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Jennie's Journal

I know, I know, typos everywhere, but I am lazy, OK?

July 3rd

Long Drive! Oh my eyes were tired. Plus, I had so much caffeine in me that by the time I got here, I was so hyped up to do everything all at once, and quickly! It is so beautiful here, and something in the air, the environment, I am not sure what, but it just feels healthy here! So, I quickly unloaded our stuff into a huge five bedroom beautiful home (thank you Dad!) and played basket ball with the kids for a while. Then off on the bikes we went and do you know what we found? Catch and release fly fishing! So off to the house to rig up the fly rod. Bill gave me all kinds of flies to play with so I packed my pockets full of goodies and off I went! The lake is so close our home, by the way the crows fly but you have to cross the golf course to get there. So the kids rode their bikes as I walked. I practiced my cast. No luck except my arm got really sore, and my cast got a little better. I was so excited because Tuesday at 7 they are having a fly fishing seminar put on by The Fly Shop in Sisters, Oregon. Can't Wait! They also are having a rock climbing wall for people and tomorrow, the fourth they are having a parade and a bbq!

July 4th

The kids and I are trying to decide between going white water rafting and horse back riding. Hmmm. I choose white water, and I am trying to c convince them.
Today, in the schedule is swimming, biking, hiking, and eating, OH MY! I may go into Sisters a bit later, also, to see the Fly Shop.
It is so gorgeous here, in a "un beachy" kind of way. Our home is surrounded by huge towering trees. I don't even know what kind!
I Thanked my Dad last night for paying for this family trip and he almost cried. He bought this for us in memory of my Mother who loved this place. She loved to ride bikes and listen for the Quaking Aspens. She loved to get up and go to the lodge for Indian Bread, a concoction of fried and sugared bread. Our family has many memories here. Times when we were all together. UH OH...... Am getting teary eyed myself. Missing my Mother........

Don't ask me why we did this, but half of our family is in one house, and the other half in another. Mostly divided male and female. My two sisters families and mine here. My two brothers and Dad over the way about a football field apart. Well, we were having coffee this morning and my sister announced we were going over to the the other house. Mind you, we are all in pajamas. O.K., we'll go along with this. So we are walking down the bike trail passing people fully clothed, jogging, and here we are in our P.J.s and coffee mugs in hand~! So we say hi to these people, as if they were dressed funny, and they say hi, and embarrassingly put their heads down. Linda is hiding something in her arms and won't give up what it is. We get to dad's and the guys are all having coffee watching a tennis match. Linda slips in the Jane Fonda Exercise video and we all exercise right there on display. My sister..... geez.. It was kind of funny! Off to the showers.......

4th of July eve.

I have my own little balcony off the Master Bedroom to lay in the sun. ahhhhh. It is so interesting how everything can be totally still and quiet here, and then, out of the blue you can hear the wind start through the trees, maybe miles away and it roars closer like a tidal wave until the trees near me are surfing in it.
I just went swimming with the kids. We decided to ride bikes to the pool. It was a long ride! Then into the pool, in unquestionably cool weather! BR!!!!!
Then we went to Sisters for a couple items at the Grocery store, but my main goal was the Fly Shop. What a neat store! As many beautiful flies as you can imagine. Very helpful people that taught me the triple surgeon knot to fit on a lighter tippet. Then back to the home here to lie in the sun and catch up on this journal. Can't wait till Tues night where Jeff, from the Fly Shop will share his knowledge!
At 4:45 we are going horseback riding. Guess the kids won. Can't wait though! Fun!
Can't move. arghhhh! But it was so fun! There was a big deal about whether we wanted to go on the experienced ride or the beginner. Well, I grew up horse crazy and rode often, but my kids had never ridden, and I wanted to go with them. It got resolved and we all go to canter the horses. I was a little nervous about my kids, and spent most of my cantering time looking behind me and trusting my horse blindly!
But they were helmeted and in back in case they fell off, no one would trample them.. We all had a great time saw magpies nesting and deer grazing. Very ideal. I loved it! Plus the kids all laughed at me when I rode and twirled the reigns in the air like a cowgirl..... It was fun.

Post fishing..

