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June 2011
Isn't she pretty? Trailcam shot 2011

June 4th

Never. Not in a million years have I been this late in wishing you all a Happy June!
I'm off to my niece' wedding, this morning. I can't believe, but I'm so excited that she has such a beautiful day in which to get married! Yay, Allison!
Anyhow, I'm late, as usual... so I'll go.
Never have I missed the Bounty on the Bay tournament! Wah!
But... I must go. Family first!

June 5th

I want to study geography.
I didn't study well in high school. I find now that as I look back, the art of studying is the most valuable thing to learn! However, it's difficult to teach, as people all learn in different ways.
I did pretty well in school. Not great, but if I wanted to get a good grade, I could, and without too much trouble.
I had perfect pitch in music, and when I got to college, we had this test where the professor would drop a needle on a record, in the middle of a work of music, and we were to tell her the key it was in. Now, most people had to study and listen and recall. But, since I had perfect pitch, I could just listen and know. So, of course, I didn't study. I "cheated!" I guess? Whatever, when the prof. found out I had perfect pitch, I got in trouble!
I guess in geography, I just quick studied and remembered, but just as quickly, forgot. I don't know how I got thru it, because I am so dumb now, in geography!
I just received an e mail that there was an earthquake West of Macquarie Island. I guess I'm still learning, as I googled it, and found it, and now I'll remember that! I wish I were one of those people that knew where it was, without Googling. Kids, don't cheat! Listen, learn, study!
It's really gotten to me, lately, especially. I don't want to die, not knowing things!
It's not everyone that when they go to lock a door, that they think twice, "If I die, will people be able to get in?" And I do think those things. Even in ladies bathrooms!
But, also, along with those thoughts, I know that I need to live every day, as richly as I am able.
I had a doctor's appointment this week and I looked at him straight in the eye and asked, "How long do you think I'll live?" He, too, was baffled! I could tell! I honestly should not be alive.
I mean, it was what? Six years ago, that I was told, "If you want to travel, travel now." I thought I knew what that meant, when my surgeon told me that, but just to be sure, the next appointment, I asked, "What did you mean by that?" I was straight with him, and I hoped the return would be the same. He gave me a short talk on how doctors are in a strange position in answering questions like that, but the long and short of it was, that yes, there was a good chance I wouldn't make it long. How long, no one knows, but in the near future, I'll have to have my aorta repaired again. It's not a pretty operation.
But, then again.... here I am! Still kickin'! Not only did I last this long with a totally dissected aorta, but now I've survived cancer, too! Am I indestructible? I should never get to thinking that way! But, it's really tough to make financial decisions. And, at the same time, I know that we should all live like today is our last day! I know that like not many others!
I mean seriously. It's frustrating! Do I buy a house, or do I travel? I can't travel far, because I have my Kilchi-my-cuteso! (That's me puppy!) He wouldn't enjoy plane trips and I'd have to take him with me!
So, I'm still looking for an affordable house, and I'll just plan short trips in the US. Not be gone too long, and yet live a rich and full life, every day!
Oh, my. Bill just called. He donated a trip to the Steelheaders and Russell Basset bought it. He took Josiah Darr with him, also. They are... get this. "stuck on a sand bar until about 3 PM. It is now 9 in the morning. Oh, BILL! Oh, ohhhhh Bill!
And to think I almost went, too!
The good news is that they have a salmon in the box. The bad news? Oh, ohhhhh, Bill!
The old saying goes, "The only people who haven't been stuck on the sand bar in Tillamook Bay are the people who haven't been stuck...yet."
They are out by Ray's place.
Oh, yeah! Guess who won the tournament, yesterday? Bounty on the Bay!?! George Buckingham and his brother! They really did well, with three nice big spring chinook! They even had another, but it had too many fins. Way to go, you guys!
Study the bay! It's a good idea that everyone buy a copy of these beautiful aerial pictures of Tillamook Bay. Look under "Galleries/Tillamook Bay 2011"
If you are interested you can contact Don at [email protected] and study the bay!
They help, but yes. Almost everyone gets stuck in Tillamook Bay at one time or another. The only time I was stuck, we were only stuck for 10 minutes. So, I hope that pays my dues. And yes. When I was stuck, I actually did think that if something happened to me, then, how would an ambulance get to me?
Bill has even figured out where life flight should land in our meadow, if the worst were to happen. He has it all mapped out.
To think that some people don't even think twice about their daily lives leaves me scratching my head, because it's not just me. I have been lucky enough to have my road lay out before me. Even if it isn't correct, even if I live to be 95, by some strange chance, I am blessed with knowing that life is fragile and that I must live each day like it's my last. I feel like it's a real gift, that I've been blessed with.
Even if I choose to live with the doors unlocked, at all times. :)

