Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

January 2011

Happy New Year! This is the chair at my Dad's house. :)

Happy New Year!

"I'm going fishing." says Bill. It was morning. It was freezing out!
The entire landscape, draped white like a sheet, but glistening. Snow like, but just darn frozen. The yard, hard as a rock as you walk. Clunk, clunk, clunk.
Yeah, right, I think... He's going out... in that?
Hours later, his rod is leaning against the picnic table, waiting for him, Bill is sipping coffee at the table, in a jolly ole mood.
His rod looks so cold out there. Alone. Untouched. I stare at it, wondering. I can't imagine grasping it. I can't imagine trying to cast. I can't image how cold it is, out there.
"I'm going fishing". Bill says.
Yeah, right, I think. Didn't he say that hours ago? His rod is still looking cold, but now has taken on a very lonely appearance, too. His jig is stuck to the ice on the table, where it melted a bit, and then refroze. The dogs look hopeless. They know. They know they aren't going anywhere, any time soon!
But, finally, Bill gets up, some hours later, and makes a move.
"I'm going fishing." I sighed for him. He knew I was in no shape to go, so he didn't even ask. But, he's done well this steelhead year, out on the Kilchis. He has hope. I have had chemo. I have hope, but not for steelhead! Not this year!
The dogs rouse, half believing. They look like they have a bit of hope in their hearts for a little romp on the hard ground. But-- not much!
But he does it! Bill opens the ice hole as we call it-- (the "door") and crept out there! I tell him to be careful! Not to slip! "Do you have gloves?" I think of the icy cold cork.
I worry about him in the ice, on that slippery porch, on those slippery rocks by the water. I worry about him, alone.
I didn't used to worry, but we are... we are getting older! (Dang, that's hard to say!) Falls can really mess people up, and we have already had a year of medical maladies that have drastically reduced our fish count!
Thank God for the New Year! It will be different! We WILL be younger this year! Younger, and healthier!
I am going to beat breast cancer, and Bill is going to lead me!
But, this was yesterday. This was when it was still 2010.
Bill did make it out the door! He did! He even disappeared from my view! He was fishing! He must be! His footsteps lead to the river!
I lay in bed, wondering how he was doing. I had just gotten there, having taken me half a day to make it up the stairs, alone!
But, then, I heard Kilchis bark. All the way down at the ice hole. Kilchis, at the door? What a wimp! Kilchis wimped out, first!
Down the stairs I go, to retrieve my retriever. "Wimp!" I called out, but guess who the words landed on? Bill! Bill was there, too! They both wimped out!
It was just too cold to fish, yesterday! Just too darn cold! I guess the wind whipped up, to add to the misery.
But-- yesterday was 2010. This is 2011.
Yesterday, Andrew helped me at the store, and guess what I bought? Now, this, ladies and gents is a sign of 2011. A sign of HOPE!
I bought my fishing license, yesterday!
My 2011 Fishing License! (With caps!) I am NOT giving up! I have HOPE!
Happy New Year, you guys! And it's going to be better than anyone can imagine! I have hope in my heart, and I thank God for that hope, because it just couldn't be "of me". After the year I've had, it just couldn't come from a mere me!
It's a gift, and it's incredible. My glass is not only half full, but it's darn overflowing!
2011 is going to bring me springers that weigh much more than my 37 pound record! This me? This (below) me is nothing! See how healthy I am here? I'm going to be even healthier!

I must be feeling better, today? :)
Must have gotten a prayer, or someone's blessing.
I've got the peace that passeth understanding,
and the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!

2011 is going to wax out my tag! 2011 is going to bring me to B-10 and reel in more than my weight in spun silver! I'm going to balance my weight in the boat, while I go up and down in the waves at the jetty! I'm going to be on my tippy toes as we drift thru riffles and watch the steelhead that we didn't catch... THAT time!
My fishing license purchase is evidence that I believe with all of my heart, all of the fish dreams in the paragraph above and I do believe that I am over the hump, already, this chemo round. I am still in my robe. It's still hard to climb the stairs, but I am going to get over it, this time, quicker than ever!
I have the hope in my heart of 2011!
Happy New Year!
To heck with chicken soup. Bring on the sweet petals!

Reality New Year!
January 2nd!

