Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington
February 2009

That's my Molly... the fishing cat!

February 2nd

Don't forget the ifish Scavenger Hunt! I honestly don't know how to diagnose the sickness that led me to doing this contest. Oh, brother! Like I needed something else to do! But, my mind is just like that! It sounded fun! So far, it has been, but man oh man! I feel like this!

I feel like a submerged dead fish!
Click to zoom me!

I'm leaving for the show, later this morning. I have to find some kid stamps somewhere, along the way, so that the sponsors have some way of proving that you all have visited their booth!
I'm printing off lists of sponsors, right now, that will serve as entry forms. This is fun! (I keep reminding myself of that!)
I can't wait to see the Kwikfish! They'll be delivered at the show.
Anyhow, I gotta get and finish packing. What's a girl to wear? I got my new jacket all embroidered for the show. Wait till you see it!
I can't wait to set up the show cam! That's always SO much fun!
I remember a long time ago as a child... That awesome feeling of being way up in a tree, climbing. It was total peace and happiness. I used to sit up on those fir limbs and dream as they'd sway in the wind. From out of nowhere, I'd hear the back porch door slam, and my Mom yelled from the back porch, "Jennnniiiiiiie! Come empty the dishwasher!"
Well, that's exactly how I feel when I a pain streaks across my chest, or pressure that feels like when I dissected.
And, as I start filling in my 20009 calendar, all I can think is that I don't want to get down out of my tree! I really like it here! I'm almost afraid to fill it in the months, after being told I wouldn't be here still!
Hang onto those limbs, you guys! We never know when we'll hear that back porch door slam!

Click here for a cute picture of Molly!

February 4th

We're at the show! Here's the webcam.

February 9th

Finally I'm back on the home front!
The Oxford Suites at Jantzen Beach is the place to stay for the show. I'm just so comfortable, there! It's clean and comfortable. The rooms are spacious and well appointed. Nothing ritzy, but so much roomier than the ritzy! I love how they double sheet the beds, too. Even some of the ritzy don't do that! The help is wonderful, kind and accommodating. The shuttle is pretty handy and so are the fast food restaurants, right across the street.
But, busy? I'll say!
I sometimes wonder why I do this!
I have to think ahead, now. I'm leaving again? For the Salty Dog convention! This time I'm taking my dog!
I'm known for saying that I don't know if ifish is killing me, or keeping me alive. I still remain in wonder.
I didn't stop till I dropped and let me tell you, I dropped with amazing frequency! Every time I dragged my dead body into my hotel room, I was asleep within minutes. There was no eating, no visiting, no play, <nofunoffhours>. Sometimes I'd wake up about the 11 PM news hour and jump in the hot tub, and then resume sleeping till the wee morning hours.
Somehow, still, it was so much fun! If I were to count my success in hugs, then I'm oh so extremely successful!
A very dear friend of mine on Ifish once said, "I won't count you as successful until you are on a sunny beach, somewhere, sipping cold cocktails, and not worrying about ifish. So, I'm planning that get-away soon. I can do the leaving part, but can I "not worry?" This will be the true test!
The kids and I, along with my friend Tammy, are planning a trip to Cabo! I've saved up enough airline miles from VISA bills for our flights, and I've been invited to stay in a friend's home. So, Cabo, here we come! I wish that Bill would go, but he just won't travel! I think he'd have so much fun, fishing there!
I'm home though, now, and I want to focus on that. There was nothing more wonderful than pulling in my drive, and having my wiggly dog friends greet me. I called from up the road and told Bill to announce my arrival. "Mommy's coming home!" I heard them bark in the background. The little Kilchis River Road never seemed longer.
I spent several minutes down on the floor, on dog level, being licked to death and beaten with wagging tails. I love my animals!
Molly slept on my bathrobe on my bed, as usual. Sergeant Pepper purred deeply and then dug her claws deep into my flesh, playing. Youch! Welcome home!
Today, I greet my river.
It's snowing outside...or doing something of the like! Kind of spitting out icy stuff that will later change to rain, I'm sure.
The drive home on hiway 6 was a bit harrowing with cars off the side of the road. I carefully avoided joining them, despite many cars behind me thinking I should be going faster. Ever realize how people that go slower than we do are "jerks" and people who go faster are "maniacs?" I think that was a George Carlin line, I traveled through many seasons to get home. From frozen fog to snow, to a deluge of coastal rain and wind. That's my home town.... where it always rains and everything around me is a deep shade of green.
I can't wait! I've soaked my trail cams all week! Since I'm like a kid at Christmas when I'm home, and can't stand to leave them more than one night, this will be a real event, checking what I caught! I can't wait! Is it light yet? :)
Welcome home, everyone. Hope you had fun at the Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show! I sure did.

