Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
February 2010

Neahkanie View at sunset

February 1st

Happy February! (There! I was first!)
I spent most of yesterday in bed. I think I feel better, today, but yesterday I felt awful. I think I had a 24 hour flu bug, or something. Either that, or I just needed down time. Every time I got up, my body just said "Down, girl!" I think I slept most of the day.
As I posted, but didn't upload, below, Stan's new column is up! I do that the first day of each month, and it's always a nice, fresh start for things!
Also, Bob Rees wrote me about the loss of fishing hero, Charlie White. Please add your thoughts to the thread.
Anyhow, I'm just so frustrated about my Dad. I can't wait till he gets here, to Oregon. If I had miles, I'd fly down and give him a huge hug, right now. (gently!)

February 2nd

It's fun to read our weekly stats. The last week, we were down a bit. I'll not forget the first couple years, when I saw the stats go down. I didn't understand it. Why were people leaving? Well, they weren't. It just goes up and down as the fishing seasons do! People get all excited and watch, during springer season. Who will be the first to catch one?
I'll tell ya who!
Blue Water 23!!!
We have a winner! Isn't that a gorgeous fish?

Click here to read the contest thread!

Really makes me want to start gardening, or hey! How bout Springer Fishing? I can feel the warmth of the sunshine, already! What do folks do that don't springer fish to give them hope for Spring after a long winter? I have no clue!
It has just felt like Spring in the air, lately! I'm so excited for it!
I'm so thankful that God keeps me so busy. I haven't even thought much about my CT appointment tomorrow. How is my aorta? Has my aneurysm grown? Gosh! I haven't even worried about that! I better start worrying, now. Don't ya think? Muhahaha... NOT! But please do, if you have a moment, say a little prayer for Andrew and I.
That Angler's Chapel on ifish is such a blessing!

February 3rd

Nalli and Madeleine, Pete's kids!

I guess after Pete and kids left my house, they went for Nalli's first taste of the ocean! Fun!
OK. Off I go for a long day of aorta testing. Not so fun!
By the way, SKP of ifish attends Willamette Baptist Church and they have a great Sportsman's Expo going on. Sounds fun! Click here to learn more!
Click here to buy tickets.

February 5th

My neighbor lady on the Kilchis, Kay Brown, wrote this. What do you think? Personally, I haven't spent any time thinking about anything other than the immediate. I feel so 'out of it' as far as what is going on, politically.
So, the testing for Andrew and I went like this. My aorta is unchanged. (Yay!) But, Andrew has a leaky valve. How leaky, I don't know. I guess I'll wait until we talk to Dr. Menashe, week after next.
Now that we have the first springer caught, we are looking for the second one! We have two rods that we are giving out for this contest. First, and Second springer. Can't wait! (Yes I can! Maybe it will be me?) That's almost funny... as I don't get a chance to fish, much anymore!
I'm putting up a contest for Yakima Bait today! I've been working with Buzz, and I'd like to welcome a new sponsor. (Guess who?) Yakima Bait! They are the ones carrying the Mag Lip that we named, and I'm sure you are familiar with the Rooster Tail. I sure am!
Oh! Here is a pic of our Mag Lip! If you'd like to order yours, do it now! Unless you can't pick it up at the show. If you can't, then I'll put up a mail order for afterwards. Just hang on, till then!

It'll hunt!
Click here for a larger image!

Yakima Bait will be hosting our trout board, and we'll have Buzz's articles again, soon!
OK. Off to work on putting up lovely banners. I can't wait! After that, I'm visiting the river! Yay!

February 5th later

Ifish is closed for maintenance, tonight. Hope that you are out on a date or something and not wondering what is going on, and clicking, clicking, clicking on ifish, hoping it will come to life!
Should be back up by midnight.

February 6th

Wow! Ifish is open and ZIPPY! It makes me giggle it's so zippy!

