Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
June 2010
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June 1st!

Let's pretend the sun is shining. OK?
It's always fun to spend Memorial Day alongside Hiway 6 with a migraine, like I did.
It's funny. I woke up yesterday and pm'd Pete.
"Pete!" I typed. "I think I'm having a retinal detachment, again! The other eye!"
It was exactly like it, too. A full curtain of darkness was falling over my eye, just like last time. I was so disappointed. I was finally enjoying my site! Not now!
Five minutes later, or so, it was apparent I was having a migraine aura. "Pete!" I typed. "It's only a migraine! Yay!"
That's what it is like, sometimes, to have marfan syndrome.
Instead of an aortic dissection, "Yay! It's only pneumonia!"
But, I was so relieved! My eyesight was gone, but it was only a migraine! I'm still happy about that, but usually when I have an aura, they go away and I don't even get the headache.
So, I hopped in my car, and took off to go to the graveyard and then to see my Dad. I made it halfway over the hill and it came back. I panicked. I couldn't see to drive, so I pulled over.
There I sat for two full hours.
This time, on came the headache, too! There was no "Yay!" about that. It was awful. A full blown migraine, complete with nausea and... well, you know.
The pain was horrid. I thought my head was blowing up! I nearly drove to the ER. But, instead, I got a room with my Hilton points (yay!) and lay flat on my back in the silence for 14 hours.
I'm still suffering from it, so I'm going to bed, again... but I wanted to make sure you knew about Stan's column. It's up and it's great!
Read here about Rich Lawrence and the his new bass lures! It's the hottest thing since sliced ... well, since big bass!

Dave Lotze Big fish story!

Fish-N-Fool Lures

I'm off, for now but have a happy June! I know I'm probably not the first to wish you this!

June 2nd!
Ifish Decals!
Salty Dog Decals!

Buy 2, get one free!
Buy 4, get two free!
Please note on your order which ones you'd like as your free ones! Otherwise, I'll just add ifish decals! So, let me know!
This sale goes through the end of June.
Wow. There is actually light, bright light, outside! Almost like sun! I mean, there are shadows and everything! I see just a hint of ... could it be? Blue skies? No way! Really?
Isn't this June something? As the news person said, "June-u-ary!" It is! We had over 5 inches of rain yesterday! WOW!
Poor birds, too! They were so upset about it! My goldfinch feeder, the little bag thing for thistle? It's soaked! And they were sprouting!
I changed it up and filled all the black oiled sunflower seeds and this morning, I have happy birds.
I think it's really affecting me, personally, also! I think I have really got the blues over it! I've always stated that sunshine is my Prozac, and without it, well, it's just weird!
I haven't had to water my flowers at all! I love that time, too.
We all crave ritual, I think. It's my ritual this time of year to get up, do the ifish thing, then take my coffee out to the porch and water and fuss over my flowers. I miss that! I really do!
I check on them still, sometimes, but it's just not the same in the rain.
We had the kids bring in more firewood last night. Usually we can stop that, this time of year, but yesterday a fire just sounded awesome.
I've been cooking for winter still, too! Warm, homey casserole type things. I need a warm day and a BBQ!
I also wonder if all the Springers just shot up river after all this rain. There are two scenarios that could happen. Sometimes rain like this will hold off the fish, and they'll go back out in the bay. Other times, it affords them the opportunity to just flush upstream. Which was it?
Is the bay too sloppy and overfilled to even fish it?
Ah darn. That bright look to the sky is fading! Come back! I've been putting off even glancing at the forecast, but here it is. I'll share:
Oh, no.... first glance, and I see this:

Special Weather Statement

Hazardous Weather Outlook






What in the world is going on? I can't believe this! And all through the week, there is not any hope for sunshine?
I'm sorry, but this is bringing on the blues, bigtime for me. I can't do this anymore! May I please have permission to fly somewhere with sunshine?
Can I get a doctor to please write out a prescription for sunshine? Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp!

