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January 2014!!!


January 4, 2014

"I'm in love, again!"
I waltzed into the house on the Kilchis, and sang to Bill. After all, it's best to be direct, right? I had to tell him! I was really most excited to tell Bill. He cares about me, so he wants me happy, right?
It's the most, wonderful feeling of all! I had almost forgotten! I've been singing along in my car, smiling all the way! Dancing! Yes! Romancing!
This feeling, oh my gosh! This feeling makes my eyes look like the stars aren't shining! I get it! I am afflicted, affected, and Ladies and Gents, I am in la la la love!
It happened on New Year's Eve. I was all snuggled up in bed with a new blanky I received for Christmas. I'm in love with those soft, furry, fuzzy blankets. The furrier, the fuzzier, the better! (So far, Target has the best ones!) That, and Teddy bears... but I digress.
Anyhow, what better to do on New Year's eve, than to listen to music, all snuggled up in fur? So I dialed up the "Iheartradio" New Year's Eve show, and snuggled in, with my Chex mix. Just my head and one hand peeped out. (The hand, direct to the bowl of Chex mix)
Then.... it happened! I was kind of half watching, half dozing, and this music started to play and it grabbed my heart with a direct tug! I turned to see what was pulling at my heart strings. The band was having more fun playing with the man who was singing.
My heart skipped a beat, as I remembered back to the day that I used to have that much fun, playing music! It all came back to me, in a rush. Let me tell you. There is no love like music love! There is this intense feeling that moves you and it starts from inside you. It is the same as romantic love, but almost better? Almost? No. it IS better, but in a different way. It just can't be compared!
Anyhow, I'm in love with the music of Bruno Mars!!! I am infatuated with Bruno Mars, himself, also-- but the music? Oh, my!
I love big band music, to start with. I just love it. And I love when the music pounds into your soul, and you can feel it.
I laughed out loud with this joy feeling at the end of the songs. They were laughing, too. I could tell they had one of those awesome musical experiences that I know about, and it was like I was in on their secret! A secret that only musicians know about!
I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I love this music so much, as the lyrics, well... they make me totally blush and I'd say they are most inappropriate, but the music! The beat! The passion! It's had me for three days, now. All I can do is sing, even when the music isn't playing. All I can do is feel the beat, even when there is no drums. It fills my heart, my soul, the blood pumping through my veins!
So, now I have a new and very intense desire! I want to see him in concert! Oh, how I'd love to go see him! He is so talented, that man and his band! They have more fun, playing and that's what it's all about! He's playing in Las Vegas at the new venue at the Cosmo, but 150 bucks?!? If I had it, I'd do it, but I don't, so I'll just listen on my iphone!
I can count the number of times I've felt this deeply about music on one hand. It's like falling in love in so many ways.
Bruno Mars is very handsome, but it's not about that. Besides, he's half my height and half my age! But, he is handsome!!!
I'm trying so hard not to listen to it very much, as I don't want to get tired of it!
Once, I was accompanying Nancy Olson, and we were playing some schmaltzy, most romantic piece by Brahms, "Meine Liebe ist grun" and it was so intense that at the end, I fell off my piano bench! Nancy just about fell, too! It was so intense! I'll never forget that musical moment of passion!
Anyhow... I'm in love and it's completely and perfectly fine with Bill. What could be better!? I mean, who doesn't want a gal that floats around the house smiling, with her heart soaring, while she does mundane tasks like dusting and cooking?
I don't understand why I hadn't heard of Bruno Mars and his music, before, but I'm so glad that I've discovered it! I only wish he'd sing songs that I could sing out loud. His lyrics are wayyyyyyy wayyyyy ... well, let's just say they'd never be found on ifish! I am almost embarrassed to say that I like his music, due to that, but it's not the words, it's the passion that he has when he plays his music. I get it! I just get it! And it's totally infectious! Darnit, anyhow, but why does he have to sing words that goes along with it, that are so un repeatable!?! Oh well. It is what it is, and I like the music!
Oh! By the way... want to know how fishing is? Well, Fins, Feathers and Furs and family went duck hunting on their days off! That's how it is! The Kilchis river is almost at summer river levels! We need rain!

