Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

June 2013
My spring chinook secrets!

June 2, 2013

Happy June! (A little late!)
Used to be I was so on top of it. The first of the month would roll around, and I'd be first to wish you a happy month. Not so much, lately. Let's just say I'm more relaxed!
That's a good thing at times, but I'm not sure if it is, for fishing. Can we be relaxed and still catch fish? I've seen it done!
So, as I wrote last, I'm working on figuring this out.
No more of this relaxed stuff for me.
I want to catch fish, and I need to know if that is my problem.
Yesterday, I set my alarm for 4:30 AM. By golly, I'm going to catch fish! Or, so I thought...
I went down to start the coffee, which is ordinarily set for a relaxed 6:30 or 7:00.
Normally, (and late-ly) Bill gets up and I, shortly after. I come down, give the cat and the dogs treats, (Look at all the animals in the zoo, jumping up and down for you!) pour my coffee, and settle in at the computer to read my e mail and the days news, while Bill reads the paper. There are nearly two decades of difference in our ages, and our media choices.
But, yesterday there was no news nor internet. I brought Bill a cup of coffee to lure him out of his cozy nest.
We had a tournament to fish, Bill! Get up!
We were on the road by 6:00. That wasn't my plan. I was shooting for 5, but 6 was better than usual.
The weather man predicted sunshine and 80. It was cloudy and rainy.
In confidence of our weather man, we hadn't worn rain clothes. We decided if it rained, we'd quit when we got cold. So, as it poured on us, I dug a garbage bag out of the boat seat to cover my lap, and Bill used an ancient poncho that had lost its weather proofing back in his guiding years.
We were soaked!
The rain eventually stopped, and my jeans dried in the hazy sunshine, Willie, still soaked to the bone, however, hopped on my lap and re wetted me quite thoroughly. That's fishing!
I took a video of all my secret fishing methods. I'll share:

You can click on the bottom right corner of the video, to make it bigger.
At about noon, we gave up. We didn't see one fish played, boated, or marked. Not one!
I couldn't get to sleep the night before. I was so tired! So, so tired! I think I got about 3 hours of sleep. I was just so excited to do things right! To catch my springer! I was due!
I worked so hard at it! I knew... I just knew it would be my lucky day! I expected a fish with every cast!
But, it just wasn't to be.
It was nice, though, to do things mostly right. Waking early is a good start to being dialed in. That's what it takes, these days, I'm sure. If waking early didn't do the trick, by golly, you have to be dialed in. That means talking to everyone the night after fishing. That means talking to everyone during fishing! Cell phones and all!
Bill grumbles. Cell phones and internet and blah, blah, blah... Newspapers are old news, Bill. We must- we must be technologically advanced in order to catch fish these days!
And so, we are a team. Bill and I. He makes sure we have all the know how of fishing that has always brought fish to the boat. I bring technology to the table. Together, yes. We are a team!
We will catch fish!
I am NOT going to lose faith!
I had a dear friend, Ben Tagliovento. I used to fish with him when I was in my twenties, and he, in his sixties. We'd fish together often and when we'd go, we'd usually go late.
He'd say, "Let the race horses go, and then we'll go later and catch all the fish they didn't have the skill to find."
We caught fish. Oh, boy, did we catch fish!
So, phooey on the youth thing. Phooey on the early morning bite.
We must, no matter what, no matter age, dialed in or not, we must... expect a fish with every cast!
(By the way, we heard later that fish were caught in the afternoon, right where we were fishing! Pheh!) So much for the early bird, getting the worm!

June 5, 2013

My breath was taken from me yesterday.
The water was high on the Kilchis. I probably shouldn't have been canoeing, at all. Even the dogs had trouble following me through the current. One of the dangers of canoeing in high currents are the rocks that are high, but hidden only slightly under the cover of moving water. I aimed the canoe upriver and rowed with all my might. Yay! Missed the rocks! Nothing more scary that being stuck on a rock with the current pulling me here and there! Yikes.
I made it to the other side, and when I landed the canoe, I found myself under the long stump of a fallen tree. The past storms and very high waters had cut it off, just at the water line.
I stood up, and there I saw it, and my breath left me. It was one of my favorite things to see. Tiny purple flowers, bursting out of the side of the tree, in a neat little bunch. So beautiful! The tips of the moss had millions of tiny water drops of dew on them, and they shone in the sunshine, and on top, these dainty little purple flowers, reaching for the sun!