February 11th

OK, it's off to make the order form for the Kwikfish 2009, so that all of you at home can order! I am selling them for 10 dollars each or 6 for 50, just as I did last year. There is a shipping charge, of course, as shipping prices keep going up.
I bought cushioned envelopes to ensure their safe arrival at your home. That, and I am going to pay Andrew to help me to do handling. Last year, I nearly died!

Click to see Jennie buried in Kwikfish!

New sponsor news! Hey! Did you know that USIA is going to open a store in Tillamook? Stay tuned for more info! I can't wait!
Welcome to ifish, DTR Woodworking! I'm so impressed by what he does. He's been an ifish member forever, and I'd never seen his work! Look at some of this!

Click to zoom

Woody's handiwork

Here's one more, but I don't have a thumb of it.
How I would love to have a window seat like that! We had one like that in our family home. It was in my Mom's room, and I have wonderful memories of sitting on it while talking to her. She would be trying to sleep in, and I'd go on and on. LOL. It also held all of our family games. I miss that window seat!
You can click here to find out how to contact Woody. Please support our ifish sponsors!

Alrighty, then... I must get to work setting up the paypal payment forms for the shipping and payments for the Kwikfish.
Here is how I handle these orders. Please wait till I set up the thread for orders, k? But, when I do:
If you are an ifish member, simply sign up on this thread. (I'll link it in a bit) I will then PM you when the order page is ready. (It's a pain! I always dread this!)
If you are not a registered member, then use the contact form on the bottom of each ifish page.
You MUST type "Kwikfish" in the topic of concern when you send the PM or Contact Form, so that I can build a special filter for them. If you don't, I may miss it!
Ifish members will be served first.
When the pages are ready, I'll send you an invitation to order one with a link to the invitation page. That way, I won't oversell them! These kwikfish 2009 ARE limited at this point. We sold a bunch at the show! The revenue from these sales will hopefully help us to keep ifish running all year!
Alrighty, it's off to the river with the dogs, and then I'll start the webbing! Stay tuned and have a wonderful day!
Oh! Oh! Oh! I almost forgot! I slept with the most wonderful friend, last night! I usually don't talk about this kind of thing publicly, but it was SO nice to have warmth close to me in bed! Want to hear about it?
OK! (Tee heeee!)
I cuddled, and I petted and I kissed and OH! What a night!
Ifish members angler_andy and Ocean Blue (Andy and Jen) met on ifish at the Christmas Party. They later got married, and every single Valentine's Day they have sent me a special friend to sleep with! Isn't that awesome of them? I know that it's not really socially acceptable, but.. what the heck, right? I enjoy it! So I go for it! Don't judge me!
I wish I had a picture to show you what he looks like. But, all I could find was the following. He looks VERY similar. He is so handsome!!!!
Click here, ladies! I think you'll be envious!
Thank you, Jen and Andy! WOO HOOOO!
I haven't slept like that in ages!