January 7, 2014

Sometimes I have trouble writing, these days.
I don't think I'm as good at writing as I used to be. I don't know if it was all my surgeries, or if it's my age, or lack of inspiration, or what?
I think lack of inspiration may actually be a good thing, as I look back over what I've been through.
I also think that perhaps Andrew passing away, kind of sucked a lot out of me. I'm almost stifled, still. Can't speak. Can't cry. Can't feel.
But, the blessing in it all is that now, I get to look back and read the life I have been gifted. It's really pretty interesting! I can't wait to collect all the good ones, and put them into a book of some sort.
Maybe doing that will give me inspiration to write my feelings in between all those highlights and low lights.
I've been missing Andrew so much, lately. Christmas, I guess, the Holidays... they are always so hard. Not only do I miss Andrew, but my parents, my grandparents, and all the normal things that people miss when they get to be my age.
Yesterday I put my headphones on, and went for a walk with Willie on the river beach. We had so much fun. I was just cringing, thinking that someone might be out there, listening. I don't think they were, thank God, because I was singing at the top of my lungs! Anyone in a mile surrounding me could have heard me.
Today is girls day. I'm going to get my hair done after way, way too long. I'm looking forward to that!
After that, I'm going to come home and make Bill and I something fattening to eat. A treat of sorts. Perhaps an apple spice cake. Yum! I love living a boring, event free life!
Last night, I was just walking inside, after taking Willie out. I was reaching down to take off my boots, and I had a sort of mild cramp run through my chest. I thought about how quickly things can happen. I thought back to that night, when I walked from my bed to my bathroom sink, and felt that pain where I knew I was dying.
How lucky I was, last night- that at that very moment, I wasn't dissecting, and I wouldn't have to go to ER. It was such a relief! I felt like I'd won the lottery! I kind of half whispered, half spoke, "Whoo hooo!"
If Bill had of heard me, and asked what I was "whoo hooing" about, I had my answer all planned out.
"I'm not dying."
Now, do normal people have those kinds of moments of Thanksgiving?! I don't know! But, that's what drives me. That's the kind of thing that makes me feel like such a lucky girl all the time!

January 8, 2014

I'm so thankful for the people I've met on ifish! Think back. If you've been a member of ifish for two years, five years, or even ten years... think of people that are in your life, that wouldn't be, without ifish!
Ifish is like family to me. A different kind of family. I mean, I have family, but then... I have FAMILY!
Steve Salveson has come to be like a brother to me. He and his wife, Janey have been wonderful friends and have helped myself and ifish, both! They were sponsors of ifish for so long!
But they also help our members out by being trust worthy business people. Getting a mortgage can be a scary deal, (I know!) and I don't want this to sound like an ad, but if you want to get a mortgage and want to rest easy that things are on the up and up, talk to Steve and Janey at Stearns Landing.
Fishbait has been a member of ifish from nearly the conception. He was one of my first sponsors on ifish, and turned out to be the guy I trusted, (more than once!) to talk to about financing.
Here's a public thank you to Steve and Janey. Love you guys!

