Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

July 2011
I used to have long hair! I can't wait for it to be back!

Happy Independence Day!

July 3rd!

Hmmm... A new house...
or a new pair of shoes?

I'm glad I decided on the house. Besides, those fishing shoes would be darn hard to wade in.
They are made, as you can see, as water shoes though, right? I mean look at the platform! You couldn't go deep, though. Maybe a couple inches... but, at least "Miu Miu" had the right thought in mind.
This time of year, it is so difficult to wade in the Kilchis, due to the moss. It's like glass! The rocks are covered in that slippery moss. I slip and slide and I'm sure I'm going to break my hip like us "old people" do. I wonder if those emergency alert buttons old people wear are waterproof? They should start making them that way, for all of us older men and women that fish. (I think I'm on to something!)
I felt so good for a while, there, and then one morning this week, I woke up and couldn't move my body at all! I don't know what happened, but since then, I've been moving just a little bit slower and more carefully!
The sun! The sun came to visit, yesterday and it was downright holy. I got down on my knees and worshipped it, like I hadn't seen it in months. (Wait a minute...) I worked in the garden, I made lemonaid and sat in the sun for a spell. It was so nice! But, this morning? What is that? Oh, rain! I remember! So strange. I thought we were supposed to have sunshine for days on end. I better check with Rhonda to see what is up. Pockets of drizzle, she says, but then look at the lineup! Get ready, folks! Do you believe in sunshine?
Unfortunately, the ocean is predicted to have a large swell. If it wasn't so, Pete and Bill and I were going to go out. Darn. I almost feel brave enough to ask them to go anyhow. (Almost!)
I need to update my marine/data page. If anyone has great new links that ifish is missing, let me know!
Man, I just went thru it and there was a ton of broken links. Bad me! I've fixed it up. If you see anything that needs fixing, contact me!
OK... it's off to a day of fly fishing for me.
Cutthroat fishing starts the 4th of July for me, and remember... "When the blackberries are ripe, the cutthroat bite!" Let's see if I can ripen those berries a bit!

July 4th
Declaration of Independence
(Sent in by Ginny!)

