Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

June 2015

This is the day which the Lord made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

June 2, 2015
Happy June, one day late, but nonetheless just as happy!

It's no wonder that I'm shocked, every time it's time to file taxes, again. I haven't received my 2014 tax return yet, and it's already June. Due to my illness, I had to file an extension. Half of the year 2015 is now gone! Even in a "well year" this is one of those weird things in life, that I'm just now realizing! It's one of those things like when you find out that a definition of a word is different from what you believed for all of your life.
The tax year 2015 will be over in six months, people! Agh!
My taxes are not really that difficult any more, except that I have to do the kwikfish inventory. That's a pain, trying to figure out expenses, cost, how many I still have, etc. I have to hire an accountant, or I'm sure I will do it wrong! Let me tell you, I do not do the kwikfish sales because of the huge money I make. LOL. I do it for the members. It always ends up costing me money in the end.
I enjoy it, though. I really do! And come to think of it, the coloring contest for that event is coming up in... get this! Five months! Yikes! Time sure flies, when you get older!
I don't hire an accountant because of the huge amount of money I make. 99.9 percent of my return will go to pay off the accountant. Whoop, whoop! So excited. (Not)
Want some good news? I nearly jumped out of the doctor's chair yesterday, when I learned that my bad eye sees 20/40 plus two in the 20/30 line! Oh_My_Goodness!
Just three weeks ago, it was 20/70! That is simply amazing! Like usual, though, it doesn't seem 20/40. It's a darker version of vision. Because of the implanted lens, I already see flat, instead of with anything but learned depth perception. But, now that eye also sees darker. Like, when I look up at tree branches, my left eye sees branches in the darker spots, but my right eye just sees dark. No detail. No branches! I wouldn't be surprised, though, if that improved, still. I mean, not six months ago, I was totally, (not just legally, which is 20/200!) but, totally blind. No light. No movement. Nothing! And now.... drum roll.... I can totally and reality wise sing, "I was blind, but now can see!" Amazing Grace!
I mean, think about it! That is the definition of our Lord's Grace! The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings!
The bad part was that the doc finally got brave enough to pull out my stitches. He had been putting it off, and saying that he really didn't want to. When I asked what would happen bad, he said, "With you, who knows!?!"
It is rather painful, but it wasn't at the time. And so far, so good! No bad things have happened!
So, ladies and gentlemen, when you laugh or giggle, or display a curious, or sad, surprised face when you ask me how I am, and I return "I have never had it better", this is why I feel this way! This is why I say that I am lucky. In my opinion, I am the darned luckiest girl on earth!
I have lost my vision so many times, yet it has been restored.
Ten years ago, my aorta dissected. Much like what has killed many people. Yet, today, I am living, breathing, laughing!
I lost my first born son, and yet today, I can still see the good in life. This type of thing has killed the spirit of many, and I feel like the Lord has blessed me with a heart that can overcome. I know in my heart that I will see my son again, and I have used this time in loving my other son, and getting to know him better.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought surely it was the end. But, I'm still rocking!
Anyhow, I have my days of pity parties, just like anyone else, but today I feel hopeful.
My neighbor worked hard while I was at the coast to put up the most beautiful fence, and I am so appreciative of the work he did. The fence between my neighbor's home and mine was falling down, and we had talked many times about repairing it. We thought we'd split the cost, and he offered to do the work. That's huge!
I was so surprised when I got home and saw how beautiful it was! It made me think of long ago, how surprised my Mom must have been when my brothers and sisters put up a decorative fence, all along the driveway of our property for our Mother. It was a fence made of railroad ties, just like she wanted! They dug the holes, in times while she wasn't at home the weeks before Christmas. Since it was winter, she didn't even notice! Then, on Christmas eve, my parents went out for a party. I was too little, but my brothers and sisters put up the fence from the ties we had hidden, somewhere.
When Mom woke up on Christmas morning, there was her fence! Neato!
Again, I am lucky, and I have been blessed!
My son noticed all of the wonderful people from ifish, when one of them came over, (Amahnee) a couple weeks ago, to repair some of the things around the home. It wasn't the first time an ifisher had helped me! David said, "You sure know a lot of neat people on ifish!"
Just in the last year, I've had a hot water heater installed, a Christmas tree delivered, and many nice things said to me.
It is for that reason that I do things freely for ifish people. It's what I do to give back for all that I have been given. I will never catch up to even, but I can try!
I have a plastic bag full of letters addressed to me, since the beginning of ifish. Most of them, from when I had my heart surgery. When I start to feel down, I get out the old plastic bag full of blessings, and start to read. It isn't five minutes, before I'm smiling, and feeling better again!
Thank you, Ifishers, for all that you have given me!
I love you more than you'll ever know!!!