January 13, 2014

I'm having fun sorting through the threads on ifish to find ones that will be featured on the front page. It's great to see the positive threads on ifish, even while I get alerts for threads on ifish that aren't so great.
It is frustrating to see the alerts for some really important threads, where everyone can learn something, and do something to fix it... yet, so many people get upset and start calling names and insulting one another for their opinions. Why do that? If you truly want someone else to think your way, wouldn't you kindly explain to them why you feel the way you do, in order to get them to change their mind? I just don't get why it gets to the point of saying, "You dummy! You really think that!?!" I mean, how does that help, educate, or make someone else think the way you want them to think? I don't get it! I really don't!
Plus, even if you are set on your position, why wouldn't you want to hear out what others say and think, in order to understand why they think that way? Just listen and then explain and educate, so that others can think about another way to think? I don't know. I guess I'll never understand.
So, going out on a hunt to find a great thread with awesome information, or great pictures and friendly conversation is refreshing to me! It's such good food for the soul to find a thread where some of our troublesome members are involved in having fun and socializing are featured. It's so refreshing to me to see that even they can behave well on a social forum, when it's a topic where everyone has something in common!
Today's featured thread was so much fun to read and to see pictures of older cabins and homesteads. It's linked here, in case it expires to the right. I'd so love to be walking along in the forest and come upon something like these pictures show! I've never had that experience!
My ex would always tell me about a homestead in the Dalles that he and his family would walk to, just for fun. I never got to see that cabin! But, I sure heard lots about it!
Here I am, sitting in the city, while dreaming of what the Kilchis river looks like, today. Oh, my! Why am I here, instead of there? I had my rods all dusted off and ready to go, the entire time I was there, and now? Oh, now? I bet they are just prime! At least, the Kilchis, since it's first to drop! Dang!
I mean, look at it outside! It's the perfect day to drift down the river, while tossing a lure here, or a bobber and jig, there! I want to stand in the front of the drift boat, with the waves swooshing all around me, while reading the water, and finding the perfect spot to cast to! This dreaming is driving me crazy! Hey, Willie! Car ride?!

January 14, 2014

There's one thing that I know for sure. I don't want to live my life doing today, what I was up all night worrying about, the night before. I want to be a bit ahead of that.
I mean, on Monday I got up and switched on the computer. Prior to that, the whole week ahead of me was as big and as free as a blue, country sky. By Monday night, I was booked all week. I stayed up all night Monday night, worried about the week to come, and by Tuesday, I was living the nightmare. Not the dream that I dreamed I would live, mind you, but the nightmare of the night before's worries. And I worried a bit about staying up all night the next night, worrying about what was to come! That's not good, and I'm not going to do it!
I have to learn to say no. I must! Life is simply too short to live like that!
So, NO! NO! NO!
If I sound abrupt when I say no to you, it's because I'm just learning it. And when you learn things, like how to ride a bike, sometimes you get scared and you steer right for what you are trying to avoid and crash into it! I crash into "no" pretty well, right now, because I don't know how to ride that bike yet! Be patient with me, and it will soften in time, I'm sure! But, I am going to learn "no." Yes. I am!
First, I have to get up earlier than I am, now. I crawled out of a sleepy warm bed this morning at 8:00 O'clock. Can't do that, anymore. It's too late for all that I want to do. These are wants. Not "no"s.
I want to get up, play around with ifish for a bit, trying to help the members, run a contest, perhaps, and fix this and that- and then write a column, if I feel like it.
Then, I want to go take Willie for a run, pick up his messes in the yard, and then go meet my friends at the puppy park and visit for a while.
According to my "want" schedule, it should be about 11:00 by then. Then, it's time to plan dinner, and do the errands that the day needs, only in order to get to tomorrow with no panic. You know, clean house, go get the mail, do bills, etc.
Every few days or so, I'd like to get in some fishing... or if I'm at the river, I can fish during my "puppy park" time, instead of the puppy park! Then, I can go again during my "errands" hours. And then, again, after dinner! Whee!
OK, when I'm at the river, I want to fish. When I'm in the city, that's when I get things done.
Anyhow... Whoo, now that this is off my mind, this morning I opened the back door to let Willie out and I was hit flush in the face by a whiff of Spring. I swear it! Spring! You know how in late summer, you get a whiff of Fall? This is the first time I've felt Spring, this early. It was so fun! But then it fogged up and winter came back. It made me so giggly, though! Spring! Whoo! It's coming!