February 8th

Today is crazy day! Trying to get ready and remember everything for the show! Will you be there? I'll be there most every day at the beginning of the day, and then later in the afternoon. I can't do full days, so please don't get upset with me, if I'm not always there. I try! I try!
I don't know whether to bring my wheelchair or not. Hmmm. Just thinking out loud. I like to think I'm super woman when I'm not anymore! Would it help me? Yes. Would it be a hassle to transit? YES!
Hey! The Kings For The Kids tournament information is posted. Take a look! I think I just committed to being in the media boat! I'm fishing in a tournament! First one in ages! But, this is such a great cause! Join us! Hobart Manns, John Posey, maybe Nick Amato? Sounds fun to me!
Oh, shoot! More later. I have an apt. at 9:15! Gotta shower! Argh! Here we gooooooooo! Hold on, it's going to be a busy week!

February 7th

I yearn for the sound of the river and nothing else. Not a peep but a bird tweet! Just the river's soft melody and the sound of its inhabitants.
As you are probably aware, both of my boys currently reside with Bill and I. It's a busy household, here! If you want to see yogurt disappear, just watch! I bought 12 cups of yogurt two days ago, and it's gone! Gone! Gone!
Bill and I like to complain about them being here. The boys are a bit messy, and they are noisy. We wonder when our golden years will happen! OK, maybe it's a bit early for me!
I am very, very rarely alone.
I am a person who craves "alone" time, which is why I sometimes don't mind staying at a hotel alone. I like the sound of silence.
But hotels lack the sound of rivers, usually!
I'm not much into the sound of television. Bill likes it always on. I hear it now, coming from upstairs. It doesn't help that Bill is hard of hearing. It's loud!
I can also hear the sound of vibrating bass guitars, coming from Andrew's room, and silly noises from video games, bleeping from David's room.
I used to love it when my brother came home from college, because he had these awesome Bose speakers. They were like five feet high and they shook the windows when we'd play rock music. I loved that! I lived for June! But, although I still love good music, even more, I've grown to love the sound of silence-of the river's song, of the eagles that hover in the trees, hunting for their next meal.
I like to hear the chickens, when they get all excited and cackle together!
Sometimes I hear coyotes off in the distance, or a herd of elk, crossing the river.
These are the things I love, right now. Perhaps that will change. But, right now, in this season, I love silence.
Last night, as I lay in bed, something was missing. I couldn't sleep. Finally, I figured it out! The window was closed! I slid it open and was immediately lulled to sleep by the faint whisper of the low and clear Kilchis river.
To me, all of the sounds of computers humming, the stereos blasting, televisions blaring, they just cover up the sounds that now excite me!
Turn them off! I want nature!
The only way I get my way, is when I'm alone in my home on the river, and that hasn't happened for (really!) years!
Yesterday, Bill had a quarterly Steelheaders meeting, and so, all excited, I asked the kids if they could PLEASE get out of the house for a while. I was so excited! I thought back to a day, long ago... it was in the summer, and I had the day to myself. A warm wind blew on the river, as I picked berries (all by myself!). It was just me, the berries, the faint whisper of the river and my dog. That memory is so stuck in my mind! I loved that day! All to myself. Quiet!
Used to be that the kids would at least go to school in the day time, and Bill would take off to visit his Mom overnight. Oh, what joy that was to me! It was my time! I'd turn off the phones, and never turn the TV on. I'd sit on the porch with my dog and just LISTEN, as I sipped hot coffee and let the sun shine on my face.
I learned the joy of being alone back when the kids were 4 and 5 and I was learning about being a single Mother.
I didn't think I'd like it when Dad picked up the kids for his first visitations. Understatement! I was scared to death of it! My heart was broken in a million pieces. I was pitiful! My dreams had never included being a single Mother. I had been programmed by my parents to grab the brass ring of a happy family. That meant Mom, Dad, and kids. To have this broken was not in my plans at all. It meant failure to me.
I lived in a small home on a lake in Warrenton, Oregon. The first time he drove up to take the kids, I was absolutely crazy-heartbroken. I literally lay crying on the floor of the kitchen. I kid you not! Yes... I was an emotional wreck. (Lost 40 pounds, too! It is a great diet!) At that time, I went through the death of my Mother, my Grandmother, my 10 chickens and my favorite 18 year old cat, "Catarabbit". Poof! All in three months time, I grew up. Right then. Right there. Growing pains are hard when they come so fast.
It wasn't what I wanted in life. I had dreams of being a family, and that dream had been broken into shards of sharp, cutting glass.
But-- I bought this book about it all, about depression, about being alone. I can't recall the name of the book, but I so wish I could! I'd love to read it again to see if it was all that good, or if I was simply hungry for help. Regardless, it helped me so much! It celebrated depression as a normal passing in life. It asked that we take that time to be good to ourselves. To do things to nurture ourselves.
I read the Bible ceaselessly, and every time I came across a passage that spoke to me, I'd write it out, and tape it to my bathroom mirror. Another one to my fridge, another above the TV. I had papers pasted everywhere! I'd read them and then quote them all day long. Medicine for the soul. Thank you, Lord!
My favorite was Philippians 4:6 (New International Version)