June 4, 2015

As more and more of my friends and heroes pass on, Heaven is looking better and better. It's almost to the point of "Heck, yeah, I want to join them!" I mean, how could you not be a Christian, and want to be with all of those people that we love so much?
If only it were as simple as that, huh? It is for me, but I understand that it is not for everyone.
To think of joining my son, my parents, my Grandparents, my friends, and the industry great, "Dick Posey" who totally understands my fishing passion.... well, yeah, I want to go! And dying just doesn't seem as scary for me, with my beliefs. It is a place where there is no unhappiness. OK! Let's go!
I have been talking to several of my friends about Sasquatch. I laugh at them, because I have trouble believing. But, one of my friends said, "You believe in Jesus and you have never seen him, right?" That got me to thinking. I have to admit!
I know Jesus exists, because he lives in my heart. But, I'm really glad Sasquatch doesn't live in my heart! LOL.
Dying isn't a funny subject, but we can try to make it more so! I mean, it happens to the best of us. When I was a baby, the doctors all called me "giggles" because I giggled, even when they gave me an injection. We live our life laughing! I'm going to do my very best to go out that way, too.
I'm so glad that we have graduated to the celebration of lives, rather than a dreary funeral. So, so glad!
I think about my funeral, sometimes, and I have plans. I have these beautiful agates that I have collected on the river, and every time I pick a special one up, I think, "This is going to be one of my gifts, when I leave." So at my celebration of life, everyone gets to pick out a special agate from the Kilchis river! I just like that, and I hope my friends do, too.
I know... You'd rather inherit a pile of cash, right? Sorry... My riches are in stone.
I still have not spread my son's ashes. I have spread some of them, but not all of them. Something keeps me from getting rid of them all. I really wanted to go to Hawaii and go out into the water on a canoe or something with David, and spread them there. He loved that water, so much! You know, we went to Hawaii together, shortly before he left us. He spent the entire week swimming like a fish in that water. Morning, day and night time found him wayyyyy out there, swimming and laughing. I had never seen him so free. It was like that water suspended him, and kept his pain at bay. He had marfan syndrome also, and he had a lot of chronic pain. The water held his body, so that he didn't have to.
Some day... I may still go.
Anyhow, I've been thinking a lot about death and dying since I read the news about Dick Posey.
Please join us in sharing our memories of Dick, here.

June 11, 2015

Oops. I haven't written in a while! Busy, busy!
Actually, I've not been that busy, except just finally enjoying my home in Oregon City. I think I have everything finally fixed! (Knock on wood, right!?)
It's been three full years of "fixing" and thanks to my ifish friends and hired contractors, I think, by golly, the house is ready to live in! And now... I'm considering selling! LOL.
I have put so many repairs on my credit cards that I'm having troubles paying everything and having anything to live on, afterwards. Ah, life. It is what it is!
After picking the berries, yesterday, (Oh, my strawberries are so good, this year!) Willie and I got in the car, and headed for the coast.
Speaking of my berries. It was right after Bill told me of a slug infestation we were having this year, that I headed out to pick my first crop of Hood Strawberries. Every single darn ripe berry was infested! I was so upset!
So, the first (and historically the best) picking was a total waste. All of them went into compost. After treating the patch, however, the second picking was absolutely delish! I have been living on strawberry shortcake for days!
I'm headed out to pick up a couple well started acorn squash plants for the coast, here. I can't start them from seed, as they just don't progress fast enough. But, I found if I buy a plant, we are successful, and there is nothing better than fresh acorn squash! So much better than store bought!
Our fruit trees again have no signs of fruit. The one year that we purchased Mason bees we had a wonderful crop of Asian pears. Even though we have returns of Mason bees in their little homes, we have not had a good, productive year, since then.
We bought a mate for our Kiwi tree, and we are anxiously waiting to see if we actually bear fruit this year. It will most probably be next year, if it happens, but these are the things that thrill me as much as catching a fish on my line! Waiting, watching for fruit, blooms, etc.
Oh! One of our Christmas cactuses, that has actually been pretty unattractive for 10 years or more surprised and thrilled us with the most beautiful blossoms, this year! Take a look at this!