June 9th

I went for a wonderful walk last afternoon.
The air was perfectly still. The clouds were heavy and low and the river was without movement, except for the slow current of late Spring.
There were shades of aging redds in the river, and the otters played on the other side. I sat for the longest time, while Kilchis dug a hole. Rev roamed and swam and frolicked.
Tiny purple blossoms burst out of the deep green grasses around me and it made everything right. The river heals me!
I went for a short canoe ride, and Molly the river cat came along. She sat in the bow as we paddled around, looking for the first time, at the changes the river has made.
Molly cleaned herself a while, and then with me, began staring into the depths as we swirled around in a current.
It's a wonder we didn't float off into the abyss. By the time I looked up, I was yards from where I started. Quick! Paddle upstream!
The bottom of the river is more shallow, each year. The very deepest hole in "the bedroom hole" is filling in, each year, and the home side of our river bank is chunking off, and getting deeper, by shore. I wonder what it will be like in ten years? 20? I wonder if someone out there in some geography study is watching it from a satellite, and wondering if they should put rocks in, to stop the changes. Do they do that?
The road to the Kilchis Park has been trimmed of its Spring overgrowth. I was so hoping they'd let it grow, this year. I was hoping that the road crew didn't have enough money, this year, to keep it trimmed back. I mean, they don't fix the potholes as often with the reduced budget... so, well? I was just hoping! But, it's been trimmed. It is still green and lush. Soon, summer will come and the green will fade, but right now, it's beautiful!
Bill and I let the tiny baby chickens out into the pen with the bigger chicks and they are doing fine. It was good to get them out of the laundry room and into the chicken house.
The first thing they did, was to take a dust bath. Now, how did they know to do that? No one taught them!
How do fish know to pick the right river to spawn in? Who taught them?
Now, the chicks are out of their cage, and doing a meet and greet with the "older ladies"!
We have this tiny little baby chicken. Her name is Yellow because... she is yellow! But, she's a banty, and the very smallest of them all. But, you'd never know it, by the way she is. She is brave and adventurous and so fun to watch! She gets out there with the big chickens and bosses them around, even though she's knee high to 'them' grass hoppers!
Andrew has been walking, each day... hiking, actually, and getting in shape. I guess he and his friend have carved out a neat little trail along the riverside, by walking it, each day. I have to go with them, to see where it takes me!
I'm worried about Stan Fagerstrom, and I have to write him, to see how his houses in Arizona are faring. Stan? I'm worried about you and yours!
I have this little male hummingbird this year, that visits me each morning. I can tell he's the same one by his coloring and size. Every day, he sits on the feeder and if it's not fresh, he just stares at me, until I change it.
Yesterday, I was out checking the raspberries, and he came to sit at a branch, and stare at me. He was so cute! I talked to him for the longest time and he just sat there and cocked his little head, flitted his wings, but didn't fly off for the longest time! It's so nice to get to know things around here. To get to know a certain bird, or watch a certain fish for days, as it builds its redd.
I do believe that the same birds come back, year after year. They know the way things work, where the feeders are, and what to expect.
As I look for a home in Portland, I see feeders in the pictures that I look at. The feeders were probably filled daily, and the same birds got to know those places. And then, the people move and the feeders go vacant, too. It worries me! I feel like I need to buy those homes, just to fill the feeders!
I woke with such a better attitude. The world looks better, when I sleep well.
In my mind, the puppy that was not being cared for right, is happy and playing, somewhere.
The young man I met in blue has a better attitude.
And the young man in the black Lexus is checking his blind spot.
Life is better when I feel good.
So, so much better!