It's just simple. Simple, pure beauty, but it made my day. This is an older picture of the same thing that I found a couple years ago. It happens only once a year about this time of year, and I was so glad to see it, again! It's like a prize, when you find it!
These little purple flowers are lots of places right now. They cover the rocks and moss, lining my favorite trail to the river. I love these flowers there, too, but when you find them on a dying host, like that... I don't know. It's just magic!
Want to see more magic?

click to zoom

Here is what Bill Jr. had to say about the lure:
That little guy kicked major b(xxx) and the aerial display was impressive.... Totally surprised the barbless didn't blow this one for me! Those crystals put off a prism like you wouldn't believe- no wrap needed, just a tad dab of liquid scent on the butt & bill of the plug and add water - voila! First time I've been able to use it for the fishing seasons and its showing GREAT promise!

During the Sportsman Show this year, I gave Bill Jr. Monroe my prized Kwikfish lure. This is one that I had spent much time applying tons of Swarovski crystals to. It is a kind of relaxing thing for me to do, but the crystals are rather expensive. The end product was a lure that he dunked in the water for 15 minutes, and came up with this! Way to go, Bill Jr! I am so proud! I've named it the "Kwik-ovski" lure! I'm making more, today! Whoo hooo! Bring on the summer chinook!
I'm going to cross that river again, today. Don't worry. I'm wearing my life jacket. But, I must... I simply must see my moss covered, flowered log, again!

June 9, 2013

"Twas a very fine day in the first part of May..."
Funny. I wrote a poem when I was perhaps 16? 17? and it started like that. So, it's not May, but it's still a very fine day...
The rest of the first line..
"Twas a very nice day in the first part of May, when the ladies met at noon, to launder."
What was I thinking?
I was driving to Disneyland with my parents. My brother David and I were in the back seat. We picked him up at college (U of O) and began the long drive. What was I doing back then? Writing! Stacks and stacks of notebooks. I used to have a thing for clean, brand new college ruled notebooks! Oh! And new pens! I used to go to the stationary store and try out new pens. They had a little pad next to the pen area, where you could test them. Oh, I still love new pens! I haven't had a new notebook in years. I think I may go get one to see if the fascination still exists. Thing is, though, my handwriting used to be so nice! But, now, since I don't write as often, my handwriting is not so nice. It's difficult for my long fingers to wrap around a pen, nicely. I can type pretty, though! Just watch me pick a font!
I have been busy making my friends new lures with my bedazzlers. It's an expensive hobby, but it sure is fun! And people love them! See this thread!
I made a post just now adding some tips on how you can do it yourself, easily. More than anything, this is just kind of a fun way to impress your friends. Make one for your girlfriend! She'll fish if she can use diamonds! :)
Frankly, I really don't know if they give you an advantage. If the point is to get the fish's attention, by golly, this will do it! It may work! It may work magically! It may also scare them off! I don't know! It sure seems like it would work to me! They are just very expensive to make if you use Swarovski crystals. There are some x brand crystals out there that are less expensive, but I just don't think they give off the same prism.- The same bling. Swarovskis just shout out "CRYSTAL!"
It's a nice day, although there is a cloud cover, hanging over the sky. Frankly, I'm having a bit of a "blue" day.
I've been having some trouble at home, here. I was warned not to have my friends move in with me. Did I listen?
When we have good times, we really have good times. Sitting in the hot tub, giggling till late at night. Those are the good times I'll not forget!
I had my "best" friend move in with me, anyhow, and sure enough, we are not getting along. Makes me so sad, as she was (and is, darnit!) my closest friend. One who I always thought would love me, stick by me, no matter what.
We have been through, and held each other up, through our separate divorces, together. Leaned on each other when our family members passed, etc.
But, darnit, if marriages are difficult, and it is hard to live with your spouse forever, what do you have to motivate you to keep getting along, without the worry of the "D" word. Divorce!
I don't want to lose my friend. I've known her since I was 5 years old. We were in the Canby Parade, together!
It's just petty differences, really, that have interrupted our friendship. Nothing big and serious, but just small, stuff. Usually, we don't sweat that small stuff, but lately things aren't smooth.
Before I asked her to move in, I read some material that says that no one... not any/ body will care about your house, like the owner does, when you rent out a room. I paid for this house, and I have pride in it. It feels like it's only me that really cares if the lawn is mowed, the garden is weeded, or the house is clean. Maybe I should sell half to her? :)
Anyhow, I love my friend, and I told her so. I hope that we can work things out, that we can fix our friendship, if she moves.
We have been through so many relationships together. We have met each and every others boyfriend we have had, since we were teenagers! She went to Diamond Lake with our family, way back when. I went to the Metolius with her family.
I have a letter she wrote me about 15 years ago. It really touched my heart, and only served to cement our close friendship. I have the letter tucked in my top drawer, at the Kilchis. After all, what does BFF mean, if not "Best friends forever?"
No one is easy to live with, I have decided. No one. Especially me!
So, it is what it is, and I'm praying for a resolution. I could use more prayer power, if you want to join in!
I'm leaving for the coast, tomorrow to fish. I can't wait! I need a new perspective and hey! Maybe a fish! And then, maybe I could fix things with fresh springer on the bbq! That fixes everything!

