Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
July 2000


Jennie's Fishing Life


A journal of my adventures.


July 1st?
(Now with authentic licorice flavoring)

Just a minute. I think I am having a moment of reality here. Uh huh, I am. I do have 6 zillion e mails and I do have work to do. This is a serious bummer.
I am sort of glad to be home. I mean, I do live in a beautiful place, I have my bunnies and chickens and river here. But there is work here also! Kids, laundry, web pages, bills..... all the REAL stuff! ARGH!
O.K. lets talk about this trip I took to Black Butte.
The highlight of my trip was, of course fly fishing. I was really good at it there the first two days. Then I took a lesson. (uh oh!) Jeff of the Fly fishermens shop in Sisters puts on a seminar every week at the lodge, and I showed up for that. I took it last year also and got so good that I caught myself in the ear and ended up at the E.R.
I left a note one morning for my sister. It said. "6:00 A.M. leaving to fish, be back in two hours." She wrote back, "O.K., we'll alert the paramedics!" Cute, huh?
Anyway, Jeff is so good at what he does. We discussed fly patterns for the first part of the seminar and then on to casting intricacies. Intricate? How bout fly casting 101? Anyway, he taught me to keep my casting hand away from the reel seat and up towards the cork. To keep my wrist stiff and to double haul, false cast farther and to shoot the line. This was the biggie for me! It is much easier to load and shoot your line than to let it out gradually. I was doing great, much improved he said! But somehow, the next day I got out on the lake and all was lost! I couldn't do nuttin! The reason being, of course, that I was stiff and concentrating on all the new tactics. I will get better!
We went to the Metolius several times and visited Camp Sherman and their fly shop also. We gained some knowledge of different fly patterns to use, wet and dry.
The food was great there, the company fine, but there is no better place than the place I call mine. Hah! I'm a poet!
I have six zillion things to catch up on, including laundry and shopping.
I am going to get decals made, thanks to the suggestion of some readers, and especially Pete Morris, who helps me not to screw up on my web site! He is a true sweetie to notify me when I make mistakes! And oh... do I make mistakes!
Have to call Jim Erickson for his weekly column thingy. I wonder what is up with that fishing fool this week? Hee hee!
Bread..... have to make bread today.
I think I'll just sit here and write. This is more fun. Procrastination at it's finest!
I am talking to Stan Fagerstrom right now on ICQ. I miss him so much! Come backkkkkkk Stan! Yeah, and we will give you a raise, right Ifish family? We will pay him even more visits! I wish we had cash to pay people to write. I wish... I wish.... I wish I were a fish.
I'm nuts!
See ya later guys.... I really do have to start back on reality. ugh.
Oh! BTW, Salmon opener soon! July 10th! Except its open certain places out in the ocean July 1st. It's a selective Coho fishing Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday starting July 1st for two salmon (including one chinook). This is South of Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt. So you would have to go out of Garaldi, Depoe Bay, Winchester Bay or Port Orford I think.
O.K. I'm gone.... really.
Oops! Anyone have a puppy yet? I'm really seriously looking now! Smallish labbish looking dog, full of love that will sleep under the covers with me on cold nights and clean dinner plates.
Oh! And one more thing. Anyone want an Ifish Bunnie? Please!? And not to train your dog to hunt with either! I have four adorable little babies! Get one for your child today! Free! Now with an official ifish stamp!

July 2nd

Woops! Should have mentioned the great clamming tides. I think I will hit it tomorrow. Great one today though.
The world around me is a buzz with when the Nehalem might start producing. I think I will find out something this week. I am going to go out, with the first fish usually being caught June 30th and then picking up the 10th and really hot around the 20th. We'll see. I'm going early!

July 3rd
(Why buy a mattress anyplace else?)