I had a big reality check, yesterday. Last night, I thought I was going to die. Literally. Had one of those pity parties that last far too long, and are far too realistic. I cried in pain. I was a drama cow.
I find myself dreaming of that first ray of sunshine on our deck.
I'll never forget the healing ray of sunshine. How my wheelchair got stuck on a door jam, trying to reach it. How cold I was, trying to get there, stuck on that rail, with no one home. It's so like trying to grab the brass ring. The brass ring of wellness. I want it, now!
When I was so sick from my aortic surgery, the long months were as cold as you can imagine. Cold and frigid and dark, kind of like it is, now. And along with it, painful and weak!
I have memories (nightmares?) of dragging my cold legs against the garage floor, trying to make it up the stairs the the warm kitchen, above. My hospital gown rode up, and my legs were so cold and dirty. Terrible memories. But, I'm glad I have them, so that I can totally imagine, dream, and feel the ray of sunshine to come!
The weather matched my physical self perfectly.
In the winter months, where I live, deep in the Kilchis valley, there is no sunshine until about mid February and there is no wellness, until it occurs!
It's scheduled about right, again, to start getting well about that time. I foresee it again, as a magical time, when all of the sudden, a bright ray of sunshine will light up the deck. Just a thin sliver at first, one that I can fit in, if I lodge my chair just right!
That is the thin sliver of hope and health!
A bright ray that will warm my soul to the very depths! One that begins to cure me from the winter blues and the sickness of chemo and radiation!
Even though it was more desperate, then, even though my "cold" was a physical thing from not enough blood flow to my legs, it sends a message that I'll never forget. The story has a moral.
Physical healing takes time. Your state of mind helps, but you can't will yourself well!
Wellness is not here, yet, but I can feel it coming! It better come!
Part of ,e longs so badly to fly someplace warm like Palm Springs! But that's cheating! I won't get the full benefit, if I don't wait for the real thing!
I goofed yesterday, big time. I filled myself with hope and ... lies? Maybe!
I took too long of a walk. I over did it. I paid big time, too. I was in so much pain last night, I really didn't want to go on! Man, but night time can bring a fright, but oh just wait for the morning's light!
The thing that got me thru, in prayer, was this:
Psalm 30:5 -Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.
Wow. How true is that. I had been promised, and it was true. Joy has come in the morning. Joy, and a reaffirmation of my faith.
But- I'm going to slow down on it, a bit, if you don't mind.
Yesterday, Andrew called out to me, as he saw me struggling with my walk, trying to make it back to the house. I was bent over on my duck chair, trying to catch my breath. "Do you need help?"
"No!" Said the hero. (Me) "No!" I was bound and determined. But, what was he to do, anyhow? Carry me? LOL
Funny thing is that I did make it to the back door, but it was locked! Argh!
I did a video while I was out there. It all seemed OK at first. But, on the way back, a couple drift boaters caught sight of me, as I tried to make it back home. I was a sight to see, I'm sure. I was out of breath, wobbling, walking, or trying to walk! Every few steps, I set my chair down to rest.
They probably thought I was drunk? I nearly fell in the cold water! It makes me giggle, now, to think of it. I think my wig was on sideways. I was a mess! But, I smiled for them, and exchanged friendly words.
Yep. They must have thought I was drunk!
I made it back in. I did! But, I spent the rest of the entire day in bed. From about 1 PM on! And I was a "Pity, pity, pity the chemo girl" girl! (as Bill jokes! I get a kick out of that!)
OK, so today, I take it easier. Yes, it's the New Year. Yes, I'm going to get better. But, yes.. I must wait for that sliver of sunshine. There is no hurrying wellness. You cannot rush the cycles of life with silly over positive words, and dreams. It helps, sometimes, to brighten your spirit with dreams, but overdoing it, like I did yesterday, does not pay off!
Today. I follow doctor orders. I stay in bed a little while. I walk a little while. I will not overdo. Not in mind, nor physically.
It is what it is, and I cannot rush wellness.
The light on the deck has not come, yet. But, keeping it set in mind, will drive me to health, eventually!
Why oh why is balance so hard for me? I overdo it, this way or that. Lord, please give me balance!
"Wait... wait... wait till the moon is full!" (Ever heard that story?) Look it up on Amazon or something. My Mom used to read it to us kids. Loved it!

January 2nd later...

HARK! There is sunshine down at the corner hole! I'm going there, now!
Wow. I went, and I can't believe how fast it disappeared! It was like chasing my tail!

January 7th

Hello, honey, I'm home!
I was in Portland for a couple days and believe it or not, I have to turn around and go there again, tomorrow!
I hope I don't get caught in the forecasted snow!
I have a ton to do, but thought I'd check in. Then, off to the mod board, to see if I can help.
I want to go to the river, today and fish!

