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July 2009

Cookin' it! Happy July 4th!

July 2nd

Wow! I'm one day late, even, but


I spent a day with Andrew, pretty much just visiting. I really enjoy his company, lately.
I listened to his music for a while. He's gotten so great!
Oddly enough, he doesn't read music, so for the umpteenth time since his childhood, I sat down to teach him some music theory. This time, he was ready for it!
You know how sometimes you just have a mind block on some things? Well, he did for a long time, but finally, we cut through the frustration and solved some of the things that had blocked him from letting the information sink in.
I taught him the pattern for a major scale and he understood!
You know, I've been teaching music via 'methods in a books' for years. But, to teach without a book, and to have to stop and explain why, without the use of a method or book is really eye opening! Things like "Under the two tall trees live C, D and E" don't apply to the guitar!
It was extremely satisfying to answer his questions in a way that caused me to stop to think and understand, better, myself.
Andrew has two wonderful notebooks for writing, given to him by a friend. One, he uses for writing notes, and the other for writing music.
So, he took notes, noting where the half steps go (and what half steps are!) and where the whole steps go in the scale.
It's interesting for me, having only taught and learned on a piano, that a half step is a fret and a whole step skips a fret. Plus, you can perform a scale on one guitar string, but in order to play efficiently, it's good to change strings to finish the scale. I learned some, too!
There is nothing more satisfying in teaching then seeing that look of final understanding on a person's face. That "Ahhhh!" opening of the brain to let things sink in! It was fun!
Next up? How to play the minor scales!
What's this got to do with fishing? Not a darn thing!
Except-- I've written a couple new 'river' songs, lately that I hope to play for Grant McOmie's segments. I can't wait!
It's good to have music in my life.
The olive green sparrows are learning to fly, today and it's so fun to watch the family that I've been watching daily, in their little bird house that Bill and I provide, each year. I'll miss them when they are gone! A baby and it's Mother are now sitting on the edge of the roof, visiting. I imagine they are talking about the weather, or maybe about where they'll fly next, and where to land in an emergency!
Every year, Bill and I have a pair of barn swallows that attempt to build a nest and raise their babies in the same place, on the same piece of wood in the barn. Most years, they fail. I don't know if they are the same birds, attempting this, but I'd like to think so.
We had 2 successful young ones come out of their nest, one year, a couple years back. But, this year, as usual, the babies fell from their nest. By the time we noticed, they had expired in the heat. First one baby, then another day, the other. It's so sad to see, but I guess it's just nature, and only the strong survive.
It kind of brings a sadness to me, this time of year, because I know that soon the sky around me will be quiet, again, and that empty hush of late summer comes over us.
I don't like that.
Spring is always such a lively time, with every bush surrounding us, alive with the life of winged creatures. They fill the meadow with beautiful song. It just makes for such a full and lively sky. I like life in my skies. I do!
It's about the hustle and bustle of filling feeders and making yet another (sigh) batch of hummingbird juice. Bill and I are known too scan the papers for sales on sugar, and complain about the cost of sunflower seeds. Why is it that we complain about the things that we enjoy most? I think it's mostly done with a light heart.
Right now, as I listen, I hear at least 10 different bird songs. Soon, there will be a hush over the entire valley and the lush, almost tropical colored flowers that hang from the bushes will begin to drop off and die.
That dusty brown color will start to take over, and the sprinkler systems will be run endlessly, to try to keep it from happening!
The ongoing fight for green.
Each day I do my ifish chores, and then head out in my pajamas to water the flower baskets in an effort to fool them into an endless Spring! I sing at the top of my lungs, hoping no one is around. Silly songs, like "OHhhhh The Lord is good to MEEEEEE!"
Bill rolls his eyes and tries to hide from it. But, it feels good to be able to sing at the top of my lungs, with no one around. I have, however, been caught at it. Oh, my red face!
My eyesight isn't that good. How was I to know a people were on the river?
Despite all efforts, the dusty brown will win. It always does!
Then, we can go to the river to watch the swallows dip over the water, catching bugs. Bill and I try to count the numbers. That's hard to do when they are moving! It's as hard to count the hummingbirds around the feeders. We giggle as we sit for morning coffee, "Two, three... no wait! Eight, nine, no... eleven!"
Thank God that summer hasn't won, yet. The birds are still here. The sky is full of beautiful music and the green is all around us.
An olive green just flew by my window. I snapped this picture of Mom, flying off. The little one better hurry up and follow!

Click pic to zoom

It's as if the parents are saying, "Hurry, little one! Learn the ways of life! Quickly! Fall is coming! Before you know it you will be on your own, and you have a lot to learn!"
We never stop learning, do we? What a blessing that is!
Henry David Thoreau said, “It is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know.”
How true is that.
How true is that!
Off I go to water my plants. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Take it one breath at a time, and appreciate all that surrounds you! The world is a miracle and there is so much to appreciate!

July 4th

Whoo hooo! Happy Fourth of July!

I'm on my way to the kitchen to bake up something wild. Will it be my famous flag cake? OK, so it's not famous, but within our family... but it's just a plain old sheet cake with whipped cream or butter cream and blueberries for stars, and strawberries for the stripes. It's just what we do!
Too funny. My sister Teri has a Fourth of July party most years, but in the last few years, it hasn't happened. I received an invitation, though, and it reads:

-- Just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that our annual Fourth of July party is back after a two year hiatus!
Hope you all still have the date available and have not strayed to other, less dangerous parties--

Hmmmm. Could that be due to the fact that it seems every year we have an accident? My brother ended up with a shoulder injury one year that landed him in a hospital.
My family just has too much fun. I hear that three wheelers are dangerous, tho... LOL Why is it that I was raised in a family that laughs when people get hurt? That's sick! But I love it!
So, I have to get all this done and get over to the valley to join in the danger! Whoo hooo!
Have a safe and wonderful Fourth! Myself? I'm gettin' me some of that danger!