I am feeling a little set back in time and a little overwhelmed.
My Dad used to fish alot and I thought I was peaking my families interest in fishing this trip. Well, don't get me wrong, they do like to fish, or talk about it, at least, but golf is their passion now days. David, my brother paid $300 for a two day trip down the Deschutes fly fishing.My other brother in law brought the boat for fishing Lake Billy Chinook. I think I am just the only addict. I am the one who wakes in the morning with flies dancing through my mind.
But now to the overwhelming feeling: Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't know how to fly fish!!! I went out to the big lake, after finding out that the little lakes are just not open for fishing! OOPS! So, I go out there, feeling a little isolated next to a party tent full of people drinking and dancing away the holiday. The lake was placid, still reflecting the mountains with a deep pink hue. You could see the hatches on the water. It was perfect! Unless you don't know what the heck you are doing. I began to cast my fly on the water, 10, 12, 10, 12... huh I can do this. I though I was making headway. I thought.... Hmmm... A nice man asked me how I was doing and I knew, I just knew he was laughing at me! This was a fly fisherman. I knew he knew his stuff. I admitted my feeble attempts and knowledge and asked to watch him try the rod. WOW! What a difference! Then he looked at my fly and said "Oh no no no....." So I showed him my box full of flies. One or two of many of them were correct for this lake he said. Then he talked hatch and found a fly hatched out and talked about not breaking the water. He casted twice as fast as me, creating a loop in the air like I have never seen. I left after a few tries on my own, mimicking what he had done, and feeling a little hopeless. There is so much to fly fishing. Will I ever learn? He said he'd been doing it for seven years, and still was not good at it. Could have fooled me! He caught a 22 inch fish out of there, and they are all native! Cool! I'm going to meet him at 11 in the morning to watch again.

July 5th

Growing quite accustom to my little balcony up off my room. I just robbed the coffee pot of a cup before it was done. The kids are sound asleep as is the entire household. There is dew on the 3rd green here that I overlook. I;v stayed in some homes here at Black Butte, that when you wake up there are deer in your front yard. So far, none here though. :( It is totally still out this morning and cold. I bet the lake is still and placid; Wish I knew how to fly fish better. At this point I am ready to admit to my novice skills and wait for the seminar Tues. Night. Br! My blanket is wrapped around my shoulders. I am sore from riding. The kids thought I was real funny and amazing yesterday when we were riding that the horses would go into a canter and I could ride no hands and twirl the ends of the reigns in the air like I was roping. I'd let out a war hoop.. It was fun, and natural for me, except for the fact that I no longer have the muscles in my thighs that make it natural! Forgot about that in the scheme of things, but I remember now. OW! Something not very magical occurs in your body as you near 40. The thing is, the thrill of it all makes you forget till after the fact. Aspirin anyone???

July 5th, P.M.

Ok, that's it. I hurt. I down right hurt! Too much fun, too much swimming, too much hiking and biking!
Oh! Andrew and I drove up to Wizard Falls Hatchery on the Metolius. First we went to Camp Sherman and bought a latte and marion berry cobbler. Yumm... Then up to the hatchery. Neat Hatchery! Well worth the drive and I wouldn't mind doing it again! We spent so many quarters feeding the fish in the rearing ponds. (real trout do not eat pellets) Then they have a large real pond that is full of huge rainbow, and there was one fish at the very edge we called our pet fish and he nearly ate out of our fingers! The water in the Metolius was glacier blue and so very pretty. What is it about water that enchants me? I could stare over the side of the bridge for hours!

July 6th? Who Knows...... I haven't read a newspaper or watched TV in a while! I don't even wear a watch and obviously neither do my family members! Ugh.. Last night I was so tired I went to bed early. The rest of the family went to bed so late! I can hear everything downstairs. But these people had cartoons turned up so loud at 11:30! That wasn't the main noise though.. My nieces and nephews who I cant' get over, because they are stuck in my memory at 3 feet or so, and now realistically they are all over 6 feet! They are teens. They can make a lot of noise! They were playing spoons, and that game can get downright rowdy and dangerous in our family. It is really fun, and I am sad I missed out. Might as well have gotten up and gone down to play because trying to sleep was futile!

So I am still tired this a m at 6!

We had fun yesterday though. No fishing but I did get in just about every other form of recreation, exercise sport that is possible.

My sisters and I had alot of giggles when my Dad passed on the 3rd green yesterday. It overlooks our back deck. We turned up the stereo outside and did Jane Fonda exercises. You would have to have been there. We laughed so hard!
Then at night Linda and I grabbed bananas as microphones and my oldest sister Teri got a flat weaved basket for a tambourine and we serenaded Karioki style to my Father. Got a picture of that. He loved it. We do have a crazy family.

Off to Suttle lake today. The kids are going to ski and I am going to fish!

July 7
I am totally sunbuned. No fish. Course, i didn't really try very hard. Mostly just watched the kids wake board and ski. Everyone is kind of blowing their steam today. Good day to hide! I don't know what is inthe air, but everyone wants to pick on everyone else. To the pool I go in peace.

I think that is all I wrote. I didn't write about the last two days, but it was kind of like leaving Summer camp. I felt like crying and singing goodbye songs. We sure have a lot of great memories from this trip and I have a wonderful family.