January 10th

Pheh. I'm sick, again. I think? I slept last night from 4 in the afternoon, until about 7 this morning. It was the worst sleep, but at the same time, I couldn't get up! Tossing, turning, sweating, freezing, icky sleep. You know?
Again, I think I've overdone things!
We had a moderator party at Pietro's pizza. It was so fun! It was our Christmas party, and I had presents to give the mods from a couple of the sponsors. It was so awesome to hand them out! I love that part! Ho! Ho! Ho!
It was a busy day, though. I was going to spend the night, and then the weather got iffy, and I was afraid to drive by myself, so thank God! for Bill, the taxi driver!!
Snow! I love snow! Do you think it will actually happen? I hope so!
OK, I have a funny story to tell, and then I'm done for this column, for today.
It has been my absolute fear that my wig will fall off in public. Well, I guess it has to happen once!
So, it's pouring down rain the other day, and I'm wearing a sweatshirt with a hood, with the hood up. I walk into Fred Meyers, and mindlessly flip back my hood.... AND MY WIG!
It went flying behind me and landed on the ground. It looked like a dead animal on the ground.
"Not mine!" I felt like saying... flipping my hood up and going on my merry way. These were after thoughts... after giggles... but no! I was terrified! I was frozen stiff! My face was as red as a beet! Did I think to flip up my hood? NO!
It was my short hair wig and when it's on the ground, it really does look like a guinea pig or something!
At the pizza party, Bill (Smoked Salmon) said I should have attached it with a string and played with it like you play with a kitty! That had me laughing so hard, it hurt!
So, I picked up my head, and went on my not-so-merry way. Lesson learned: Do not flip my hood off, without making sure I don't flip my wig off, too.
I will be VERY careful, from now on!
I'm going to go take a hot shower, and see if I can't shake these electrical feeling fever currents from myself. Know that feeling? Yuck. It's the feeling that tells yourself, "Self? You are sick!"
So close to my next chemo, too! My LAST chemo! Oh, I hope I'm better by then! If I'm not, they won't let me do it!
So, please.. prayers that I am better by January 18th! That's 8 days away.
Then, I have to be all over chemo by the time the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show starts on Feb 13th!
I had my chemo so carefully planned out, with events, and I have almost pulled it off!
Go, girl, go!
PS: I have a sticker on my computer that says, "U Go GIRL! Given to me by an ifisher. It's all sparkly! I love it!

January 14th

Click pic to zoom

My Mom and Dad's wedding

Where do you start on something like this?
I think, perhaps sleep will put it out of my mind, but I wake, every hour or two, and it hits me like a bomb. "My Dad is gone". -and then plays a roll of images in my head of the last moments of his life.
When I wake at five, the whole roll plays. From the beginning, from when I was a baby, or a toddler, or a teenager....
There's no chance of sleeping, now. Might as well have a cup of coffee.
I crawl out of bed. My body hurts more than usual, but the smell of coffee urges me downstairs. The dogs jump around me like nothing is different. They make me smile. Hoppity happy dogs, always!
My Dad loves coffee. The day before he died, he asked my sister to make sure to set the coffee.
Even at the end, he looked forward to those small pleasures.
Oh, boy. It's going to be some long days, ahead.
Everything said, everything seen, everything thought of, reminds me of my Dad.
There is a picture that I adore of my Dad and I. As soon as my mug was full, I sat at the computer, I searched for it, with no luck. I'm sitting on his lap, in this picture, with my long marfan arms wrapped back and around his head. We are sitting in his favorite chair.
Do all Dad's have favorite chairs that are reserved just for them? The only way I could sit in it, if Dad was home, was to sit on his lap! I recall everyone stirring when Dad got home from work. "Get out of Dad's chair! He's home!"
But, believe me, that wasn't why I was in his lap. I loved my Daddy! So much!
I found this one. I love this one, too.