Junuary 10th

Well, what do you know? It's cloudy, again! I doubt we will ever see the sun, this summer!
Summer? Where?
The other day I wrote about disappointment in people. It wasn't about any one certain thing so much as about feeling let down. Just certain rubs with different leagues of people that rubbed me wrong.
I guess I missed the mark, so I've deleted it. I just don't want to hurt any feelers.
That's the problem with keeping my own personal journal online. People read it! LOL. Sometimes I forget that! I do! I get so lost in just streaming thoughts, that I forget about "reply regret".
When I first started this, it truly was just my personal journal, but then, darnit, people started to read it.
I've been complimented so many times about how I write what I truly feel, but sometimes it hits the wrong mark... so I've found that I have to kinda cleanse my thoughts. To reread, and make sure that no one is hurt.
I've gotten into trouble more than once, by saying things!
So, perhaps I'll just write about pretty flowers and fish and unicorns and rainbows.
I can really understand the frustration of some of our members on the board. It would be SO nice to write everything we feel, and there is good in that! But, on the other hand, there are problems with that theory. People get hurt, and no one on earth wants to moderate what people really feel!
It's like the thought of reading someone else's mind and all the problems that would bring. Writing on the internet is the closest we have come to being able to read each others minds! People forget (including myself!) that others will be reading this, and often experience what I once coined "reply regret" on the board. I mean, if you even so much as have a fleeting thought that someone out there might be offended, THEY WILL! So, delete it! Quick!
And I forgot that very thing, when I wrote my column. I even did have reply regret, but I just let it go! I really wanted to say how I felt, darnit! Bad, Jennie! Delete it, Jennie! Delete!
I can still write what I really think, but I just need to keep it to the lighter side. To the good things I encounter in life.
I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended, by writing about how I really felt. It wasn't meant to be pointed at anyone. It was pointed at me, and how sad it was for me to have run-ins with people that hurt my otherwise fantasy image of them.
Anyhow, it's off to the lighter side... Want to go to the river?

Junuary 12th

Haven't caught a springer yet, so I just have to try one last time. At least the freezer is full, thanks to Bill! That should take the pressure off, but somehow, it just doesn't!
I used to figure that it takes at least 40 hours of trying in order to get a springer. Do you think that's still true? Or more? Less?
I just read a tweet from our friend ZaQ that stated he had like 60 springers in his boat? I have to reread that. Couldn't be! Could it?
Anyhow, I'm off to try. It's such a beautiful morning that there is no way I can lose!
And, if by chance I don't catch one, I'm going to dust off the old fly rod and do some free fishing on free fishing weekend!