June 12, 2013

Wow. 5:00 AM. I'm up!
I'm getting good at this getting up early thing. Good, or stupid, I'm not sure which. Especially when I hit the sack at midnight. Four hours sleep! Not good. Rising early used to come so naturally. Sleeping early, too. I'd eat dinner, fly fish, and then sleep. Easy button!
Since Andrew's death, everything is off kilter.
I'm sure sleep will hit me sooner rather than later!
Last week, Bill had plans to take a client on a fishing trip and I was invited by the customer. Bill had auctioned off a Springer trip at the Steelheaders Banquet. At the last minute, we couldn't get a hold of him, so the trip was cancelled.
It was rescheduled for this week, but he's taking his son, and I thought it would be too crowded. I still wanted to make certain Bill got up in time, so I helped by setting my alarm as a back up, and... I'm up, now! I just can't get back to sleep with all the excitement in the air!
I think I'll write and then go out fly fishing. By that time, I may be sleepy enough to crawl back under the "kivers". :)
Last night I couldn't get to sleep after spending the evening fly fishing. That used to make me tired and able to sleep, but I hadn't done it in so long, that I was all excited! It was so fun to feel that fish knocking on my fly rod! Whoo hooo!
Not only that, but the entire experience! It had been so long! I love the connection of the river to a fly line to me! You become part of the whole thing! The rod becomes an extension to your arm, and the end of the fly, your fingertips. I can reach out and "touch" each rock; each strength and length of current.
While fly fishing, I wonder why I even like to climb into a big old boat and sit out there waiting... and waiting... and waiting for the illusive Springer bite.
I enjoy it. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy the anticcccc... i pation of that bite! The big bite!
But, this year I have had no Springer bite, and that makes me doubtful about things, of course. No fish makes for a doubtful attitude!
While fly fishing, I feel like I become part of all that surrounds me. I can reach out and (oops!) touch the leaves on the maple tree, across the river! I can also (yay!) tickle it right out of there, so that it lands in the water, very naturally and (splursh!) fish on!
There is nothing like casting out and having the fly land gently on the water. Perfection! That "perfect" cast happens (at least for me) very rarely! You know, that perfect cast where the loop is perfect, the line then shoots out from the rod tip, sails through the air, and the fly lands as naturally as a butterfly would to a flower- an inch from the opposite shore. Ah! Perfection!
The current that separates the slow sides of either side of the stream, gently pulls at your line, and tries to convince the fly into its flow. But, no! I mend the line, flipping it back again, to stay longer.... longer in the opposite frog water. I want it to move, but ever so naturally, ever so slowly, swirling just a bit.
Finally, I give in to the current, and, and... this is the part I love! I open my hand, fully, palm up to the sky. I allow the current to take over, to pull my fly into it. It is the most unreal and satisfying moment. It's as if I am feeding the line into the current, and my line actually becomes part of the flow. "To thee, my river, I surrender my line..." I feel the power of the water pulling smoothly at my line, as it slowly slides through my open hand. "River? I give you my all."
My fly buries itself in the water with reckless abandon. Swirling deeper, deeper into the dark, black hole of water. The fly then pauses, as it butts up against a boulder on the opposite shore, searching, seeking, trying to find its way around, and then pulling again, finding the current to the next riffle. My effort then, is to keep it there, tho. I want it to stay deep against that rock for a bit. I want it to search out the entire depths.
I can only imagine what the fish sees. You know, that huge sea run cutthroat that lives down at the bottom of that boulder, where the water is dark and cold and defies all current. That.. THAT is where the monster cutthroats live! I know that, because I can't see anything down there!