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My Mom, Me, My Dad

A little after 8 AM, yesterday morning, my Dad passed away, peacefully.
He lead a charmed and wonderful life, and everything about his death seemed planned by our Heavenly Father.
Our last family Christmas together was perfect.
But, a week ago, there was a lady in his room that was there to close his insurance case, and she accidentally mentioned that she was putting him on hospice. My Dad didn't know, yet. We were having a family meeting that very day, to learn how to tell him! Yikes!
So there we were, sitting alone together, my carrying this burden that she had shared.
After she left, I held Dad's arm and with my voice shaking, asked him how he felt about that. I had to! He looked up at me after she left, like "What the!?"
He answered me, "Well, it means the end."
So, I said, "Dad, it doesn't necessarily mean "the end". Some people are on hospice for years. Some are even released!"
He said, "Well, that's rare."
I said, "Dad. YOU are rare."
And he chuckled and agreed.
My Dad was rare. Indeed.
He didn't want to go. Ever. He didn't ever admit he was sick. He fought like the best of them. After all, he was an athletic director and trained to "win!"
I remember once, I said to him, "Dad? I think I'm competitive." I never thought I was, but it occurred to me, after some event, that I guess I was. He said, "Logsdon's? Competitive? Nah...." and laughed.
My Dad didn't lose. He never complained, ever. Never said he hurt. When you asked, "Dad, how are you?" No matter what he was going thru. "Great!" He'd answer! No matter what!
He loved life more than anyone I ever knew. I would get phone calls, from all over the place, when he was traveling. When he would hear good music, he'd call me. "Jennie! Jennie! Listen to this!" And he'd hold up the phone to the band. Then, he'd tell me where he was and how awesome it was and what fun he was having! That, at 84 is awesome! Right?
He loved to hear me play the piano. I could bring him to tears with Debussy. He loved Chopin! He was so proud of my music.
He rode his bike to the store, long after I can image riding a bike to the store! He played golf till the end. He marshaled for Cimarron in Palm Springs so that he could play their beautiful course.
He had friends, everywhere he went. Instantly! He was the type to stop and talk to folks in a restaurant and say, "You folks look like you are just having a great time!" as he walked by. He'd stop and visit with strangers.
I think I learned that from him, and I love to do that, too, now. Thanks to my Dad!
Just little things like that. He just made people smile, and you felt like everyone was your friend, while you were with my Dad.
Up till the end, he was never without a lady friend, either. He just made sure he had someone fine and fancy at his side. And with them, he'd travel, and wine and dine, and visit beautiful places, and ... call me from there, and tell me all about how wonderful things were, and what a good time he was having! Oh, how he lived!
I will miss those phone calls so much!
Everyone was there, yesterday. My two sisters, my two brothers. We all sat in his room, talking quietly, as Dad lay there, by us.
I got up to talk to my Dad, to gently tell him how much I loved him, that everyone was there and that we would all be alright, should he be too tired or hurting, to go on.
That was so hard. So hard for me to tell him that I would be alright, when in fact, I felt like I needed him more than anything right now. But, I forged forward, confidence in my voice, telling him that God loves him so much, that He was waiting for him, to go to Heaven to be with my Mom.
The song kept going thru my head,
"When we all, get to Heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all see Jesus,
We'll sing and shout the victory!"

That's the only thing that kept me strong. Knowing full well that my entire family will reunite again, in Heaven!
As I held him, and stroked his arm, he stopped breathing.
I turned to my family, in fear, letting my family know that he had passed.
We all gathered around him, and said a prayer and Dad went to Heaven... to be with Mom... to watch over all of us.
My Father in Heaven called my Daddy home.
I then sat at my Dad's feet, holding them, rubbing them. He loved foot rubs. He loved it when I tickled his back, while watching Disney movies, when I was small. He paid me 10 cents for that!
I am so thankful to my sisters and brothers, who, while I've had cancer have continued in taking such good care of him. I so struggled with that. It was so hard for me to stay home. I felt guilt, and sadness, and frustration.
But I practiced what I learned from my Dad, on my Dad, every time he asked how I was. "Great!" I'd say. "I'm great!" No matter how I really felt, I just smiled a bunch for him, and I convinced not only he, but myself, that yes. I'm alright. I'm great, in fact!
Like my sister Teri told me, we all came together, uniting our family like at no other time, in taking care of our Dad.
She's so right!
I am so thankful for my family. So thankful that I had such a wonderful Dad for so many years!
Yes. It's going to be hard. Yes, I'm going to miss him so much. Yes. It's hard, each moment, when he keeps coming into my mind, and I think he is gone from me. But, he's not gone! He's in Heaven. Where we all will go, one day!
I don't honestly know how anyone on earth can live this life, without faith in our Heavenly Father. How anyone can or would want to exist, without the promise of eternal life. And it's free! And anyone can have it! Wow! I couldn't do it! I just couldn't do it!
Thru all the sadness, I know that I will see my Dad again, My Mom... all my beloved pets, and my Heavenly Father!
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all see Jesus!
We'll sing and shout the victory!