Junuary 13th

One by one, we all dropped like flies.
I started feeling yucky right after fishing. So, so tired! Thought it was probably residual radiation symptoms, and drug myself upstairs.
I wonder if I would have felt the same, had I caught my long wished for Spring Chinook?!
My head hurt, and I knew that the community pain reliever stash was low. But, I had my own stash, upstairs! You learn to stash things, when the kids live at home!
While I watched the 101st version of "Property Virgins" on HGTV, I heard footsteps proceed towards the medicine cabinet, and then the onslaught. "Does anyone have any Advil?"
Something... something is in the air!
It must be the weather! It must be!
I cannot believe that as I stare at the upcoming weather report, there is not a hint of Mr. Sunshine! How long is this going to go on?
I love Oregon! I adore it! But, this is ridiculous! I am so tired of wiping the dogs down! I'm so tired of not being able to show off my shiny, freshly polished toes in my new sandals! Instead, I find myself pulling on my rain boots to go outdoors! This is June!
Instead of morning smiles and song singing, I am known to let out another rainy day sigh as I come down the stairs. Is it just that I am getting older? I'm certainly not feeling spry!
Is there such a thing as a rain garden? Because if so, I've got to find the seeds. What grows in the rain? Forests?!
I did harvest my first batch of lettuce, and oh, was it good!
I thinned out my baby lettuces so the others could grow big and ruffly. I cut the roots on them, and washed them up. Then, I peeled and cut up a fresh cucumber. I added rice wine vinegar, a bit of sugar, and a lot of pepper and tossed it, gently. You had to eat it quickly before it wilted, but man-oh-man was it good!
The salad accompanied a tri tip roast that had been marinating for 24 hours and then grilled on the Traeger.
I reduced the onion and garlic and red wine marinade on the stove, and that was drizzled over warm rice along with the roast, which was thinly sliced across the grain.
Yum. At least the rain brings on winter like appetites!
Today, although I still feel hazy/headachy, I'm going to drive to Portland to check out a couple houses on my maybe-wish list.
I have to do something to get this ball rolling!
Maybe someday we'll have sunshine.
Until then, I think I'll dream of a house in Palm Springs, or the Turks and Caicos, or somewhere... sunny and bright!
Remind me to pick up some Advil!

Junuary 15th

I can't tell you the importance of cleaning your bird feeders. Especially for hummingbirds, if you (eh hem) want any!
I'm convinced, sadly, that back yard birds are on the decline. I didn't want to believe it, but I do.
That makes keeping your feeding area clean, just that much more important. Both, for the health of the birds in your area, and for the health of the entire population.
Do your part!
Clean up fallen seeds from under your seed feeders. If only there were a new product for that problem! I've seen birds suffer from growths that I always wonder are caused by lazy feeding. I'll never forget the awful growth on this purple finch. Is that from moldy feed?
I'm continually watching for products that make cleaning the seed feeder, itself easier, or even possible! The feeders we are using now are less than simple to clean. The bottoms of the feeders collect moisture, and the bottom of the feed rots.
I've tried to get something down there to scrub it out. I've tried bleach! I've tried everything! But, I just end up tossing them, when they get bad.
But, lookee what I found!
The Big Tube Quick Feed!
I'm in the process of trying to order one. I've written to the contact email, listed. I'd like to order them direct from the company, the first time. Sure enough, I found the feeder at Foster's and Smith, here.
Now, for the hummingbird population... I thought we just didn't have many hummingbirds, this year. I thought the population was declining, but now? I think what was happening is that we didn't have many, so we gave up, and went a bit lazy on cleaning and refilling the feeders.
I've now read that if even once, your feed is a bit sour, they'll starve, rather than feed from it! Sure enough, I am guilty of leaving it go, since it wasn't producing birds.
Thank God hummies have proven forgiving, to us! The very day I thoroughly cleaned and replaced the inactive feed in the feeder, the birds came back! I now am graced with four hummies that are regularly feeding from my office feeder! Plus, it looks so nice when it's always crystal clean!
Since it's not like days of old, when I used to have up to 10 hummies on one feeder, I have learned to fill it less full, according to how active I think that particular feeder will be. As I reclaim the trust in my hummies, the population is growing! I am confident that as I build up my flock by keeping the feed fresh, the feed holes clean, that soon, I'll be filling it to the top, again!
I'm also thinking of trying another cool "Aspect" company product, the HummZinger Hummingbird Feeder. It not only looks cool, but it claims to be easier to clean. I've got to try one!
I've been using the "Best One" feeder, and thought it was the latest and greatest, but it isn't easy to clean. The threads, where it attaches to the bottle are a bugger! They get clogged up with that black mold, which I guess, really drives them away.
Please remember not to use soap on your hummy feeders, and instead, soak them in a mild bleach solution for an hour. Then, scrub them out, and rinse them thoroughly with hot water. Do this at every refill, and refill them as often as every other day, for maximum hummy activity!
I know, it's a pain! Believe me, I know! Bill and I are at the kitchen, preparing meals for them as if we were parents of young children, nearly every day. But, that's what it takes!
Despite the advances in feeders, it is not an easy thing to keep your birds happy and healthy! It takes work, but the enjoyment you get out of watching them thrive is worth the trouble!

