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July 2015
July rain 2008

Dreaming of rain...

July 1st, 2015

Last night, in the middle of the night, Bill whispered to me, "Happy July!"
I loved that. He won!
Happy July, everyone!

July 4, 2015
Fourth of July

American Flag Let me warn you. There is nothing going on, here.
It's quiet here and I am actually pretty happy about that. The field and trees are tinder dry. Pretty much the same as all over Oregon.
There is nothing more frightening than to wander around on the hot and dry river bank, and to look up to see fire trucks head up the logging road, on the other side of the river. That has happened, before, and I don't want to see it again, thanks! I mean, we are stuck here! There is but ONE way out, from our Kilchis river home. To the right is the park, which is the end of the line, and to the left is town. So, if there is a fire to our left. Um... I've had this thought through my head, many times. What do we do? Cross the river in our truck? Is that possible? Or, shall we just put a life jacket on, and float down the river to town? What about our critters?!
Oh, quit, Jennie. It won't happen! Right? Right!
It's so boring, here, that I have to make up wild fantasies to break the tedium.
I was going to have a friend over, today and she was going to bring David along. She cancelled, after seeing the traffic reports on the news. She was also concerned about watering her plants.
Bill went to town, yesterday and said the traffic was backed up thru town, to a dead standstill.
I'm kind of worried about my garden, back in Oregon City, too. David promises he is keeping a good eye on them. We'll see! (Yikes!)
I'm half tempted to travel back to OC, and go to my sister's celebration, tonight. I haven't been for a while. The last time I went, they had a helicopter land on the property and take people for heli rides! My Dad was there, and loved it. It's just so weird and quiet, without my Dad around. Even in his older years, he was the life of the party. I love you, Dad!
Well, to show you how lively and exciting it is here, I'm going to stretch a bit further, this Independence Day! I'm going to do what I'm really not supposed to do.
By golly, I'm going to buy some fireworks and set them off. Sparklers, that is. I mean, what is the Fourth of July without sparklers? i will let Bill have one, too!
This is all dependent on one thing.
Will I still be awake when it gets dark?!
I will keep you in gripping suspense until I write again.

July 9th, 2015

Whoo! Did you hear? Rain? Really?
Rain in the forecast! I have to do a dance. Just a sec!
Ok. I'm back. That was fun!
I love rain! I love it! My plants love me for it!
But, speaking of dancing...
Don't go in my shed! I hadn't been in the shed for two weeks, while I was at the coast, and I cannot simply believe how bad the squatter problem is! These huge, alien looking wasps have taken residence in my shed! Of all the nerve!
I was doing my usual gardening chores and needed a tool. I flipped the latch, and opened the door.
David was reading on the porch. I sure freaked him out, but I was totally freaked! I did a dance like never before, screaming, wailing, and flailing those long marfanoid arms! This (and I kid you not!) transformer looking thing... She (I think it was the queen) hovered in front of me, in absolute helicopter style, with this huge omnipositor coming at me, coming at me... I turned, and like I said, did the most ridiculous looking dance, wailing and flailing my arms. Direct in front of me, was a wooden block I use to set my sprinkler on. I nearly fell flat on my face, trying to avoid tripping on it. David was up in seconds, and then he began to laugh. Great! Laugh, David! I nearly killed myself!
Not only am I allergic to bees, but my aorta makes me nervous when I freak out like that! I thought he might say, "Thar she blows!!" OK. That's a bit graphic, but you know what I mean.
Lucky for me, that wasp didn't get me. I was faster than fire in a Pacific Northwest field in a drought!
I flew! I think I ran 55 (mph) at 55!
No getting near to that shed, for me. But, how do I get them to leave? I handed David a can of wasp spray, but so far, no luck. He did investigate with a flashlight, and sure enough, there is a medium sized wasp nest, right next to my lawn mower. Good thing I don't need to mow!
I let my lawn go dormant, this year. With all of the water shortages, it seems nearly criminal to water a lawn. Even if we don't so much have a shortage, it just bugs me. At the same time, I've worked SO hard on my lawn. I so hope it comes back, healthy!
They say to water it once a month or so, if you do decide to let it go dormant. They also say that if your grass is new, or not healthy, you shouldn't let it brown. But, mine is healthy. (Or was.) We'll see! I so miss having a nice green lawn to sit in, with Willie, though. But, I'm doing my part to demonstrate that we don't need everything we think we need.
David and I are doing this thing called "Threegan". Three nights a week, we are vegan. Can you believe that? Moi?!?
I'm doing it because the more I think about it, the more I'm beginning to feel sickened by the animal abuse that is happening, in order to feed people beef or pork. The videos I have seen are just sickening. Does this kind of thing really happen?
And do people like me really go vegetarian as we get older? What is wrong with me!?
Of course, if you fish or hunt, that is not a problem. We kill the animal in a respectful way, and thank its spirit for our food.
I am sounding a bit cosmic. Aren't I? A bit... nature! What ever has happened to me?
I recall in my younger days how much I enjoyed bonking a fish! So much so, that one of my readers (and now good friend!) delivered to me, the most beautiful of all bonkers. Polished and smooth, I have my own bonker! But, now, I think I've gone bonkers! Not eating meat due to animal cruelty? I never thought I'd be one.
My very good and longest girlfriend is totally vegetarian. Well, actually pescatarian She eats fish. She does guilt trips on me. I didn't think that would affect me, but I guess it has.
However, the other day, I ate a tri tip. It was so wonderful! I don't think I'll ever stop eating meat, like some people, but I'm beginning to have more respect for animals, and I do think about where my meat is coming from.
Don't worry. I won't be starting a new site, any time soon called "".
Not a darn chance. I mean, I have canines and I know how to use them.