January 17, 2014

Will I write here forever? I wonder. :)
Hey, I said no more getting up at 8, so what do I do? Get up at 9. Get that! The day is nearly over! I slept last evening from 4 pm to 5, fell back to sleep and got up at 6 pm. Got up, wondering who the heck I thought I was, and made a chicken spinach salad for everyone. Ate dinner, visited a bit, and went back to bed! Slept from 8 till midnight, got up, visited a bit, and slept from midnight to 9! Oh, my! I have had my sleep, I think!
Thing is, I totally, most totally forgot that the Sportsman Show was so close to date! I had no one! NO ONE to help me! So, I have asked the moderators, and I have filled in a few dates. The mods at ifish are so awesome! So helpful!
Anyhow, I put up a schedule for the show, here, and if you are a sponsor, celeb, or just a helpful member that wants to sit in the booth, let me know! Click here!
I think it's nearly time for me to head back to the coast to see if I can catch one of those heavily disappearing steelies. What's going on with the rivers, these days? It scares me. The reports are really dismal.
Where are those beautiful fish?
Well, I'm off to see the wizard. That is, I'm going to take Willie the wizard for a walkieeeeeee!

January 22, 2014

The river. I must go to the river.
This is getting ridiculous. I haven't fished in way too long. I feel like I'm losing a part of me that I didn't realize was so important. I think that this is the first time in my entire life that I have lived without fishing for so long.
I find myself lost in making orders, moderating, doing tax prep work, helping my son with financial aid. All kinds of things, but I don't find myself on the river.
I must go to the river.
It's getting so that I wake up in the morning, and I think I'm already there. I rub my eyes a bit, and plan my attack. I decide that I'm not even going to get dressed. I'm just going to pull on my waders over my jammies as I so often do, stuff my hair up in a hat and get out there, before the daylight does. I'll be first, standing beside the water line, waiting for light.
I already have my plans made. My plan of attack is what kept me up, the night before. How I'll catch them, where, and exactly how and where my bobber will go down.
I'll scavenge the bottom of the river with a little bit of yarn and pencil lead to wake them up. I know the bottom of this river so well. I studied it all last summer in shorts and sandals. I do that every year. I do that for good reason. Not just because the cool, clean water feels so good on my legs. Not because I was out there exercising my dog, and having fun casting flies for cutts. Nope. I did it for the steel.
I can't sleep on early winter mornings when I know darn well there are majestic steelhead just waiting to be hooked.
They haunt me in my sleep. I leave my window cracked open and as I fall off into dream land, I can almost hear them "tee heeing" about their hidey places! I know they wait for morning, just like I do. They know I'm coming for them! They sit in the depths, knowing they can rest for only so long until Jennie comes for them! Ahahahaha~!
Steel! Look out!
After I clean up on the bottom, I'll cast a jig out, and catch the easy ones. I know just where my bobber will go down....
And then I wake up. It is dark. It is cold. I pull up the covers for just a minute. I weigh the benefits of cuddling down deeper, and exposing my body to the cold, and the cold always wins. I can't stand the anticipation. I throw back the covers, and with the excitement of "the night before Christmas" I shake myself out of sleep!
and... and.... my heart sinks as I find that I'm in a strange room, in a strange house in a strange city! I learn what it's like to be two hours from the coast, like so many of my fellow ifish members. It's not fun! My bare feet hit shiny "city like" wood floors, instead of the soft old shag carpet of the coast house. The wood floors are nice and all, but it's just not home.
I hear a tiny stream out my window, but it holds no fish. It is only a trickle wide and a trickle deep!
Toto! We are not in Kansas, any more!
The water I hear isn't the Kilchis. It's a tiny little creek that flows half on top of the land, and half in pipes that wander through the neighborhood. A sad little body of water that probably once held fish, but the city decided homes were more important. There are little inked fish imprints on the roads here, that remind us not to flush poisons down into the water grates. Yeah. As if there were still fish, there. I wish there were fish!
Let's not even go there.
I wonder sometimes, if I'll ever get used to this house in the city. I wonder if I'll ever get over the memories of finding my son in his room, here, or if I'm just going to have to sell this place in order to leave some of that behind.
One thing is becoming most certain, however. My home is on the Kilchis river. My heart lives there, and it longs to be there every morning when I wake.
I find a way past it. I pad into the kitchen and make coffee, and come out to the garage to work on ifish. Then, it's off to the park to run Willie.
But, no matter the species that I target or the season we are in, I long to wake up to the river and the song birds, and my critters. I miss my chickens, Molly the cat, and Revvie. I want Willie to know the Kilchis as his home, instead of having two.
I want to play berry fairy, even if I just play it all by myself.
The more that I'm away, the more that I know that my home is where the river flows.
I adore my hot tub, here. I like certain things about this home. I have had more fun meeting the girls at the puppy park, and I'll miss them, terribly.
David wants to keep this house, so I think I'll just let him take over the payments when he can, and get on back where I belong.
I can always visit!
But, my home and my heart live on the Kilchis. I just have to find my way back there.