January 19th

I have so much to say. So many stories to tell, and yet I'm just having a pity party, today!
I had chemo yesterday. It was my last ever chemo (I hope!) and today it's hitting me hard. I'm doing my salt water mouth wash, and all that I'm supposed to, but just feeling yucky. The yuck will increase dramatically after my Neulasta shot, so I'll write before that! LOL
I'm hot and cold and hot and cold and hot and cold. Make that stop, k? Prayers welcome!
My legs feel so achy. They think my marfan connective tissue is ripping. Yucko.
Lucky for me, God sews it back together!
Anyhow... the pain of losing my Dad isn't quite as bad. He is in a better place. I just miss him so much. I think of him 24/7. When will that let up?
The storm was awesome. However, we had to drive over 26 to get to treatment. Thank God Bill goes with me. It's great company and I get to ask all the fishing questions I want. He's wonderful to listen to and I get to catch up on things like what a 4 salt fish means. :) I love that stuff. I love Bill, too!
Oh! Put in your order for Kwikfish or Mag Lips, here! I just put up the order form. Thing is, I don't have the pic of the Kwikfish yet, but will soon! I just put in Pickle's own design, for now.
These will be available at the show, and then if I have any left, I'll do those by mail order. So, to be sure to get yours, if you can't make it to the

36th Annual Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show
February 9 - 13, 2011
Portland Expo Center
Portland, Oregon

Find a friend who is going and get them to pick yours up. That way, you'll be sure to get yours. Have them write down your order on the form, above. If you aren't a member, just follow the instructions and use the contact form, below.
I couldn't believe the amount of rain we had, and how low our flood was! Just bizarre! I thought we'd float away! But, no, we are safe!
I can't wait till 6 opens again, though.
My Dad's funeral/celebration of life will be January 23rd, at River West Church at 2:00 PM. That's a Sunday. River West is here:

2000 Country Club Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

If you knew my Dad, or would like to attend, please do! I'd love to give you a hug. I hope I'm feeling better, by then!

January 24th

I just wanted to post that I'm sick, so I'm sorry I haven't caught up, here. :(
I was in ER this weekend, and they gave me antibiotics, but it hasn't helped and I'm worse.
I have these big white bumps in the back of my tongue/throat so that I can barely swallow.
I did make it to my Dad's celebration of life, yesterday and I'm so glad I did. I nearly decided not to go. Thanks to Bill's urging I slowly got ready and was whisked off to Portland.
I just worry about any hugging that I did. I wanted to hug everyone. I was so glad to see old friends and family. Makes me want to cry.. partly cuz I'm wimpy, and mostly because I have so many people I love and I feel so blessed.
I cut out early. I had to.
I had to think those antibiotics that they gave me would help me, Sat. night, but they just haven't.
I have these big, alien looking bumps in the back of my throat and on my tongue and it feels like I can't swallow at all, but I manage, obviously! Everything just tastes awful!
If I were a doc, I'd say that I'd think it was some kind of thrush that chemo patients get. Yucko. But, I'm not a doctor.
My Dad's service was so awesome. I am so thankful to my sisters and brothers for pulling this off so well. My nephew, Joel, put together the most awesome video that just had me in tears. I so want a copy, and if he uploads it to youtube, I'll let you know.