6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And so I nurtured myself, and by doing so, I learned the things I loved. I loved being alone! I learned to sigh with relief when Jeff would drive up! I learned to trust the kids were safe in their Daddy and Laurie's care.
And me? The sound of silence! No crying! No diapers to change! I thought for the longest time... what do I enjoy? As a busy Mother of two toddlers, I had forgotten!
So, I took my bike out and went for long slow rides. I picked up my artists' brushes and painted, again! I bought an electric piano and wrote music! It was the most creative time in my life! Some of my best works came out of that depression, that terribly difficult passage in my life.
But, the most wonderful thing that has lasted forever, was that I learned to love being alone. It is my time to listen, to be quiet, to celebrate and to nurture myself!
And I slept like a baby, the night before Bill had his meeting, simply knowing that the next day, I would have the chance to be quiet, and to listen to the things I love!
Bill got up early, and had coffee and drove off. I got up, slowly, leisurely... I had asked the kids to get the heck out of dodge for the day.
Sometimes, and I don't know why, but I get the urge to clean, while I'm alone. I got out the dust rags and began to clean.
By noon, the house was sparkling. Andrew was out hiking with a friend, and David... well, I knew he was home because I heard those silly video game noises. Very slight noise, but still, it was there.
I peeked my head in his room and said, "David? Remember? You were going to leave me be?"
"What? Am I bothering you, here? I haven't even come out of my room!"
He had a point, one that I couldn't well argue. He obviously doesn't get it.
It's the feeling of being alone. I can't even explain this on paper! It isn't that he was noisy, or bothersome.
It was that I needed to be alone
. -To KNOW that I had no one there but me. It was about recreating the peace that I first felt, so many years ago, but there was no way to explain that to a 21 year old young man. I couldn't even explain it to myself.
Noon turned to 3:00 PM, when Andrew walked in the door. Soon, Bill would be home.
I walked upstairs, repeating to myself, "Do not be anxious about anything..."
But, you know? I love my family, and I can't pray to God to be alone, because I may just get what I ask for! In a more permanent fashion! I don't want that!
And so, when I got up this morning, the sounds of my family echo through the house. The TV is on, the bass guitar vibrates the South end of the home, probably spooking the fish in the river!
I'm going to take a hot shower, and head out to the river until I get to a place where I can hear nothing but the sounds of the river's natural sounds.
I can have both. That is such a luxury! Thank you, Lord!
I'm sure there will come a time in my life where I'll yearn for all of these sounds of modern life, around me. A time when I may be totally alone, and day after day of being alone will be something I don't crave, as I do now. I have lived long enough to know that the grass is always greener.
It's equal and opposite: Ifish is so full, so active, so time consuming. I get so many e mails, that I crave none, and someday I'll probably get few, and laugh at the fact that I ever complained about several (thousand!).
Ah, shucks. If only my life were more balanced, less chaotic, less dramatic.
I said to Bill last night after dinner. "Do you know how much I'll miss my home, by this time, next week?" I'm going to the Pacific Sportsmen's Show, and will be hotel-ling it for the week. All alone.
Yet-- a part of me craves that night time solace, right now.
Last night, out of the blue, I stared into my son David's eyes and told him that my dreams had come true. For some reason, at that moment, (was it guilt for wanting him gone?) I wanted him to know that he was special in my life. Same thing applies with Andrew, of course, but David was handy at that time when I was emotionally overcome by this particular feeling.
"David, before you were born, I wanted nothing more than to have you. It was my life's dream. I remember walking on the beach with your Dad. My hands were on my belly, wishing, praying, hoping for you. My dreams came true and you were born!"
I think it meant a bunch to David, because I think his eyes had tears in them. He left the room, instead of filling his plate with food. I think it touched him. I hope so. It's how I feel. My kids are so important to me!
My two children were my life dreams, and even if my pre programmed family of Dad, Mom and kids didn't happen, I'm well satisfied with the final outcome.
I feel so blessed, really. I'm not complaining, Lord! I have had so many prayers that have been well answered in my life! Perhaps so many that I feel a bit overwhelmed! Perhaps so much... that I need, I crave quiet time. A time out to reflect on what I have been blessed with.
A couple hours, here and there, Lord.. That's all I want. A bit of alone time, but not too much!
I yearn for the sound of the river and nothing else. No other sound but the river and it's inhabitants.