February 12th

I've been working too much!
But, then again, I DID get Francis' new column up! It's Chapter Six of Salmon on My Mind. I just adore that book! Click to read, here!
At about noon, I'm going to set up the webcam, hopefully, and draw the winners of the Scavenger Hunt. I'll link it here, first.
Today, I will dedicate myself to remembering all the people I love, for Valentine's Day.
I need that. I need to feel like I'm loved. What better way, than to give love?
Ah, geez... Bill just let me know his computer is on the fritz. So much for Valentine's play. I guess I'll be fixing his computer. I guess that's giving love too, isn't it?Click to zoom.

February 13th

I can't believe I just did this in my pajamas! No makeup! I hadn't brushed my hair! But, I'm so busy, I just did it! I wanted to pick the winners of the Scavenger Hunt and I wanted it to be honest. So, I just turned on the webcam and uploaded the drawing on Youtube!
Click here to learn who the winners are, for the Scavenger Hunt!
That hunt was a success, I'd say, but next year we'll have everything ironed out, better. I can't wait! I love developing these kinds of things!
I have to go to the doctor, now. I have an ear infection of all things! I haven't had one of those since I was a child!

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a day of love, all around! Show it! Feel it! Celebrate it! Be kind to your fine furry friends, too! Oh! And the earth! Love the earth and all of it's magical wonder!
I got up and gave the animals all special treats for Valentines.
Alright. I have to ask. Neighbors, people driving by, did anyone see me? I hope not! (Blush)
But, I couldn't help it! Yesterday it was gorgeous out in the afternoon! The sunshine was warm and wonderful. I plugged in my iphone headphones, turned on some great music, and headed out to the river.
No one was home but Kilchis and I. I kept an eye out for Bill driving home, or people driving on the road, because if anyone saw me, I'm sure I'd be teased. But, my body just couldn't help but move. It was so gorgeous out! I twirled and sang at the top of my lungs. I boogie woogied in the woods!
My body just couldn't stop! I danced! And OH am I paying for it, now!
If you lived with these mountains standing above you, the sun streaming through the trees about you, and the river singing all around you, wouldn't you dance, too?

Click picture to zoom

It was just like being a kid. God sometimes gives me these bursts of energy that He trusts me with and I always blow it! I should take it easy for sustenance, but no! When I feel good, I feel good!
Kilchis and I climbed all over this huge fallen tree and found a place to sit up high on it, and look into the river at a spot we'd hadn't seen in ages. Just me and my dog in the sunshine on a log. Pure joy. We were so muddy and wet from getting there! We had to climb over brambles because a huge tree fell there, two winters ago. It's a place where the chums used to rest in the shallows. The river has changed so much, and I had so much fun trying to get where I hadn't been, since the tree fell! The creek feeding into the river there had this darling little waterfall that went cascading straight down over a one foot little mini cliff.
How perfect for my Barbie dolls, as a kid! Ken and Barbie could go down to the river and play in the perfect doll-sized waterfall and get all muddy, too! LOL I could have fit in with my doll-playing friends!