Click pic to zoom

This is the second year in a row that it is blooming! Here, all this time, we thought it was pretty ugly, but kept it, as it was Bill's Mom's plant. Surprise! And-- Thank you, Mom!
Our boat is out of commission till Friday. Our new boat isn't quite ready for fishing, yet. We hope to take delivery of it in the next few months. Go, R&B! Go!
Until then, it's fly fishing out back for this girl!
As far as heart surgery that I'm supposed to be thinking about??? I'm totally in Denali.

June 12, 2015

Thank you for your patience, as Bill and I had to send in our Davis (Kilchis) Weather Station for repairs. We have kept our weather station records for 15 years!

The Davis Vantage Pro 2 is the model we own, and it's pretty cool! See those bird spikes to keep birds off the water collection bucket? We don't have those, and we need them!
If only I could figure out how to display all those years of records, for comparison on the net. I have them on my home computer, but I'm going to call today, to ask if they can be uploaded, somehow.
If nothing else, I'll just add my own page, and update it manually. What a hassle, though. I wish they'd update this Weatherlink program.
Every time Bill calls me and says, "We have a problem with the weather station!!", my heart sinks.
I like technology, but Geez Louise... If you think it's hard to remember all of those scientific weather terms, try to figure out this software!
It's difficult to edit the pages, as they aren't in html, or CSS. They are... (get this!) .htx pages! Huh? HT- what?
Anyhow... it's all foreign to me, and fixing it is not my forte! As usual, I'm going to insert here that I can play a mean piano, though!
SomehowI have managed, for the most part!
Right now, we are stuck on trying to get the days rain for when we were down, uploaded to both the console and the internet. So, if you look, you'll see that as of this writing there simply is no daily or yearly rain. Pheh. Think we are having a drought? This weather station says we have had zero rain! Ha!
So, I have to call the guys at Davisnet.
It's a good thing they are funny and friendly! (And smart!)
Yes. The Kilchis Weather Station is back online, but it's still having a few problems. Just know that Bill and I are working on it!
Yesterday we had to totally re assemble it, get on that scary ladder and put it up on the roof. That was a project! Today, the techno part.