July 5th

So much fun!
I'll post a pic when I get home, but at Teri's, (my sister) a helicopter landed in the field and all who wanted, could take a heli ride! So much fun!
That was just awesome! What a great treat!
Although Teri panicked because we ran out of food, I thought it was just awesome. It was the first time Teri had run out of food, but I saw it as a great success! What a fun bunch of people and how lucky we are to go in a helicopter from this company! It was one of those without doors and it was just too much fun!
We swooped down on the Willamette, and went over the Molalla! I asked him if we could go slow enough to troll, but he obviously wasn't a fishing type! LOL... More when I get home! I'm still on a rush!July 6th

The Fourth of July picnic at my sister Teri's, was really nice!
The yard was full of hugs and hello! We were visiting with relatives, greeting, meeting, having a cold beverage, a couple chips, talking, laughing. The boys were seated nicely at their table, visiting with friends after the obligatory relative hugs.

(Make sure you click all pics to see them zoomed! Awesome!)

Boys visiting with friends

Too funny! Teri graciously included in her invitation that we could bring friends. Uh oh! Guess what? We all brought friends! and friends!! and friends!!! and the yard was full of people! We are no fools, here! We know a good party when we hear of one! (Teri, take note!)
All of a sudden what did we hear? It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a helicopter!
It got closer, and closer, and then...

It landed in the field!

Teri told me the parties here were dangerous, but had Life flight been pre invited just in case?

Funny. We all rushed over to laugh at whoever was needing ifish. (We do that. We are a sick family!)
It was actually Tom's hunting friend from Sunset Helicopters in Aurora.
Three by three, they were kind enough to take people up in the helicopter! It was so fun! It was so exciting! I couldn't believe it!
Now, how on earth are we going to top this party?!? Tom and Teri are awesome! How can you thank someone for THAT?

When I got in, I wanted to play with the buttons! I got to sit in front and they gave us all neato headphones and a mic! We could talk to each other up there!

Wow those boats are tiny on the Willamette! We flew over the Willamette and the Molalla!

And look at the trees! I felt like Peter Pan! I sang, "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!" And it was really like that! I mean, there were no doors and you felt as if you were flying all by yourself!

And this was my favorite picture! Isn't that awesome? I'm going to make it my desktop picture on my computer!

I'm not kidding. That was the most exciting thing I've done in ages. Maybe ever. I don't think Teri and Tom realize just how much I appreciate something like this. I've been in seventh heaven, since! It just thrilled me to no end!
I would love to learn to fly that thing!
I'm so excited that now I'm talking to them about helping fishermen search for bait balls in the ocean and getting hunters and fishers to exclusive locations. I'm just pumped!
This company is the greatest!
If you'd like to do something like this, it's somewhere around 550.00 an hour.
After they were done with us, they filled up with golf balls and were going to drop them on a golf course for a sort of contest. Whatever balls landed in the cups won prizes! How fun!
I think next... I'm going to start a new website.! Nah... but what fun! What WAY fun! THANK YOU TERI AND TOM! You are the best and no way.. no how... will anyone ever top that!

July 7th

Off to Portland for a meeting.
Oh.... wouldn't it be nice to stay home, lounge by the river, watch the baby swallows fly, cast a fly across the crick and see it land softly in the current.... oh, dream!
I saw a bobcat yesterday on the way home from town! That's always fun to see! Just as long as they stay far from my baby chicks!
Andrew has been home and it's been so nice to have him. He's a pleasure to be around.
OK... no putting it off. Up to shower, and on the road again.

July 8th

Awesome. You must "see" this!
It was sent to me by Ginny and Glenn, good friends from ifish. It means so much to me! Man, can I relate!
I had to stop, the other day and to record on my iphone, a thought that I have had, several times. I am so grateful for my aortic dissection.
Yes! I am! I really, really am! It's a lesson that can only be learned, I believe, through the experience of it. For brushing death, for really knowing that it will happen, and it will happen to you, too!
Why is it that society tends to hide from it? We all have an end date! Live life like you know that!
I know that deep in my heart. I have experienced death and I'm glad that my surgeon ripped my leg open and fixed me so that now I can live! Live, not only life, like all of us, do, but to live it in a way that is so different, now!
I wake in the morning, thankful for each minute of each day! I try to "see" everything, experience everything. I don't say no to things that prior, would have scared me. I say yes! I want to do everything, feel everything!
And back to the sight video, I know about that, too! I spent months without sight of any kind. I felt my way along the river when it was swollen and flooded. I wasn't afraid, either! I knew that just one wrong step could have taken my life, but I did it, anyhow. I needed to know the river from a view that wasn't attainable through sight. Now, I have that. I can, to this day, navigate the river's bank without any sight. I know it through my other senses, and it allows me to "see" through all of my other senses, so much more!
People say to me, "Oh, I'm so sorry for what you have been through..." Nonsense! I mean, I understand their sympathy, but there is no need! It is a true blessing to be able to have this appreciation for things. Things that I took for granted, before.
I do think it is entirely possible for people who have not been through these things, to know what I'm talking about. I'm sure of it. It's just that I, personally am a slow learner. God knows that, so he made the extra effort to show me in detail (LOL) what I was missing in my life.
Don't take yours for granted. You get one chance down here on earth and that's it. Don't live yours thinking that you'll always have tomorrow to go on that fishing trip you've been saving up for, forever. Or, to go on that vacation with your kids, -or to call your old friend from high school.
Don't wait to write that book!
Trouble is, knowing this has made my "to do" list so long, that I don't know where to start! There are not enough hours in the day, any more. I'm just having so much more fun, living!
It's not about money, though. Don't be going and getting yourself in debt. Just appreciate things! Little things! Big things! All! Live in balance, but stop to really see things!
I still have to remind myself. ( P.S. God? I'm a slow learner, but no need to remind me again, OK?) But, I do! I still have to slow myself down from time to time, and look, listen, appreciate!
The time is now. You may not be here, tomorrow!
Read some poetry and listen carefully to music! Be goofy and laugh! Watch chickens! I mean, really watch them! Swim more rivers! Eat more ice cream! Pull over on the road and watch the sun set... every night! It's important stuff! Wear your best jewels! Eat off of the china your Grandmother left you! Don't save it for special! Today is special! Get it out, tonight. I mean it! Try it! Live your Golden years now!
Close your eyes when drifting the river. Close your eyes when drift fishing and really feel the bottom of the river. Man, when you get a bite with your eyes closed, it's magic! It's a rush!
Anyhow.... Life really is awesome with your eyes closed and your mind open. Life is awesome when we live like there is no tomorrow! It gives the rest of your senses a big push and makes you realize really, how much we all take them for granted!
Now go hug someone and pass it on!