So I wasn't much for dolls as a kid, but if I had something like this for them to play in, I could get into that! I could have my friends over and have them take their dolls fishing and hunting and playing in the waterfall!
Ken the mighty Kilchis river salmon fisher! Yes! And Barbie the great bear hunter!
But, no! Instead, my sister had me inside... building "Barbie" homes out of cut out bottoms of cardboard boxes. We'd cut out walls from the remaining box, and glue them in. Then, we'd cut out magazine pictures of appliances, beds, swimming pools, etc and glue them to the walls or floors for "real" rooms. It was kinda fun, yeah... but gee whiz, we never did take them to the river! We didn't even "glue in" a river! Why was there a "Beach Barbie" but never a "Jet-Boat Barbie"? That's more fun! I missed out as a child! I think my sisters did, too!
My guess is, though, that she wouldn't have liked it. I glanced at my shoes, and I was two inches taller due to the mud stuck to the rubber boot soles. Nope. She wouldn't like that on her white "go-go boots".
The mud is due to this awesome area, now, where I can track animal prints! A guy came and cleared all of our blackberries for the health of the river. Now, we have a perfectly flat area of soft soil where the alders grow, alongside the river. If a creature so much as crosses down to the river, their prints are embedded into the soil, perfectly! Aha! And that's how Bill and I found out we have a cougar, here. Yikes!
It makes it all the more exciting to trek through the woods, now. Think my sister would think so? Muhahahahaha.... I think not! How I loved to scare my sister. What on earth was wrong with me? There was nothing more fun than catching a snake and showing her what I found! I'll never forget her screaming and running!
Or, how bout the time I hid in the basement under the ping pong table, in wait for her skinny little Barbie legs? She didn't bother switching on the light, after being asked to go get something out of our freezer. We knew the way, so well! When she opened the freezer door, I grabbed her ankle! Muhahahahah! Oh, I was bad!
Funny now, though, that I'm thrilled to death by gowns of Barbie Dolls embedded in "diamonds". That is thanks due to losing my eyesight, and having it restored. I love glitzy, girly, pinks and crystals!
Oh, and agates with crystals on the river! That's the best, yet! I found a great one, yesterday. You can't help but find them when the sun hits the river bed for the first time, all winter. They just jump out at me!
Anyhow, just thinking about yesterday is bringing a Valentine smile to my face.
This morning, the whole land is frozen white like an icy wonderland. I'm tired of the cold, sure... but this afternoon, it should warm up and repeat like yesterday. I only hope that my Heavenly Father sees fit to give me another boost of energy. I promise to sustain it better, Lord! I do!
Despite the pain that runs down my back and into my legs, I have to smile. That was just so much darn fun, yesterday.
And who knows? Maybe the sun will come out again, today and the snakes will come out from their hidey places and lay in the sun!
Bill hates snakes.... wonder if he'd like to see one? muhahahahaha....
Happy Valentine's Sweetheart!