June 18, 2015

uh-uh-uh.... I__can't__ write!
Through the years that I have been journaling, (and there are many!) I find that this lack of being able to write happens when my brain is too full. I can't make a darn decision for the life of me, lately. I have a huge decision(s) to make, and I can't leave the room!
Sell my home, or not!? It really has me stifled!
So many parts to this decision. My sister in law, a real estate agent, estimates that I would come out 60k ahead, if I sell, now. WOW! That's huge! Some of my worries would be gone! Poof!
Don't you think?
That's pretty good, for three years of owning a home! I guess houses are selling in a matter of two weeks, or so, also! So, I'd better have my ducks in a row, should I sell. She says she has many sellers wandering around, wondering where to live!
Thinking about that... moving, and all? Seems beyond my ability. I mean, I have filled this home with all of my things! Pianos! Hard things to move! I furnished it off of Craigslist, and had to borrow Bill's trailer to move things in. And now, to move them out? And where do I move them? A storage place? A new place that David rents? What? Agh! I don't think I have the energy to do all that! I'd have to have a garage sale, and... Oh, pheh. Whatalotofwork!
I used to love to write out my budget over and over. Just fiddle with figures. So, for instance, if I didn't want to sell, I'd figure out if I took out a loan to consolidate my home improvement debts (that are on higher interest credit cards), how much would that would save me? But, I can't even get started thinking about that, lately. Like the song goes, "I can't get started."
Do I want to have roommates? I think so. I'd better! -because I have one coming in the Fall! Oops! I haven't had her put down a deposit, yet, because that would mean I'd made a decision!!! I have to either do that or not, this week. Hep me! Hep me! I feel like a kid and I need an adult to "hep me!? LOL.
I have years and years of those college ruled notebooks full of my journaled writings. That's the way it was done back in the day. You know, all of those days and years of my life without the internet?! I had SUCH good handwriting, then! I wrote all the time!
I'd spend hours in office stores trying out pens to find just the right (write) one!
Most girls carried a purse. I carried a notebook. Sometimes I carried both, but I always had my notebook! I think I started writing about the time I started my overly dramatic teenage years.
I have them all packed away upstairs in my attic, now. I love to go through them, and you know, it's about time I should do that. Perhaps they would inspire me. I'd go up there, today, but it's too darn hot up there! :)
When I attempt to hand write, now, Ijust can't physically do it. The muscles in my hands aren't used enough because I type all the time. It's kind of the same as riding a horse. If you don't do it for a while, you think you can and you get on the horse all confident-like, and go "whoops!" as you slide off the side. I have no muscles in my legs to hold me on! Hep me! Hep me!!
I grab my favorite pen, and stare at that beautiful white, clean, blank page, and it all comes back to me! All except I can't write more than one sentence, before the arch in my hand collapses! And my handwriting is not nearly as pretty! I had so much pride in my handwriting.
I don't feel the same about the blank space on a computer. It doesn't inspire me, or get me excited like those pretty blank pages in a notebook. Weird. Hadn't thought of that. I think I just might get a notebook, and see if my writing comes back to me. Then, I could just transfer it here.
When I'm in that writing mode, I go through my day with multiple stops of, "Oh! I need to write about that!" and I jot down a note, or grab my iphone and record something to help me recall it, later. I'm not doing that.
I did the same with music, when I was more into that. I haven't written music, either. What's wrong with me?
OK. That's it. That's why I can't write. My brain is so full of decisions, that I have no time for fun and random thoughts. I must make a decision and just go with it.
The bad thing is that when I get like this, or when I'm feeling down, I am tempted to buy something for myself. I can't do that, though! I'm poor, dangit! Not that it ever helped for long, anyhow. I'd buy something, and then I'd feel rotten about it! I know better than to think buying something would permanently fix something. What is wrong with our society that we ever think that way?
Usually in my life, the poorer I am, the happier I am.
Frankly. I think I have made a decision. I so hope it is the right one. I can back out, if it's not. I'm only going to rent my home to others on a month to month basis, so that if I must sell, I can. I hope that my home is still worth what it is today, should I decide to sell, later.
Can I make it, financially? I guess none of us know the future, so I can let that go.
I have never, though, had to live more frugally than I have, the last three years. Lesson learned: Want to be broke? Buy a home!
In the last three years, I have bought no new clothes! The man- pedis that I used to randomly enjoy, are a thing of the past.
Oh! But, guess what!?! I get to get one, Friday! When I went to my sister's Birthday breakfast last week, I got up to go to the girls room, and came back to a check at my place setting! It was written out to my sister's favorite pedicure place! WHOOP! They are so good to me! They know that I'm struggling. But, you have no idea how excited I am! In fact, I got into my car, after, and cried! Just writing about it, has me smiling at my desk.
All of my assets are tied up. I look good on paper, but I have no money. Sound familiar, anyone? :)
I will make it. It keeps occurring to me, lately, that all of these things that we spend time worrying about, don't matter in the long run. David has a ton on his mind, and I told him that. "David, in the scheme of things, does it really matter?" Our lives and the periodic dramas are so trivial in the scheme of things.
And it's not just the financial things in my life that I have on my mind. It's heart surgery, and my eyesight... medical stuff, and watching my son grow. I keep thinking of that saying, "Mom's are only as happy as their saddest son." That is so true! And when David is upset, I am equally so.
But, will it all matter, when it's all said and done? When it is time for me to meet my maker, will I turn and say, "Gosh, I wish I would have sold my home, in 2015?" Or, will I think, "Why in the world did I spend so much time worrying over things?!"
I need to spend more time loving others, eating ice cream, and going barefoot on the beach!
I know that in my head. I do!
Today. I am going to put what I know into practice, and I urge you to join me.
Is something bothering you? Try your very hardest to put it in its place. Yes. It's important, and it might affect your life. But, put it in its place! Put it away so that you can enjoy the time that you have been given here on earth!!!
Yesterday, of all the oddest things, I glanced over the lawn, (with the eyes that I have been blessed with!) and there were leaves down, scattered over the blades of grass. I had been gone for a bit, and in that short time, the lawn turned a bit brown in spots. The wind blew, and I could have sworn that I smelled Fall! I thought to myself, albeit briefly, "Oh! I have to write about that!"
And so I did.
Hey-- It's a start!