January 26, 2014

Shot her on my webcam! Still alive!
Click to zoom

OK! The "for reals" Kwikfish sign up sheet is up!
Sometimes I don't even know why I post this, as no matter what I post, if someone doesn't get their Kwikfish, they blame me. I try! I try!
I thought this worth re posting, even though I wrote it like 10 years ago!
Where would you take a beginning oarsman to learn to drift and read water? Chances are, you would choose the Wilson River, from Mill's Bridge down to Sollie Smith Bridge.
It is a fairly easy, navigable stretch of water, with no serious whitewater challenges. Don't get me wrong, any water can be dangerous, but this is a good place to start learning. Heck, I've even done it!
These days, with so many people buying drift boats, and (trying to) learn to run them, it is obvious that the Wilson attracts new anglers.
In the thick of the winter crowd, let's talk ethics and learn some things that will make angling more enjoyable for everyone, novice and professional angler alike.
If you come upon an angler who is either anchored in a boat, or standing in shallow waters fishing, you have several choices to consider.
Your options, in order of preference, while first reading the water for safety, and then considering the anglers rights would be:
1. If there is adequate room, drift behind the angler standing in the water, or anchored in a drift boat.
2. Drift carefully as closely in front of the angler, avoiding his fishing water as best as possible. Some people won't understand why you are coming so close, so explain as you drift by that you are attempting to not disrupt the water his lures are targeting.
3. If, for safety reasons or to avoid collision, you cannot avoid drifting through his water, try to drift through the passage with little or no oar movement in the water.
On the same premise, if someone is anchored in the water, give adequate berth to their 'first come' rights. Do not anchor directly above or below them. Give enough space so that your lures won't drift into their anchor rope, or theirs into yours.
There are a few instances where boats stack up, for instance, at Duyckes. I would expect that if you are a known guide, or regular, that no one will bother you if you anchor close to another boat here. But if you are new to this area, you may get some sideways glances or worse, if you try to wedge in here. I'd drift on through if it was me alone! This is a good place to practice courteous passage or anchoring!
If a boat is plugging through a hole, do not pull in front to plug, or anchor and drift fish. The first boat maintains the right away here.
You may plug behind them, maintaining an appropriate speed and distance.
Now, first and foremost, let's get to Sollie Smith for the real challenge--the takeout. This is what makes The lower Wilson NOT a beginning run. If you can make it through this gracefully, and without being yelled at, you graduate!
The stretch of water from Mill's bridge at the Guide Shop to Sollie Smith Bridge may be graded for easy navigation, but the takeout can be one of your worst nightmares.
Launching conditions are less than ideal here.
You will encounter a lack of docking space as you approach the takeout. Breathe deeply.
During the busiest times, at the end of the day, it is not uncommon to have 15 to 20 boats stacked up waiting to pull out. (Especially during Christmas Break!)
Your best bet, and probably your only option, is to pull up to the brush, lining up with the other boats, on the South side of the river immediately before the launch. There will be boats standing in the current, rowing to maintain there spot in line.
Please do not block the concrete takeout lane with your craft. There is only one lane available for backing trailers.
The water has a fairly heavy current at the takeout. Exercise caution as your boat may try to crash into the piling, or other boats. This does not make friends!
You will find that patience, helpfulness, and courtesy go a long way here, as well as any boat ramp facility.
When you are back in the warmth of your truck, boat safely on your trailer, now is the time to smile. You know that you too, can run a drift boat!

January 28, 2014
I want to meet you at the
Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's show!

