Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
June 2018

Fishing at Memaloose... springers!

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daisyJune 1st

Ah, the rain! The rain! I love the rain! It sounded so awesome on the roof, last night! At one point, it really poured!
I can't wait to get back to the greenhouse at Tillamook, and see what is going on. Plus, it's hard for me to rely on someone else to water and care for my babies. Isn't that strange, though? That when our children grow up, we turn to plants to nurture? I think it was Pete that first made me aware of this, and it's so true!
I still have one 28 year old "plant" that is planted in my home at Oregon City. I can't seem to make him grow on his own... if you know what I mean. :)
His name is David...
That's another story. Poor kid, though. I came home and began to throw a fit about the messy house, before I realized that he was very ill. So, I got to play Mom again for the first time in a long time. I mean, the Mom that gets to love and care for their son, instead of the Mom that wonders when he'll ever move out. :) It was kind of fun. I made him chicken noodle soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just like I always ate when I was young and had the virus of the week. It's a tradition in our home. Campbells chicken noodle soup and a PBJ. If you have a sore throat, you dip it in the soup till it's all soggy and salty. :) Yum.
Sometimes, even when I'm not sick I'll have this just to take me home.
I'm off to water my plants here at the Oregon City home. I don't think we got enough rain to really do the job. I think I'll head back to Tillamook in the next few days.
Bill- no offense. I know you are watering the plants. Aren't you!?!?! :)

daisyJune 3

Nothing like the smell of coffee. Nothing! I love to set it in the morning, so that when I wake up, I'm met with that wonderful smell that draws me out of bed. Remember that commercial, "The best thing about waking up, is Folgers in your cup?" Well, same thing here, but not Folgers, thanks. It's Pete's for me. Or, some other hand ground deliciousness. I could not go back to Folgers, or even Yuban! Although sometimes I buy Yuban and add just a bit of the good stuff to make it smell better. :) What am I talking about? Nothing! I need to drink some of that deliciousness, rather than just smell it! Speaking of smells...
Bill and I signed up for Bounty on the Bay! Why don't you? It's an awesome way to learn to fish Springers on the coast, or, just join in with your own boat, and enter the contest! You can sign up, here. By the way, the food is delicious!
A friend of mine sent a video of lucky fisher people's successful limits of sturgeon from the East Mooring Basin in Astoria. So, there's that! :)
OK, this is gross, but it's a first, and I have to tell someone! I'm not much into potty jokes, but this is no joke.
I just must share this! I'm sorry if you are eating. If you are, just go to the discussion board. You don't want to read this!
I was at the puppy park. Or, almost there. There is a distance at Wesley Lynn City Park in Oregon City from the parking lot, until you get to the leash free dog park area.
Of course, the doggy bag area, is located at the puppy park. I had forgotten my extra bags in the car, and was halfway to the puppy area, when of course, Willie decided he simply must go. He couldn't wait! Agh. It was either back to the car, for me, or to the dog area. Regardless, it would leave me in the uncomfortable position of leaving the debris for someone to step in, or for someone to eye me, thinking I wasn't going to clean up my responsibility. I don't like that! I'm a responsible owner. Not quite responsible enough to remember my own bags, but pretty responsible!
When I started back to my car, I spotted a nice lady with her husband and two little dog-ettes. You know, those little toy animals that are almost dogs, but not quite? I won't be mean. They are small dogs.
So, I approached her and asked kindly if she had a spare doggy bag. She did! She said to me, "Mine have already gone, so I think I can spare this!" I was so appreciative, and thanked her kindly, and went to pick up my "responsibility".
This is the first time in my life I have learned to do this, as I've always lived in places where I pick up the messes with a shovel at home, or my animals are out in the woods where I live, where the matter doesn't matter. I must say, I have gotten pretty good at it!
The bag she gave me was tightly twisted and I untwisted it and placed my hand in the bag, so I could pick up the mess without it touching my hand. It's the way it is done, and I have gotten very used to it.
As I placed my hand inside the bag, I felt a very small item. A dog treat?
I thought, "Oh! What a cute idea! She puts a small dog treat in each bag, so that when they go, she gives her little ones a treat, and then picks up the mess!
Nope. It was NOT a treat! Nope. Not at all.
It was her dog-ettes "responsibility"!
I was holding a small dog-ette doodoo in my hand!!!
By that point, I was in utter shock. I went ahead and turned the bag inside out and added Willie's responsibility to the already used bag, and rushed to the rest room.
SOAP!!! SOAP! Give me SOAP!
I don't do well with poop. I never have, even with two little boys in diapers. I hold an unnatural aversion to feces. Maybe it's natural, but mine is way strong aversion!
I was breathless, couldn't wait to get to the wash room and there, inside the washroom was NO SOAP whatsoever. Just water!
I scrubbed my hands under the water as best I could, and left. It would have to do!
God bless the woman that I met afterwards, who had a little boy and a container of hand sanitizer!
Then, I called a girlfriend, who told me that 20/20 had just had an episode on, where they said that hand sanitizer wasn't "all that" and really doesn't kill germs as well as people think. I didn't need to know that!
I mean, isn't this story a first? I have never heard of such a thing, and I'm still rocking in horror at my experience.
I don't understand why I feel the need to tell people about it, but I just do. And I just did.
So.... there's that.
Have a great Sunday! It's absolutely beautiful out there!