I am going on home where I fish for a fish I call jack, where my mind can be peaceful and still. I know when I get there I'll remember the things that caused peace, and my soul can be filled. Although it is nearby a spot not so quiet. A roadway that is traveled quite often. The water that flows there, comes in and goes out, and to every hurt that I feel somehow is softened. I sit there for hours, sometimes knowing no bite. But the suns sets before I am ready. My vision is skewed by the weeds that blow in the breeze. For hours my rod in hand stays steady. I don't know what in life will ever bring me peace, except for this river that calls me to stay. It knows me, it remembers me, when I drive round that bend. To this river where I fish for jack salmon. Do I fish for jack salmon, or do I fish for my soul. I just fish for the river that calls me. Some people, they fail me, the rivers they tread, They don't know what it is that will save me. Their rivers are cities who don't know my name, their joys are not counted like mine. They buy things that thrill them for moments that pass, They search out their next dying need. Somehow I'll find it, that soul that comes with me, to fish for the fish I call Jack. We'll sit there so silent where no words will be spoken. And once there we will never go back. I'm going home to a place where I fish for the fish, the fish that I kindly call Jack. The fish I remember, the fish that I missed, And once there, I will never go back.

July 4th

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day fishing, eating, doing whatever, with your family. My kids are at their Dads, and it is kind of sad for me! Oh well, I am going to still play like a kid and go get some sparklers! I love sparklers! Then the kids and I will do them later.
A new "Jim says!" Go read!
Please welcome to Ifish, your dream trip to Alaska! I want to go! Clam Gulch Lodge, with your Hosts: Kim and Gary Katsion. Overlooking Alaska's infamous Cook Inlet, Clam Gulch Lodge provides easy and convenient access to some of the world's finest fishing on the scenic and legendary Kenai Peninsula. Whether its monster Kings from the Kenai, slab halibut from Cook Inlet or trophy rainbows from the nearby Kasilof or Ninilchik Rivers, centrally located Clam Gulch Lodge is just minutes away.
Minutes away? I'll be right there! I'v heard it is really picking up now too. Give them a visit at their web site, or better yet, hop a plane! Kim is originally from Tillamook, I believe, and enjoys keeping up with us here at the coast.
Linda at Tackle Time gave us an updated report on the Sturgeon fishing. Hey, you asked for the truth, we give it!
On the Bulletin Board we are deciding on a boat logo for all of us ifish people, so we know who is from the board. Cast your vote!

July 5th
Ifish logo copyright ZaQ and Marty

Whatdya think? Isn't is awesome? Hooray to ZaQ, Marty, and R.T. for the artwork, production and decision making involved! (they are all hyperlinked to their pages, do them a favor and go visit! Some great fishing info on each of them!)
This will be the new design for the logo decal for boats and patches for your vests! I am now looking into prices on printing, etc. I'm excited! Thanks so much everybody! Lots of work involved! What a community we have here! I love it! It's like having another family, except they ALL fish! Wheeeee!

July 6th

"There will be no feeding the chickens at the table!"
Eating outside at our house can be a very interesting experience... for a detective.
It's no wonder that David enjoys it so much. Let's see.... Corn? Feed it to the chickens. Carrots? Not a problems, I can get rid of these...Here bunny, bunny! Don't care for the fish? It's great food for a black lab. There! Finished Mom!
So I went to his room, raided his candy and sat down outside. Yum yum... I said, Mom will eat the candy after dinner. Mom's love candy. David shall go hungry.
Actually, David isn't that bad. But it is funny to see all of the animals gather round the table. Chickens between your feet, bunnies laying around on peoples laps, and Dee Dee, the black lab with her nose poked out the cat door. When left by the table, Dee Dee is very loyal to David. I wonder why?
Off to Portland this morning to see about my eye that is somehow fading. Surgery? I dunno.... I want my eye fixed but I want it done without a knife!
Have a great day.. Going to hunt out R.T. on the way down the Wilson and bring him an emu.
See ya.