July 11th

Well, whatdya know. I'm leaving for Florida in a few days! ICAST here I come!
I really didn't think I could afford it, and frankly, it's close! But, with my American Express points and my Alaska points, I pulled it off! The thing is... Mickey helped me change my mind! I thought, after the article I wrote the other day about "Just do it" and I just did it! Ruth, we are going to see Mickey again!
Smart me. I bought travel insurance just in case. I always wonder about that, though.
You know, I totally wasn't going to go. And then I started talking with some of my business friends who encouraged me to the point of, "Oh! OK!" So, I'm going!
Also, I really want to meet some of my East Coast fishing website friends that I've talked with for years and have never met!
The thing that really grabbed me is Typhoon Lagoon's lazy river and the Shark Reef where you get to dive with the sharks! Wheee! I can't wait!
Bill and I have been frustrated at the weather for salmon fishing, lately. We are always a foggy day late or a tide short. We will get out there! Tomorrow maybe, even! Maybe Pete will be with us! One boat or another, we have to fish! Before I leave!
I have been tossing a fly around here. I bought some new fly line and it's just awesome. However, last time I was out in the boat with Bill, first he got his line caught in the rudder of the electric motor. He cussed a bit and got his out. Next, I did the same trick! But, my line had to be cut a bit. Brand new 60 dollar line. That hurt! But, it's still fine and it sure casts nice! Bill is so envious of my fly collection. However, he has to help me with what is what, and what goes with what. Hey! I'm learning! I'm so glad I spent an entire summer learning to fly cast. I feel fairly proficient, now.
Off I go. I'm going to pack light this trip. I'm tired of carrying around a ton of makeup and clothes. I'm just going to pack the essentials. (Yeah, yeah, right, Jen!)
Here we go again. Can I bare to leave that sweet Kilchis dog's face? That always hurts so much, but coming home is a blast!

July 13th

Holding Kilchis in my arms, up in bed last night, I had to reassure myself that Kilchis lives a wonderful, happy life.
I feel so guilty when I leave him. If only he understood that I'd be back. Or, if only I could be reassured that he's alright and not heart broken and worried. That really bothers me when I leave. It's too bad, because it takes a bit of the fun out of traveling.
Remember when you were little and vacation like this was just totally fun with no worries? I do! I wonder why it's different, now. I worry about things and that's not right. I must be a terrible sinner, because worry is a sin! Quit that, Jennie! Live! Have fun! Forget about it!
I just put Francis' column up. The book is more and more exciting to me, with each chapter, and even though I've read it a dozen times! If you aren't reading this, you are missing out! I adore this book! Salmon on My Mind is posted here and the archives are linked off of that page. You can still read it all!
I feel so good about my life and my life's work, here. I feel like I do for others and try my hardest to bring happiness to other people's lives. I don't ask for much in return. I don't want to get rich in any other way than in love and in friendship and I feel very successful that way. I have the best friends! A whole, whole bunch of them!
Scroll down to the bottom!
Members: 24,002 !!!
Wow! Even though not all are active it's still a bunch and I get the neatest notes from so many people! I have this neat thing that sends them a Happy Birthday wish and the returns are so fun to get! It's one of my favorite things! Especially the ones that think it's an autoresponder and doesn't go anywhere. It does! And I read every one!
I get to travel and I love to travel! I do, even though it breaks both Kilchis and my heart when I leave. But, then, it's so fun to come home to him!
I just adore life, I guess. I can't imagine that Heaven can be better than this, but whoo hooo! If it is, we are in for a treat!
OK, off I go. I leave today and fly out tomorrow. I get to see Mickey AGAIN!
And all the new fishing products! That's my favorite! I love the new product showcase where they show off all the new fishing toys for girls and boys! LOL.
Ruth and I have so much fun talking to the inventors and voting. However, this year is supposed to be different. I can't imagine, but they aren't allowing the inventors to be there, during voting. That's just really weird to me. How do the products sell themselves, if no one is there to demo and get you excited about them? I guess we'll see! Plus, this year there is only one ballot per company. So, Ruth and I have to agree and share on our votes. Hm. Well, it's never perfect. We'll see how it goes!
That's tomorrow night. We'll be exhausted after that long flight!
It's supposed to be thunder and lightning all week. They have the most awesome thunderstorms in Florida!
Wednesday I'm having dinner with the people from and we are going to eat at a place where you can see the fireworks!
Buzz wrote me and wants us to stop by his booth. He is with Yakima Baits, now.
Anyhow, I'm all excited. Can ya tell?