July 13th, 2015
I smell Fall this morning!

So, what about that rain?! Did it wake your household? I had my screen door open, and it was pounding on my patio roof! I think there was hail and maybe one thunder boom, also.
At approximately 1:40 AM, I was out closing my sunroof. I wonder how many others were doing the same! I also had to bring in clothes that I had out on the line.
Oh, the gardens, the plants, the people... We are all loving this! It smells so clean out! I was so tired of everything dusty!
This rain brings to mind Fall salmon, and all of the memories that I hold so dear. I may not be fishing a lot, lately, but it forever lives in my heart.
Willie was none too pleased. He's a rules-dog. Night time is for sleeping, darnit, and if you wake him, or if you are active, he gives the evil eye. He makes me feel so guilty! As if I need help in that department! That dog knows my weak points, and he uses it!
Oh-- The other day, (get this!) we were at the Middle School, making use of their track and field. I was trying to play 'chuck it' with him, (This is a game where I have a tool to help me to throw further) but he was interested in hunting moles and nothing else. That's something that I'm afraid Bill got him into. I don't think it was on purpose, of course, but Bill takes the dogs out with him, when he checks the mole traps that he set, around the property. From this, and from a dogs natural hunting instinct, they have adopted hunting moles.
There is nothing Willie loves more than to dig, and to dig for live game is even better!
Willie has hunted down and killed moles in the past, but this time, not only did I get to witness the entire play, but I also noticed his improved technique! It's so cool!
He smells around the fresh dirt, and then proceeds nose to ground, sometimes several feet from the mole hill.
He tracks down the scent of a live one, and begins to dig, even where there is no sign of a mole to me.
Can you imagine if we had that keen scent tracking ability? Wow! Bill's mole hunting would be almost fail proof!
But, really... think about it. If we were bombarded with that keen scents all the time, how distracted we would be, and especially at first! It would take a lot of brain power to learn to use it, or to ignore it! They say that if you lose one sense, that the others become more keen. But, even when I lived with the loss of much of my eyesight, I was still a lousy mole hunter! I did not notice any increase of scent sense!
I do, however, think that my hearing has always been more keen than others. I think my musical ability is due to the fact that I have what I kindly refer to as "softer vision". That is a kinder way to say "As blind as a bat?" :)
Willie bites at the awful, rock-hard red dirt as he follows the mole tunnel this way and that. He knows exactly where to bite, as the scent directs him. Smell, bite, dig. Smell, bite, dig. Biting at a chunk of dirt, and then finishing it off with a couple dig-digs, he inches closer and closer to the live varmint.
Still throwing dust and dirt, about four feet now, from the fresh mole hill, he stopped with a startled jump.
"Willie! What is it?!" I excitedly asked. He needed none from Mom the cheerleader, though. He was in for the kill, all by himself!
Nose right back into the hole, he came out with a squirming mole! Oh, it was a fat one! Bill would have been so envious! Going for the quick kill, he crunched some body part or another. (I don't want to know) He handled the kill, quite ethically.
I lavished praise on him, and he enjoyed every minute of that! I heaped on the praise and his tail wagged so furiously that I really worried it might break!
Life was very, very good in doggy land!
Until.... Like every good hunting dog with a soft mouth, I asked him to leave it.