I sing this often!
If growing up means it would be
Beneath my dignity to climb a tree,
I’ll never grow up, never grow up,
Never grow u-up, not me!
John: Not I!
Peter: Not me!
Lost Boys: Not me!

February 16th

Man, was the devil in me or what, with the snake idea? LOL
We have a winner for BOTH Springer rods! Lookee here!
OK, now it's onto shipping out the kwikfish for all of you that weren't able to make the show. I have all prizes awarded. I still have to mail out the Scavenger hunt winners, though! Did you see this silly youtube video I made? I'm taking that down, now. Too silly! The winners were "loper" and "Wanafish". Both did a great job. Everyone that played did well! It was tough!
I have a terrible earache, but I've got medicine finally, to fix it up. I hope it works fast. I haven't had an ear infection since I was a baby. What's up with this? It's "swimmer's ear" the good doc, says. I haven't been swimming in ages!
Too funny. I remember Bill Monroe, once asking me why I liked to fish. I told him it was the hunt. I just read this on his profile. How true! How much more eloquently said!
"Yet it isn't the gold that I'm wanting
So much as just finding the gold."
Robert Service
And then there is Jennie...
"I like the hunt. DUH."

I'm a goofball. How come I didn't think of that, Robert?
It's funny, because it runs in my family, that "hunting" "gold" desire. Just ask my sisters. They love to shop! It's all the same, thing, right? Except they like to shoot to kill in their shopping hunt!

February 18th
Read the new SAFE news release, here.