July 16th

Hiya! Man, is it muggy, here!
I miss my Kilchis! I want hugs!
I have this neat little personal icam at home so that I can watch my dog. It's fun!
I am getting so much done, here. I forget how much networking you can do when your whole fishing family is in one building. Wow! It's exciting!
I have gotten more business done than I ever thought possible!
I was taken to dinner last night at the neatest place! The Contemporary Hotel on Disney property. So fun! Neato people from the East Coast invited Ruth and I and we ate this awesome sushi, went out to watch the fireworks over the castle at Disney and then had the main course. Yum! Great food! It was at the California Grill, there.
Well, I don't have much time, but I have to tell you, if you want a more up to date version, my friends and I are using Twitter to write short notes. I'm "ifishjennie" on there. I'm just learning it, though!
Off to go buy water at the grocery store. It's not nearly so expensive, there! This is called "Orlando on a budget!" Not easy to do!
OH! I forgot! Yesterday I was woken from a nap by thunder and lightning like I'd never heard it. I got up and looked out the window. Scary! A huge black wall draped across the sky in front of me. Above me was blue sky!
Pretty soon, I saw a funnel cloud drop from the sky! It ended up touching down. I posted about it here. I hope you can see the pic!

July 20th

What is about Disneyland that makes you want to buy a plastic hat with big black ears? Or, shop in a shop that has everything you don't need with black ears on it?
I'm not sure, but I can see it happening! I was really good, though, and didn't give in. I have nothing Micky.
Little black "Tink" shorts and a little white "Tink" shirt! It's perfect!
Back home, in my favorite steelhead drift hole there has always been a snag that we've had to maneuver. I must have lost a thousand jigs and flies and rigs on it over the years. OK, we are at Disney where everything is grand. How maybe more like a hundred?
Anyhow, I guess it's gone! Bill says it's laying on the river bank, and that hole is now clear! I don't know how it happened, but no more lost jigs for me. Only problem is that I finally learned exactly where to watch for that snag and now it's all new to me. I guess the entire river is now low enough to wade, so when I get home, I guess I'll put my shorts on and do just that. Go investigating the river bottom. I can't wait for those days at home, in late summer. The weather is nice, all my flowers are in bloom, B-10 fishing, and then...the wish for rain and Fall nooks. Whooo ha!
The seasons seem to be changing and approaching faster and faster with each year.
I'm so glad I took this trip. Not only did I make a ton of neato biz connections, get a bunch of work done, meet a lot of nice people, but I had a blast at Disney!
What more could you ask for?
Oh! And the lightning each night was probably my very favorite! I can't wait till tonight's show!
Most of all, I can't wait to see my Kilchis!
I'll write more later... but just remember:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

I believe that more and more each day!
I stood on the deck of the Contemporary Hotel and cried while they set off fireworks and that song played. Yeah, that's me! The guy we were eating with said, "I have a plate of sushi to eat inside. Now, that makes ME cry!" Funny!

Oh, and by the way? I goofed. I did buy one thing Mickey! It's a bracelet! But it's so darn pretty and it sparkles!

