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February 2018

That right there is my best friend, Willie!
February 5th

Feb 5th. Now, this is the latest I've ever started. But, I have good darn reason.
Bill's been in the hospital, and I just got out of ER! LOL. Oh, my, but how bizarre this world is!
Thank God Bill's OK, but thank God for Len Clark and Bryan Hornbeak!
So, long story short, Bill didn't feel well while unhooking the jet sled. He went inside, and the phone rang. (Magic!: God!) and it was Len Clark. "Bill, are you alright?" It didn't appear so, so Len told Bill to call 911.
Bill did, but then cancelled it! (That's Bill for ya!)
Len called Bryan Hornbeak (What a great guy!) and he came over to see if Bill was OK. When he got here, Bill was all ready packed up to go to ER. (Good man, Bill!)
They transported Bill to Hillsboro.
Long story shorter, it's a good darn deal that Bill has such awesome friends. We still don't know what happened, really, but we do know he was bleeding internally.
He is out of the hospital, now, and home, resting.
The most frustrating part for me, is that I was still in Portland, after my CT test, which came out good. But, no good thing goes unpunished, I guess. Oh, my gosh, was I a mess, when Len Clarke called me to say he thought Bill had a heart attack. Oh_My! I was about as much of a mess as when I walked in on Andrew, that fateful, awful day! I couldn't speak. I was just a real mess. Totally hopeless feeling, as it was dark, and I couldn't drive home to see what was going on!
Just as I'd expect, though, come morning time, Bill didn't want me to come visit, he wanted me home with Revvie! I can totally understand, because Bill has so many friends that can do the visiting in the hospital, but only a few of us can warm our dogs hearts, like the ones they live with. So, home I went, to be with Revvie!
Bill endured tons of tests, and way too much time in the hospital. He couldn't get his phone to work, or his TV remote to work, and those two things are so important to him. By the end of his hospital stay, he was about to pull out his IV and run! (Well, in fact, he did... but that's another story!) LOLOLOL
I've done that very same thing. From those two facts, I wonder how uncommon that really is!?
People don't get well in hospitals, in my opinion. They get tired of being there!
All of the upcoming tests that they wanted to do at the hospital can just as easily be done here in Tillamook, with my assistance. So, here in Tillamook, I stay!
Oh! And then yesterday, after enduring 2 weeks of a silly sore thumb, I finally caved and went to urgent care, yesterday. I mean, it really hurt! I'd been soaking it in Epson salts 3x a day, to no avail. It was hot, angry looking and swollen.
With my artificial heart valve, any type of infection like that can be quite dangerous, so I caved and went in. Sure enough, Cellulitis!
Thank God they didn't put me in the hospital, even though it was recommended. Instead, I'm on some awful antibiotics, and I think... I think... it's already getting better.
So, peeps, that is your health report for February 5th, 2018. Oh, brother. Getting old is NOT for sissies!
I want to thank God for all of our friends and family and everyone who loves Bill so much. He was inn undated with visitors, and I am so happy about that! So is Bill! He says if he learned one thing, it's how many good friends he has. That has got to be healing!
Off I go to catch up on house stuff, taxes, and all that fun stuff. Love you all!

February 14th
Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wow! It's Valentine's Day! Will you be mine?
I was going to take down the snow pictures below my picture, above, but then I saw the weather forecast! Come on, Spring! I want to change the picture above to things like this!
I love walking around the yard to see the changes. The first daffodil, the little crocus popping their heads out in full bloom, and the tiny green buds on the otherwise dead branches.
I was really surprised to see the new growth on my blueberry plants, already! I hope we have a good year for blueberries! I'm so excited for Spring, every year, and this is no different! As soon as I give up on snow, which I also love, I zoom into hope for Spring!
I want to go to the store and get some of those Hershey's kisses. I love to give those to random people thru the day. Thing is, I hardly go anywhere. I could always give them to Bill, the dogs, (yes, I know about dogs and chocolate) and myself!
I'm looking forward to my Birthday. It's this month, and I have this tradition that I haven't done for the last couple of years. But, there is a specific boat ramp, where I go, toss out a jig, and it seems like every time I do, first cast, I get a steelhead! I wonder how my luck will be, this year!?!
I'm going to give it a cast, and see!
So, free fishing weekend is coming up this weekend, and I thought I'd get you some info, if you want to take someone fishing. This, from ODFW:


Best bets for free fishing weekend
(Feb. 17-18)
Highlights from this week’s Recreation Report include:

Lingcod fishing has been “melt-your-face-off-hot” on the Oregon coast.
Mid-February is when winter steelhead fishing really starts picking up on the Clackamas and Sandy rivers. So if you haven’t been out yet, this would be a good weekend to start.
Coos County beaches have been giving up redtail surfperch when the surf conditions allow.
Fly-fishers will want to catch the mid-afternoon hatches on the Fall, Crooked and Metolius rivers.
Several waterbodies have been recently stocked with trout including Walling, Junction City, EE Wilson and Cottage Grove ponds, Walter Wirth Lake, Alton Bake Canoe Canal and Dexter Reservoir in the Willamette Zone; Big Creek Reservoirs, Siltcoos Lagoon and Cleawox, Munsel, Carter, Dune and Alder lakes in the Northwest Zone, and Cooper Creek Reservoir and Lake Selmac in the Southwest Zone.


What is a more loving thing to do, than to take someone fishing? If you are an avid fisher, think back to who first really introduced you to fishing. It's my bet that you hold them close in your heart. I know I do. (Love you, Grandpa! Love you, Dad!)
They will forever be my Valentine. :)
So, forget about all those fancy boxes of chocolate, or expensive jewelry (well, wait a minute...) and take someone fishing!


February 15th
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If everything remains the same, if I catch a finclipped fish on Saturday, I win! No matter how big it is! Is someone going to challenge me?! There is only one woman registered, and that is me!

(Left) Bill Hedlund, current president of the north coast chapter of Northwest Steelheaders and past president Len Clarke. The annual “Hook Line ‘n Sinker” Steelhead Tournament is Feb. 24 with five categories for the dawn-to-evening event that benefits the Wilson River Broodstock program.

Tourney to reel in
‘Rugged Fishermen

I was so excited to see Bill Hedlund and Len Clarke on the front page of the Tillamook Headlight Herald!
Anyhow, I hope that you are going to particpate in this tournament. Your chances of winning are great, but your chances of having a blast are even better!
To find out more, and to enter this contest, simply click here!
You have 6 more days to enter. The tournament is Saturday, February 24, 2018
starting at 7:00 AM PST!
There are two small buttons below the header on that page. One is to enter, and the other to donate. Either one would be great, but I'd love it if some women signed up! You don't even have to be "rugged"! I'm not! :)
So, be there or be square! Come on out to fish, then have dinner in Garibaldi at the Hook Line 'n Sinker! The rivers will probably be low and clear, but this upcoming weather system may just make the rivers perfection!

February 17th
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There are a couple of things that I always want to tell people when they post on our boards. There are so many rules and regulations in posting on the internet, that I always think this will fall by the wayside, but I sure wish it wouldn't.
There is no way I can reach everyone, so every time I repeat something like this, I hope to reach someone new!
I have a long learned rule that seems to help people (and of course, myself!) more than anything. Of course, more than scolding or infractions, or a written list of "do's and don'ts".
It is this: If you ever have to think long and hard before you post something, or... frankly, even if it crosses your mind that it just maybe-might not be a good idea, IT ISN'T A GOOD IDEA! Don't post it!
Someone will take offense.
Someone will alert it.
Someone will make a problem out of it.
Someone will make it backfire in your face.
So, there you are, stuck in the middle of something you wished you hadn't posted. Or worse, something that causes you to lose your long earned moniker with thousands of posts.
Not good. Just don't do it! Post it somewhere else, or write it out and then delete it. Get it off your mind, but don't expose yourself to trouble.
The other thing is on a completely different note.
Don't use that dang blasted "back button" on ifish! I know! I know! I'm tempted, too! I do it, too!
But, the board works so much better if you use it as designed. It was designed as a forward progress site, so to speak. Just keep going forward even if you want to go back.
To get to another forum or page, use the "go fish" or "cast to" button at the top left or bottom right of ifish.
If that is a hassle, or if it's missing on the top, use the tree that shows the level of where you are. This is located at the top left of the page.
For instance, I was viewing the page, "Member made Classifieds Rules......REVISED" (That is what was displayed on my screen.)
So, if I look to the upper left, (On the board, not here on the home page) I'd see the following "tree": > Ifish Classifieds > Boats and Tackle For Sale
Member made Classifieds Rules......REVISED

This pasted bit, below explains in red what the little images to the left of the red text means.