Junuary 19th
Happy Father's Day!

I can't tell you how much it means to me that Joel Mertz, my very talented nephew, made that video of my Dad for us. He is so talented! It amazes me that we have the ability to make movies like that! Well, we don't all have that ability, but Joel does! Thank you, Joel!
Every time I get to the end, if I'm not already sobbing, when Dad takes his hat off and waves to all of us, still standing on the dock, well?I lose it! I still remember that. Standing on the dock, waving good bye to whoever is going out fishing, at Diamond lake.
And, for the rest of the day, my eyes will be swollen and red, but at least I have my Dad in my heart. I just miss him so much!
I have no words to say, today. I will celebrate the Father's in my life that are still living, and be thankful for all that they have contributed.
Happy Father's Day to you all!
Oh! And for Father's Day, I have this tip for you to teach your children! This indeed is a very, very good tip, sent in by Dan Dettman! Click here for a trick way to clear your reel of backlashes!

Junuary 21st

I'm not writing to anyone, I can see that... no one can update the index or home page here, lately! So, I just don't even know about writing! :)
We can't figure out why the heck you can't get the new edition of the ifish page without totally clearing the cache. So weird!
If you are using Firefox, you need to hit the Control button at the same time as the F5 button, in order to get the latest column. I think it works the same in Internet Explorer, but I'm not sure.
I had to laugh this morning, when the forecast for sunny skies and the celebration of summer was so exciting! But, then-- last night they said, "Better enjoy it, because it may end by dinner time!" LOL. Good grief!
But, it is beautiful out, right now. Time to have coffee on the deck for the first time all year!
Andrew just texted me that he is smelling flowers from outside! It's SUMMER until 6 or so! Go get your piece of it!

Junuary 22nd ...

Happy Solstice!

Junuary 23rd

I never seem to do anything "just a little bit".
This house buying thing is just consuming me! It seems all I do is check for new listings, try to figure out when I'm going to Portland to drive the streets in search, and watch my favorites list, in hopes that my favorite doesn't go "pending"! Yikes!
It truly is an emotional roller coaster.
I wish I could just get it done! I am enjoying the process, or I was, but now I want to wrap it up. That's easier said, than done!
Still, I'm grateful for the learning experience. I've always been curious about it.
Everything is getting behind, around me.
This morning, I opened the fridge and it was just icky! Why do they make the insides of fridges white? They should be camo colored. That's it! I'm going to paint the insides of mine, camo. Perfect!
My dog, Kilchis, has been without his favorite treats for a month. They were out for a while, and I got tired of checking for them. They are those "Jerky bits" by Waggin' train and he is an addict!
I am a bad Mommy! The dogs follow me down the stairs, and then go straight to the office to wait for me. They are so spoiled! They get one of this treat, and two of that, so, don't get me wrong. They aren't suffering! But, still...
My boys are both sick with a summer cold, and I am downing that "Wellness formula" that is supposed to strengthen your immune system. I feel stressed, I have a headache, so please, little pills... "Keep me well!"
As I sip my coffee, and ponder all that I feel like I should be doing, I stare out at the hummingbirds at the feeder, just outside my window.
They battle, this time of morning.
They flurry around so fast, zip, zooming... two little males. Sometimes three, four, five or more dive bombing each other!
Then, they freeze in position!
One hummy at 1:00 O'clock, one at 7:00, at a standoff. It reminds me of a the Karate Kid, when his arms go flinging around in the art of karate, and then freeze in a pose, before the attack!
They do this all morning. Rinse, repeat...
So funny that at about dinner time, they all forget their worries and battles, and sit together at the feeder, as if a big family table and eat together, as if it were always that way.
The rain is falling on the canopy of trees, outside. I love that summer sound. Hey, if you can't beat the rain, you might as well enjoy it. It's soothing, if not soggy!
Yeah, rain is good today.
I keep having dreams of fishing the ocean. I may get to go, this weekend with Pete and Bill. I don't care so much about the fishing, (Silver season isn't open, yet) but I need the back and forth motion of the boat, as the waves hit the chine. The fresh, clean salt air and the endless landscape of rolling waves.
When I am busy, I long for long and relaxing days, and when I am bored, I long for something to do.
OK, it's off, this morning, to find out which houses are still available for us, and which might be sold, overnight. Then, a visit to the mod board to see how things are going, and then to read my mail.
After that, I'll see what today brings me.
I hope something distracts me from painting my fridge camo colors. But, it wouldn't look that bad, would it?