Death by hanging...
Hanging a flag, that is.
I was browsing around the internet, when my vision was blinded by the waving of stars and stripes.
Beneath it was a man in a green bathrobe, stumbling near to the steps. Yikes! Bill! Let me help!
As Bill held me at my waist, I wobbled around on the small step stool, trying to reach the new heights at which Bill had installed our Flag holder. (That reminds me! Must get flag for new house!)
Yes. It was a better place to hang the flag, but who can reach it?
I'm taller, so I gave it a try.
Finally, it slipped smoothly into its holder, but the golden eagle at the top was flying upside down.
"Hey!" I said, "If our fighter jets can do it, so can the eagle!"
Back on the step stool I went, until I rotated the eagle upright. Bill said fighter jets can't fly upside down! Oh.
Anyhow, now our flag is flying high, and it gives me shivers to stare at it. It makes me burst forth in song. I love Old Glory!
And, yes. It's a much better place for it to be. It used to be so that it flew over our rhododendron, but now our rhodie is 8 feet tall, the flag would brush and wad up against the flowers. It didn't wave like a flag should wave. Now, it does. It's beautiful! It's free! It's Independent!
Speaking of independence, I was browsing the internet, like I said, and came across an interesting book, titled, "The Price of Independence: The Economics of Early Adulthood."
Interesting. Sounds like something I should order for my kids. (and for me!)
Last night, or should I say "this morning" our phone rang at nearly 1:00 AM.
It was the police! (WHAT?)
That is one of those phone calls you dread, so immediately, my heart began to race. My voice stumbled on the phone, but Andrew seemed to know what was going on, and took over.
"Can you please take care of this car that is in the ditch?" The officer asked, nicely.
My mind raced, trying to catch up. Had someone been in an accident? If so, Andrew was home? (WHAT?)
But, their car isn't running. "WHAT?" I thought.. My car? Is David alright?
I listened, and finally the details played out.
Get this!
The boys car is an old Crown Victoria, and has been making awful noises. The back windshield is gone. It's a mess and they revel in how bad it looks. (WHAT?) There is mold growing in it, and mushrooms growing in the trunk. The inside door panel falls off, every time you open it. (Which I don't dare do!)
Anyhow, the noises grew and grew and grew until the other day, Andrew came home via tow truck, with the car on two wheels. If we tried to start it, it made awful squealing noises neither Bill and I had ever heard from a car. The llamas on the hill, yes. A car? No!
We tried to figure what it was, but could not. It would not start. It would try to turn over, but then die.
I was secretly glad. I mean, I did not want that car parked in front of the home in Oregon City. No way! I could cancel their expensive insurance! YES!
I had promised to pay their insurance, so that they could get out of here to look for a job.
So... I was laying in bed last night, when Andrew came jubilantly into the house, stating, "The car started! The car started! It's running!"
And indeed, it was. But, I wouldn't go so far to call it "fixed!"
I went to sleep, mostly unaffected.
Andrew, on the other hand, deemed it "fixed!" It had just needed to rest. RIGHT?
So, at about 9 PM, Andrew decided to take his "rested" car for a drive.
I guess it made it about to the end of Kilchis River Road, and died. Andrew barely made it off the road, flagged down an officer, (Yeah, police are great "when you need them", right, Andrew!?!) called a tow truck, (how many tows do I get with triple A?) and walked home.
The police called when the tow truck had been delayed.
It made me mad. I mean, the officers have nothing better to do, than to babysit Andrew's sick car on the side of the road, on a busy weekend like this? I was embarrassed to take up their precious time!
The boys, at this age, have that problem with authority that most of us go thru.
I was glad, in a way, to show him that our officers in blue DO GOOD for people, when they are in trouble. At the same time, I was upset at what cost to the police, this lesson was to be learned.
So, I'm a sleepy girl, this morning.
Independence Day. I'm celebrating it, today! Are you?
But, at the same time I get chills, looking up at the flag, which waves freely in the sky,
I have to wonder about freedom.
Will I ever be "independent" of my kids?! Ever?
And, at what cost to me?
I will fight... fight for my freedom!
And, someday... I hope that Andrew and David have a nice home, and a nice family, and will slip their flag pole into its holder, and stand back and feel the same pride that I do, this morning.
And... perhaps have kids and wonder the same things that I wonder.
Independence has a huge price!
Now, I'm going to sneak out and let the air out of those tires...