June 6th

The Lord is my Shepard.
I shall not want
So why do I want Sunshine? So badly?
I was chatting with a lady at the pharmacy who said, "Yeah, and when we get sunshine we'll pray for rain. We are never happy!"
How true, but by golly, right now I really want sunshine!
Yesterday I absolutely basked in it! I rolled around the same as my cat was, thoroughly enjoying the heat--except he was on the wood deck and I was on a lounge chair.
Actually, when I got up to leave when the clouds rolled in (again) the cat took over my chair! She's no dummy.
The river looks all to heck like it's January! It's so full! Usually, this time of year I put on my sandals and walk across, eager to find new agates and jewels and treasures uncovered from the winter's high water. This year? It's still winter, I guess!
I've been battling the blues a bit, I think. I think that's why I haven't written.
I'm really struggling in the kitchen, which always says something about how I'm feeling.
I switch from wanting to bbq, to wanting home cooked cozy comfort foods like meatloaf and gravy and roasts that melt in your mouth.
I dream of hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks on the grill but just don't want to stand in the rain!
I miss going out in my robe with a cup of coffee, wandering sometimes clear to the river in my slippers.
The dogs love when I do that! I've been known to find a log and sit on it with my pajamas on, just staring at the river, and watching the dogs play.
Not a chance I'd do that, lately! It's cold! It's rainy! It's YUCKY!
My back deck is trying so hard to look like spring, but my flowers aren't getting the sunshine they need to make that happen. They struggle, they reach out for the sun and get these long, spindly limbs. They put out these measly little flowers that sog up and die! I feel like that, too, sometimes!
The Lord is my Shepard. Really He is! But, I do find myself wanting these days!
I'm off to my nieces graduation party, today. She is something to be proud of, for sure! She's the gal that was the LaCrosse player that was doing so well for Linfield. Then, she hit her head for the bazillionth time and had to quit. My heart just broke for her.
But, she's graduated now and well onto a wonderful life, teaching. I can't wait to see her, and to see my family, too!

Junuary 8th

I can't take it no morrrrrrrre!
This rain is driving me batty!
I was going to go fish out in the bay, today but it's cold and it's rainy and I can't believe this!?
Who is in charge, here? I want a meeting!
Alright. Now that I got that out...
Shall we still go? The bait is out and already thawed. I think we probably should just go. I do wonder how bumpy it may be out in the bay, though and I'm not good at the bumps!
Maybe it's a fun day though, to wear my dry suit from USIA!
Oh my! Look what we caught on our outdoor camera!

Whoo hooo! They are SO SO SO cute!!! You can click on the pictures to make them zoom larger!
I have to go... Bill has the boat hooked up, but aren't they darling?

Junuary 9th

Happy Birthday to my sis, Teri!
I scared everyone in the household, yesterday. I opened up the upstairs deck door and screamed out into the rain soaked jungle, amidst all of the squawking of spring time birds... and at the top of my lungs,
The birds were quiet for a whole half minute after my explosion!
Boy, was I loud!
It's frustration built up not only by the rain, but by other things, too.
In the past week or so, I've been asked especially often to help folks raise money. Well, asked sometimes, but most times they just posted it on the board, and then I had to explain why they were moved to our Giving Thread.
I have a big website that reaches a lot of people. Thus, Ifish gets daily requests to help folks.
How does ifish help everyone? Obviously, I can't or I would! If I let everyone have a "Help, please!" thread up for their cause, our fishing board wouldn't be fishing, any more.
I'm not thoroughly satisfied with our solution, but for the time being, we have a "Giving thread" up on "Life in General" where people can ask for help.
When ifish was smaller (here we go again!), back in the "good old days" we could highlight certain causes, and it was good. We did good things! There were a certain number of crisis, and we were able to help!
I am writing this to help you know how difficult it is for me, to deal with this. I wish I had a better solution!
I have written two letters in the past weeks, trying to help people understand why they can't have their topic on the main board. I have pasted them, below.
This one, is where I had to move one from the main board:
If anyone has a better solution, please let me know! I just don't know how to choose who to highlight! Who has the most needy cause? Who is most important?

I'm so sorry about your guide friend and the help he needs.
I have moved your thread to the giving thread.
I'm so sorry, but first, we ask that you ask permission to post fund raisers for things that are important like this.
Second, I have to make decisions every day on who to help and where on the board it should go.
These are extremely tough decisions that you would not want to have to make, I'm sure.
Thus, we have the giving thread.
I know your thread would get more attention on the ifish community and I wish everyone's plea for help could go there, but obviously, they all can't.
I get asked on a daily basis to help Aunt Louise's breast cancer thread, Uncle Joe who lost his house, a guide's daughter who has anorexia...etc. and then there are causes near and dear to my heart like marfan syndrome, which my son and I have. Oh, how I'd like to help raise money for that to find a cure!
But-- I can't. I don't want to make it that I get more attention on my causes than others.
Thus, I don't ask for help.
Anyhow, your thread has been moved and I hope you understand why.
I have to be fair to all.