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

... and magically, when I'm out on the river, practicing my fly cast, or when I feel the slightest nibble of trouts, all of my cares are gone except for what I feel in my hand and my soul. So, why don't I just fish for the remainder of my days? More of what I know in my heart, but I just don't get why I don't put it into practice!

June 23, 2015

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us be glad and rejoice in it!
My garden is growing quite nicely, thank you! I'm off to the coast, tomorrow, after a week here in the valley. O
I'm off to where I can cast into the river and clear my mind.
Too funny. An educated fly fisher, I am not. I used my pink attracter fly, a Borden's Special last time I was there. Such a pretty fly! The water was so low, that when it hit the water, I could just imagine anything living nearby running for cover! It's a pink bomb! Look out!
As it hit the flat-calm, frog water, (there is nothing else, right now!) the wake from it's landing disturbed everything, from shore to shore. Just from a little pink fly!
It may be my favorite go-to fly for cutthroat, but it's certainly not appropriate for these dry, low-water days!
So, hey... I forget. Do we live in California, or what!? What is up with this weather? Days on end with sun, sun, sunshine! I remember summers in my past where it rained nearly every day. (Or so it seemed.) I don't recall what rain is like! Isn't that how people in California feel? Are we really going to be the next "move-to" state? Agh! I like my little Oregon all to ourselves! LOL.
I miss wearing shoes and socks. That's the nicest feeling, after wearing flip flops and having dusty feet. Clean, showered feet, and white socks and tennis shoes. Ahhhh.
I also remember the wondrous feeling of the cooling rain, a soft warm sweat suit instead of shorts and a halter top. In fact, I recall the very day I realized how good that was:
I was married, living in Sellwod with my two small children. It was a Saturday, and I mentioned how good it was to my then, husband. Funny what we remember. That was twenty years back!
You know, I've seen friends move from Cali to the valley, here, and have two weeks of Oregon sunshine, only to be followed by months on end of rain. It's quite a shock for most! When it's sunshine in Oregon, there is not a more beautiful setting. But, when it rains, it's quite dark and dreary! But, that's how we get the gorgeous surroundings when it's sunny! Rain!
I was trying to remember back to the last strong El Nino. I know that I had a great time fishing off the rocks on both the Hammond and Warrenton Jetties. Usually, the ocean was a murky green and we had to guess whether we should fish bobber down, or bobber up.
We had a way of fixing our bobbers off the bottom. We'd have a ten ounce pyramid weight, going to the bottom of the ocean, and then with a triple swivel, the bobber would suspend the herring, so that it was about 2 feet off the bottom.
Herring down, of course, was like fishing for trout with a bobber. Bobber floating on the top, and a small weight to keep the herring down off the surface. (Otherwise, we'd have trouble with the seagulls.)
I'll never forget one day, as I approached the top of those rocks, and stared down into an unusually blue, almost tropical ocean. There were full schools of silvers, swimming along the jetty! It was unreal! I had never seen anything like it! Not even on the Discovery Channel! I was fixated watching, so that I could barely fish! There was no question, though! Bobber down!
I'd throw out my bobber and herring, actually sight fishing through schools of silvers! Sure enough, "Fish on!" was no challenge! When I caught my limit, I'd take a tangle of fishing mono from the rocks, (someone was not responsible with their trash!), hook it onto a pyramid weight, hook on a little herring, or perhaps a piece of a tail of salmon, and from the salty depths, bring up crab after crab, to go with our salmon dinner!
Those were the days, I tell you!
My husband was not much of a fisherman. He'd watch the kids and play with then in the sand, while I was fishing with my ministers wife, Carol. She and I would throw the bounty of the ocean over the rocks to my husband and kids, as we took these gifts from the sea. "Here's a salmon!! Here's another crab!" What fun! What memories!
I can't help but be curious about whether this is happening, again!
And... when we didn't feel like working out on the rocks of the jetty, my fishing friend Ben Tagliovento and I would go jack fishing, up the bay a bit. There were tidal pools that filled at high tide, and the jacks would flood on in, for an easy dinner. That was my go-to activity while my kids were at soccer practice. I recall there not being much time to play as a single Mom, so I had to use my fishing time wisely!
I can get lost in these memories. They make me smile.
I already look back at some of the days that Bill and I have had, and smile. Just one, if you don't mind...
Bill and I were fishing in tide water where no one else was around. The Fall weather was nasty. It rained. It poured. It hailed. But, we would not give in! The fishing was too good! I remember that we had said upon departure that if it rained, we'd leave. Thus, we had absolutely no rain gear. We also had no idea the fishing would be that good!
So, in between bites, we would search under boat seats for any kind of weather protection. We found this old poncho that he had kept for years. It was not at all rain proof! We laughed and laughed, through soaking clothes. "Fish on!" We yelled, at the top of our lungs. We had doubles upon doubles, and had to release a bunch of chums, but we ended up with a nice limit of Fall chinook.
We had this saying, back then. You know, back then when we were dialed in. This saying seemed to bring on the bite. We'd look at each other, very seriously, and say, "But, if we catch another fish, what will we do with it?"
"Fish on!" Our rod tip would plunge towards the water!
You know... I could tell fish stories until the end of time. I'm sitting here, writing and smiling. It's a good way to start the day!