July 5th

Turns out, it wasn't a coyote.
I got up this morning, and had coffee as usual, computer, as usual... and from up in the hills, a far distance, I heard the lone cry of what I thought was a single coyote.
The sound broke the silence in the soft morning air. It sounded so sad, so mournful.
This morning is still and sunny. There is but a sleeping breath of wind in the air.
I have just one goldfinch at my feeder. Without competition, it sits without worry.
It is becoming that time of year where all the song birds leave. It is the beginning of the flip side of Spring. Everything green, everything new gradually dies. One day we'll wake up and as if with one stiff wind, everything that worked so hard to be alive will blow away. Winter will be upon us, leaving but a skeleton of all the wonder and new life that we (especially this year!) celebrated. Spring! It took so long to get here, and now we are catapulted onto the downhill side.
July 5th! The day we joke about being the first day of nice weather! It's here! It's sunny! But now...
The cool summer morning air reached in and kissed my cheek, and I thought about last night. About all the "bombs and guns" going off, or whatever those wild animals that live in our hills thought the noises were.
I thought how scared those animals must be. What a night they must have had! Did they run from us? Did they dislocate from their homes? Did that tiny fawn I spotted the other day lose his Mother?
Ever thought about that? We cause all this loud ruckus, and if my Kilchis dog is scared, then those animals in the hills must be scared, also.
I mean, Kilchis "does" English. He understands more human words than I can believe! -and even though I held his face and told him what was happening- he's still scared. He just doesn't get it. He grabs his stuffed bunny and paces the room. Back and forth.. back and forth.
I thought about how the wild animals must scurry around, wondering where to run, where to hide. The air was full of noise, wherever they went.
On the news, as with every year, were pictures of those sad, lost pets who ran from the celebrations and ended up lost, but at least safe, in the shelters.
If only animals realized it's a good thing! A FUN thing! If only we could talk to them, to explain.
Then, we could warn them! We could do an all points bulletin-announcement up in them-thar hills. "This is a good thing! Do not fear! The people are celebrating Independence Day!!"
The lone, sad cry of the "coyote" continued...
Worried about our chickens, our cats, and the neighbors, I said to Bill. "Do you hear the coyote?"
Of course Bill loves to shoot guns, so pretty soon I heard the garage door open, and I knew what was coming next.
Bracing myself, I closed my window in preparation for the noise that scares me, even though I know it's coming. The sound of a warning shot. I cringed.
I told Kilchis to be prepared, that Bill had a gun. Kilchis squashed my legs to the side, to get under the desk. He knows the word "gun".
We waited... with Kilchis shivering in anticipation, we waited some more.
And some more.
Nothing. No sound.
The door from the garage opened and shut.
What? No warning shot?
"It was the neighbor dog." Bill said, as he sat down to coffee and his paper.
Sure sounded like a coyote to me!
Wonder why the neighbor dog is so sad. Is it in the air?
As I was writing, I just heard the sound of a fire truck going up the other side of the Kilchis. That's so unusual. They go up there from time to time, but rarely with their sirens on. A whole troop of emergency vehicles followed.
I don't know, but it just added to the feeling of tragedy in the air, this morning. For some reason, I have that feeling, and I can't shake it. The feeling of the morning of September 11th, when the air was still and hot. I had just come from picking berries for a pie. Bees buzzed around me, while the rocks on the river baked in the hot sun.
I came in, and the television was on, still showing unbelievable clips of what had happened, that morning.
Bill had gone fishing with Joe and Evelyn Schwab. I couldn't go, after finding out. I just couldn't. The kids went to school, as normal.
That day, in between bouts of being glued to the television in disbelief and horror, I picked berries, watered the plants, did everything that was normal. -But everything was anything but normal.
That event has forever changed me.
I used to adore Fall, and I realize now, that those terrorists have taken some of that from me.
I resolve this very morning, that I'm going to take it back!
I must!
I didn't celebrate Independence Day yesterday, really. I mean I cooked wonderful spare ribs on the bbq. I made a cake with blueberries for stars and strawberries for stripes. We ate, and then I went to the river to watch the otters.
I watched the fireworks in Vancouver on the television screen, and spent most of the evening texting with a friend that makes me happy.
But, what happened on 911 ripped my heart out!
I don't like it when someone takes my joy from me! So, I'm not going to let that happen, darnit! We as a nation, need to heal and move forward.
We all have to stand together and celebrate our Nation's Independence!
Late summer and Fall is filled with its own wonder, and I'm going to bask in it! Fall salmon and beautifully colored leaves, here I come!
Tonight, when the sun falls from the sky and night approaches, I'm going to light a sparkler, and start new.

July 6th

I'm waiting... waiting... waiting for my loan for the house to go thru! Yikes!
Funny how something so simple can make my day. A friend on Facebook, Dan Read just posted, "Is this a great day to be alive, or what? Shout out to God for a beautiful day!"
It's cloudy and overcast this morning, but I did it and now everything is right! Clouds can't stop me from seeing the beauty around me. Whooo hooo!
It is that time of year when my mailbox is full of new products for ICAST.
ICAST is the "The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades", otherwise known as the world's largest sportfishing show!
Can't wait! It's what? Four days until I leave! Wow, time flies! STGRule will be joining me as usual, and I'll be in the Allcoast booth some of the time! That's new for me, but I can't wait for that, either!
My "in" box is full of neat new toys. It's like Christmas! I get to make appointments with folks that have new products and my schedule is filling up, up and away!
-WFN will be covering some of the show products, but here is a few in my inbox:
Okuma charges into ICAST with advanced technologies, stunning designs and technique-specific solutions. Our strength? We're the guys on the boat you often see in the distance, sharing your experiences and creating new products that improve upon them. Click here for the 2112 OKUMA catalogue!
-Onos Inks Deal to Market Ernest Hemingway Sunglasses
-Once again Plano enters next week's ICAST with a proud showing of best-in-class products, and its all-new Plano® Guide Series™
- At ICAST 2011, Pelican Products, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and virtually indestructible cases, will be showcasing their newest flashlight series and cases for the outdoor and sportfishing community and industry.
Holy Cow! It's a 6-foot Giant Tuna. Actually, it's our 40th Anniversary cake in the shape of a tuna, and you're invited to enjoy a slice at our ICAST booth. Join us as we serve cake and coffee to celebrate 40 years since Seaguar invented fluorocarbon fishing line.
anyhow.... those are but a few! If you are an ifish sponsor, and you'd like your new products to be highlighted here, or on the board, contact me, and I'll be glad to put it up! I just browsed thru the most recent.
My inbox... it "overfloweth" with new fishing toys for girls and boys!
Did I say "I can't wait!" yet?
I can't wait!
I'm going to be uploading pictures of new products, etc., on my Facebook account. I'd do it here, but the ifish photo thing won't upload from my iphone!