July 7th

Cool! I got accepted into the OWAA!
Just cooking a fiery hot Mexican dinner and thinking about fishing tomorrow on the Nehalem.
A doe just strolled slowly across the meadow out front. How nice! She has a baby, I've seen it, it's SO cute!
Almost got it together enough to go out and jig fish on the Kilchis this morning, but failed. Too busy, too much to do. I didn't set up the night before, and that always spells disaster for me. Wah! Soon though, real soon, thanks to R.T. and Mark Anderson, who I met for coffee at the Guide Shop yesterday. That was fun. :) Learned about jigs and caught the bug!
Thank you to Moleman for the idea of putting the drift boat in the below logo for ifish. I love it! Thanks Moleman, and thanks for the fishing offer. He tells me he caught three one day before I even got in the water. Wah!!!! I want to fish with this guy!
See ya, the chili rellenos is buzzing at me!
Anyone ever have a Krispy Kreme doughnut? I have to get my hands on one.

July 9th

Let's see.... fishing on the Nehalem is slow to say the least. The fish checker hadn't checked a fish yet this season. Nice boat ride though, Andrew, I and Bill had a nice time. Nicer if there were fish though! I'm beginning to feel a little catch starved.
Bill caught a couple nice cuts this morning on wet flies. He used a Purple Joe and an Umpqua Special. Both produced nice 14 inch fish in less than an hour. Way to go, Bill!
We are going tomorrow morning to try for more. I am also going to do the 'jig fishing for steelies' thing that I have meant to do now for a week!
It happened again this morning. I don't know how to explain it, but I'll try. It's almost like a Deja Vu (SP) kind of thing. This feeling of happiness sweeps over me and then phtt!, it's gone before I can think why I am feeling it! I think I finally have it figured out. It's this hint of fall in the air, or at least the mid summer promise.
Not many people can relate to this feeling. Everything is dying and yet it makes me happy? I can't even really place a finger on it, but Fall is my favorite season. Especially down here on the coast, when Fall is usually the nicest, warmest weather we have all year.
But it is more than that to me. Fall spells one thing to me most of all. F I S H. Looking over the sides of bridges to see if they have arrived yet. Visions of the day it happens, when at the Necanicum they are churning the water in slow, circular dances. These huge fish that have so much strength laze around, not biting until the first rain hits and then shoot upstream. I enjoy the warm weather, but anticipate that first real rain.
I enjoy these Fall Chinook but really anticipate that first steelhead. Watching the waters rise and recede, the sequences of water too high, and then too low. Waiting, waiting for just the right moment.
Yes, I know what this sweeping feeling is. I know this feeling when I rise in the morning and the air is still. The grass outside in the field is no longer the beautiful spring green, but has changed into a dry brown that would ignite in a puff of smoke if given half a spark. The trees are still lush green, but now they are silent. The plants in the garden are flowering and nearing the last cycle of their growth.
Soon they will die, and soon, oh so soon, I will be tying tackle meant for much greater fish than the lake stocked trout. First the cutthroat, then the Fall Chinook and Jacks and Silvers.... then.... my favorite fish of all... the Steelhead.
The kids will be off on the magic school bus that also transports me to the ultimate Disneyland for Anglers. With hot cinnamon rolls in the morning, red leaves showering me from the old maple across the stream and the freezing nip of my fingertips in the early morning air.
One thing I have to get over, though. I went down to the river last night to throw some spinners. It is the second time that I have attempted to go down to the river to fish since Hershey died. Each time I walked out there with nothing but fishing on my mind. As soon as I hit the rocks, see the river with rod in hand, I stop. My mind rushes to thoughts of Hershey bounding by my side, but the river is silent. "Wanna go fishing?" I hear myself saying. I expect Hershey's wiggly self to be running next to me. Tears come strong, out of the blue. Last night I made it past that to two or three casts, but I keep looking down at my feet for Hershey and he is not there. I will get stronger. Won't I?
Up to his grave I went and sat down beside the flowers planted over his resting place. I sat my rod down on the dirt and spoke to him.
"I miss you, Hershey... " and the loss hit me stronger than my heart has felt. All the grief I held in for so long poured out.
I'm sure those plants won't need to watered any time soon.

July 10th

Here is a report from Tackle Time that you won't want to miss! It's got me goin!

July 12th
New today!