July 24th

I used to have a 'clean' brain when I woke up. I was excited to write down my thoughts. Lately, it seems that my mind is clogged with stress. Too many appointments, too many e mails, too many phone calls, meetings, stuff to do!
Maybe this will work! I'm trying to write before I read my e mail, or the mod board, or go through my phone calls.
Fresh from a long night, soothed and recharged by the sound of the river and the breeze in the tree(ze).
I want to focus on my life, here, as I started this journal. It used to be a fishing life, but somehow my life became complicated. My goal is to get back to fishing.
As I sleep at night, I notice that it is the trees turn to take 'first chair' in the meadow's symphony. In the winter, I fall asleep to the rush of the river. But, now, the river is so low, it hardly whispers!
The river is nearing that pinch period, but right now it's deceiving. The Kilchis River is still full of life! But, you have to look closely!
I was surprised to be greeted by my black cloud of tiny little pollywogs, still without any sign of legs! I thought sure would be gone by the time I revisited their little canal of water. Their home is in a long strip of shallow water. With the lack of moisture, I thought sure it would be dried up by now, and the pollys long gone, or heaven forbid, dried up, too! It's a small river puddle across the pebbled sand, separate from the main channel. I had to walk further to get to them, but there they were! A bit bigger, their black cloud had grown in size.
A push off with the canoe, and I was three feet deep and hovering over three inch fry, covering the bottom of the river. At sunset, they dappled the top of the water near the shallowest water, while they fed. My canoe neatly cut through their rises, and headed back to shore to catch the otter show.
Where there was only two, a family of five came out to play. Do they sleep at dark, or play? I sat on the gravel water side and wondered. I only see them just as the sun goes down.
As darkness fell over the dogs and I, the stars came out. It is the Kilchis river version of the Orlando fireworks. Much more gentle, much less "wow", but beautiful, all the same.
Bill and I had just finished dinner on the back deck. It is a rare occasion, we can dine outside. The coastal winds are wild. Last night, it was a welcome calm.
Yesterday I felt more stress than I'd felt in years. Maybe ever? For the first time, I felt the trouble that is felt by the homeless. I realized what a charmed life is lead, here on the river.
Throughout my trip, I had to stop myself from feeling scared and alone, a couple times. Chin up, Jennie! You can do this! And I did!
My plans were to come home and spend next week trying to help Andrew find a place to live in Portland.
The plans, however, were changed when the people that are moving in, where he is now, had to move in a bit early.
Andrew found he had to be out by Monday.
Andrew also found that his iphone had been run over by a vehicle in the driveway. The person who had crunched it, or found it crunched, had lay the iphone on the windowsill of the house in front. So Andrew had no means of communication to call apartments. It was the final straw for him, in a series of bad luck.
Thing is, Andrew can't read up close, so he uses the iphone to read his e mail, books, etc. He is kind of lost without it.
He had moved to Portland to try to find a job before the school year started. The plan, that he'd have enough money, then, to find a place to live before school began again. Finally well after a series of surgeries, (heart and eyes, repaired!) he was going to be on his way! Things were looking up!
Success! He landed a job, but it turned out to be only a couple hours a week. Not enough to build an income on, nor pay for an apartment.
So, I spent the day at the bank, trying to get a loan to help him pay his first and last month and deposit, and also, trying to even find him a home. It had to be on the MAX line or bus line. It had to be without a lease, as he was moving in with friends for school in October.
I called the low income housing authority, only to find that Sec 8, (or whatever you call it) was closed for applications until 2010. Even then, there is a 2 year waiting list. Most low income housing has a 2 week application period. Oh, no!
Off to Craigslist to try to find him a roommate? I tried! I really did, but there was nothing close enough, nor inexpensive enough to meet his needs. He had told me that he had looked and looked. Being his (doubtful) Mom, I didn't believe it, but now.... I do! I do!
His dear companion, a cat named Sarg. Pepper was also a concern. Some apartments allowed no cats, and some, dogs but no cats! Imagine that!
See, Andrew could "crash" at a friend's house, but not so much while owning a cat.
It's just been a lot of stress, the past couple days.
My trip home from Florida was uneventful and as smooth as it could be. I was proud that I had accomplished that trip on my own. Ruth came, and she assisted in many ways, but I still felt independent and awesome! My last minute plans all turned out fine! I met with the people that I was going for, and that went well, too!
On our way home, we flew 6 hours to Seattle, had a three hour layover at SEA, and then a one hour trip to PDX.
Upon arrival at PDX, Ruth's husband picked us up, and delivered me to Andrew's home in Lake Oswego.
This is a comedy of errors, forthcoming!
The day before, Andrew had locked his keys in the car. He called me in Orlando about a ditch key, which yes, I had. He found it, and opened the car door. Then, he began to try to start the car with... the ditch key! (Ditch keys don't start cars! I learned that a while back!) It wouldn't start! Thinking he would "help" out, (without calling me to bother me!) he called AAA and had my car towed. The AAA towing folks had a family emergency and ended up delivering my car to a closed shop! LOL.
In the morning, Bill called and had it towed to the kind people at Doherty Ford, our ifish sponsor. They figured out (get this!) that the ditch key only opens the doors, and doesn't start the car. So, there was nothing at all wrong with my car! LOL. Poor kid! Poor me!
So, upon arrival at Andrew's, he was to drive me to Doherty Ford to pick up my car, a 45 minute trip. We got into Andrew's car, out the driveway, and onto the road and.... he ran out of gas! LOLOL!
I was furious! Why would he not make sure we had gas? I was hot, very tired, and stuck in the middle of the road with a beater car without gas. I had SO wanted to get home to my dog, to Bill, to the river and I had only till dark to do it. It was already a rush! (I can't drive at night.)
And then, finally calm, I heard Andrew's side of the story.
He has no money and no home! He had yet to be paid for the job. He'd been living without any cash for weeks. The only cash went to new work clothes for his job. His phone was broken and he had no communication. The list goes on, and believe me, I again came to realize that we all have stress in our lives.
It's not just me. It's not just you. We all do. Therefore, critically important to be kind to everyone around you at all times!
Andrew has honestly been trying to do his best, and he is struggling. Life is so hard! Even to just live, these days!
It's really not like when I was young. When I needed a job, I got one! Just walk downtown and get one! That's how it was for me?!?
So, what is Andrew to do? No home. No cash. No food. Public assistance helped a bit for him, but not enough to live. He was honest to God a candidate for living on the streets. That's scary to me!
After a long day on the phone with a buzillion apartments, trying to wade through government forms and calling Andrew's doctors for recent problems, and argh....
Andrew hated to quit the job that took him months to land, but we finally decided there was no other option. He isn't making enough money to hold down a monthly apartment, even if I got him started by paying the first and last month.
So, Roo is moving back home until school starts. It's our only option. He really dislikes the idea. He says he's 21 and still living at home and that bothers him.
"But.." I tell him, "Andrew, you can't see well to read, you can't lift more than 20 pounds, and you have short term memory problems. You don't qualify for disability, so you are rather stuck. You are coming home!" He shouldn't feel bad. He honestly tried to make it. He isn't a failure. He just had a short term lapse in success. :)
Thing is, it makes me realize how lucky I am to have a job here at ifish. It is a good job that I enjoy, and I created this, myself.
I may not make a lot of money, but it is security to me, and the only thing that I have. I own no house. Bill is nice enough to help me out by living here for less than I could afford anywhere else. and.... Bill is nice enough to let Andrew come to stay again for a while until he gets on his feet.
You know, it's easy to keep forgetting that Andrew had major heart surgery not six months ago. "They" say it takes up to a year to recover from that. Having that same surgery myself, I fully understand! In fact, four years later, I'm still recovering!
I felt so accomplished lately, being totally independent, getting to Florida. I booked my flight, myself. I booked my hotels. And it wasn't easy to get there! On the way there, I had to drive to Lake Oswego, have Andrew drive me to David's in downtown Portland, and then, since I can't lift, David and Andrew helped me with my bags to the Max Station. I took MAX (public transit train) to the airport, shuttled back to an airport hotel so that I could get up at four in the morning, to get shuttled back to the airport. I did that on my own! (Yay!) I find that if I ask, nicely, people will help me with lifting my bags.
After what I have been through medically and with my heart problems, that does feel like a big accomplishment to me! No longer in a wheelchair! I'm living and doing things!- On my own!
Someday, Andrew will have that success, but just as I did, he needs a little more help for a while. I'm so glad that he has family to help him as I did.
I'll never forget my sister Teri's help, when I needed it. She was a gift from God!
Andrew will move home this weekend, apply for jobs here, and work until school starts. It's not exactly what he wants, but it's all we have, right now, and he's lucky to have it!
Life here on the river is pretty darned charmed! I really, really realize that, now. My hope is that Andrew, although it's not what he really wants... realizes that, too!
I can't wait to cook for three! It's so much more fun that for just two!
I know I said I'd write about ICAST today, but I just had to get this off my mind.
It seems a decade ago, that I was wandering the isles of the show, or sliding down a water slide at Disney world. I only hope I don't forget the details when I go to write about that!
As I glance down at my sparkly Disney bracelet, I think that time in life was another dream come true, and so many, many moons ago... even though it was just this week!
Did it really happen?!? :)
Later: Yep! I did good writing this before reading the mod board. Too funny! A member quit ifish because we wouldn't allow him the use of the "F" word. He then called us names and said that we were censoring his rights.
Ohhhhhh berother! Buh Bye!