I try to keep my fly down there as long as possible. Even though that's probably not the most natural presentation. It's just that it's difficult to keep it down there, and 'difficult' catches fish, right? Right?!
I adore how my line swirls around back and forth, yet I imagine my fly to be stationary, down there. Sometimes I can get my line to corkscrew around and around, deeper and deeper and just hold there! Hold-- at least for a bit! That is when the fish will bite. RIGHT?
Fly plunking. Uh huh.
I just love the anticipation!
Growing tired, my legs aching from standing in a slippery and awkward position, I decided to take a seat on a small rock at my feet. Of course, when I take a seat, Willie has to come and sit on my lap, and the rock is tippy and half in, half out of water. It was then, that very moment, as I slowly slide into the shallows with Willie on top of me (Brrr!) that sure enough, a fish bites!
By then, my line was hither and yon.
"Oh! Oh! Willie! Get up! Get up! I have a fish!" My left hand pulled back on the line, but in a very unnatural way. I had one leg splayed out in the water, and one underneath me. I had a dog half in my lap, and half being thrown to the side. "Willie! Willie! I have a fish! Get up!" He was trying, while I was clumsily defying his efforts! Finally up, I began to bring the fish to hand. (Don't I talk right?) :)
Oh! It must be big! "It's really big, Willie!" It had been so long since I had been attached to a fish that I had forgotten the feeling, but it felt big with my 4 weight!
I saw the fish. It was not big.
It was a five inch smolt.
Thank God I pinch the barbs off of all my fly hooks. With the expert techniques I learned from Bill, I gently reached down to release the poor little guy with my cute little fly fishing pliers. A quick grab and shake, and off he goes.
Poor little fish that doesn't know anything. Not anything at all. He doesn't know that a Borden's Special is not a real fly, and even if it were, it wouldn't be down so deep in a swirling pool against a huge boulder.
Silly fish. As silly as the girl who caught you! We are a good match.
He'll learn, though. He'll learn that when he sees a girl sitting on the rocks with a dog in her lap on the shore, one leg in the water, and one reaching to the sky- not to bite fake flies that are in places they shouldn't be. I don't know that I'll ever learn.
Half soaking wet, I was off to the next riffle. I was casting flies in four feet of water, casting my line up river, letting it float down, rinse, repeat. A more natural presentation. A more schooled approach.
Did I catch anything worth bragging about, fishing that way? No.... but I had a great time, and like I said, I had such a great time that sleep, later that night, defied me. I replayed each and every cast, over and over in my mind, until finally, the clock struck midnight and I turned off my light. Couldn't turn off my mind, though. It kept going like the EveReady battery.
Maybe I should have used a floating fly? Maybe I should have fished down river in the depths? Maybe... Just maybe I should have...
I'm awake, now, and I think I'll go give it a try, again. Bill is out in the boat, waiting for that mysterious Springer bite.
Last time I went, I embarrassed myself to death. My spinner got caught up on some wood, and did something that when I used to laugh at others for doing. I mean, I hit that wood so hard that it hit like a train. I was SURE it was a fish!
Yes. I was so sure it was a fish. Two years ago, I would have known. But now, in all my inexperience, recently, I was so excited that I yelled at the top of my lungs, and jumped up and down! "I have a fish! A fish! Bill! It's BIG!"
That wood felt SO good!
Yes. It was driftwood.
Thank GOD no one saw me. Believe me, I looked. My face was SO red. I yelled about it loud enough for people to hear in town!
Having Bill see me do that was bad enough. I scanned the water and any nearby houses. I sure hope no one saw me. Sheesh.
It felt like a fish. It really did. It was right after I put on the right lipstick, too, and I was going to show Bill that the right lipstick really works.
Ya know? I have to get out more. I really, really do.
And so, I'm going to pick up my fly rod and do just that.