I love it, here. I went to bed last night to the sound of those tiny little screech owls, calling back and forth across our meadow.
I was tucked in tight, in bed. It was cold outside, but my bed was toasty warm. I drifted off, way too soon.
This morning, I woke to that twitter-trill (how do you explain that?) of an eagle. Click here. That is what I hear. Now, how would you explain that to someone who has never heard it?
I love that sound. Kilchis goes nuts when he hears that. He simply must get outside to find it!
The eagles get up early to hunt for fish on the river in the low conditions, and oh boy is the river low!
Like summer conditions- low! I don't think I've seen the river this low in the winter! I really want to get out my canoe to explore and I think I will! it's going to be such beautiful weather! Yes! I'm going to do that, today!
Man... I got the most awesome flannel sheets, yesterday from... get this! QVC! They are "Northern Nights Super Chunky Cotton Flannel Sheet Set." Go take a look!
Since I stayed at a lodge in Alaska, I've been searching for sheets that feel the same. I was told by the lodge owner that they were from LL Bean, so I splurged and purchased some way back then, but nope! They weren't the same! But, these are! They are so thick they are like blankets and feel like heaven when you crawl in bed! And they aren't half the price of LL Bean flannels! I vote five stars!
Life is good. I'm having fun, and now with the forecast of good weather, well, get out the BBQ! Get out the fly rods! It's almost time! I got some new line for my trout rod and can't wait to try it. I think I'll go to one of the local lakes and practice up!
Last night, Bill and I tried the art of smoking cheese. We finally got too tired, and postponed it till today.
Don Becker on ifish told me how its done.
I'll let you know how it turns out, before I tell you how I've done mine! I guess you need to be careful how long you smoke it, as it can get over smoked, easily.
Well, I'm off for the day. I'm sipping on my favorite coffee from Astoria's "Columbia River Coffee Roaster" It's called Thundermuck. I hadn't had it since I was a resident of Astoria, but man-oh-man, I've missed it! My first sip sent me back home! David King brought me some, and I'm so thankful! I ended up ordering more!
Bill's not going to be excited that I want to get out the canoe. I have to tie it to my truck to haul it out, and ask for help, getting it down to the beach. Pray for me. No, wait. Pray for Bill! With Andrew and I both not able to lift, Bill is getting plenty of exercise! Poor kid!
Celebrate this weather. Take the day off... or even if you have so little as a lunch break, embrace the sunshine! There is so much wrong in this world, today... so much to worry over, but just let it go for a little while and feel the warmth on your skin, and the breeze, let it blow through your hair. Take a moment, and be free. Be young and carefree.

February 22nd

I'm going to spoil myself rotten. I'm going to eat cake all week! Well, maybe just for breakfast, tomorrow. Then, little bites as I even out the slices from others... :)
I like my Birthday! I like it a bunch! Even as I grow old! I love, love, love my Birthday! I don't get the 'other' attitude of not liking it! I mean, hey! What's better than cake? What could be better than a Birthday?
Mine is tomorrow, but I'm starting, today. It's the prelude. :)
Safeway makes these awesome lemon cakes. They used to carry them all the time, but now you have to pre order them. Bill's done just that! I'm so excited!
And my girlfriend Kim is taking me out to lunch, today! I personally celebrate my Birthday for a week or more. I do lunches out, have my nails done, get a massage, go for long walks on the river, and all in celebration of my birth! I use it as an excuse to celebrate all of life! Why not?
Tomorrow my son David is coming to help us celebrate. We may all go out on Bill's new boat. That would be so fun! I hope it's nice out!
Then, Tuesday I'm taking Andrew to the doctor and after that, out to lunch with my sisters! MORE Birthday fun! We missed my sister Linda's January Birthday, so we are celebrating both! Double the fun!
I bought a box of this neato stuff at the drug store that makes your hair shiny. A girl simply must have shiny hair on her Birthday. I hope it doesn't color my hair purple or something!
Yesterday I noticed the sound of Spring birds out. What a wonderful sound it was!
Andrew cleaned our windows and the sunshine was streaming in! It's always awful, the first real day when the sun streams through the windows and you see that winter 'smooge' build up. Andrew needed a job, so we paid him to help clean. Nothing like hiring the blind to clean windows! Poor kid. He can't get glasses until next month, but that's another story.
I'm celebrating his life, too!
Well, it's ready, set, go! I'm off to the tax lady, and then the gun sounds for the start of my Birthday week. I'm doing it up, but good! I'm going to be how old? 49!
When you are told as a child that you won't possibly make it to 30, this is a big deal! And after my heart surgery, I was told that "If you want to travel, now is the time." That's pretty scary!
But, I'm still here!
You guys, one and all, sisters and brothers, we should all take this to heart. Not ONE of us knows how long we will be here. I'm lucky enough to have been warned and in a big way!
People think my illness is a terrible, awful thing, but it's not! It has given me the ability to realize just how fleeting and short life is! So, eat cake!
But, most of all, it has given me the gift of knowing better than to dismiss or hide the fact that I am one year older and STILL here! My Birthday! I'm still here and so are you! And besides, we have botox! Use it! (LOL)
CELEBRATE! And when your Birthday comes around, you'd darn well better celebrate, and tell me about it so that I can, too!!
One year older, and one year closer to meeting my Heavenly Father! Whooo hoooo! How cool is that?
Exultate Jubilate!