July 25th

Click below to

Good morning!
While I was at Icast I met with Buzz Ramsey, and he asked if we'd be interested in the following. Not wanting to let you guys miss out, I said SURE!
This is going to be fun! I can't think of any group better to name this lure!
We talked yesterday about the history of all wigglers and it was really interesting. Perhaps, someday Buzz will have time to write the history down and share it with us.
For instance, I can't believe that of all things, the "T" on some of the wigglers stand for "Trolling". Did you know that? Am I the only dummy? (Don't answer that!) I love listening to Buzz. He is chock full of interesting info on fishing.
Anyhow, read on! I can't wait to hear what your ideas are!
Think about what it would take to make a winning lure name. Think about what would sell, stick in a fisherman's mind, perhaps become an industry standard and go down in history, etc!


The M-2 SP
Click for enlarged image

Buzz Ramsey, now with Yakima Bait, is asking for our help in naming the deep-diving version of the company’s size M-2 Flatfish, currently called the “Flatfish M2-SP (Special)”.
According to Buzz, the company is willing to award $200 in free Yakima Bait product to the ifisher that first submits a name they choose as appropriate for the lure.
The lure (at 3/4 ounces and 4-5/8 inches long and pictured here) is a deep-diving salmon plug, designed to be fished with or without a bait wrapper.
To help with your naming, below is a description of the lure’s main features.
It’s Deep Diving! The lure has a maximum diving depth of 20 feet when fished on a flat line in straight running current – like all diving plugs the exact diving depth can vary depending on current speed, line diameter and the amount of let out. In factory tests this lure will dive 20 feet with 120 feet of 10-pound diameter monofilament (40-pound braid) let out; and 15 feet with 70 feet of 15 pound mono (65-pound braid) let out.
Designed to perform with a fillet of Sardine or other bait strapped to its belly! Your fillet should measure 1-3/4 inches long, 5/8 inches wide. Lure has bait-wrap grooves incorporated into its design to help hold the thread and your fillet in place.
Factory rigged with treble hooks but works with singles too! Features 2 size # 2 treble hooks. Balances when rigged with size 5 or 7 swivel and double 1/0 or 1/0-2/0 (2/0 on tail) single hooks.
Unique Lure Action! Features “skip beat” action: With every 5 beats or wiggles this lure will produce one erratic, strike-producing skip beat.
Straight running from factory! Features fixed eyelets that can be bent, not turned or twisted, should the lure need fine tuning.
Works in slow or fast currents! Unique design produces a wide wiggle in slow current (1-MPH) while producing tip throbbing, erratic, skip-beat wiggle in currents up to 4.5 MPH.


Enter as many times as you like. Just keep those ideas humming and get creative!
Please know that due to unforeseen problems, reserves the right to change contest rules at any time. I just had to say that... You know, from former goofs!
Oh! And mods and Admins get to play, of course, too! After all, they keep this place running!
Later... it just might happen that we'll choose also a custom color and have these for our ifish 2010 Springer lure!
I also have some samples of these M2-SP lures for the top 10 finalists that will be chosen by August 10th, 2009. That's when we'll end the contest for judging!
It's the equivalent of about a 14. Isn't it cool? I can't wait to try it out.
Off to the river. Have a great day! It's cloudy and I'm getting out my fly rod!
Oh! But I have to show off my orchid! Lookee! Finally!

Click to zoom

Isn't it gorgeous!? I have 18 buds on it and a new spike growing out with yet more! And my sister told me to throw it away and buy a new one- that they aren't worth trying to bring back. HA!

July 27th

Everyone! Celebrate! It's girl's day!
Each time I get to get my hair done, I have this vision of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, getting all polished up. I can't wait and I'm late!
Yesterday we tried to put in the boat at Memaloose and go up the Wilson for summer steelies and a little cutthroat fishing. Our motor died. I'm darn good with the paddle! Good thing! It's the wrath of God, I guess. I knew I should have gone to church!
But, before I go... get this. Bill says I'm a dusting maniac. But, if there is dust on the furniture, shouldn't it be dusted?
He keeps asking me, "What? Is Better Homes and Gardens coming by, today?"
Then, he says, "You are as fanatical about dusting, as I am mowing the lawn!" How is that fanatical? When the lawn grows, you mow it. When the dust gathers and settles, you dust it! I adore cleaning things. I love those new little Swifter Dusters. I feel like a princess waving her wand! They are so fun! Plus, I don't like dust! I don't like long lawns, either!
Besides, I'll trade him anytime! If I had a riding duster like he has a riding mower, I'd be set! I'd be a princess in a carriage, like Cinderella!
You can tell that men invented lawns because of the riding lawn mower. If they dusted, there would be the same, somehow!
What? Is Better homes and lawns coming over, Bill? Muhahahahaaaaaa
Anyhow, Move over, Dorothy! It's the fishing and dusting girls turn in the chair, Dorothy!