July 10th

Can't believe it's July 10th, but it is! Tomorrow, I fly out for Vegas! I'm so excited because I got first class tickets with my Alaska points! Whoo hooo! Call us fancy! I did it because I love those little bottles of water we get! LOL.
Actually, I did it for my long legs. I am always so sore after even 2 hours on a flight in those cramped, "otherwise" seats. I'm not kidding! Call me a princess, but it hurts! Then, I spend a couple days trying to work out the ouch! This way, I fly and I'm good!
Poor Andrew, who is large and way over 6 feet, flew to Hawaii with me, and after that trip, he was in poor condition for days. It really does make a difference.
OK.. Since I can't find a way to upload pics to ifish with my iphone while I'm gone, I'll use my facebook account. You can reach that, by clicking here and then clicking on photos.
I'll try to post most of my thoughts, or updates, here on ifish on the board. You can reach that, by clicking here! That's where I post, when I'm not at home, or when I can't reach an ftp server. (Like on my iphone)
I so wish I could get this column like a wordpress ap, or something. The way it is, I have to edit the html. No fun! There has got to be an easier way with the technology available, these days. I find that my html skills are outdated, anyhow!
I'm so sad to leave my home on the Kilchis for a week. My dog is going to be so, so sad. When I leave, he paces by the boys room, I guess. Then, when I call home, my boys report it to me. I have asked and asked for them not to tell me things like that, as it ruins my day. But-- they still do. Sigh... Makes me so sad! I love my Kilchis-my-cuteso!
I need to learn to stay put, but I just love to travel!
The opposite is heard from Bill. He despises travel and loves to stay home. I guess that makes for a good pair! He takes care of the house, the chickens, the plants, and I explore the world! :) It makes coming home so much more fun!
W hen I get home, I'm thinking my house will have closed, and we can begin moving stuff! How exciting!
Hopefully, the boys will find a place to work, and then register for Fall Term at Clackamas Community College, and Andrew can finish his degree.
David is considering the military. That scares me, but at the same time, it makes me really proud. Really, REALLY proud!

I wonder what he'll do!
We are looking for a new car for the boys. One that is really, really cheap! If you hear of one, let me know! As long as it runs, and as long as I'm not too embarrassed to park it out front, it will do!
Unfortunately, there isn't bus service close to where we'll be living, so they'll need a car.
It's been tough on them, living so far from anything. It will be a good start-over for them. More jobs. Better schools. Yep. I like it.
Off to finish packing, and away I go!
Can't wait to show you pics of new products. It's a fishing Christmas like thing! Stay tuned!
ICAST! Here we come!
If you happen to be going-, stop by the Allcoast Booth!

July 17th

Me in a shoe at the Cosmopolitan

Girls? Lookee who I got to hug!

It's Glenn, from Hawg Quest!

Hey, honey! I'm home!
I had a blast hanging out in the Allcoast booth, and getting to know our new peeps! It's also always a blast to see all the folks! Blasts from the past! So, so fun!
It was fun to see the ifish decal placed in good position at the show!