February 25th

and then... I ate too much cake and I got sick! Darn Birthdays, anyhow!
I've been having a rough go of it. I'm sure thankful for the mods. Without them, ifish would not be.
I've been so absent from ifish, lately. Yesterday was just a comedy of errors. Listen up!
Yesterday, Andrew had an appointment with our wonderful Dr. Menashe. He's been our marfan advocate for years. We just adore him.
Oddly enough, when Andrew was getting well in the hospital, and ready to go home, Dr. Menashe called and said, "Want to come visit?" We asked where he was, and of all things, he was across the hall, admitted as a patient!
We were shocked, but glad to see him! It's weird to have your doctor in the hospital, admitted! They are the heroic ones... the ones that fix things, not get fixed!
He was alright. Just a mix up of medications that he needed monitored. It was so good to see him!
Yesterday both Andrew and I felt just awful. We began driving down the road in the awful storm, and we decided that we just didn't feel well enough to travel. We turned around. We'll have to see Dr. Menashe soon, but another day.
My legs were just aching, and I had no idea how they would hold up, driving.
So, not only did we not feel good, but get this!
Night before last, the wind picked up a bit. I hadn't felt well, so I wasn't on the internet to get the warning that we had high winds coming in.
Every time the winds pick up, I can't help but think back to the times of the flying trampoline. We could not, for the life of us, anchor that thing down. The wind would always pick it up, and once, it took it to the river, and downstream. That was so hard to get out! Oh, the adventures of living on the river!
Anyhow, record this. Get it right! I asked Bill, who kindly got the canoe out for me last week after much begging, "Bill, will the canoe be alright?" I had stashed it up against the brush, upside down for rain. OK, record this! He said, "Yes.. I think so." I gave him fair warning, but still I'm in trouble, I'm sure! I'm the one who wanted the canoe out, early! Minus that, we would have had a nice day, yesterday!
So, my dear people, Bill went to get the paper in the morning and the canoe was floating in the river in a back eddy. But, not for long! Pretty soon, our neighbors called, reporting it yet further down river. Uh oh!
There was no way to retrieve it from there. Not even from across the road. It was solid brush, all the way down.
So, Bill got out the drift boat and decided to row it down to the logging bridge.
I was so nervous about that! The winds were still up to 40 mph, and although he is a tough guy, plenty capable and experienced, it just seemed awful and dangerous, both!
But, he put the drift boat in despite my cries against, and came in for coffee, hoping the wind would die. He told me he had anchored it securely and wanted to wait.
The wind did not die. In fact, it accelerated. Soon, though, he got up from his cushy leather chair by the fire and decided to go, despite the wind. He put on several weather proof layers, promised to wear his life jacket, and walked down to the river while I prayed!
But, what is this? He's back! "Jennie!" He yelled through my office window. "We have problems! The drift boat is gone!"
Oh, my.... Now, we have two boats on the loose! And the drift boat was dragging anchor! The river level had gone up, and it was still rising.
We hopped in the truck to go see where the drift boat was, where the canoe was, and what we'd do next.
God was watching over us! Bill had a boat hook, but it was too far out in the eddy and the boat hook rope wasn't long enough. Finally, a wind gust pushed it towards him and in the pouring rain, we hooked that darn boat, and Bill hopped in! Thank God, also, for two young men that had been working at the park. They stopped to aid and assist! Thank you, guys!
Anyhow, I was nervous. (Did I mention that?) So, I drove to Pullam lane, down a 1/2 mile, to check on his progress. Sure enough, there was Bill, pushing that darn canoe ahead of him, free floating. Then, he'd catch up with it where it would hang up, and do it all over. It did not look easy. The canoe kept hanging up in the most awful places. At the head of riffles, in an eddy where the drift boat wouldn't stay put, etc. So, Bill would have to think ahead, anchor the boat and hope it would hold, get out, walk over to the canoe and unstick it. This, for five miles down a rickety-rockety rising stream, with a 40 mph headwind! It just wasn't good. If there had been current, and no wind, he could have tied it to the front of the boat, and just rowed down... but no!
I continued my worry. I could have gone home, but I just couldn't. I drove to the logging bridge, thinking surely he'd be there in no time.
At the bridge, I met several ifishers! Dave, from Doherty Ford, one of my sponsors, and Fishin Magician, a friend that had recently survived a house fire, and ifishers got together to help his family. They were there, bank fishing. Another couple of ifishers were heading down in a boat. I warned them of a passing canoe, should they see it!
I waited. I drove upstream after waiting too long, in my opinion, and couldn't find Bill, anywhere! I stopped to ask some wood cutters who were taking advantage of windfall wood. They hadn't seen him. I stopped to ask some fishers. They had seen him, but miles upstream. I continued on my search and I was getting more and more nervous.
Finally, I headed back to the park. Dave and Fishin magician were a little concerned, too. They kindly took off to go see if they could spot him, upriver.
I waited, and with each passing moment, I became more and more concerned.
Before too long, they showed up, and with a canoe on their truck! For a fleeting moment, I thought the worst!
Everything turned out alright. They said Bill was totally beat, soaked, and on his way. The canoe had had a mind of its own, and wasn't cooperating with the trip downstream in the least! They had pulled the canoe up for him and hauled it with their truck. Ifishers to the rescue! Yay!
Soon, Bill pulled up with the boat. The guys backed the truck in and cranked the boat up for a very exhausted and beaten Bill!
Bill even found my 50 dollar new paddle that I had invested in, last year! YAY! Way to go, Bill!
You know what? I think we should put the canoe away till Springtime. Don't you? I'm sure... I'm very, very sure that Bill would agree.
Jennie to the dog house!