July 27th later...

Woo hooo! 'Going fishing for coho with Johnny Bowles, next week! I can't wait!

July 29th

First, I'd like to mention that I put Stan's column up a bit early. I had it handy, and somehow when something stares at me like that, I have to get it done! So, if you'd like to read about going whacky, read Stan's latest! Please know that his archives are always available on the board, here.
I wanted to get out the list of winners for the New Product Showcase at ICAST.
It was much different this year!
Usually when Ruth and I attend, it's the first evening, before the show opens. The hosts serve drinks and hors devours and it's all rather festive. This year, the host was ESPN Outdoors/BASS. Ruth and I flew in too late to be able to attend the opening function, but the voting is open until one, the following day.
We got a good night's sleep, and waited for the doors to open, opening day!
I wasn't so concerned with not attending the evening function, this year. Previous to the show, I read that it was to be different this year. The owners of the product were not allowed on the show floor. Security was high, as usual, but in the past, the owners of the new products are available at the function to demonstrate their product.
This decision was a bit controversial, I hear. Overheard were owners of products complaining, "How are folks to know how to use our products? They don't sell themselves!"
I totally understand that viewpoint. How are you handed a product to critique, when you haven't used it before? -Let alone, don't have anyone who has used it, to inform you, or get you excited about it? I, for one, have questions! Lord knows I have questions!
It all seems backwards! And then to have seminars about the products after the voting?
On the other hand, ICAST was having trouble with rumors of ballot stuffing and folks going overboard, trying to "hard sell" and convince folks to vote for their product in unethical manner.
So, this year, not only were we reduced to one ballot per company, (Ruth and I usually got one each) but there was no one on the show floor to explain, for instance, how the Frabill net was used. We got to giggling, as we couldn't open the new net we had read about, that opened like an umbrella. Where was someone to show us? We ended up with a small crowd of otherwise confused peers , all trying our luck. Who could open the new Frabill net? Once we figured it out, though, it was easy!

Click pic to zoom

Frabill Hiber-Net
Remarkable Hiber-Net stows like a
broomstick, deploys like an umbrella!

I was fascinated by this net, as the basket of the net is hidden deep within the handle!
Just an awesome idea! I loved it!
It's always a stressful time when a fish is on. What the heck if I muff it? Yikes! I've become proficient at the whole process with Bill's gentle encouragement, but still!
With our current setup, I worry about what if the net is tangled up with rods and what if it's rusted a bit shut? Yikes! Those things race through my mind when a rod starts to rattle in the holder!
Sometimes we suffer from superstition that if the net is at the ready, the fish won't bite. So, we often stow it away with bungee cords and all, so that the fish won't know it's open and ready until they are hooked!
(Are we really that silly? Uh huh!)
The whole process of getting it out -not too early, not too late- stresses me out! What if I can't smoothly release it in time? Bill's busy with the motor and a fish and dangit! Getting it out to early feels novice, and getting it out too late is a nightmare!
The thought of smoothly releasing a net like the Frabill hiber net was enticing! It's just like an umbrella!
I can just see it, now! Fish on!, and I'd be waltzing over to the stashed boat goods. I'd tiptoe over and pick up my net like a princess reaching for a long magical wand. In one long sweeping motion, the net would appear, magically! All boats around me seeing "net up" would stare, green with envy! I'd gracefully swoosh the fish up like a pro, and hold it at the boat-side till Bill, my prince, lifted it out for me!
Now, that's a terrific idea that I wanted to look into!
Actually holding it in my hand, though, I have to say that I doubt its strength would handle the stress of our largest salmon or sturgeon, but I would like to be proven wrong!
Back to the real world-- walking around the new product showcase, I said to Ruth, "Isn't it stressful trying new tackle?"
We tend to get stuck on our favorite line, our favorite reel and lures that are proven fish catchers. Our time out on the water is at a premium. Do we have enough time to experiment with what may fail?
I have new fishing lines sitting around my office that I've yet to try! How awful it would be to have a fish of a lifetime on, and to have the line break? It only takes once(!) and who knows when that fish of a lifetime is going to choose my offering?
I have to have extreme excitement and high confidence in a product, person or company in order to experiment!
My time on the water is at a premium, and especially lately! It used to be that I fished every day, but not so, any longer! No matter how often you fish, that one fish of a lifetime is not a scheduled occurrence!
What am I supposed to do while testing gear? "This is a test. This is only a test.... If this were a real fishing day, you would have been notified..."
This is what makes it even more stressful to me to choose sponsors on ifish. I have to be really excited, really confident in products and people, in order to add their name to the ifish sponsor list! I can't add them and then wait for feedback. I have to know in advance that the people will indeed like it! Not only do I not want to lose a fish or have a bad experience, but I feel personal responsibility for everyone out there that these products will be successful for them, also!
I wonder if the new product showcase should be a week long event, or even a seasonal thing! The press folks should be allowed (those that have time and are really brave!) to try these products out! I mean, how are we supposed to know how they work and what is best, if we are not allowed to actually try them, and heaven forbid, not even allowed to speak with their inventor until after we have voted? This doesn't make sense to me?
That said, here is the list of winners, brought to you by the professionals who hope they know (lol) and have voted. (That would be Ruth and I, included!)
Feeling a bit jet lagged, we slogged into the New Product Showcase area at 10:00 the next morning, and put in our votes. We had until 1:00 PM to decide. It took about 40 minutes in all.
40 minutes... I saw other press people and buyers buzzing around and finishing their votes in the same amount of time. 40 minutes, instead of a week (or a season) on the water, testing things out.
Regardless, congratulations to the winners!
I, personally need more time in order to feel good about a final vote, but obviously there are people with more foresight, able to predict what will help us all as fisher women and fisher men to be successful on the water.
You decide! And when you do, please let me know!
Ifish relies on you, the proven fish-catchers feedback!