February 8th

Today is crazy day! Trying to get ready and remember everything for the show! Will you be there? I'll be there most every day at the beginning of the day, and then later in the afternoon. I can't do full days, so please don't get upset with me, if I'm not always there. I try! I try!
I don't know whether to bring my wheelchair or not. Hmmm. Just thinking out loud. I like to think I'm super woman when I'm not anymore! Would it help me? Yes. Would it be a hassle to transit? YES!
Hey! The Kings For The Kids tournament information is posted. Take a look! I think I just committed to being in the media boat! I'm fishing in a tournament! First one in ages! But, this is such a great cause! Join us! Hobart Manns, John Posey, maybe Nick Amato? Sounds fun to me!
Oh, shoot! More later. I have an apt. at 9:15! Gotta shower! Argh! Here we gooooooooo! Hold on, it's going to be a busy week!

February 9th
Jennie's updates posted here!
Watch for the posting of the webcam at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show here!

Hey! I'm packing the car and packing my clothes. Please know that I won't be updating here on the front page, but I will be updating here. It's just so much easier to update on the board!
I'm soooo tired! I didn't get any sleep last night. Can't wait to sleep tonight! Can someone please import the sound of the river to my hotel? I don't know if I can sleep without it! I'm already homesick for my dog and my river. Uh oh!
Give me a minute for a little 'whine time'.
I'll never forget long ago, when Pete got a job. He used to help me on ifish a whole bunch. In fact, he was as big a part of ifish, as I was. He had time, because he was in job search mode. Then, he got a great job which was awesome for Pete, but so scary for me!!!
My mod, STGRule said to me (and I'll never forget this) "Jennie, don't you dare try to run ifish alone!" But-- I did! I tried! And I've kept my head above water, doing it.
And then Bill, last night, hit on another thing. He said I'm "worn out" on ifish. I'm not burned out. That bothers me when people say that. I love ifish! I have to admit, though, that I am worn out! I'm physically tired and I don't get to fish as much as I did, on my limited energy. The energy I do have is spent on ifish and my rest time is spent in bed. That's no way to live, really.
I was blessed with a another chance on life, and I'm not living the honor of that, in the right way.
So, after the show is over, I'm working on changing this.
Thing is, I don't have much energy left over, after my work on ifish, to even start to plan on what is next! Ever been too tired to get help? That's where I am! I have offers on the table to help with ifish but no time to plan how it will happen!
But, I'm going to do it, by golly! After the show-- things have got to change. I want to be very involved in ifish-- but I can't do it alone.
I'm worn out.
I love ifish dearly. Never do I want out of it. But, I do want help!
OK.. whine time is over!
Off to the show! I can't WAIT to see people and visit! Come see us at booth 1252!
It's time to hug old friends and greet new ones! And, as I go about my day, totally exhausted, I'm going to be repeating this prayer in my head:
I can do all things through him who strengthens me. [Philippians 4:13] Whoo hoo!
Oh, God! Please help me get through this with flying colors! He is a miracle to me, because he sees me through everything!
And with that prayer, I'm renewed again! It's all going to work out! I can do this!

(Gone to the show!)