Click pic to zoom

I was surprised at the energy I had, at ICAST! All up until we were invited to dinner with the crew at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

French restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower

I was sick... and had this awful feeling, and I think it's called a "chemo flash". It's a bad reaction from the chemo drug "Taxotere", which of course, I was gifted with having to take. LOL. I have a friend who had the same drug, and the same reaction. Anyhow, that night I had to go home early. Wah. As someone on Facebook posted, "Oh, poor Jennie!"
Yeah... I guess I can't complain when I was staying in such an awesome hotel! It was an incredible experience and I am most sure that I will never, ever be so lucky to stay in such a nice place! You can view a youtube video of it, here.
Wow. I stayed there!!! On the 63rd floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel! Pinch me! We overlooked the Bellagio Fountains! I cannot believe this, even as I write it!
But-- there has got to be an easier way for me to update, while on the road.. Facebook was great (for me!) to update things, but it turns out that people couldn't read it, unless they had a facebook account.
So, next time, I'll have a way to do it, right here on my column! Allcoast is working on it!
So, I'm home!
Here are the winners of the New Product Showcase... the main reason that I go to ICAST!
Best of Show!!! Goes to Pure Fishing, Inc.
This year the Berkley Nanofil fishing line by Pure Fishing, Inc.. was voted by buyers and outdoor journalists as the most innovative product in the ICAST 2011 New Product Showcase in both the Line category and the overall “Best of Show.”
(Note from Jennie: If you need media contacts to find out about purchasing these products for your store, please click here!)
This year’s New Product Showcase winner’s also included first-time ICAST exhibitors VestPac in the Fly Fishing Accessory category and 3D Picture Store, Inc. in the Giftware category.

2011 ICAST New Product Showcase Award Winners!

ICAST 2011 Overall Best of Show - Pure Fishing, Inc., Berkley Nanofil
Best of Show – Apparel - Frabill, Inc., Frabill Suit
Best of Show – Boat - Hobie Cat, Hobie Mirage Revolution II
Best of Show - Boating Accessory - JL Marine Systems, Inc., 10 Ft Power-Pole Blade Edition
Best of Show – Combo - Daiwa Corporation, Daiwa D-Shock DSH-4Bi Combo
Best of Show – Electronics - Johnson Outdoor Marine Electronics, Humminbird 1158c DI Combo
Best of Show - Eyewear – Costa, Costa Women’s Collection
Best of Show - Fishing Accessory - G. Pucci & Sons, Inc., P-Line Sparrowhawk
Best of Show - Fly Fishing Accessory – VestPac, DriftPac
Best of Show - Fly Fishing Reel - Temple Fork Outfitters, BVK Fly Reel
Best of Show - Fly Fishing Rod - G. Loomis, Inc., Pro4x
Best of Show - Freshwater Reel - Pure Fishing, Inc., Abu Garcia Revo MGX
Best of Show - Freshwater Rod - G. Loomis, Inc., GL2
Best of Show – Giftware - 3D Picture Store, Inc., 3D “Exploring Smallmouth” Picture
Best of Show - Kids’ Tackle - Pure Fishing, Inc., Casting Game & Sound Fishing Kit
Best of Show – Line - Pure Fishing, Inc., Berkley Nanofil
Best of Show - Hard Lure - Pure Fishing, Inc., Sebile D&S Crank
Best of Show - Soft Lure - Koppers Fishing & Tackle Corporation, LIVE TARGET Hollow Body Mouse
Best of Show - Saltwater Reel - Daiwa Corporation, Saltiga SATG5000H
Best of Show - Saltwater Rod - Shimano American Corporation, Terez Rail Rod
Best of Show - Tackle Management - Plano Molding Company, 4674 Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag
Terminal Tackle – VMC, Spinshot

Making up a special section of ICAST’s 400,000-square-foot show floor, the New Product Showcase provides special visibility for the industry’s latest innovations in gear and accessories.
ICAST 2012 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., July 11-13, 2012.
For complete ICAST information, visit
Well, Ruth and I certainly had fun! More stories to come!

