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Gary Krum Memorial

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Gary Krum

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Gary moved on to that great fishing hole in the sky,
November 4th, 2002.

Fishing guide, Gary Krum was diagnosed with CANCER early this year.
He has undergone extensive chemo and radiation for (6) weeks, in hopes of reducing the tumor to an operable size. Three weeks ago, surgery was scheduled to finally remove the tumor and provide a cure. A short time into surgery, reinforced the worst fears.
The cancer had spread. Surgery was cancelled.
Gary has NOT been able to work since first being diagnosed near the beginning of this year. Needless to say, expenses are mounting.

Simply send donations to:

The Gary Krum Cancer Support Fund
P.O. Box 3057
Bay City, Oregon

Please make checks payable to
The Gary Krum Cancer Support Fund

There are not too many long time guides or fishermen that have not met Gary Krum.
Gary is widely known as one of the top sturgeon and salmon guides in Oregon and Washington! (The best guide, actually!)
You've seen Gary at most Oregon Wildlife Heritage Fundraisers, NorthWest Steelheaders events, The Tillamook Anglers, and many others. If there was a need, Gary was there to help.
Please join us, as we now help the family cover the medical expenses that were needed for ongoing care.

Thank you,

[email protected]

Gary and Linda Krum
503 377 2039
Email Gary

Credit Card Donations through Paypal above.
Make a donation through any US BANK
Gary Krum Cancer Support Fund

From Trisha, Gary's daughter:

All of us who have been around and in the fishing industry know that it takes special people to be our fishing guides. These people are not your everyday people.

They have a special talent that only a few possess and a way about fishing that is unbelievable. They can take you out even when no one else is catching fish and you still come home with your limit. This is something that they are born with and as time goes on they get even better. I have been truly lucky to have one of these special people in my life and it's my father, Gary Krum.

For over 20 years my dad was a fishing guide in Northwest Oregon, fishing for everything you can imagine. He did many shows with Doug LaMear on LaMear Outdoors, had articles written by Bill Monroe of the Oregonian, founded and was president of Tillamook Guides Association, donated his boat and time for the Heritage Foundation, and passed several bills through Congress.

The list goes on.

He is so passionate about fishing that he tries to pass on his knowledge to others so that they may enjoy it also.

My husband had been fishing many times, but when we first got together, my husband didn't know what he was in for!

Every weekend!

--Up at the crack of dawn to go see what they could catch for the day, whether it was sturgeon or salmon or anything else! My husband has learned a lot and appreciates the time and effort it takes to become good. If you aren't born with it, chances are you won't ever hold that special passion that only exists in a small percentage of us. My husband always said that if he could ever be just a fraction of what my father is, he would be happy.

In the past year things have become difficult in our family with the diagnosis of cancer for Gary. Back in May, after months of fighting with what they thought was acid reflux, they found that my dad had stomach and esophageal cancer. At that point he went through 6 grueling weeks of chemotherapy 24 hours a day, plus 4 hours on Monday and radiation for 2 hours every day.

The doctors weren't even sure that he would be able to make it all the way through the heavy doses he would be getting without having to be hospitalized. Every day my dad went into Portland for these treatments in the hopes that it would shrink the tumor enough to do surgery. He made it through the 6 weeks and the doctors were astounded that he did so well! The tumor actually shrunk more then they had expected it to. The next step was a 4 week rest to let the chemo and radiation finish working and then they could do the surgery to try and remove the tumor.

On August 5th, my dad went into Portland to have the surgery at St. Vincent's. The surgery was to take 5 hours, if not longer, depending on what they found when they got in there.

So needless to say when the doctor came out to see us and hour into surgery, we knew something had to be wrong. He told us that the cancer had spread into my dad's liver and they could no longer operate on the tumor, since it had spread. That was a blow to everyone.

After that we met with the cancer specialist and he told us my dad was looking at 3-6 months of live left. He told him he could continue chemo treatments, but it would maybe only gain a month or two.

I believe that there are still things out there that may help in extending his life. At this point I am trying to find other hospitals where we could get a second opinion.

The problem that we are facing is that Gary has reached his lifetime health insurance benefit and soon will no longer have insurance to cover the costs of his chemo or anything else.

We are setting up a donation account at US Bank and there will also be an account set up on the I Fish website by pay pal. Any donations that you can give to help our family would be greatly appreciated. Under these circumstances I just can't go with the one opinion and live with it.

With the advances they have made there has to be something out there that can could help save my dad's life. If you have any thoughts or ideas those would be appreciated too. Please keep my dad and our family in your prayers.