June 25, 2015

OK, what? 103? This isn't California, this is the opposite of Heaven!
I must get to the coast, but... see, last time I went to the coast and it was a warmer than normal, I left David to water the garden. I don't know, but there are two things that I have noticed, that most men don't see. Actually, Bill pointed it out to me. But, Bill is good at these two things. (That's why I chose him!)
But most men in my experience are not good at:
1. Watering plants
2. Cleaning
David is classic.
I came home to my favorite potted mini rose all wilted. He actually watered the garden part, but my wintered over potted plants? You know, the ones that I so carefully bring in the house, every time it gets below freezing in the winter? The ones I've had for years and years? Those? They were so sad! In fact, I may lose one of them. I was not pleased, to say the least. I told David so, too!
On the other hand, I can't stay here! My mac laptop can't even live through this heat! Last summer we had a hot spell, and my laptop is out in the office garage where it gets really hot, and really cold! It died! I had to take it in, and they gave it cold ice water, or whatever those geniuses do back there and revived the poor thing. Of course, their ice water treatment cost me well over 200 dollars! It's not Dasani, either! Whatever they gave my laptop, it worked! (I want some of whatever they gave it!)
OK, and then this... I have heard fleas are the devil. In all of the dogs I have owned, I have never had extreme flea problems. Ever!
About a week ago, Willie started to itch. Last summer, when it got hot, he got hot spots. So, this year, during the warm weather, that's what I thought he had. I treated him with some sulpha goo that you get at the store. No luck. I gave him Benedryl. Nope!
Allergy pills like Claritan that the vet told me to give him last year did nothing.
So, I paid to have him groomed.
The night before I took him in, I took a flea comb and went over every inch of his body. I had treated him with Advantage, a month ago, to the day. I did not find one flea! Not one! So, I knew it wasn't fleas! So, what the??
Meanwhile, all night long my bed shook with Willie gnawing on this body part or that. Poor dog! I got so tired of saying, "Willie! No lick!" Poor dog tried to follow that command, but we all know what it feels like to itch. It's nearly impossible not to, when the urge strikes.
I paid the big bucks to have him groomed. He really did need it, even if it weren't for the itching, and he came out looking like a show dog! So pretty!
But, the itching resumed, with fury! I was so puzzled!
While he was being groomed, I actually had the box of Advantage on the counter at the groomers, but I had paid for the Advantage for both Bill's dog and mine, the last several times, and I am short (beyond short!) of funds. I decided to wait until I got to the coast and have Bill buy it, this time. That stuff is expensive, and what matter would four or five days make? I was otherwise very regular with flea treatments with Willie and they gave him a flea bath at the groomers, so, I thought I was good!
Yesterday, however, Willie was the worst, ever. He could not do anything with biting at himself. I fed him his dinner, which he ordinarily won't leave for anything, but there it sat, as he furiously dug at his fur. Poor thing!
I decided to use my finger nails to help him out. He was on his back, and I was scratching that poor dog and he was in heaven! Except.... I glanced down at his ordinarily white belly, and it was gray with fleas and flea dirt! Oh_my_gosh! I had never, ever, seen such an infestation!
At night, just about nightly, I groom Willie, while watching television. I have a host of combs and brushes in my bed stand, and it's just our routine. I will find a flea or two, very occasionally, and I take great pleasure in destroying it for Willie.
But, this was amazing! I ran to David's room and told him I was off to the store. Cha Ching! Another 60 out of pocket for Advantage. Frontline is usually my go-to, but when I tried it on Willie as a young dog, he had a reaction. So, Advantage was better for Willie.
I treated him, but Willie is still itching. How long does it take for it to work? I guess he could still be itching at bites. I combed him, this morning, and didn't find any fleas. I also treated the bed where he sleeps, and all other resting areas with a spray de-flea medication.
He is better. But, I sure wish that he'd be done with the itching. It really makes me uncomfortable to see my best friend so annoyed. I mean, can you imagine the feeling of bugs crawling in your hair, with no way to fix it? Poor, poor dogs!
Of course, I had to treat Sgt.. Pepper, also. I know the drill.
Funny thing, though. In all of these domestic problems, I must admit that there is a certain pleasure in having someone or something else to worry about, other than myself. I have better odds at fixing a flea problem on my pets, than I do, fixing the numerous problems that I have with marfan syndrome.
I have a sense of normalcy, when I have problems like that of the general population. That feels good and like I can relate to "normal". :)
In fact, two days ago, I had a medical procedure on my leg. I had a vein that popped out like a varicosity, back when my aorta dissected. Due to the dissection, I hadn't had blood flow to my legs in a couple weeks or more, so I was flown to Stanford hospital and they inserted a stent in my groin. The blood rushed through my legs so fast, that it created a big canal vein that shouldn't be there. It was not attractive, and it also became very painful. Unlike most people, though, insurance paid for me to have foam shot into it to kill the vein walls. It's mostly done as a cosmetic procedure.
So, that is another thing that makes me feel normal. I have had to wear these awful compression stockings, 24/7 for three days. Lucky me! I chose the warmest days of summer, to have to wear those!
But, it's another thing that makes me feel normal. This is the kind of surgery or procedure that the general population has to deal with. I like that I'm included. :) I do!
Man, I'm talkative, this morning. I should stop. It's 5:30 in the morning, and I'm much too awake for that hour!
So, I'm trying to decide whether I trust David enough to water my garden and potted plants. What do you think? Do I dare?
I think so... I think I'll just go. After all, it's normal for kids to mess up. Right?