Hey! I hope I got to you in time. Last night I had one of those computer problems from heck. From me to you, do NOT install the latest Itunes update, unless you know what you are doing. :) I got the blue screen of death, fatal errors, and "Runtime error 6034". All of which weren't easy to fix!
There is a 10 page long thread on the apple forums on how to fix it.
Generally, what you need to do is uninstall everything related to Apple Itunes before you install it. Just don't say I didn't warn you! I found it nearly impossible to uninstall the mobile ap. I finally did it with that Windows Install Cleanup ap and then totally reinstall from scratch.
I finally have mine fixed!
You know, I always find this so much more fun than fishing. Don't you?
I'm now on my way back to the city to get ready for the Sportsmen's Show! I can't wait, you guys! I love meeting all of you! I ordered camo caps to sell at the show!
I think I'll get a quick cast or two in, before I leave. Wheee!

January 29, 2014

Ken Lane
My friend and fellow moderator at ifish, Ken Lane. (Papahog on ifish)
This is he and his dog, Willie. Click to zoom.

Ken Lane passed away last Sunday. Services will be held in Newport, Washington on February 15th.
Please give me a bit of time to kick back over this one. This is a tough one for me!

January 31, 2014

I'm counting the days until the show! Every day I wake up and poke myself to make sure I'm not sick. I've been feeling this creepy feeling. You know, where your throat is kind of itchy, and your eyes hurt? My nose is continually drippy, and it takes about 10 minutes to cough until I can speak clearly? You know the feeling! It's creepy! Can you imagine if I got sick before the show? It just isn't an option! I tell myself that, each morning. "I feel GREAT!" Oh, yes I do!
Then my negative Nelly side of me tries to come out and thinks about the flu situation this year, and being in a room with thousands of other people at the show. If I'm not sick now, I surely WON'T be (right?) next week! Yikes! I am putting on my superwoman costume. I will NOT get sick! It's just not an option!
I have a new crush on a new superstar, you know. Taylor Swift was one, and now I'm onto Bruno Mars. I get to go see him in Vegas for my Birthday! All by myself! I love getting away all by myself! Time to recoup!
I'm getting to the point, though, and this is just plain fact... where I think I'm getting too old for much of this. Will I do the show next year? The kwikfish thing? Will I even be writing this column? I don't know! I have been thinking about who would be good to write this column? Who is young, fishes a lot, and is fun to read about? If you have any ideas, let me know. It has to be a fixture of ifish. Someone who has been around forever, that fishes a bunch, etc.
And then I have to giggle with the rest of the requirements. You have to be willing to work on ifish a bunch. Around the clock on call. You need to do contests and ordering and make sure that the guys on ifish don't go too far with their passionate discussions. You need to buck up to complaints, and not care when people send hate mail. LOL. Even with all the tough stuff, you have to be able to sit down and decide that you LOVE ifish with all of your heart!
But... I just don't fish that much, these days, and I don't know why I'm writing this column! I have journaled all of my life, and I just put it here.
I do enjoy it, but the ifish crowd deserves more!
Man, Ken's death sure put me out for a bit. That was a hard friendship to lose. But, like I said, I've gained a very special angel. I just loved Ken so much, and I didn't expect this news at all. I knew he was fighting cancer. I knew he was having a hard time, but I surely didn't expect this! Oh, Ken. How I'd love to have one more hug.
I ordered some camo hats like the guys wanted, and they'll be for sale at the show. They are going to be so cool! I can't wait to see them!
I think that I am going to have to get a hotel room by the show, because I just heard that we are going to have frozen roads this next week. I don't want to drive at night, AND have frozen roads! I can't afford it, though, darnit. What to do? Have my son drive me? Maybe.
Well, my mind is so full of things to do, that I'm going to sign off. I have to get the car packed for trip one and have the garage ready to go for trip two. I have to get the webcam set up, and make sure it works. I have to get the cash register set up with prices for this year. Oh! And I have a leak under the kitchen sink. It's always something when you own a house! I'm learning that, for sure!