February 27th

First off, I put Stan Fagerstrom's column about reels up a bit early, as....
Tomorrow, I leave for the Salty Dog Convention! I can't wait! I love the Salty Dogs and it will be fun to see everyone! :)
So, click here to read Stan, and then get back to me! :) Stan is such a gifted writer and I love reading his columns!
Oh! I forgot to tell you about Bill's new boat! Lookee here!

Steven's Marine made this!

Can't wait to get out and fish in that! It's got a great dance floor!
If you want to join us at the once a year convention, please do! The information is on the Salty Dog board. Here is some general info. It's in Newport, this year. The guys seem to like that, since it's a lot of the Salty Dog guys "home" port. If you click on the "Ifish discussion board" link above, (or here! doh!) and go to the Salty Dogs, you'll see a lot of information, such as where to stay, what time, etc. Check in is at 8:30 AM. I know that! Yikes! How am I going to get up that early? I have a two hour drive to get there! I've been lazy, lately. Seems I used to get up at 5:30 or so, every morning. Not so much, as of late.
I'm tired. Is it the time of year or what? It seems like I'm going from one event to the next, and it never ends. Maybe I am going from one thing to the next!? 'Thing that bothers me most is my lack of fishing.
What's happened?
Is it the economy? Is it the poor returns? Or, is it just busy?
I haven't been in a drift boat all year. I caught one (count it!) Fall salmon. I guess I'm glad about that, due to the poor run. I'm doing my part in saving the fish!
Andrew is getting better, but he's still keeping me a bit busy with his follow up appointments. I'm teaching him how to take care of himself, with all the new medicines and doctor follow-ups. It's quite intensive work, actually. The medications alone take a scientist to figure out! And boy oh boy, do I have experience with heart medications and INR stuff. Lucky he doesn't have to do the INR part!
If it's ifish work that is keeping me from things I love, for what return? I mean, it feels good to provide something people love, but I do get complaints, too. It's really frustrating. It's certainly not for money. I pay myself a very nominal amount, way below poverty. If there are ifish donations when things get shallow, that is great! It pays the bills that I cannot afford. But, if Ifish gets donations, look out! If I go over poverty, my disability check is taken away, and not only do I not get my disability, but I get none of the money ifish earned, either. Heaven forbid, I lose my health insurance for trying to keep ifish alive! It just doesn't work out for me, personally. It works out for the ifishers and that is more than fair for their compensation, but I have to find a way to take care of me.
I terribly dislike having to be on disability. Not only does it feel icky, it is difficult! I don't get how I can't work much, but their paper work is more to do than what normal people can do! LOL. The paper work! The taxes! The rules! Medicare needs a serious overhaul, in my opinion. It just doesn't work right. They encourage me to work and be self supportive, and then I'm poorer?
On the flip side, I enjoy my work. I can't afford high risk health insurance, so I'm pretty much stuck in between. I'm in that slot where I have to be very, very rich, or very, very poor. Take a guess which category I'm in! LOL
I have no choice at this point, so if that's what I have to do, so be it. At least, though, I need to be able to spend some time on the river.
So, today I just ignored ifish for the morning and went out for a while. Yesterday I hooked two steelies and landed none. Today I hooked none at all! (Is that a better ratio of steelhead landed?)
It was good, yesterday to feel that old head shake, but frankly, it was just plain good to be out!
I have this theory about jig fishing. I think that it picks off the easy ones. If you really work at it, though... stick with it, you will catch the harder ones, but it takes time! I've seen Mark of "First Bite Jigs" really work a hole until it produces. He is so good!
But, I think I'm not patient enough with jig fishing. Well, the truth is that I can't stand up long enough to be more patient. So, I'm stuck with the easy fish! It reminds me of side drifting, which is essentially picking off those easy fish. It's a great way to fish, but it's difficult to impossible with just Bill and I. He would have to be on the oars all day. (Hey... that's an idea!)
I find that if I don't catch a fish with a jig on the very first cast, or at least the first few, I'm not going to catch any for a very long time. I don't have the patience or stamina that Mark has! So, I move to the next hole.
Here is how I work a hole with a jig.
Unless I have visually seen the fish and know where they are, I start out casting as close as I feel a fish would be laying. If the jig isn't going to go with the current at a nice walking pace, I skip it, most often. Jigs, in my opinion, fish best at that pace. It's a rare thing for me to catch a fish on a fast moving jig.
I set my jig short at first. I catch a lot of fish on a jig set under a bobber about 3 feet. I make three casts in a particular hole; first close, then middle, then far. Sometimes I do an extra cast far, because, well, the grass is always greener the further you cast, right? :)
Then, I reset the jig to just off bottom, and repeat the exercise. If I haven't caught a fish in those six casts or so, I move on.
At the end of each cast, I point the rod tip to the bobber, and wait. I catch more fish at the end of a drift, than most any other way. Be patient and hold! It's kind of like fly fishing! Most people want to be out there, fancy casting too much, and don't let your presentation sit to be seen! Imagine the toxicity of a jig, floating just up from the bottom, swaying madly in the current. A fish can't resist that and BAM! Pull back on that bite and fish on!
This is getting me all excited. I think I'd better get back out there.
I love ifish. I really do. It's just more work than I can handle. If not for the moderators, ifish would not be. I owe them... and so do you. Send them a love note, k?
Toot! Toot!
If you'd like to try First Bite Jigs, click here!
Marie and Dennis at Tillamook Bait Company carry them, also. Stop by and say hi and pick up a few! They rock! It's all I fish!