Let's see what Jim Sez today.....

Huck Finn, that is who I was yesterday! Traveling through the Tillamook Tidewater, exploring channels, sloughs, backwaters! I was not running away, I was ISO.... in search of..... the mighty native cutthroat!
It was so fun! I love these challenges! Bill was my captain in his heavy metal duck boat with a 1964 5 horse Johnson. We navigated through log infested waters that may be all right to pass at high tide, but could we get back before the tide fell to return home? Oh! The suspense!
What makes it even more 'edge of your seat thrilling' was the fishing! It was great! And of course it was only great in the really iffy places! We would cross the shallows at a fairly high tide and know that if we waited too long it would be an incredible hike-- or long wait until the tide turned high again until we could get back. We looked at each other knowing the risks ..... lets go! Of all frustrating things the fishing would be so red hot that we would want to stay for just one more pass! (You know... the 'one last cast syndrome!')
We only had to get out and pull the boat once.
All together we caught 9 beautiful cutthroat in a just a couple of hours, measuring anywhere from over 11 to 16 inches, one of them upwards of 2 pounds! And me without a camera!
We made it back with just enough time to decide we had to do this again today. Last night we studied the latest of maps we had and we are ready to set out again. I can't wait!
Remember, if you need to fulfill your cutthroat needs, catch and release is mandatory. We don't understand why barbless hooks are not mandatory, but we would recommend them highly. They are so much easier to release unharmed. We believe that cutthroat are about the most beautiful salmonid in our rivers and streams.... there is something almost spiritual about their beauty.
I will take the camera today. Proof coming soon!


July 13th

"But I actually get mad when Bill outfishes me!" I complained to my Dad while we were sitting around at Black Butte."
"Logsdons... competitive?" He joked.
Yes, I guess I am, and it is quite embarrassing. I wish I could just grow up.
I don't know though. To me competitive means trying to outfish someone. Like if they had two you want three, right?
Well, my reactions are just plain childish, but I am working on it.
I have gotten to the point where Bill can catch up to three fish first before I throw a tizzy and want to throw my rod in the water. I pray about it! I get myself all worked up to be positive about it.
Yesterday on the Wilson tidewater Bill caught a beautiful 15 inch native sea run. "Yay! I said happily, isn't it beautiful, look at the colors, look how fat... oh Bill, gush gush..." while I busily snapped pictures.
Second fish... "All right Bill! Way to go.. look how gorgeous he is!!! (snap, snap of the camera.)
Third fish..silence. look the other way, keep fishing busily, set my jaw a little too solidly. Kick the camera under the bow.
Fourth fish.... a beautiful 18 inch sea run Cutthroat. This is where I am too embarrassed to tell you my reaction. Throw my rod in the water? Stamp my feet like a child? Throw him in the drink?
Why am I like this? So I didn't catch a flippin fish in three hours! But WHY didn't I catch any? Am I losing my touch? We were fishing exactly the same way! EXACTLY!
Oh well, I guess that is the way it goes. And this Fall when I come in from the river bank and tell him I caught my 14th steelhead for the week I guess I will understand why he isn't interested in fishing lately.
Each time he outfishes me though, I am just going to work a little bit harder to act my age, not my catch rate.
Fishless Jennie.


July 14th

Blech, I have some kind of awful stomach bug. Be nice to me.
Mike H has a great pic of a wonderful steelhead posted here. Way to go!
Can't spend much time here, I'm soooo tired. Just thought I would share with you the pic of Mikes fish and log off. Bye!