July 31st

I really outdid myself with flowers, this year!
When I was gone for Florida, I received a call from Bill. "I'm really tired of watering your flowers!"
However... I can't count the times he's said, "You've really outdone yourself with our flowers, this year. It's beautiful!"
Whose flowers are they? "Mine" or "ours"?
Depends on who is around to water!
Each morning, I rise, do a little ifish and then pour another cup of coffee. Then, it's out to water the back deck plants. I enjoy my watering time. It's quiet and meditative.
That's when I sing or talk to my Heavenly Father, and both!
My plants all get fertilized daily with a shower of light blue water. You know the stuff, I'm sure! Miracle Grow! I own stock in Miracle Grow. I should!
Then, I wander upstairs to take a shower. But, wait! There are flowers out on the deck there, too! So, it's out in my pajamas again to water. It's so beautiful, I have to stop there, maybe lay on the lounge chair and have another cup of coffee while I take in the smell of my huge basil plant!
That basil is almost toxic! Breathe in and it takes me to a place where long ago, my then husband used to come home after a long day of work, making batch after batch of pesto! I loved that! More heady than the fanciest cologne- Give me a man that smells like pesto and I'm taken!
And so, fresh and clean from a shower, it's time for the front flowers.
By that time, I'm needing another cup of coffee. This time with Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce syrup and cream. Mmmmmm
I picked some basil to make into pesto, tonight and lay it on the cutting board for later. My fingers still smell like it. :) It looks beautiful along with fresh tomatoes and an english cucumber from the garden.
I water the fuscias, hanging by the front door. My, they are gorgeous! Almost 7 years old, I save them each year. I can't believe how well they look, this year! And my begonias! Too beautiful for words! Bright yellow and orange and deep, deep reds!
Finally, it's time for a brief respite in the canoe. I don't get to go as often, since we have thieves around. I have to lock it up. Sometimes I don't have the strength or energy to unlock it. I have to have someone drag it across the sand for me, in order to go.
But, today I did it! It's funny, but sometimes I have to just decide if it's worth it that I may die. LOL. Today, it was worth it!
I drug it to the water, got in and let the breeze take me. That way, it doesn't spook the fish so much. I lay my fresh (how many is this?) cup of coffee in the bottom of the canoe, shove off from shore until the breeze floats me to the sunshine, dead center in the middle of the river. My toes were cold from getting wet, so that the sunshine feels so good on me! Staring down, I see tiny little fish and wait! One huge cutthroat darts under me! Cool!
I can see little tiny crawdad scurrying along the bottom in the depths and I get to study the rocks on the bottom. Where will the fish lay so that I can catch them, this Fall?
Sometimes I stare so long that when I look up I get dizzy.
The river bottom has changed this year, more than I ever remember! There are deep spots where salmon will hold that will be nicely fished out, from shore.
I spin in circles because the soft current pushes me one way and the wind, the opposite. It's OK. I'm not going anywhere! Take me where you will!
Molly the river cat whines a meow on shore, asking to come along. Alright... I paddle over to pick her up. She quickly jumps in and heads for her spot on the warmed bow of the canoe. She stretches out like the queen of the river. She's ready to go. Weird, weird cat! But, it's OK by me!
As we get close to the opposite shore, she becomes restless. I know she wants to hunt there! Down, Molly! Down!
She stays put. I swear she's going to jump, one day!
My life has been so stressful lately, that even if I told you about it, I doubt you'd believe it all. It makes me appreciate my mornings on the river, so much! Mornings where I can do all of this in one day! Oh, my!
I lock up the canoe and walk up the trail. The dogs have disappeared so I yell at the top of my lungs and finally, they come running from around the corner. I wonder if our neighbors, the Browns, will report seeing them way, way down river!?! Naughty dogs!
And then the dogs, my cat and I go up to the garden now, where beans, squash, peas, carrots and berries grow. The birds have stripped my blueberries and raspberries. That's OK. This year we grew enough for everyone! I was tired of netting everything and fighting them!
Kilchis and Rev love the berries and both have learned to pick the bottom ones, one by one, and I get the top ones. They are sloppy pickers, though, and miss a ton!
Molly is lounging in the warmed, soft dirt. The dogs picking berries with me and my chickens clucking about who knows what. I love my family, here!
I pull a few weeds in between the plants. Giggling, I think of all the Portland people, whose gardens are so much more prolific than we have in this temperature zone. My plants are still not big enough to produce fruit, while I hear folks talking about red tomatoes and harvesting their beans, etc. Mine are still knee high to a grasshopper!
It's perfect, though! I get gifts from gardens there, now, and then I share mine in the Fall!
Written above is a day in the life. A day where everything so far is perfect and golden and relaxed.The sun is shining, the breeze is soft, and everything smells like mid summer. The sprinkler is making that sound that I've heard since childhood.
These days, where nothing is going on... man! They are far too few! But when they happen I sing songs to my Father at the top of my lungs, and breath the sweet clean air. All is good. All is good on the Kilchis River, and I'd never appreciate it, if I didn't know the opposite feeling. Therefore, I can appreciate both.
Think I'll have another cup of coffee, now.
Oh, wait! Which one in this picture is an ifish guide, and which one is he?