Oh, no.... Willie was not going to leave it. Not a chance!
See, Willie will fetch a tennis ball, but he won't bring the darned thing back. In a perfect world, he'd have me chase him. He has this thing about ownership. Once he has something, it is HIS. Lucky he's not a duck or upland bird hunter, because this is NOT good.
He escaped my reach, time and time again. I really didn't want to touch the mole, anyhow! "Mine! Mine" He dodged me, over and over.
Then, at about ten paces, we were at a standoff. He noticed me making motions to approach once again, and with that, he swallowed that dang mole, in one fell gulp. It was there one second, and the next, somewhere on the way to his tummy. That mole was still half alive, I think, and it must have wiggled going down. Yuck! I had trouble hiding my dismay.
Do I call the vet? Will it be OK? Dogs have been hunting varmints since day one. I was mostly convinced it would be fine. So far, two days later, he is fine. I just know that I am going to have to worm him, regularly, like always.
Although funny, I was just a bit grossed out by the entire event.
Willie, like I said, is a rules-dog. He has his ways about him. When I come back from the store and greet him waiting in the car, I sit down, and he sits in my lap for a few moments. I don't know if it's an ownership thing or what. Sitting, I open the driver seat window, and he hangs his paws and nose out the car window, from the perch upon my lap. He's 50 pounds! Just what I need!!! But, these are his rules.
Sometimes, he wants to turn his head around and kindly kiss my face, to show his enduring love.
NOT that day! I don't want mole lips on my face! Blech!
If he hadn't had me pinned down, I'd have screamed and run like Lucy of the Peanuts cartoon gang. "Dog germs! MOLE germs!"
Although there are but a very few, there are a couple 'rules-girls' rules in this relationship, too!


July 16, 2015

Wow. Ever seen anything like this, before???
Scary... But, good on you, ODFW, for doing the right thing.

ODFW takes action to help native fish

July 16, 2015

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has curtailed fishing hours on most of Oregon’s rivers to avoid additional stress on native fish already suffering from high water temperatures and low stream flows from this year’s drought.
Effective Saturday, July 18, and until further notice, all waterbodies defined as streams in the 2015 Oregon Sportfishing Regulations are closed above tidewater (where applicable) to fishing for trout salmon, steelhead and sturgeon from 2 p.m. to one hour before sunrise.
Angling for these species will be prohibited at all times in the Willamette River downstream of Willamette Falls, including the Clackamas River up to the Interstate 205 Bridge, the Multnomah Channel and the Gilbert River. The following sections of the John Day River will also have complete closures: The mainstem of the John Day River above Indian Creek near Prairie City; the Middle Fork of the John Day River above Mosquito Creek near the town of Galena; the North Fork of the John Day River above Desolation Creek and Desolation Creek.
Some streams will remain open for angling under normal hours because they are less prone to high water temperature risks due to springs, tides, cold water releases from some dams and high elevations.
Streams that will remain open for angling under normal hours are:

Northeast Zone:

The Wallowa River above Sunrise Road; Lostine River above Pole Bridge Campground; Prairie Creek; Hurricane Creek; Spring Creek; and all streams within the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.

Southeast Zone:

The Malheur River and its tributaries; the Owyhee River below the Owyhee Reservoir; and the Blitzen River and its tributaries above Page Springs Weir and Bridge Creek.
The Klamath River and its tributaries.