July 17th

The chorus of coyotes lulled me to sleep. I woke up, strolled to the bathroom and on to the usual critter identification 101. Having some sort of stomach flu was not helped by the sight of my bathtub.
For some reason my cat prefers to deposit its nightly catches in my bathtub. We have had moles, rats, mice and who knows what sometimes, because they are torn to bits. I have grown weary of scrubbing my bathtub! This morning we think it was a Kangaroo rat, long rear hind legs, extremely long tail, bigger ears...Weird creature! And what a proud cat! I didn't even get to see it this morning, Bill treated me to a clean tub! Tell me my cat is not killing endangered animals, O.K.? This cat is not a member of PETA.
Shortly after we were treated to a duet of elk who would bugle back and fourth across the canyon. Seems a little early, and so spooky! Ever hear them?
O.K., fish talk.
The Nehalem was unseasonably slow yesterday, although Dennis, of Salmon Master Guide Service ran into a few. He says they are all the way up the North Fork. We saw none jump or roll however.
I would like to take a moment and thank Jim and Margie Neilson for their honest reports on the Nehalem. Integrity of bait and tackle shops is one of the most important issues on ifish, and I believe they are to be honored here!
The Wheeler Marina is located in Wheeler at 278 Marine Drive, just a block upstream of the Wheeler boat ramp
Their number for reports, boat rentals, moorage and bait and tackle sales is (503) 368 5780.
Boat rentals are 35.00 for the first 3 hours, 7.00 for each additional hour or 65.00 for all day. You can also rent gear! COOL!
I used to rent boats for crabbing when I lived in Cannon Beach, and I have great memories of that... Plus one or two really scary ones. I learned to respect water when I was out there in a small boat and the wind kicked up. YIKES!
Call Jim and let him know you are coming. He will let you know whuzup on the bay.
I want to remind you that now Tillamook Bait and Tackle have an online ordering form for bait. Keep this in mind for fishing opportunities, and let me tell you, her salmon eggs are gorgeous! Not only that, but they catch fish! I KNOW!
Len Self is booking for the Buoy 10 season. Just got an e mail from him, and he may still have some openings!
I miss the guides that are in Alaska, plus I don't think it is fair that they are having so much fun. Think I'll hop a plane to the king salmon land of AK.
Getting close to closing the deal on the decals for ifish. Please read the DB for more info. I think my niece is incredibly talented and I love her work. I just want to thank everyone involved for their input, and thanks to R.T. for his patience.
Off I go to start the paper wars of sending my kids to camp. HOW many forms are there? Medical records, prescriptions, shot records...Yeesh! And this isn't even military school!
Then I will do a little cutthroat fishing. I do love that kind of fishing. I am going to catch more than Bill. You wait.

July 19th

The Benevolent Despot??? Me???(You know who you are!) I had to look both terms up in order to figure it out. I was worried at first, but now... I am semi O.K. with it!
I went cutthroat fishing with Bill yesterday on the tidewaters of the Trask river. I hooked three, Bill didn't. It didn't feel as good as I thought it would. Even though it rarely happens that I hook more than Bill, I wanted him to catch fish too! Now I know the guilt that hits him when he outfishes me, and this happens often! He was an admirable sport, and cheered me on. Guilt. I was a brat last time he outfished me. It is really best when everyone catches fish, and when that doesn't happen, just enjoy the other persons fun, OK? Better all the way around. I'm speaking mostly to myself here.
(Webster's Dictionary) Kindly, charitable... I'm working on it.
I have finally decided on your decision for the logo. I have sent it off to the printer. Their artist needs to check for flaws and redo some things. But it feels so good to make the decision and take the next step. I made a decision!
Despot: (Webster's Dictionary) Ruler, tyrant, oppressor. Me? Wishy washy me?
Bill says that the only way he can keep me from getting testy is to keep me out on the river! I thought that was funny, and alarmingly true. I do get a little grouchy when I haven't fished for a while. Things pile up and stress me. Out on the river we go and I begin to glow again. I should be a very happy girl next week when the kids go to camp. I am going to work hard this week, get my work done and be free to fish tons next week!
Coho season is red hot out in the ocean! Be careful though, guys. Those bars are treacherous. I highly recommend, if you are unsure of the bars at all, to first, if not always, take a charter or a guide. The charters and guides know these waters and cross treacherous bar conditions with ease. Also, if you are prone to seasickness, or don't know if you are, make sure and get a good nights sleep the night before. Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol the night before, and have a light breakfast. Dramamine works well for some people and can be sold for above retail when demand is high!
Most of all though, if you have never been out in the Ocean fishing, have a great time! It is quite an experience, with nothing but sky, water and fish around you. I love it!
The Nehalem Bay Summer Chinook fishing is off to a very slow start this year. The fish checkers have checked a few fish. Anglers have seen a few roll in the Wheeler area. We are hoping this picks up in the near future.
I am soon going to be deleting most of the art work off the board so that the board will load a little faster. If you are interested in taking any more looks, I will post the latest final version in a post. Art work and pictures take up a lot of space on a server.
Off I go to the land of chores. Feeding chickens bunnies and kids, doing laundry, checking stuff off for the list at camp.
Benevolent Despot.. Geez!