Thank you,

And this one was about linking a non profit group on the board. The person didn't understand why it was it couldn't be linked and how frustrated they were, by the moderators actions.
Sometimes I'm actually accused of being the one to keep them from helping the children! Sheesh! The author told me how frustrating it was. I said, "Yes I know how frustrating it is!"

It is frustrating!.
I run into this every day.
It's not a fun job, believe me.
I get asked about 'Gus's cousin Larry who is dying of aids' and 'the daughter of a guide who has anorexia' and 'how can I help 'Sue's Mom's breast cancer fund' and 'Leroy's uncles lung cancer fund raiser' and 'my friend Joe that is throwing a party to raise money for the kids soccer team that will fail, without help!?'
It's TERRIBLY frustrating.
And then, there are people like you that don't understand and want to put me down about it.
Imagine how that feels? To have someone come along while I'm running a fishing site for free and blame me for kids being sick?!
Ifish is a fishing site.
We cannot be everything to all.
That's why we throw the kids Christmas party and raise tons of toys for kids at Emanuel Hospital. We do what we can and what we know how to do.
My son has marfan syndrome and if there is any one 5013c that I want to raise money for, it's him and for that cause. (I have it too and had an aortic dissection four years ago, but I want to help those that are young.) but-- I don't. Not on ifish... because I don't want to abuse the resource.
I don't want to 'let me' do something that others can't do.
Not only that, but I have to look out for people scamming us and acting all honest and righteous and then finding out that they are raising money, not for the 'kids cancer fund', but for themselves! It happens!
Oh! And then I have to make sure people are following laws if I sit behind it and say it's good. Otherwise, I have a hundred members who gave money to a cause that wasn't legal and guess who they point at?
That's right. ME.
I keep it mostly to fishing.

And then, there are people who post sales of items for things that benefit their local duck club or whatever, and because the mods didn't catch it in time, the next person comes along and does it and when we have to take it down, says, "Well, you let so and so do it!"
Argh! Help!
Sometimes I think I should just give in and let everyone post whatever they want. But, I know deep down that if I did, then our fishing site would no longer hold interest to those that came here for the fishing in the first place. Ifish would become a spam board and we'd be done! The very reason why people are here wouldn't exist!
We are very strict about not letting folks advertise, and not letting folks post fund raisers because if we didn't act on those things, the very reason ifish is successful would cease!
I just wish the giving thread were better highlighted, or something. I'm working on it. I'm trying to figure it out. But, until then, please understand that I have to be fair to everyone while trying my best to help.

June! 13th! Sun!

Don't forget to vote in our Shabamalama Spring Salty Dog boat contest! I wonder who will win!?
I'm thoroughly enjoying the sun... wait a minute! Where did it go? It was sunny when I got up, but now, not. I want my money back!
I did enjoy it yesterday, although it was quite windy around here!
Think I'll go fishing on Monday. Can't wait!

Back to Junuary... 15th!

So, once upon a time we had sunshine... you know, for one partial day!
Today I am thinking about serious things on our discussion board.
It bothers me to no end that moderating is seen as a negative. I want to change that. Good luck, huh?
I mean, if you get a note from a moderator, it's seen by many as a "nastygram".
It shouldn't be that way! Argh! It bugs me!
The moderators are people who volunteer their time to make ifish the best it can be. That's it. It's not a power trip. We, as moderators exist to keep ifish the best it can be. We are the keeper of the rules that benefit each and every one of us! If we weren't around, ifish would become cluttered with spam, fighting, ugly ugly ugly!
So, the mods and I spent a bunch of time trying to write tight, and get the message across, simply and easily. We want you to follow the rules without our asking. We took the AUP, thought about what we have to moderate most, and put it into as few words as possible.
Here is the result:
The Simplified Ifish Rules.
So, help us out. Read it and try to do the moderating yourself! That way, we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the board!
Hey! The babies are back!

Momma and her two beautiful ones

It's not a great picture, but it's proof that they were there! I wish that I had the patience to let my trail cam soak for longer. Between Bill and I, I think we check it almost every day and that makes our scent hang around, potentially scaring the critters away!
Well, off I go. I don't know what to do with myself since I don't have to water my plants, this summer!

Junuary 16th!