Central Zone:

The Deschutes River above Macks Canyon; the Metolius River; the Fall River; the Crooked River (from mouth to Bowman Dam); and Tumalo Creek.
The Hood River and its tributaries and the White River and its tributaries.

Willamette Zone:

The McKenzie River and its tributaries; the Middle Fork of the Willamette River below Dexter Dam; the Middle Fork of the Willamette River and its tributaries above Lookout Point Reservoir; and Alton Baker Canoe Canal.
The mainstem of the South Santiam River below Foster Dam; Quartzville Creek; the North Santiam River above Detroit Lake; and the Breitenbush River.

Southwest Zone:

The mainstem Rogue River from Fishers Ferry upstream to William Jess Dam and all tributaries upstream of the William Jess Dam and Lost Creek Reservoir.
In addition to the statewide fishing restrictions, a hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 16 via teleconference to discuss curtailment of recreational catch-and-release sturgeon fishing upstream of Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.
“Earlier this month, we indicated that if these drought conditions continued, we may have to close or restrict some fisheries,” said Mike Gauvin, ODFW’s recreation fisheries manager. “These are difficult, but necessary actions to protect native fish already suffering from extreme drought conditions.”
“This doesn’t mean that all fishing has to stop.” According to Gauvin, most streams will still be open in the early hours when water temperatures are cool, and there are many great fishing opportunities in lakes, reservoirs for hatchery stocked rainbow trout, warmwater fish like, smallmouth bass or crappie, as well as all of the ocean fisheries.
“As extreme weather events become more frequent due to climate change, we need to be prepared for the stress these conditions will have on fish, wildlife and their habitats,” Ed Bowles, Fish Division Administrator said. “Planning for the effects of these changing climatic conditions presents a unique challenge for us, yet we are committed to doing our best to enhance resiliency to climate change and avoid significant impacts on our natural resources.”
ODFW already implemented emergency regulations on several other rivers. In addition, trout stocking schedules and locations have been adjusted and some hatchery fish have been released early as a result of high water temperatures. Elevated water temperatures have led to salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon deaths in several rivers.
Gauvin encourages the public to report sightings of stranded fish, or other wildlife distressed by drought, to the department and to take precautions when fishing during these drought conditions.
On days when temperatures soar, anglers can do their part to reduce the stress on fish by adopting the following measures:
Fish early in day when water temperatures are cooler.
Use a thermometer to check water temperatures frequently. Stop fishing when temperatures exceed 70 degrees.
Consider changing locations to high elevation lakes or shaded streams near headwaters. These places are often cooler.
Use barbless hooks so you can release fish easily without harming them.
Use the appropriate gear and land fish quickly. The longer the fight, the less likely the fish will survive.
Keep the fish in the water when you unhook it and cradle the fish upright until it revives enough to swim away.
Use your judgement. If conditions where you want to fish seem especially severe (low, hot water), consider fishing somewhere else where water conditions are better.
Check the regulation update pages on the ODFW website before you head out to make sure temporary emergency regulations have not been put in place for the waters you want to fish.
Gauvin recommends anglers check the weekly Recreation Report on the ODFW website for updates on stocking, water conditions and boating access.
In addition to fish and fishing related actions, the dry, warm weather could increase the danger of wildfires. Wildland fires can destroy hundreds, sometimes thousands, of acres of habitat. Late season fires may also affect hunting season dates, hunting opportunities and the condition of winter range for deer, elk and other species. Fewer water holes means wildlife will have to travel farther for water. Leave wildlife access to water by not camping at water sources.
Less water will also increase competition for placement of hunting blinds amongst hunters. Setting up a blind at a water hole is a common and lawful practice but hunters are asked to be extra considerate of other hunters and wildlife this year. Also, follow land manager’s regulations and don’t set up blinds too early or leave them indefinitely. BLM allows hunting blinds to be up for 10 days. U.S. Forest Service requires a permit and also has a time limitation.
The Bureau of Land Management does not allow camping within 300 feet of water sources; U.S. Forest Service rules vary by forest and area.
See the Oregon Department of Forestry’s webpage for latest fire restrictions and check their Corporate Closure page for information about access to private timberland, or call the landowner.
In the effort to raise awareness of the dire conditions that Oregon faces this summer, Governor Brown's office has created a website for more information,, and launched the “#ORdrought” campaign.