February 15th

Honey, I'm home! Home to the sound of the river while I sleep! But-- I didn't hear a dang thing last night. I lay down on my bed and was out!
I'm crippled! And that's no kidding. It reminded me of after my big heart surgery. I literally had to crawl up the back steps to get in the house! LOL.
I think that when I drove my (wonderful) car to come home, it was the first time I'd rested in days. So, all my muscles just cramped up and said, "Enough!"
And that was enough for me!
Last week, I was feeling so good that I told my doc I wanted to try to go back to work. Well, guess what? I tried!
I failed!
Well, no... I didn't fail. I did it! But-- I'm in a heck of a mess, now. I need to call him back and make an appointment. I really seriously did something bad to my back. I have shooting pains down my legs! Owie!
But-- It was SO worth it! I haven't smiled so much in so long! So many friends! So many nice new friends!
Going to the show is kind of like working at a summer camp. I hated to go home, but I wanted it to end, so that I could rest. Remember all those feelings? I will miss all my fellow booth mates. It was so awesome to be with the mods and to be able to see them in person. I never laughed so hard in my life, a couple times. We had so much fun!
Today I have so much to do, to catch up on. I will try my very best.
First, I have put up the mail order form for Kwikfish and Mag Lips. For all of you who were not able to go to the show, sign up, here!
Oh! And don't forget about the Yakima Bait contest for first springer caught on a Mag Lip!
I have to mail out the Lamiglas Rod and Reel to the winner of the Second Springer caught, contest.
Anyhow, I have lots to do. The first thing being, a "to do" list!
I'm going to take it slow and easy so that I don't repeat what happened to my body last week! LOL
So glad to see my puppy dog and my family!
I'm home! I'm home!
Oh! And my Dad is home, too! Just found out today that my family is having a welcome home dinner for him, TONIGHT! Dang! I would have stayed in Portland, had I known. :( I don't think I can drive back, today. Just too pooped.
I will do that, later in the week when I'm healed!

February 16th

I got asked what I do, here. What do I do here? How bout "What am I doing here!?!" LOL
It reminds me of that long ago commercial. "What a girl like you doing in a place like this?" NO kidding! A fishing website? For heaven's sake, I'm a pianist! I thought!!!
Not anymore!
Here's my to do list:

Call Dr. Menashe
Thanks to Danner
New sponsors? Check over list. Add new sponsors that I promised at the show.
Thanks to Mods
Order Salty Dog Decals and ifish shirts
Think about new moderators
Look at biz cards I got and make sure to deal with them appropriately. (Promises!)
Put away stuff from the show (Still!)
Make kwikfish and Mag Lip Paypal Page
Make Deposit
Go check mail.
Do billing.
Send out Lamiglas Rod to winner
Count how many Kwikfish and Mag Lips were sold.
New fly fishing sponsor?
Think about new Southern Guide and fishing page.
Send out Decals ordered.

This is about a months work for me... And so... I think I'll go fishing!

Please see updates at the show, here!

February 17th

Everyone sing along with me!
Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine
Flooding my soul with glory Divine!