June 18, 2013

Ever looked at your garage, and decided it would take you forever to clean it up? Your bedroom? Your glove box?
So, you just shut it and hope that it won't be seen?
The problem seems so immense that you couldn't possibly do anything about it?
That's how I felt since about Friday, when I began getting tons of failed e-mails through ifish. I mean, hundreds of them! Fail after fail after fail! And Google mail, which I am just learning, has this conversation feature, that groups all the same conversations into one, so I had to learn that, too, and.... I just threw my hands up and waited for someone else to fix it. :)
That didn't happen.
So... I finally sat down with a cup of coffee this morning, and began to unravel the mess.
It took me all of 10 minutes to figure it out, and Voila! The garage is clean!
It really wasn't that bad, once I sat down and just began to "do" it!
Oh! By the way, the day after I left the coast, Bill called. "Got a springer!" OH! OH MY GOSH! I mean, I just left! And I missed my fresh springer dinner! Dang! I mean, I'm so glad he caught one. He had been out 8 trips without, and finally caught his springer. I just wish I'd have been with him! And if he caught one, I might have caught one, too! Why, oh why did I leave?!
Because I had to. :)
My family took some time to build a memorial at my Grandparents home in Forest Grove. That's where my Mom, my Dad and my Grandpas' ashes are.
It turned out beautiful, although I wasn't much help. It's difficult, and it's frustrating to have a 10 pound limit from your doctor during a project that you must shovel gravel and sand, and lift stones over 10 pounds, etc. Jokingly, I was given gloves and a chair and told to direct. Pheh!
But, it sure turned out beautiful. I love my family. :)
I took a small amount of Andrew's ashes, and spread them there, also.
Why... why on earth do I have my son's ashes, anyhow? No fair.
Darnit. Wrote this yesterday, and forgot to upload it.
It's been a trying couple of days, trying to figure out a bounced email issue with ifish members who have bad email addresses. If your e mail address is old or not working, please, please, update it so that it doesn't bounce, K?

June 19, 2013

I finally got brave enough the other day to open my son's box of ashes. I walked to the room where they were stored, saying, "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this."
A friend of his, Dan, wanted to spread some up on the Kilchis, where they spent two summers striking trails up the river.
That was the happiest I ever saw Andrew, when they were on this project. He loved it!
Dan and Andrew had a dream, and Dan is playing it out. You can read about it, or watch the video, here.
So, I opened up the ashes, and put some in a zip lock and wrapped it up nicely and put it in a gift bag. How bizarre. I mean, how do you deliver ashes to someone?
I drove to his house, and called him. He came out. It was early morning. He reached in the car to hug me, and we hugged, crying, in that awkward position, for quite some time. Tears are coming more easily, these days. Wide, open, free tears for my son. No. Not tears for my son, but for me. For the sadness in losing him. I feel sorry for myself, I guess. For the emptiness that happens when I cook something he'd love, or when I want to share something that he, and only he would appreciate. Tears for my other son, David, and the loneliness he must feel. For the fact that he has no one, now. He's an only son. Thank God he has wonderful cousins.
I am still unsure of what to do with the rest of them. David was supposed to have a gathering of his and Andrew's friends at the Kilchis house, and we were going to spread them, there. However, David hasn't gotten that gathering together. I'm going to see if he wants help planning it.
I'm headed back to the Coast tomorrow. I've got so much to do, today that I'd better get going.
Hope you have a lovely day! Catch something big and tasty, this weekend!

June 21, 2013

How often do you stop and wonder when you'll get to see your loved ones, again?
This makes me cry, every time. I miss my Daddy. I also miss our times at Diamond Lake, where much of this was filmed. I have such awesome memories!