July 19th

Talk about Coho! Look at Tackle Time! WOOO HOOOOOO~!

July 21st

Life is short and I'm not. That is why I want to go to the Air show tomorrow. I just want to!
I have been so busy today taking care of biz, running sideways to dodge kids and dogs and cats to get things done!
Why is it that I spend half of my morning cleaning up home made fertilizer? Clean the bunny cage, hose the chicken droppings off the back deck. So, I clean it up, apply it to my garden, and then PHHT! The chickens eat all my produce! Swiss Chard... gone! Spinach... gone! Strawberries... gone! The eggs they lay are really very expensive in the long run. And I don't even eat them very often!
Anyway, Sunset Lake is red hot. Just got a call from a friend who has been fishing it and having a lot of fun. They are the mid size trophy fish from the Nehalem Hatchery. Coffenbury has some also, and hey, Cullaby is putting out some good warm water fish.
I have been teasing the cutts in my back yard. There is so little water in the Kilchis river right now!
OH! The boys really keep me young. I can't believe I did this! The boys have been pestering me to go swimming. I mean, really swimming.... you know, head under and all? We have this riffle that turns into something of a small falls in the summer. The water tumbles down the rocks and fills a pool 10 feet deep.
I grabbed my inner tube for stability and a way out should I suddenly freeze solid in this most cool clean watershed.
Finally I made it in. Without the tube!
I had the time of my life. I have always wanted a Jacuzzi! We sat at the base of the rushing water and let it shoot past us, nearly through us, beating our backs and causing our arms to flail helplessly in the current.
Game two was fun also. Grab a rock and try to swim across the river. A heavy rock. OK, give in and let it carry you to the bottom... open up your eyes and take in the sights! Fish! I see fish! I mean, this is 8 to 10 feet down in a place that is usually closed to human viewing! A wonderland of fish and creatures, rocks and wavy mosses reaching toward the sky.
I am bringing a snorkel and mask next time. I want more of this land and less of what technology has to offer.
If you call, I'll be on the bottom of the Kilchis river. Just me and my fish.. Besides, I don't have to clean up their poop.

July 22nd

Hey, go check out this page and see how you like their jigs. Let me know, k?
Len Self is featured on the Guides catch page. Many, many sturgeon! I've heard frustration from guys fishing around Len. How does he do so well when others get skunked right next to him. Huh, Len? How?
This is Norma Nelson of Salem. First time ever fishing for steelhead and she caught this beauty 9lbs 29inch Summer steelhead on Santiam River! Go Norma!
I think that this fish is awesome! Drawn by Corky on the discussion board. Wish we could have used it in the logo.
I am just full of links this morning!
O.K., I am fully caught up with e mailed pics and biz. Now what to do? FISH!
One of these days I am going to be brave enough to write about what is happening with my eyes. I don't like the way it makes me feel, and I think if I write about it, I'll feel better. Who knows.
My whole family leaves for Diamond Lake this week. I am not going. I just can't stand seeing personal watercraft on the lake. I'd have to go with paint ball gun in hand. Somehow I think that might alienate me.