Junuary 27th

I did it! I put an offer in on a house! Scary!
My brother said to just jump in! I did, and the water is cold and scary!
The home is on the hill in Oregon City and I really like it! The neighborhood is very quiet, and it has three raised beds for gardens! Finally, I'll be able to grow tomatoes!
It will be so nice to be closer to the docs, and have a place to stay when I do business in town. No more hotels! Yay!
But-- will I get it? I'm waiting to hear! (and going crazy!)
We had such a fun day! My girlfriend Tammy went along with my realtor, who is my sister in law. We had a blast!
Then, my brother met us at the Highland Stillhouse for dinner. We had a Stella and I had fish and chips. Yum!
After dinner, we had my brother go to my finalist homes. One, a big newer home in a row house neighborhood, and one, a smaller home in a classic older neighborhood.
The smaller, more classic ranch won the bid.
I keep wondering where I'll fish, when I'm there. The Clackamas? It'll be great for boating and springer fishing, but more difficult for steelhead, etc. I guess that's when I'll be at the Kilchis! :)
I'm more than a little nervous about the whole thing, you know. I love and adore the city, but am I spoiled, living here on the river? Yes!
I guess now I have the best of both worlds! I feel so lucky!
It's time for a walk along the river. The dogs are letting me know that, in no uncertain terms!
Oh! We have a new toy on the board! If you want to post a youtube video in your post, all you do is copy and paste the URL (web address) of the youtube video right in the text box and hit submit! Easy!

Junuary 29th

I can't believe I actually bought a home! I'm a home owner! :)
Last evening I was walking on the river, and found myself eye to eye with another wasp nest! Yikes! The bee guy is coming, tonight to take it away!
I was so lucky. They didn't even seem to notice me!
My hummies are just wild, this morning! I must have 10 of them swirling all around, dive bombing each other! It's crazy! They are slurping up a bottle full each day! I love it!
However, my song birds are on the lean side. Maybe the hummies are scaring them away!?
I'm so relieved to be done with the housing obsession. The boys will be able to be in a place where the market for jobs is better, and they will be really close to Clackamas Community College! Good ol' CCC where I went to classes, too! It's grown so much, since I attended, there!
I had so much fun at CCC. I took fun classes, like jewelry and art history. That was back when I had no idea what I wanted to become! I still don't know!
Off for a walk on the river, now. It's a nice, overcast and kind of muggy day. Everything is so intensely green! I love Oregon!
Anyhow, I can't wait to be able to go to fisheries meetings, and be closer to Liz at NSIA, and maybe get involved a bit more! I can't wait!

Junuary 30th

Stan's column is up! Part ll of "You need to learn to use your tools!"
I love this picture!

Click pic to zoom

That's my Stan, getting the big ones, again!
I'm off to Portland to do the home inspection! Yikes! Every time I think I'm doing things for less stress, it turns on me!
Run, run, run!