January 25th

Oh, thank God for Dr. Hill!
He rocks! Just going in to see him healed me! Ever have a doctor like that? That just brings joy to your soul? That is all pure good and you can just feel and transfer energy from them?
That's Dr. Hill! Yes, he heals medically, but he also heals my soul!
Dr Hill loves some of the same things I do, like birds and music. He's going to have to love my music, since my Dad is gone. I need someone to love my music like that! I had a hole in my heart and I'll have to plug it up with Dr. Hill's appreciation for music!
In fact, I was telling him about the dippers on the Kilchis, and I have to remember to buy this book he told me to buy, written by John Muir. It's something about the Sierras, and a whole chapter is devoted to the water ouzel! That's what I refer to as my "hilarious bird!" I can't wait to look it up and get it!
OK, so Lance Fisher called me up and I was on the radio last Saturday. Remember, I was just out of chemo and laying in bed, trying to recover.
I took out this sentence. I said it was the worst time of my life. It wasn't, really. I thought about those doing chemo, or about to do chemo. No, they aren't that bad, and truthfully, they breeze by! And, it's kind of nice if you have kids to bring you ice cold drinks!! :
Can I tell you again, though, how wonderful it's been to have the kids home, during this? They have been the most incredible people I have known, and I am so lucky to have gotten to know them in this caring way. What wonderful people, let alone, my sons!
During chemo, I get cravings, or maybe I want to have cravings. I want to want something! So, I think maybe Orange juice? And Andrew will bring it for me, all packed up with ice, and I'll take one sip and say, "Huh uh." It always seems to go back to the fact that I want Crystal Light on ice, and lots of it! I know it's bad for you, but they want me to drink lots of fluids to flush it out. I'm usually a big Kilchis river well water girl, but plain water is awful when you are on chemo. So, Crystal Light and ice is nice!
Today, I have crossed passed the worst day of my treatment! Hopefully, forever!
I wasn't that excited to "do" my last infusion. Everyone thought I should be. But, I knew what was to come, after that. But, now... now that I have crossed past the sickness from the infusion, I can truly celebrate the start of a new life!
I'm back!
So, if you want to listen to the radio show, it's here. Click on Northwest Outdoor Adventures with Lance Fisher, then go over to the right, and click on NW Outdoor Adventure with Lance Fisher 1-22-11.
The show includes Lee Freeman, Scott Amerman, Pat Gefre, and little ole me!!
The river is a bit low, but if I get caught up, I'll be out there fishing! See you on the river!
One funny note... My Dad's nickname for me as a child was "J-Bird". I have been called many things, but I have never ever been called a "hot chick".
You know what I do get called, and quite often?!
A tough bird!
Oh well, a bird is a bird, right? All of you "hot chicks" out there have nothing on me!

January 30th
Stan Fagerstrom's column is up one day early! I love reading about El Salto!

A gal I know that is a breast cancer survivor told me that her last chemo wasn't as bad, as she knew that it was the last, so it helped inspire her to just be well and over it.
I counted on that.
Well, it didn't work for me!
I think I've been the most sick of all, the last round, here. I have spent more time in bed, than I have out.
The latest fun is swollen ankles with little red veins popping out, all over. What the heck is that? In all my life, my ankles have been bony and never been swollen! Not even during pregnancy, when it's pretty normal to have that. So, when I noticed, I freaked! My normally bony little ankle bones were gone! My legs look like elephant legs!
I have a cough. I have a fever. I have no energy.
But, I still struggle out of bed and go for a walk, each day. I make myself, whether I want to or not! And it does me good!
Oh! Get this! No one can say I don't try!
The other day was the day my sisters get together for our combined Birthday Breakfast at Original Pancake House on Barbur.
It was at 8 in the morning, meaning I couldn't drive that morning. I can't drive in the dark. So, I had to go the night before. I spent 100 dollars on a hotel, so that I could get up and go.
So, I arrived at the hotel just as dark was setting in. They serve a free dinner, but I was so tired, I just needed to sit down for a minute.
I sat on the bed and it felt soooo good that I fell asleep! I woke up for a bit, having missed dinner, and did a little ifish work. About 10 or so, I got tired again. I had a bottle of water in one hand, laying on the bed, and my phone in the other. I was setting my alarm for morning.
Next thing I knew, I woke up and I was holding a bottle of water in one hand and my phone in the other! It read 7:24 AM!!!! Oh, my!
I had slept for 9 and a half hours without moving, sitting up in bed! And I was going to be late for breakfast!!!
I forgot how to get to this pancake house, so I set my GPS. It took me all around these back roads and sheesh! I MISSED breakfast! I was just in tears!
I got there just as they were leaving.
I spent 100 dollars and a whole lotta frustration for nothing! And, to top it off, I had exhausted myself further, and came home to spend two more days in bed, recovering! LOLOL... I gotta laugh! I gotta!
Soon, I'm going to try fishing the Wilson with Bill. I gotta! I just gotta! I wonder how THAT will go!
My sister Linda did give me a copy of the video played at my Dad's memorial. I sat there, yesterday, watching the video and just cried my eyes out. Sometimes I wonder if I've not fully processed my Dad's passing, with so much other going on. I look back and think I've handled it pretty well. Maybe I haven't handled it at all?
Well, I sure took care of many tears, yesterday, watching that video. Joel is going to upload it to Youtube. He's my nephew, and he's so talented! The video is just awesome and I cannot wait to share it with you.
Until then, I took a video of the sunshine on the Kilchis, this last week. Enjoy! I sure did!
Oh! And my walk to get there!
Oh! And one on the flood!

36th Annual Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show