July 18, 2015

Isn't she pretty? I can't wait!
For more pics, click here!

I posted a bunch of pics that Jim sent us, from R&B boats. You can click on the link above, (or the picture) to go to that thread. I love watching how it all comes to be! I had NO clue!
Our flag is at half mast, today. Just so sad about what happens in our world. :( The flag looks so sad.
Last night I went out to the river beach at dusk, and took the canoe out. The air was dead still and warm.
I had all of the animals with me. Revvie and Willie, swimming along side and playing on both sides of the river. It takes but a short jaunt to swim across the river, now that it's at its summer lowest. You can see clear to the bottom, no matter how deep it is. 15 feet down is almost the same as looking one foot down.
Molly was in the canoe with me.
Bill.tried to convince me that Molly really did enjoy the canoe ride, but I insisted that she was in the boat for one reason only. Like so many of us, the cat also believes that the grass is greener. She wants to the other side of the river! She proved it, last night.
I know not to get too close to the other side. She'll take a leap!
When it's getting close to dark, the worst thing that could happen is that she'd get over there, and not come back. In my mind's eye, I was imagining being stuck over there, calling, "Here, kitty, kitty!" as the light faded, and I would have no way of getting back across. Rocks jut out, at this river level. That's not fun to hit one of those. That canoe is very tippy! Not only that, but if I went down stream instead of across stream, I'd be sucked in by the riffles, and I was not wearing wading shoes!
I was perhaps 8 feet from the opposite shore, paddling along, quite peacefully in the setting sunlight. It was gorgeous out. I wish I'd had a camera. It was that golden hour when no matter what your subject, photos turn out magical!
Perhaps 10 feet down, a beautiful large cutthroat trout darted between two boulder and a fallen log at the bottom of the river. I forgot about the cat, and began to search for him, again. He was a magical trout! I swear I have almost as much fun, these days watching them, as catching them! In fact, it's a match. Both, to me, are so exciting that I hold my breath till another comes along!
Molly was busy doing something, but what? She was climbing up on the very narrow gunwale of the canoe, (Does a canoe have a gunwale? I think so!?) with all fours, ready to... Oh, my gosh! She's readying to leap! With one very gentle, but appropriate side swipe of the paddle, I caught her, just at the last moment! She fell clumsily to the bottom of the canoe, and looked up at me, with disgust. But, thank God! I didn't hurt her, but I intercepted her leap! She was going to do it! She was readying to leap, eight feet to the shore? I don't think so, Miss Mae!!
Do you think perhaps cats have no depth perception? Since I could see the rocks, eight feet down, did she not know there was eight feet of water, over them? Or, was she bound and determined to swim to reach that golden shore, over thar? :)
Regardless, I'd had enough! That cat is darned crazy! Perhaps one fine day I will take her to the other shore. She's lived a long and happy fishing life, but obviously, getting to the other shore is on her bucket list.
I'm going to help make those kitty dreams come true. I just hope to all get out that she comes back to me, before the sun sets!

July 19, 2015

It's been a while, but yesterday I spent the day with my rafting sandals on, walking the river. I couldn't do much else, as it was 97 here at the coast!

I took the pic of it, yesterday, when it was on the weather station, and I thought that was the high. It said 94. But, 97!!?? Oh, my!
How hot was it at your house?
I'm sad that I have to go back to Oregon City today, for doctor's appointments. It's too hot to go to the valley!
I guess it's not all so bad, because I need to get the Salty Dog flags sent out to people. That will be fun!
Then, I have a new roommate coming this weekend, so time to clean the house. David will love that!

July 22, 2015

It's an awesome day!
(This was the day that I wrote a poor me column. Took a shower, had coffee, and replaced it with "It's an awesome day!" LOL. Sorry. You don't get to read it! Neither do I! It's gone!)