June 26, 2015

Oregon city is pretty with its fragrant blooms crowding the air, but the Kilchis house is just plain fairy tale land.
As I walk around the block in my Oregon City neighborhood, I really enjoy those warm, evening breezes. I stop to smell each neighbor's rose display, and chat with any or all of the my neighbors that are likewise enjoying the evening. I do love that! I love having nice neighbors!
But at home, there are things that make anyone envious! The crystal Kilchis river waters cascade over moss coated rocks. They are deep green and drippy just about year around. The entire picture gives the area a cool and comfortable feel.
If you listen closely, the river is playing an orchestral concert, featuring new composers each night. The music is dependent on the water's level and force. The different melodies bounce off the trees and hills that rise sharply from the river.
Tonight, I'll listen from under a stack of covers, windows full open to let the cool air and music surround me. 
In the mornings light, tiny blue butterflies dance in the suns rays, fluttering just off of my fingertips.  Pink salmon berry blossoms burst out against thick grassy brambles. Underneath a carpet of moss on a shaded trail, little purple flowers poke smiling faces out and about and rock back-and-forth in the breeze.

Perfect magic, pure joy.

June 27, 2015

Just so you all know, I'm doing an order for Salty Dog Burgees, and you need to pre order, if you want one! You can pre order at the store. Just scroll down on this page, till you get to the Salty Dog Burgee pic, and go to the right to use Paypal. Remember that you can use Paypal with your own credit card. It's just a method that I use that is simple!
The flag is over to your right, or you can click here to see the thread.
You can also just find the Ifish/decals store link up top and click on that. :)
Please order asap, so we can get going on this! The faster, the better! Gotta have a flag, you know! Aye, maties!

