about them, because they are to nothing that anyone would know about, or be able to locate, thus, of no use to anyone but me.
It would be so nice if people could just take a second to act like they care. I think this is a new thing with people, these days, or perhaps everyone was having a bad day, along with me! So, please don't get me wrong. I LOVE COSTCO, and this is NOT a complaint.
Costco is my favorite store, and I've always been treated so extra nicely, until today. In fact, Costco has always gone over and above in courtesy and kindness. And besides, I adore their toilet paper! You really should try it. Better than anything in other stores, and the price is awesome! Even when the other brands are on sale, there, I buy Kirkland. :)
But, now I am a bit shy to call back! So, if there are any Hillsboro Costco employees that could check for  my keys for me, I'd SO appreciate it!
And at the end of this story, i have to tell you something that I'm embarrassed to death to admit. Not only did I lose my credit card at Costco... and my keys...
But Bill? Sweetheart? Love of my life? You strong, handsome hunk of man, you?!

While there, I like... well... I forgot to take your hearing aide to the hearing aide center.

I have to laugh. I just have to laugh.
But, really... this is all your faul, Bill. Every time I went to Costco, it was because of you.
Think about it, Bill.
The dog, the heading aide, the credit card call... All you. I would have never even gone to Costco, if not for you.

We have this thing, between us. We look at each other, during times like these, point, and say "FAULT!"
Muhahahahahahaha! "FAULT, Bill!"
Thank God, though, that Bill cares, and he is very, very nice to me. heart