-(this image means go back to) > Ifish Classifieds > Boats and Tackle For Sale
(this image means reload this page) Member made Classifieds Rules......REVISED

So, from that little table map, you can click on any of those places, and be taken directly there.
I often use, (in fact it may be getting worn out!) the "" button in the table, since it takes you back to a fresh, clean start of the board.
If you want to go to the home page of ifish, you can click above that, on the ifish decal that you see on people's cars, trucks and boats.
This one:

Sound complicated? Well, a bit, but it sure helps to learn how to most efficiently navigate the site!
So, there. I said it. I'm going to paste this on life in general and stick it to the top in hopes it helps someone out there.
It's raining. I'm cold. There is nothing else to do, so why not? :)
Have a great day, and guess what? It might snow on my Birthday! Whoop!

February 22
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Well, gee.
See, I have been having trouble writing, lately. For years, I have always written exactly what's on my mind. I feel like a pretty open book. I have nothing to really hide.
Sometimes, though, things are a little delicate, and/or what's on my mind involves other people, so I hesitate.
This is one of those cases.
I'm not fishing, so I can't just write about fishing, and pretend nothing else is up, and I can only write about snow, Willie, and the ifish board so much. People start wondering, due to my normal chit chat, here.
There is a hollow "informational" feel to my column, when I don't open up.
So, here goes opening up, with Bill's permission.
Bill is sick. I don't mean the flu, or a bad cold, but really sick.
The frustrating part is that we can't figure out why he is so sick.
I know I mentioned the ER visit, where he went to Hillsboro, but since then, we are frequent fliers to the hospital, or urgent care, or whatever. It just seems to be getting worse.. until the past few days.
Prednisone is an necessary evil. Horrid side effects, but it seems to make Bill better. Well, better in some ways, and a real grouch, in others! LOL.
He has a very short temper, which for me, makes things pretty difficult.
The best theory we have, in why Bill is so sick, is that he was not weaned off of prednisone. They took him off, too fast.
See, he started having these horrid headaches. They took blood. They have taken so much of Bill's blood, that he must only have drops, left! So, he had a high sed rate, and they diagnosed him with something called "Temporal arteritis". The bad part about that, is that the only "cure" is prednisone. High doses, for a long, long time.
When he went into the hospital at Hillsboro, they just didn't give him any more. So, when he got home, he became so weak that he couldn't even stand up. Yes! Really!
I mean, he couldn't even sit up, in bed, for a while. So, after Tillamook ER visits, and finally a visit with him PCG (Primary care giver) that he probably needed to go back on Prednisone.
Sure enough, prednisone seems to have helped a bit.
But, during his weakest moments, we got Bill a walker. I was very hesitant to leave him, but one evening, I went out to get clam chowder for dinner.
When I came back, I walked around the kitchen corner, and there he was. Splayed out on the floor, with his walker on top of him. He wasn't moving, and I freaked out!
He could tell that I freaked out, so he started yelling at me, "I'm just resting! I'm just resting!!!"
I didn't know whether to cry at his helplessness, or laugh at the fact that people don't "rest" on the kitchen floor!
So, I lay down next to him and put my arm around him, and we rested, together.
It's so awful to not know what's wrong with you, and to feel so helpless and ill.
I'm going to have to have Bill read this, before I post it, so that I don't invade his privacy, or write something he doesn't want shared.
OK. We are proofed. I even heard him laugh, while he read it, so I guess we are good. :)
But, life is just difficult, right now. I don't like the feeling of not knowing what's going on, and I'm sure Bill doesn't either.
It gives me that awful feeling of when I was really ill. I knew what was going on, and it was still an awful feeling to be totally dependent on others.
I remember not being able to climb the stairs on foot, so just to help out, (I thought) I'd take the hand vacuum, and vacuum the stairs, as I made my way, crawling on all fours. "I'm just vacuuming" I'd say.
So, what's so wrong with resting on the kitchen floor? I get it!