July 19th

How about a newer than new showcase product? I'm so excited about Buzz's new Hawg Nose Flatfish! Heard about it?
Well, it attracts the below species! :)

The Hawg Nose!

Please click here for the charts!

I nearly ran to Yakima Bait's booth to see Buzz, so that I could see, in person, what a Hawg Nose Flatfish 5.5 looked like! They are awesome! It has an all new "skip beat" action, and dives deep! Up to 20 feet! And... you can tune it! I love the side grips that not only help me hold that slippery fish catching beauty, but holds the elastic thread, better, too!
I can't wait to fish it, Buzz! I want one! I want 100!
It was so much fun to see all the peeps at the show. I always just love that! Out of nowhere, someone special just shows up in front of you, and HUGS all around!
So exciting to see all my favorite fishing heroes! People that I used to read about in STS, right in front of me! I never dreamed that I would one day know these people! Wow. Pinch me! I'm lucky!
I sure missed seeing Stan Fagerstrom, though, this year. He wasn't there! Stan, next year, right!?
It just wasn't ICAST without Stan!
I had the weirdest thing happen, last night. I was laying in bed, feeling a bit nostalgic about things, and all of the sudden... I smelled it. I felt it! It came at me thru the window like a blast from the past.
FALL! Fall was in the air!
What happened to Spring? What happened to Summer!?! And the way it hit, left me with a big image of Fall salmon in my mind! Fall salmon, running up river! Rains! Drift boats, and me, hanging over the side, listening to the slap of waves against the chine of the boat. Have you felt it? Smelled it? It is in the air, for sure! And, it's simply not time!!! But, even so, it's going to happen!
I don't know that I'm ready for it, yet, but it doesn't matter! I have these mixed feelings of tremendous excitement and anticipation, mixed with "Wait a minute! I haven't even fished for many cutts, yet! I haven't fished the Nehalem for summers, yet! I haven't been in the ocean!"
But-- they are coming! Before you know it, we'll all be fighting a Fall Chinook! WOW!
I've always had really strong feelings about Fall. The best and some of my most sad memories, are in the Fall.
Jim Erickson reminds me of Fall. He used to not like Fall, much. I used to save a letter that he wrote about not liking Fall. About he and Loretta thought about the garden dying, all the green stuff, fading away. Oh, Jim. I wish you were still here.
Fall tugs at my heart in opposite directions. I don't know whether to be happy, or extremely sad.

"I just miss Jim so much. I want to call him this morning and gripe about the low water. My heart is just screaming. I'm so sad.
I want to ask Jim how he is and hear him say in his gruff, yet joking way, "Terrible!"

Just be still and listen... and smell... and see if Fall is in the air, for you. It will not always be there. It happens in the middle of a summer breeze.

July 21st

Hey! It's raining! What's new?
I used to joke with Pete, here on ifish.
He'd be talking about his boat, and I'd turn my smile upside down, and with a pout say, "Jennie has no boat".
He'd go on about his house and his garden, and all the goings on, and I'd frown and say, "Jennie has no house."
Guess what, Pete?!
Jennie has a house!!! Jennie has her own house!
I signed and signed and signed, yesterday, and now... I have a house! I get the keys, today!
Jennie has a hot tub!
Jennie has a garden!
I'm so excited to plant it! Even if it's late, late, late!
I am hurrying up to go to Portland to go see my new house, and gather up those keys, this morning. Yikes! Did I ... really buy a house? Wow.
I'm only 51! LOL. It took me a while, but I did it! I am a home owner. A property owner! Wow.
Now, let's see how I do with it! How do I run this, and what the heck is this panel of electric stuff? I have so many questions!
But, Pete?
I still have no boat!