I can't wait! Can you believe it's going to be 65 today? WOWZA! I can't wait!
I had David go get one of my lounge chairs that goes on the back deck for summer! I did! I'm going to have coffee in the sunshine! I love that! It's one of my most favorite things!
Along with the sunshine and the coffee, however, one must have a feeling of peace.
Here's how I got mine, today. I decided that even though my 'to do' list is miles long, no one person could, or should (in their right mind) worry. Worrying is actually a sin!
So, I'm going to pick one thing a day and do that. That's all I have to do. If I feel like it, and have time, I can do another. But, all I expect myself to do is one thing.
Count them up! If you have 10 things to do, in 10 days you'd be done!
Now, let's not worry about adding new things to the list. Just prioritize them. So what if we are always 10 days out or more? That just promises us ever lasting life! We've got to be here to do those things! Right? So, it's trusting that our health is good, and that we will always be here at least 10 days out!
I have a real blessing, today, too! Remember in the last few years how clear, cool, blue skies of winter were a nightmare to me? I had it stuck in my mind how awful those days were when I was really ill and stuck in a wheelchair. The weather happened to be really cold and clear, when I went through that time.
Seriously, every time the weather was like that in the winter, since then, (like this morning) I'd be haunted by memories of being ill; trying to get outside to the warmth of the sun (which wasn't even there! It was cold!) I had no blood flow to my lower extremities, so I was literally freezing. I couldn't get warm. I tried baths, hot pads, everything, but without blood flow, you can't get warm! So that sunshine just haunted me!
One day I got stuck with my wheel chair on the door stop, and since I was alone, I spent hours with the door open in the cold(!), not being able to get in or out! I was really week. I was freezing and sick and it was awful! That helpless, hopeless feeling haunted me for years, every time I saw cold, clear, blue skies.
That haunting seems to be gone! I don't get that feeling, anymore! Yay!
Instead of looking up to the sky and seeing that powder blue sky and freaking out at the sight, I rejoice! I'm happy again! All it signals to me now, is Spring! Hopeful Spring! The cold clear winter blues are gone! That is so awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I'd almost forgotten that I had that problem!
In addition, the extreme amount of morphine they gave me caused what they call "sensory illusions" and every time I'd close my eyes, for years after, I'd see a Christmas tree on it's side. Turns out, I was wearing a Christmas tree pin the day my aorta dissected, and it was the exact shape of that! Weird, huh? That's gone, too!
So, today, I'm officially celebrating getting totally over my aortic dissection! It's almost like it never happened! I don't think of it every day, like I used to. I'm alive! I'm celebrating the coming of my 50th Birthday! Something I NEVER thought would happen!
And I'm doing it in the sunshine!
So, remember... get out your pen and paper, write your 'to do' list, and do one thing a day. That's it! And don't stress over it! We need less stress in our lives, you and I!
We are human and we can't do everything in one day! Even if you do only one thing, and add two more things to that list, that's fine! Some days you will be able to do more than one thing, and some days you won't be able to accomplish a darn thing. But, it all works out.
It's the same thing with clutter. If you get a new book, you must get rid of one book. Share it! Donate one to the library! Wrap it up and send it to a friend that would enjoy it!
If you are ill, please trust that your sunshine will be back! Trust! If it happened to me after an aortic dissection, it can happen to you, too! And in the mean time, take care of yourself in the rain. Pamper yourself in those times when you are not well. You are really all that you have!
I hope you enjoy your Heavenly Sunshine, today! I hope that all of your nightmares disappear, like mine have!

February 19th

Alrighty, then... I'm a couple more steps back in my "to do" list. I have to laugh. If I couldn't, I'd go insane, right?
Wait a minute... am I? LOL
Day before yesterday my brother asked my help with my Dad. I guess the gal that we hired didn't work out for my Dad.
Indeed, we have done well in attempting to do everything we can, to make my Dad comfortable in his golden years.
After I wrote my 17th column, I got up to go sit in the sun and.... my brother called.
Alrighty. here we go! Gotta go to Portland, again!
I quickly packed my bags, kissed my doggy on his head (while he gave me that guilty look) and rushed out the door.
Kilchis has learned what the suitcase is, and he doesn't like it. No... Not at all. He knows. Funny how dogs learn words and actions over the years! Sometimes I wish he weren't quite so smart.
Anyhow, I went to Dad's and we all went to check out "The Wilsonville" to see if he'd be happy there. It was such a nice assisted living place! I was impressed, and so was my Dad.
I stayed overnight. He just wasn't well, though, in the morning. I could tell. I couldn't tell if he was depressed, or anxious, or deep in thought over what to do in his life. I can't imagine how difficult it must be. He's been through so much in his later life. Nearly everything has been taken from him. Golf, travel, his home in Palm Springs, his health... getting older is not always graceful.
His independence has been gobbled up in health problems.
Anyhow, long story short, yesterday, my Dad ended up at Providence Hospital via an ambulance. It was a really traumatic experience for both of us, I'd say.
Please keep us in your prayers.

February 20th

When we go through tough stuff, we learn so much! You know? You come out of it understanding so much more. Interesting how God uses tough situations to make us better people.
I didn't take my bible on any of my recent trips so for the first time in a long time, I used those Gideon bibles in the drawers of the hotels. Thank God for those! I never thought I'd need one, but lately, I need to carry my Bible everywhere. I'm going to get this new one that my sister got. I have to call her and ask which one it is, but I saw it and it's so awesome. Will report later.
It's hard, though, to change Bibles! It's like giving up and old friend!
Yesterday, I had a wonderful massage! It was so awesome! It felt so good! I hurt now a bit more, but I know it's good for me. There is nothing in the world like a good massage. We should all make them mandatory!
While the lady was working, I asked her a question on how she would deal with a certain situation. She said "I feel that if I am given the choice between acting honestly or kindly, I choose kindness." I love that!
TODAY is my day for coffee and bible on the porch! The sunshine lasted for me! God saved the sunshine until I had time to sit in it! Whoo hoooo!
I'm going to sit in the sun and write thank you notes and read my Bible! Then, I can take some of my todos off my todo list! I'm catching up!