My hummingbirds are cold! Brrr!
So am I! I am thinking about things like furry bedspreads for my bed and bubble baths for my hot baths. I shouldn't be thinking of things like this, right now. Good thing, though, is that all of this stuff is on sale right now! Whoo hooo!
Sweaters and sweats and warm woolen mittens!
I looked at the weather bulletin and it's seven straight days varying from partly cloudy to slight chance of rain to just plain old cloudy and cold!
How I long for a day with blue skies!
I fed the birds this morning and even they said they were cold! My little Momma sparrow sits in her nest and sings operatic tunes... kind of sad, kind of longing....
I've been thinking about and playing some art songs lately. I caught a channel on XM that is all opera. It was fun to listen to Carmen, again. I played that whole dang opera on the piano at one time. I can't believe I could do that!
Anyhow, I've been on the search for things like Brahms Junge Lieder I, "mini liebe ist grun"... I love the passion in that, not to even mention the lyrics which drive me crazy (in a good way!). It's great to feel that passion, again.
If you are scratching your head and asking "What?" It explains it all well, here, where it is written,
"The poet was Felix Schumann, Brahms’s godson and the youngest child of Robert and Clara Schumann, conceived not long before Schumann had to be committed to a mental institution. His son, who would die of tuberculosis at the age of 25, turned to poetry when bad health made a musical career impossible; in this poem, an ardent swain proclaims that his love is as green as the lilac bush and as fair as the sun shining upon it. Brahms’s setting was a Christmas Eve gift to Clara, with whom he had fallen in love as a young man coming to study with Robert Schumann in 1854 and who remained one of his dearest friends for the rest of their lives (they died a year apart). In the letter accompanying his gift of song, Brahms told Clara that he had recalled her husband’s “Schöne Fremde” (the sixth song of the Liederkreis, Op. 39) when he read Felix’s verses, and he quotes it at the beginning of his own masterpiece, in which youthful ardor comes to sounding life."
This stuff all makes me miss Nancy Chatalas Olsen and the music we made, together. She'd teach me all this stuff, while making long, cross country drives.
or long and boring flights. We'd travel to concert, ear plugs in our ears, listening to how these pieces are played by different artists.
I wonder what's making me go back to all of this, lately.
Regardless, it feels good.
I guess the weather is pointing me to the piano, since what I ordinarily do this time of year, gardening and such- well, it is too darn cold!
All of my flowers look like they are suffering from marfan. They are reaching long and stretching for the sunshine and they end up straggly, long, and with feeble little flowers, that quickly wilt!
I have to get to Costco soon to buy enough chicken to put on the Traeger for 17 people.
Our family Chapman golf tournament is this Sunday. Tee time is 11:40. Bill and Andrew are a team, I think. Maybe David will step in, a bit, too. It's all casual and fun, with a picnic afterward. Brr! A picnic in this cold? Yikes!
My girlfriend is coming down "as soon as it warms up" she says. I told her, "See you July 5th!"


Junuary 18th!

Angler's Rental Contest!
Take part in the new business of boat rentals and build a slogan! You'll win a weekend boat rental if your slogan is chosen! Whoo hooo!
I'm going crazy this morning, trying to get out of here so that I can buy four whole chickens to bbq on the Traeger by Sunday! Yikes! Gotta run!

Happy Father's Day!
Junuary 20th!

I did it! I cooked 7 chickens on the Traeger! All at once! Wow! That was exciting!
Happy Father's Day!
I'm off soon to the Logsdon Chapman golf tourney and picnic. The weather? Oh well! This is Oregon, after all! What do we expect?
I'm just so happy that my Dad will be there!
When I think back to my history with my Dad, for some reason this morning, I'm thinking about all the trucks we had.
Riding in the truck with the heater going full blast was such an awesome part of my growing up.
I loved fishing on the Sandy River with my Dad. Actually, I didn't fish when I was that little. I'd just play on the big rocks, while he fished.
Then, we'd climb up in that old blue pickup and turn the heat up to high and drive home. I adore that feeling, to this day. Being cold and wet, shivering cold, and then the feel of that truck heater! Better yet, stopping at the little cafe by the falls in oregon city, after a day on the Willamette in Oregon City and having a cup of hot chocolate.
A Father, to me, is "the warm" after the freezing cold.
I think back to the mornings I'd ride to high school with him in the little Datsun pickup he had. Or was it a toyota? I don't recall, but it was one of those little mini trucks and it was golden colored. Tan? Gold? Anyhow.... we'd climb in, he with his cup of hot chocolate, and slowly cruise to school. So much nicer than walking!
I sure miss those days.
Not long ago, Bill and I took Dad out on the Willamette, fishing for Springers, and it was so fun to see his face light up when we went fast in the boat.
It reminded me of when we finally got a Merc 80 for our water ski boat. Finally, we'd be able to pull someone up out of the water without dragging them, first! So excited to pop someone up at a decent pace!
We'd all be so excited when we'd go water skiing after a day picking berries, or otherwise working our summer jobs.
It was back when we could still ride in the back up trucks, and my sister and I would sun bathe in the back of the pickup truck, both there and back. Wow. That kind of thing is unheard of, now! So dangerous! But, it was nothing, then!
So many good memories.
Hug your Dad, this morning. Hug him real tight. Tell him you love him.
Happy Father's Day!
Oh! This scared me! Look what we found on our trailcam!