June 30, 2015

I know why I don't write as much!
Remember a week or more ago, I said I had these "Aha!" moments thru out my day when I wanted to remember to write about something?
Well, yeah! I still have those! But, I've forgotten them, by the next morning! That's my problem! LOL
I have to tell you, I do remember yesterday, having several of those, "Oh! I've got to write about that, tomorrow!" moments, but yeah! I've forgotten what the heck they were by morning!
Just another sweet reminder moment, where I realize that age is catching up with me! Gah! I don't like that!
I have to really think about it, and by then, the passion is subdued.
But, I have done my morning thinking, and this is what it was.
What the heck are these things!?
I can not for the life of me, figure out what I have growing in the forest, out there, but I have declared war. I cannot stop myself from trying to eradicate them.
I have done endless research on the net, trying to figure out what they are. I don't think they are man root, "marah oraganus" or whatever you call them... (Otherwise, known as wild cucumber). I really don't think that's what they are, but they might be?
But, I did find out that my pulling them up, like you'd pull a weed, isn't doing much good.
I guess that they have a long, tuberous like root underground, and this is what continues to thrive, and sprouts again next spring. I have to kill that!? Oh, my! In a tangle of weeds, trees, vines, weeds, and all of that, I have to find the place it comes out of the ground, dig down and kill that?? Well, good luck, me!! I don't think so!
These are long green vines, with curly cue tendrils that hang down. They are awful, fast growing plants that wind up and around all of the trees and choke out the daylight!
I can't go outside with Willie, without finding a patch and instead of dedicating my attention to my demanding dog, I must... I cannot stop pulling these darn things! I am trying to save the trees or blackberries from being choked out. I know. Blackberries are not a prize for most, but I love to pick berries! I'd rather have blackberries than I would, whatever this invasive species is!
They have the ugliest of spiny fruits that hang down, and they look like something out of a sci fi movie. What's worse, is that each year, there are more, and more of these!
I have nightmares of them coming closer and closer to the house, until we are all shaded in by this crazy vine! It reminds me of shows I've seen about Kudzu.
I began, early in the Spring, untangling and pulling them out from their reaches. But, now? The danged survivors are upwards of 30 feet tall, winding up and through the trees heights. I grab the widest stem I can find, and pull it out of the tangle of leaves, above. I can't quit, until I have found most of them in one spot. Then, and only then, can I return my attention to Willie. By that time, he's bored, and wants to go in.
It scares me, sometimes. I'm sure that one of these times, it's going to be wrapped up and about a bee hive, or something I shouldn't be messing with! Yikes. A couple times I have pulled, and have been warning-whacked by a bee. I always wonder, "Is that the first in a series?" I run! So far, I've been lucky!
But, one good thing... Every year, Bill and I study the coming of the fruit tree blossoms, and wonder if we are going to be blessed with real fruit. Pears, cherries, apples, etc. We can't figure out if it's the weather, or the lack of honey or mason bees, or if it's the tree that needs to be pruned. What?
But, we were just sure that nothing was going to fruit, this year.
I have a habit of studying each tree, when I get to the coast. One by one, I stare up into the leaves, searching for any sign of a pear, an apple... just one cherry? Well...
I found Asian pears! WHOO HOOO! We have asian pears, this year! The last time was the year we had our very last ifishstock! It's been about 10 years! I couldn't wait until Bill got home from town so I could hold his hand, and take him out to see! He hadn't noticed them! WHOOP! So exciting!
The blueberries are ripening. We always have good luck, there.
Wow. It's summer time! The blackberries are next! Blackberries, and squash, and tomatoes! Oh, my!
I thought about all of that, as I walked passed a good bramble of blackberry vines, and studied the oncoming fruit.
Just wow. It seems like not a week had passed, when I was excited about our first Hood Strawberries. Now, we are already onto blackberries?! Where did the interim days go?
Because, after blackberries is Halloween, and that means that after that, winter comes, and...
I just have one thing to say about all of this. You'd better enjoy each fruit that comes, and not take one berry or pear for granted!
That's what I have to say about that!