Thank you,


Notes from ifishers:

Gary was a witness when Fishalot hooked a 25 LB Nook in my driftboat at the end of the Sheep fence at Tillamook. Fishalot had tucked the rod into the open gunwale to address some important coffee can business. The fish hit. I managed to wrap a line around my prop and knock the plug out of the bottom without my knowledge for several minutes while we dealt with the fish (successfully). I sat down next to Gary several weeks later at the Heritage Foundation breakfast and admit that I was the clown out there. He is a true gentleman!
I had been guiding full time for about 8 years when Gary Krum pulled up next to me at the tunnel hole and announced he was done plumbing. I knew I would be getting up a little eairler to get to what would soon become "our " favorite early season Sturgeon hole. Gary was one of a very few guides I enjoyed sharing the water with. He always kept me honest. I'd like to think he felt the same. I was sad to see he had to return to plumbing after moving to Bay City. Small world.He bought another friends house. Gary got to the coast and Mark moved over to his ocean ( bay ) view property. Gary Lived about 10 blocks away from me here in Troutdale untill his move to the coast. I wish Gary the best. I've got some footage of him on the Colunbia from my old weekly fishing show. He sure was proud of his first inboard jet. Splashed us on a 90 deg day. We laughed but my Camera Man was a little grumpy for a while............................Best of Luck Steve Smith.
Great idea. Gary Krum taught me more about fishing than everyone else put together.
I recall once when I was guiding part time Gary and I split a group of 8 clients on the Lewis. We were fishing for springers. I had an awesome day with my four clients, landing 11 fish. When Gary and I got together at Island Ramp that afternoon for a drink he asked how I had done. I told him, finally sure that I had outfished him. As I pulled out I asked him how he had done, and he quietly replied --- "We got lucky. 17." He would never have mentioned it if I hadn't asked.
Gary Krum is the single best fisherman I have ever met.
Jack Mattice
Gary is a great guy. He did a lot of volunteer plumbing at the whiskey creek volunteer hatchery.
Jerry Dove
I only know Gary because of his awesome skills. He wouldn't know me. It was ironic because I was fishing tonight in OC with a bud and we were reminiscing watching Gary slam springer after springer about 10 years ago on the Lewis using a fickle pickle Kwikfish even before they were really popular.
Sorry to hear he is not well, as he is a really nice guy.
Wish him the best for all of us fishermen!!
I've known Gary for years now. I remember when I used to drive up to his house and "Hand Deliver" Bait to him! Does he know how lucky he was? We went the EXTRA mile for him. Sorry to hear about his illness. Hope he gets back on the boat soon.
Marie @ TBC

Gary and I have put up a donation box for Gary but we would like to do more. We are having a Salmon derby sponsored by GIJoes which started Sept. 1st. and runs through October 31st.
It costs a dollar to enter. The largest fish wins $500.00 and there are 15 prizes down from there. The person must have purchased a $1.00 ticket prior to bringing in a fish which they want to enter once they enter a fish, they can purchase another ticket and stay in the contest.
The fish must have been caught in Tillamook bay and ocean. We must verify the fish (or weigh it in at our place) to qualify. Of course they have to purchase the ticket from us.
Anyway, that is to give you an idea, well Gary and I have decided to donate1/2 the ticket sales to Gary and his family. In two days we sold over 80 . What do you think, can you get the message out about the contest at Old Mill Marina to help ticket sales and Gary? Let us know, even if you can't help spread the word we are going to do this but we would like to give gary more.
Thanks Darlene and Gary
Old Mill Marina

Poem sent in by Wayne and Patty Millspaugh:

There IS a Fish God
(And I Know Him)

Breaker! Breaker! 21
Anyone heard the Swede?
Yea, Robinhood he’s down on the "funnies"
What da ya need?

We’re supposed to go fishin’-
You know what that means-
Fish are having nightmares
And lots of bad dreams!!

Well, that’s how I met him
In ’75-
Jawing on the "C.B".
With all of its "jive".

We seemed to adjust
To each other’s quirks.
We’d tell stories and laugh
In between jerks.

There were days in the winter
When it was stormy with snow.
He would still call me up-
And off we would go!!

There might be another
Boat out in the weather-
But we were the ones
With fish on the tether.

There were Sturgeon and Salmon,
Walleye and Trout.
It didn’t make much difference-
We’d jerk their ass out!!

If you were a fish,
And you got away-
Your life expectancy
Was less than a day!

He’d come back tomorrow
With sharper hooks, better bait.
Together, with skill,
That sealed their fate!!

This went on
For many a year.
Through good times and tough times,
Our friendship persevered.

As with all legends,
It’s not fame that they seek.
As for Swede-
Give him a boat headed down the creek!!

So, if you’re in the mood
To kill a fish,
Just call Gary

He’ll grant your wish!!


Wayne Millspaugh
October 2002


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