July 23, 2015

Very soon now, Bill and I will have our new boat! Where will we fish first? I can't wait!
Too funny, but yesterday I woke up and wrote a fairly depressing column, here. What a difference coffee and a shower make! I came back and totally deleted yesterday's drivel and replaced it with "It's an awesome day!" So much better!
My day turned out pretty darn good, too!
I miss the dam cam! Do you? I had it book marked for years. Here is where it lived, but no more! What happened to our dam cam, and how do we write to get it going, again? Would members of ifish be willing to chip in to make it exist, again? I'd bet we would! I'm going to look into it, and if anyone knows what the status is, please let me know!
I'm sending out the last of the flags. I've got about 20 left over, and would love to send one to you! If you are interested, please click on the store, linked above, and order yours! I also have decals that need to live on your car or boat! :) You know, I've heard over and over that if you have an ifish decal on your car, and you need assistance roadside, people stop to help! It's a community thing!
I'm shopping for moderators, by the way. If you'd like to help ifish out, and enjoy reading the board, you can help us out in one of two ways. Either alert things that you see that need fixing or taking care of, or write to us, to volunteer your time as a moderator! It takes a pretty special person to become a moderator.
To alert things to us, there is a little "report" image to the left and bottom of every post on ifish. It looks like this. report When you click on it, a new page will come up with a blank text field. Simply tell us why you are alerting the post, and then hit "submit".
Being a moderator is often not fun, as no one likes to be moderated. But, it just has to be done, unless we are all on the same page, wanting ifish to be peaceful. Sometimes people post things out of high emotion, not thinking about how someone else might react. That's why we need to have rules. Other people enjoy the drama of a good fight. Yikes. That's not what ifish was created for!
Simply put, just think before you post. If you even have the slightest idea that something will get edited, or that something will offend someone, it will! Just don't post it! Those "maybe this isn't a good idea" thoughts are fact!
The AUP is posted here, if you don't know what our rules are. If you come to know them well, then you can post on ifish without ever having to worry that you'll be moderated. Plus, you can help us, when you see someone else goof on the rules.
We have folks on ifish that have existed on our boards for years and years, without ever having to be moderated. Then, we have some that are daily visitors on the mod board. :) Often times, one member will have one enemy and we, as moderators have to realize that this is the case, and react accordingly. It's a detective role, really. If you enjoy that type of thing, please join us! Sometimes we will have to ask someone to leave, and then we realize that they have another moniker to post under. All of these things are things to consider, while moderating, or while helping us to moderate by using the "report" or "alert" button.
Simply put, the rules at ifish exist so that we can have a more peaceful community. What did I read the other day, though? Shoot. I can't remember, but it was a new way of saying, "The community is what YOU make it." If I find it again, I'll share it. It was so good! Dang. Getting older is heck!
Have a great day! I know I will!

July 26, 2015

Oh, my. Remind me to watch out for party boats! This reminds me of the horror that I experienced when I was fishing with Bill Monroe on the Willamette, and the Sheriff boat came speeding around a corner, headed straight for us! It was frightening! Lucky that he veered away, last minute, but still! I know the fear!
This story was sent to me by Coach Len Clark. It had me on the tip of my seat! I hope you enjoy (is that the right word!?) reading it, and remember to keep a look out!