July 24th

Wah!! I miss my kids! (Not that much.)
Keep in mind, this is a Christian Camp the kids are crazy about attending every year. They have a great time, and I hear about it for months.
As I was checking the kids medicine in, Andrew looks at me and says, "Mom! Did you forget my nicotine patches?"
Why do kids do that kind of thing?
WHOO HOOOO! Did I ever have fun today! I caught a 19 inch beautiful cutthroat! He was..... HUGE! What a slab! We caught, what was it, probably 13 fish? (Remember, catch and release, no bait except in tidewater, and it is a great idea to pinch the barbs!) I had more fun this morning!
We couldn't quit and the tide was running out. We knew we would have trouble getting back, but how do you stop and addiction such as this? They don't make patches for fishing addictions and if they did, I don't want any!
So, the way home was very interesting. I am soaking wet! I had to get out at one point where Bill had to get in back, speed up on a log, get in front and persuade the boat to follow! So I hike around the log thru bull country....(and snake country) Then, out of the boat, both of us to wade up the riffles. One last problem.... "Ooops! We are out of gas? Hmmmmm. (Glance at watch... look how far we are away from home..)
Anyway, it was really fun. I think cutts are my favorite all time fishery. I just love the tidewater.. You can see down to the bottom of the sloughs and rivers. I even saw a beaver on the bottom about 8 feet down once! Swimming!
I rowed a bit but Bill rowed more, and faster, and I always love to watch him row.. Love those big shoulders.. Love da rowin kind of man... (Jennie.. Breathe deeply.....) :)
Off to fish tomorrow too, and the next day... and the next.... and! Oh! How I miss the kids!!!!
NOT! (Well, maybe a little....)

July 25th

Marie of has some awesome aerial photographs of Tillamook Bay at a minus 2.0 tide. She also has prints of the lower tributaries, the Wilson, The Trask, The Kilchis, The Tillamook River. It shows all the sloughs, the hot fishing holes, everything! They are for sale by e mailing her or at her shop! I feel like if you are going to fish this area, they are a 'must have'. Please, if you are interested, could you tell her that Jennie sent you? Please?! We got one, and are going to get more! They are great!
Dennis Stewart of Salmon Master Guide Service called and told me the Nehalem is finally picking up. I called the Wheeler Marina and they reported 2 yesterday and three the day before. Cool! I want to go now!
Sunset Lake is really good for trout. Sunset is located in Warrenton Oregon on the North Oregon Coast. All lakes up North there are producing some trophy sized trout.
The Ocean coho season closes after today South of Cape Falcon. Boo hoo. That was a good run.
Chinook fishing remains open in this area, however, the triangle in front of Tillamook Bay is again closed until September 16th.
Jennie's gotta quit talking and start fishing now.