February 23rd

First, it's out to catch my Birthday fish! Yay!
I can't believe that I made it through my surgeries in 2004. I read my journal back then, and my oh my! I'm so excited to be 50! I just don't get people who don't want to count their birthdays. The flip side isn't such a good thing! So, why not celebrate? I am!
Bill bought me my favorite lemon cake from Safeway. Man, those are good! I'm starting on it right now! At 8 in the morning!
I want to do just like my dogs do! You know that look of complete satisfaction when a dog finds something to roll in? Feet up, wagging tail, after they lean down and drop their shoulder into it? Yeah, that! Me and lemon cake! Whoo hoooo! I probably won't roll in it, but the idea sounds pretty good!
I'm going to go shopping today and then go visit my Dad. I did have a trip booked with Chris Vertopoulos but it got cancelled, so now we get to fish with him later next month. I'm so excited! It's so fun to look forward to something like that!
Off I go. I can eat anything I want to, today!

February 24th

I went to see my Dad, yesterday. What better to do than hug your Dad on your Birthday?
So... today I'm doing my Birthday over again!
Bill gave me three massage certificates for my Birthday! See? We are going to make them mandatory! Do you have yours? :)
I'm off to the river and then back to town to see Dad again. Happy Birthday week to me! Please make sure on your Birthday that you eat cake in the morning and all day long. Then, insist to everyone that your Birthday lasts at least a week!

February 25th

Hey! All you Traeger fans! Ron Brockman, "Iwish" on ifish has put together a bulk order form for pellets. This is so awesome! You can't imagine how much this will save you! If you cook on your Traeger as often as we do, click here!
I had to pick up an emergency bag the other day and it was $16.00!!!
So, are you all going to the Salty Dog Convention? They have a new name, so don't be confused. It's now the "Saltwater Sportsmen's Show", but it's still the same Salty Dogs that you have come to know and love!

February 27th

Bill and I are going to get out there and fish before the Tsunami hits! Quick! Run!

February 28th

And here I thought they'd forgotten me! Then, yesterday they showed up! I love them! I'm so excited!
I also got to fish yesterday! From one end of the stretch to the other! I didn't catch anything, but Bill did! A beautiful native fish! It was so much fun watching him land it!
Oh, my! I just looked up at where our rain collector is and we have swallows! The violet greens are here! The violet greens are here! Spring is here, you guys! Whoo hooo!
Can you believe me made it through this warm, wet soggy (depressing?) winter?
No cold spells with snow to be excited about! Just sog after sog! Makes me laugh, but SPRING is here!
This winter seemed to go on forever and I'm ready for Spring!
Bill says the pine siskins are here, too! Wonder when my first Goldfinch will show? That's what I can't wait for!
Oh! This is so fun! I'm watching the violet greens go around in circles, like they do! They are bringing things to line their house with. It's hanging on the wall, on the opposite side of where the office is. They love this one house and fight over it. We have so many swallow houses, but this one, for some reason, is the one they all go after!
I'm going to line the garden with anti weed lining, today. It's so sunny out. I just have to do something outside!
My Dad is still tops on my prayer list. It's certainly a tough thing to deal with. Like my Dad says, "Now is a good time to have five children." It sure is nice to have a family like this, and it's important to stick together to get things done. I am so thankful for my brothers and sisters.
My doctor told me, "Often, one person is delegated the leader in elder care, and the rest stand by to cheer them on."
I see how that could happen, and we are all trying to not let this happen by trying to help out, wherever we can. It's tough, though! Once someone is designated the leader, by choice or not, we all seem to fall into place.
Like I was told many years ago, family is like a mobile, and we all have our place, balancing out the entire structure. Once, someone changes their role, all the rest have to change to keep the balance of the mobile.
Today, however, I'm going to soak up the sunshine and think nothing but happy, SPRING thoughts!
Join me? Be thankful for everything! Because everything is a part of a bigger plan!
Goooooooooo God! (lol)