A friend from California and his son joined my grandson and I for a quiet day of anchor fishing up above the mouth of the Sandy on the Columbia River.  It was a pleasant day with glorious sunshine and very little wind as we let out our gear in hopes of finding a willing biter in the warm water of our hot 2015 summer.  We were literally by ourselves, anchored close to a tall marked piling on the east side of the near 2 mile wide stretch of river, with not another boat within a ½ mile of our location.  We had an occasional boat go by in the ship channel at mid river which would cause a ripple in our float from a mild wake but for the most part we were simply watching our rod tips all by ourselves as we chatted about days gone by while solving some world complications through shear conversation.  The boys were both snacking on goodies and in great spirits as they were optimistic that something good was about to happen to end their boredom with a tug on the end of one of those fishing lines.  Simply put, it was a peaceful time without any stress and just as pleasant a morning as one might ask.
We were both casually looking downstream when suddenly my friend sat up and said “Hey, what’s this guy doing?”  I stood up and looked upstream to see a Party Barge about 30 yards away coming downstream toward the front of my boat, moving left to right across my bow.  As it approached, I realized it was way to close – it was about to cross my anchor line with the boat and about collide with the front of my boat.  I jumped to the bow of my boat and hollered “you are crossing my anchor line - back off!!”  Too late.  The big pontoon craft was drifting sideways and downstream fast.  His pontoon got caught the anchor line, then climbed up the line with the front side of the floating albatross as it plowed sideways directly into the bow of my boat!  There were a dozen people on board, including six teenage girls, all screaming and yelling as the boats collided and got tangled up in ropes (the barge had a dozen bumpers and ropes hanging over the sides).  I found myself hanging over the bow pushing the boats apart while untying ropes in total disgust.  The driver was apologizing profusely – he was an older grey haired gentleman with an oxygen tank hanging from his shoulder - he was clearly in shock, his eyes as big as saucers.  The water above our anchor had a smooth, glassy surface and he must have thought it was like a lake, not realizing the current beneath was powerful and swift.  He tried to explain that he had seen the Osprey nest on the top of the pile-on next to our boat and that he was trying to pull over to the island above our boat to show the girls some wildlife - but lost control when the boat got caught sideways in the current. 
Wow, what an experience to disrupt a nice, quiet morning.  However, it wasn’t over. 
We eventually got the boats untangled as I finally pushed the barge away from our boat.  The barge wound up at a direct 90 degree angle about 15 feet away from my boat when he decided to hit reverse – he hit the gas hard – we heard the sound of the engines roar but instead of backing up the front of the barge rose up and came right at us ramming into the side of my boat.  My friend came off his feet yelling “no, no” as the barge hit the side of my boat knocking all of us to the floor.  Obviously, the operator hit forward instead of reverse.  He was still in panic mode.  Then we noticed the sign on the barge that said it was a rental – these operators obviously did not know how to maneuver on the big river!  They might have been fine on a lake.
We checked the side of the boat expecting a big hole but my boat is a tank with thick metal and a tough skin.  There was a clear pair of dents but we were structurally OK.  The folks on the barge felt like idiots – they were embarrassed as we quickly exchanged names and insurance info.  Now I get to deal with all the details of getting my boat back to normal.  A nice, quiet day turned into a nightmare.  We didn’t even get a bite!
Instead, we got rammed twice by a Party Barge – in the middle of the Columbia, theoretically all by ourselves. 
Just when you think you have heard it all…….!  Good luck this season!


Len is a great story teller. Great guy with a great wife, Patty, too. I love them both!
I needed a good story, yesterday. I'm sorry for their misfortune, and that they didn't catch anything except for a large party boat, but it sure took my mind off of other things!