July 28th

I can't believe how beautiful these fish are! You have to go see what Vern Wilson and Carlisle Blanchard have been creating!
I was at my sons Orthodontist in Warrenton. I am always amazed by Dr. Nanson's fish pictures, fish art, and salmon mountings from the Kenai. One of the reasons I insist on driving Andrew all the way to Warrenton for his braces work is because Dr. Nanson is such a fishing fanatic! At the last visit I noticed these incredible metal fish displayed on his wall. On closer inspection I couldn't stop staring at them. They were like 3D, with these intense hues that changed every time I moved. I was hypnotized by them!
To make a long story short, Vern and Cory, (short for Carlisle) came to visit me. I now have two of them on my wall and would like to share them with you! I took several pictures, as did he, and now realize these fish are not very photogenic! We just couldn't capture the magic they hold, but I hope that you believe me. They are simply gorgeous.
They will be permanently located on ifish in the left hand column should you need one for your wall, or for a gift. (I needed two, and want three!) You can also click here.
I have been meaning for ages to share with you a book that has come in very handy to me. Written by Eldon Ladd, "Steelheaders Reference Guide" is full of information and statistics on when and where to fish in Oregon and Washington.
Here is Eldon's author annotation on
"The book is a compilation and user friendly format of data gathered from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The book is comprised of five sections. The first is a ranking of the top summer run and winter run rivers for the last 8 years in Oregon and Washington. The second section has charts of the peak catch months for the top 100 rivers in Oregon and Washington. The reader can quickly tell when and where to fish specific rivers by the shaded charts. These charts are backed up by detailed catch data compiled by the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish & Wildlife as shown in section four. The third section is introduced by a map of the dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers and lists the annual counts over each dam since they were built. This data is further broken down by month for each dam. The fourth section contains monthly catch data for the last eight years in each state. Lastly, the final section lists all of the smolt plants made by Oregon and Washington for eleven years and eight years respectively."
Yikes, sounds like I'm out to sell stuff on ifish. I don't want to sound like this. And I am not really trying to make a buck, I just want to help these guys out! But if you do order this book, it will help support ifish if you order through the books page. But wherever you get it, get it! It's a great resource! Besides, I like Eldon Ladd! You may write to him here. He is a nice, very knowledgeable sort! The book is also available at G.I. Joes, and Amato Publication. I tried logging onto their site, but it appears to be down temporarily.
I fished Ives Island on the Columbia and the Oak Tree Hole with Bill the last two days. Not much action. Well, I did come home with 19 Lbs... 19 Lbs of blueberries that is. Saw one fish actually landed. We came home with our tails between our legs and washed the blueberries. It was gorgeous though. That river scares me! What current!
I don't know what it is...
Help me figure this out:
It happens at parades, mostly when the bands go by. It happens at fireworks displays...every darned one of them, no matter how measly. I get the sup sups..., I CRY! It happened at Disneyland at the main gate opening ceremony. Blazer game anthems... Annnnnnnd it happened when I went to Bonneville Dam and watched the observation window of the fish ladder! I just get overwhelmed by some kind of silly emotions that make me cry! "Uh OH! Here comes a big old steelhead!" Sup sup!!! I can feel it coming. I get chills that start at my shins and then work up to a choking sort of sup sup thing. I think I am emotionally challenged. And then I learned my sister does this too. What is it?
I don't know, but I loved that viewing area and I would love that job! I could have stayed there all day! I wanted to get in there, swim with them, fish for them, name them silly names.... whatever, but I loved touring Bonneville Dam! I must take my kids! (And try not to blubber again... how embarrassing!)
The kids come home from Camp today! Yay! I did miss them very much! Hard to travel places and not want to share everything with them.
Off I go to teach piano lessons.. see ya later!

July 31st

Oh no! Don't tell me another month has floated by! And still..... Bill tells me I have four more months to wait for the big fish to come into the Kilchis. That is just too long for a girl to wait. Like a kid waiting for Christmas! FEH!
I put up a casual page of "A day in the life of R.T. and company." Cute, R.T.!
I am still sickish and still in my pjs at 10:19. No hopes of getting anything done today except computer maintenance. This requires sitting and that is all I can do. Oh! I can lay down real well also.
Well, the check for the decals is going in the mail. Please be sure and pre order. Makes my life easier, and you do want one, right? I do!
Thanks to all who have ordered and have been so kind to me. I am lucky!
I want to fish.
I remember back when I was married and living on the Salmon river. I got up one morning very ill, feverish, the whole shootin match. My hubbie said... "Jennie....Don't you dare go fishing." But the conditions were perfect! As soon as he left for work, I crawled, (literally) out of bed, grabbed my rod and off to the river I went, which was only 50 feet away. Caught me a steelhead, threw him in the refridge and went back to bed. "Hm! How did that fish get there?" I said to him when he got home.
Anyway, so if you see me comatose on the banks of the river... I'm OK. Just fishin! You can rehabilitate just as well on the banks, right? Aspirin in one hand, fish in th'other.

July 31st later

Buoy 10 tomorrow, right? Whoo hoo~! I can't be there, I'm still sickly, but be sure and order your bait before you go. A great place is Chinook Bait and Tackle, part of Tillamook Bait Company. Go to Maries web site.. It is VERY important to order ahead. The number is: 1-360-777-8269.
And.... have a grand time!!
OH! By the way..... , of the discussion board will have an article published in Salmon, Trout and Steelheader this Fall! He's famous boys and girls!!! I can't wait to read it!