June 23, 2013

The acoustics this morning are like being in a stadium. The music is enchanting!
Goldfinch, the repetitious black headed and evening grosbeaks, purple finches, pine siskins, and one (yes, just one) tananger. "Bill! A tananger! Come see!" Oh, they are so beautiful! They totally grab the stage. Even with just one!
I had to just sit and listen, this morning. I stared out the window. Bill has a better view than I in the kitchen. It really is stunning. But I work on the other side of the house, and it's pretty darn nice here, also.
Because of the cloud cover (which hid my view of the moon last night, by the way) the bird songs are squeezed down close to the earth where I can really hear them. They echo against the cloud cover. There is a slight mist falling from the sky. Does that also enhance the songs? I don't know, but it sure seems like it.
Along with the melodies of the song birds, all of the sudden I hear "whooo whooo whoooooo". It's a group of band tailed pigeons, waiting their turn at the feeders. Bill gets mad at them. They eat too much and they are messy.
As soon as we leave, they take over the place, spilling out seeds everywhere, and making total chaos out of the feeding area.
A chickadee chirps "chickadee dee dee" and flits to the feeder and back to his safety. Wonder where that is? Where are all these bird nests and such?
A hummy flies to the feeder, then comes to the window and still in flight, stares at me. It makes me giggle.
In the barn we have a mud nest of barn swallows. They are so seemingly careless. Here they protect their nest with everything they have, flying and darting at my head to keep me away. Yet, they make these sloppy nests that are often unsuitable for little babies and they fall out, or the nest breaks off in chunks. I guess it just evens out the population, but I hate to see it and I love to try to rescue them. If I put them back in the nest, the parents don't like my smell, so I try to pick them up with gloves or a paper towel and place them back in the nest. That is, if it's still nest-able! Sloppy swallows. That's what I'm going to call David, if his room is a mess, next time. David! You sloppy swallow!
The olive greens are in the same house that they always have been, next to my office. It's so cute to see Mommy poking her head out, like "What a nice day it is". She looks out at the world and thinks all is well.
It is! All is well at the Kilchis River house. Today. Today, all is well!
I can tell you one thing. I am not going to be in Oregon City for July 4th. Once was enough!
It was fun last year, and all the loud booms were exciting. For a moment or two, anyhow. After that, it's like, "Can we go to bed, now?" People would just not quit! Three in the morning still filled with fireworks!
Willie was just a pup but Willie the pup did not like it at all! Not one bit!
Yesterday I saw the blueberries getting ripe, and the sight of them soared me into the future. Those are the blueberries that I often have ripe well into Fall. It is coming, again. Already! Yikes! Why, so early in the summer am I fretting Fall?
Soon, way too soon, these wonderful, beautiful, lovely spring birds that we have performing for us will be gone. The Kilchis valley will go through that pinch period, where all is quiet in the morning. No bird songs. Just total stillness. Not a breath of wind. The lush grasses that line the road here, will die and turn brown.
It's a depressing time for me, when the birds leave. I don't like that "death" of summer.
You know how we associate monumental things in our life with the weather? At least, I do. And now, I'll have Andrew's death to add to that awful, quiet, hot summer pinch period. Oh, thoughts! Leave me!
A friend called me last night to tell me of her sister's sons death. It sent me reeling back into hellish memories. Oh, how I felt for her. She found him, there, just as I did. Oh, I wanted to hug that lady.
Leave me! Thoughts, go! I want to remain here with my stadium of birds in concert! Where all is peaceful and alive!
Today, while the blossoms still cling to the vine... You know? I want to stay here.
I want to enjoy today, without thinking of tomorrow. All is well, right this very moment.
The sun might come out tomorrow, as Annie promises, but too many tomorrows and it will be darn quiet. I'd just as soon appreciate today, thank you.

June 27, 2013

The river is up a bit, so I've been a little more active, fly fishing the past few days. That is, in between feeling really sick. I've had some kind of hit or miss virus or something. Just haven't felt really good in months. Some folks say that chemo takes years to get over. Maybe that's me. I don't know!
Bill and I have really messed up on tides o-- one thing and another! It's always something that keeps us from clamming or fishing.
I think the only thing that keeps me going is intention and anticipation! I intend to fish a bunch for the millions of salmon coming into Astoria, this year. You know, just like I intended to really spend some quality time fishing for Springers this year. I didn't end up fishing much, but hey! My intentions were good, and the anticipation woke me up each morning with a smile!
ICAST is coming right up, and David, my son, is going with me to help me out. I can't wait. I think this year will be really fun! I can't wait to try to get David more interested in both the web site side of things, and the fishing side of things!
David is doing SO well, and I'm so thankful for that, that I kind of hold my breath. He's going to ITT tech, and he loves it! He really feels like he is getting an education. When he went to a standard college, (and actually, high school, too) he felt under challenged. Not that he gave it as much of a chance as I'd hoped, but really, it's no wonder. I mean, the"talented and gifted" program for him consisted of sitting him outside the school class room in the hall, with an advanced book. That was pretty much it!
Well, it's back to the city for me.
Willie and I had such a great time, here. He is learning how exciting it is when Mom reaches for the fly rod. I love that!
I had the craziest bite, yesterday. I loved it! I was fishing with a Borden's Special and it hadn't gotten a chance to get really wet, so it was sitting on the top of the water, just starting to go down a bit and BAM! A cut came up out of the water, just like a bass would, and hit that fly so hard! That plays over and over in my mind! I really need one of those hat style cameras to catch this kind of action on video! Wouldn't that be cool?