July 27, 2015

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to escape the stressful parts of running this site. I love ifish and the community we have. I have asked all of the members that are fairly active, to not involve me in the stressful part of it. Yet, who to run to, when the members also care deeply? The mods? The owners? I think people know me and still think of me as the go to girl. I want to still be the go to girl, too, but... the doctor says no.
That's why I sold the site. 'No more stress, Jennie". "If you want to travel, now is the time", the doctor said. Those things scared me. But, then again, that was 10 years ago, and here I still sit. I haven't travelled. I'm still dealing with stress.
You know, it's funny. I do wear rose colored glasses. A guy at the dog park that has become a pretty good friend of mine, said that he was describing me to some people, and came up with the word, "innocent... She's an innocent." He said.
That made me laugh, because I don't really think I'm an innocent, but I guess in some ways, I am. I do weird things like sing really loud on the river banks, and wake up singing. I'm mostly happy, most of the time.
"Ever seen someone so happy all the time?" Bill said to Bill Monroe, when he first interviewed me for the Daily Oregonian. Of course, Bill Hedlund knows me much better, now, and he knows I'm not always a happy girl. (Just ask!)
It sure is interesting thinking about what other people think of you that don't know me as well as, say, Bill Hedlund, or people who have worked on ifish with me, forever. They know my flip side. The vulnerable side that gets really depressed and hopeless.
I dated a guy once, who said something rather funny. He said, "I've never met or dated a girl like you. One minute you are a Sunday school teacher, the next, a motor cycle mamma." That always makes me laugh, and I like that! Now, that, to me, is more like it. I do have a flip side to my innocence.
But, when I spoke to my park friend about the "innocent" thing, I said, "Yeah, I guess so. I grew up in a fantasy land, where nothing bad happens". He nodded in agreement. He is mostly right about most things. He's very intelligent and I always go to him with world problems that bother me.
I did grow up in a "Leave it to Beaver" type perfect family, until my Mother died. That was a huge shock to my entire family. In fact, it seemed to ruin everything!! The entire world changed, when my Mother died.
After that, things the shade of "bad" happened to my rose colored glasses, over and over.
Within one month... Yes! One month!- First, my husband left my own most perfect family, then my Mom died, my Grandmother died within weeks after, my 20 year old "catarabbit" cat died, 12 of my chickens were brutally murdered by something, and I was left prescribed some kind of Prozac stuff by my doctor! I lost 40 pounds, during that year. The stress diet! The bad colored glasses diet! That period robbed much of my innocence.
It didn't end there. Bad, awful things have been littered thru my life, since. I know to expect them, now. Thank Goodness. They happen, and I get over them. I'm beginning to be a pretty good fighter!
I think when you are raised the Disneyland way, the way that my family was raised, you always come back to that. It's like in the Bible, (even though this isn't what was meant) "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6
Each morning, you wake expecting nothing but sunshine and bluebirds. Thank Goodness, because the death of my son was a huge thing to try to digest.
I still cannot fully believe or digest, or even "go" there. If I did, I'd be on Prozac! By the way, I did not like that drug. I did NOT like it, Sam I am! I ended up taking it for about a week before I threw it away. I guess it is great for some, but I felt just plain weird! I remember going to Costco one day while taking that stuff, and I had this terrible urge to ram people with my shopping cart! LOL. That's what made me throw that stuff away!! I remember oddly giggling at the thought, while thinking of ramming people, but still, I had never had a thought like that, before! Yikes! Oh, yeah! And one day while crossing the Longview bridge, with my friend driving, I longingly gazed over the side of the bridge, at that lovely, flat, dreamy water... thinking, "It wouldn't be so bad to jump. It's so beautiful..." Yeah. Yikes! No more of those pills for this girl!
So, what was I saying?
The stress of ifish. Innocence. How to stay a part of the community, do my part to work here to make it the best it can be, yet stay out of the ickies. How to look at my private messages, and decide if that person has something good to say, or something that will throw me back into the stress of the moment.
The other night, I fell asleep in tears. Something I hadn't done over ifish in years! And, I used to do it, regularly! Falling asleep in tears was just a part of my job, here. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I know I do.
Bill Monroe told me, time after time, "Girl, you gotta toughen up!" I don't think I ever did, but I learned to dodge bullets pretty well.
I don't want to ever lose my innocence, and I think thru ifish I have. That to me, is a loss that comes with toughening up. So, Bill. I don't want to toughen up! There are things that come with toughening up that I don't want any part of. Being vulnerable is a good thing, I think. I think? I think I think that...
Anyhow... I'm going to the river, now. I'm going there to sing at the top of my lungs about how happy I am. I'm going to sing, and run with Willie and Revvie, and be so happy when my Bill watches videos of Willie and I and has tears in his eyes, and says, "Jennie. Take care of yourself. You are so special!"
He did that. He said that. It made me stop.
It made me realize that I haven't lost my innocence, nor my happiness that my Mother and my Father instilled in all of us kids. I haven't lost it, yet. Life can be Disney like, no matter if your first born child dies, and your aorta splits from your illiacs to your carotids. When your doctor tells you that you have breast cancer, you can still sing at the top of your lungs, even if you are singing with no hair on your head!
...and when ifish breaks apart and many of whom you thought were friends post in public that the web site you created sucks, well, you can just march right down to that river and sing at the top of your lungs about how damn good life is.
Even so.
Damn it.