Junuary 23rd

Wow! That sunshine was exhausting, right? I'm like so ready to get back to the rain and clouds and such!
(I'm kidding, OK?)
But, might as well laugh... What else can we do?
But, it's almost scary, this weather! What in the world is going on?
When I was young, my Mom used to ask me to mop the front porch. Our front porch was a neat place to be. It was cement, and surrounded by big brick pillars which were great for sitting and visiting with friends.
Mopping the porch was a chore I didn't mind much, really... because on the front porch was one of two main bird feeding stations.
I was a bit dreamy back then. Still am, I guess. But, I loved to grab a bit of feed and dream, hope, that if I was very still enough, the birds would light on my hand and eat.
Instead of mopping, or at least on break, I would sit on the cold brick pillars and hold my hand out, full of seed. As if a statue, frozen, waiting for long minutes, in hope for a bird to land on my hand.
None ever did.
But, I was forever hopeful and never stopped trying.
Last night on the Animal Channel, they explained that when children want a pet, they want one to love, and also, to be loved back.
I suppose it was that, which made me want a bird to land. That, and to have an up close visitation with something so wild.
Maybe it was also the fact that I had very poor vision. I wanted to see a bird, close up, instead of just a blurred streak in the sky that I couldn't make out. Sure, there were pictures, (encyclopedias!) but I wanted to inspect each feather! Oh, how I wanted one to land! If only I were still enough!
Once, I rescued a baby bird, fallen out of the tree. I took care of it every day and every night, feeding it, until one night I fell asleep with it in my bed and... well, I woke up with bird guts and feathers plastered all over me. That was not the kind of "up close" I wanted.
But- imagine my absolute joy, here at the Kilchis river, when it finally happened!

A thrush!

And since then, it's been a fairly regular occurrence that I can get up close and personal with lots of wildlife! It's so awesome!
I've held a hummingbird, and just about all types of birds and animals imagined! Rabbits, even! Wild, baby rabbits!
It is so awesome, here!
I have figured out ways to get the animals really close to me, without them knowing it or bothering them. Feeders on my windows and things like that! I just love being surrounded by animals and wildlife. I have trailcams and a river to watch the fish spawn! Baby deers and coyotes! Oh, my! I truly am so lucky because this is all I ever wanted!
Mopping that porch, way back then, if I ever even dreamed that I'd have this opportunity to be so close... well? Just wow!
And as I said that, the sun poked through the clouds and a smile crept over my face.
Life is good. Life is SO good!
This is my Father's world! And everything in it, so close to me?
Just wow!
My uncle Trevor sent me some pictures from our family history and I want to share them with you... but it will be a while as I put them all together and upload them. I can't wait! My Grandpa! My Grandpa fishing! Oh, they made me cry!
Here are some of them. Tomorrow I'll label them.

June 25th

Off to the Hooray!

"Tillamook County, Butter than the Rest"

"The Tillamook County June Dairy Parade and Festival is a celebration of the County’s dairy industry and heritage. The 2010 June Dairy Parade is scheduled for Saturday, June 26 in downtown Tillamook. This years theme is Tillamook County, Butter than the Rest!"

The kids and I, while living in Canby so many years ago, used to have so much fun going to what they fondly named "The Hooray!" The parade! I loved that they called it that. How appropriate!
I still cry at parades, so I'm bringing my tissues. It's the bands that get me so bad. The bands and the sirens! I get the sup sups every time! I have to look down so no one sees me. Why in the world would I cry? I have no idea! It just gives me goose bumps and tears come!
This year marks the 53rd Anniversary of the Parade which is considered to the third largest parade in Oregon, averaging about 150 entries per year. Held every year in June, the June Dairy Parade begins from the Tillamook County Fairgrounds and proceeds along Third Street into downtown Tillamook.
I'm taking my dog, Kilchis. He loves the hooray, too!
It's such a beautiful day, too! We are so lucky! Off we go!
After that, I think I'll do a little patriotic cutthroat fishing. That gives me the sup sups, too!