July 24th

More and more, I'm realizing I'm just not 19, anymore. I may feel like it at heart, at times, but my body (darnit!) just won't keep up!
Ever try to accomplish a move, when you aren't suppose to lift over 10 pounds? It's a tough thing to make yourself not lift. Really tough! It ticks me off, in fact!
Once, as a young family way back when, my husband said, "NEVER AGAIN!." We were in the middle of a move, from house to house..
I get it! I get it!
We ordered a Dominos pizza that night, and it tasted SO good! Now, moving makes me think "pizza!"
But-I have had this extremely spiritual feeling in my heart lately. You know, when you just "feel" God's presence with you? When He is just there, 24/7? That is so comforting! What a gift! So, even when I'm totally exhausted, I still have one more box in me! (Maybe not to move, but to fill!)
I remember, long ago at a Bible study, the leader asked, "What would you rather have? A really close, special relationship with God, or would you rather win the lottery?"
Hm.. I know which I'd rather have, and I've got it, these days!
There are some days when I just can't seem to find Him, and it makes these last few days that I've felt so close to Him, very special to me! It's great timing, I'll tell you! You know how they say that He carries you during tough times, and there are only one set of footprints in the sand?
I don't know, but it seems like some people are just lucky, and they win some kind of constant-special relationship with God, and they have it with them, every single minute. My sister seems blessed with that. How do they rate!?! Why is life just so easy for some people?
I just seem to struggle and struggle... but then, on those "lucky" days, I wake up and there He is, all bright and warm and within close reach... just like a big sunshine over my life.
Now, tell me that winning the lottery would be better than winning that awesome feeling of safety and warmth!
With that said, I'm going to go take a nice hot bath and tuck myself in under some warm, soft down. I'll listen to that tiny little whisper of the summer river flow, (and if it's still around!), the distant hoot of an owl.
I think back into nights long gone by, when our whole family would be tucked into bed. Sounds of the night would come and go, as we all began to drift off. -The lazy, slow, creak of the house as it settled, or a water faucet that would randomly go on, and off as we take turns brushing our teeth, before bed. -Night time noises, before the hush.
It would usually be Bill who heard the hoot of the owl first. He'd say to me, "Jennie! Listen to the owl!"
So, I'd listen... and when I heard it, I'd get all excited and yell downstairs, "David! Listen!" -and there would be silence until David would hear it. Then, I'd hear David say, "Andrew! Wake up!! Listen!"
Just like the days of "Good night, Mary Ellen", we'd all fade fast asleep into the hush of the summer night. These are some of the memories in life that make it easy for me to fall asleep. :)

July 28th

July is leaving us! Summer! Summer! Oh where art thou, summer? Honey, it's cold, outside!
Do you realize that Christmas is only 5 months away? Get that!
My house in Oregon City is lovely! Just lovely! However, in an hour or so, the movers are coming to help move the big stuff, and once my furniture is there, it is going to be so crowded!
Hey! I was considered in the "list"! Thank you, Mr. Canzano! My Dad would have been so proud.
Speaking of my Dad, my mailbox on my iphone was full, so I had to sit down, listen to them all, add those I forgot to, to my contacts, and delete, delete, delete... and then I got to "Bob Logsdon". Oh my. Hold on to my chair. I hit "listen", and held my phone to my heart.
Oh, Daddy.... tears came. It was the sweetest message, and I need to know how to save it! How can I record it onto something else? He said that we were playing phone tag and I was "it". He said he wanted to hear my "lovely" voice and that he was praying for me. Oh, my Daddy!
It was so strange. Talk about a blast from the past. I couldn't move out of my chair for several minutes, just playing it, over and over again, being so careful not to accidentally hit delete. I'm almost afraid to use my messages again. I would just be so crushed if I lost that!
Count me out of fishing this summer, it seems. But, come Fall. THAT will be my season!
Bill and I are separating all our stuff to go into two households, and it will be so nice not to be so crowded, at either place!
When we got together, we couldn't bear to part with our "stuff", so we had two of everything. Now, we can use both, again! One in one house, and one in another!
I was joking to Bill that now I need more clothes! Two wardrobes! One for city, and one for country. He rolled his eyes. I was only kidding! I think. (Wasn't I?)
Most of my fishing stuff stays here, so I won't have to pack all that stuff. Good grief, do we have a lot of fishing stuff!
Anyhow, Bill is waiting on me to play "boxes" with him, again, so I'd better go.
I don't have internet service in Oregon City, yet, so I have to be here to write or moderate and that's kind of a pain.
OK-- Off and over, my dearies. I love you all