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December 2015
Fishing The high and muddy Kilchis in the bedroom hole

December 2, 2015

Wow! It's December! And! I'm! A! Day! Late! in with you a Happy December! OOPS!
OK, that said... I think I should share this letter with you, regarding what can and cannot be done, in the Ifish Kwikfish Contest. By the way, have you voted, yet? Amazing how many members we have, and how few of those actually vote! GET IN THERE and vote! Please!?!
And so, here is a letter from the powers that be, regarding the process of creating the actual lures:

Hi Jennie,

The Kwikfish contest looks awesome and as always there are a bunch of great looks and some very fishy patterns. As the contest moves into voting for the top 5, I wanted to get some info to the community about what can and cannot be accomplished with the Ifish Kwikfish. A couple of the patterns go beyond our capability to replicate in the contest.
Looking at the top 5 where the vote currently stands, there's the Krawn (very cool name), Ghost Reaper, Scale Flicker, Ebola & The Dude. Krawn and Ghost Reaper would take some modification to produce.
On the Krawn, the color shading and blends would become a little more rigid. We'll have to work that within what can be accomplished. The fades are very difficult to control in a high volume situation.
On the Ghost Reaper, the dots show 4 colors. That would have to be simplified. To make the dots work, the flo colors require primer over the top of the previous color. The number of layers here is beyond the ability of this program.
On The Dude...have to have a look at the color change in the base color and find out more about the thought there.
Scale Flicker and Ebola are pretty good to go and work within pretty standard capalilities.
Main thing here is that we don't want to create a lot of disappointment after the fact if there's a shift between what's described in the image and what can be accomplished in the paint booth.

Thank you,

December 5, 2015
Vote from the final six Kwikfish entries for the winner!

I have an important message.
Ifish is a safe place to spend your time.
We do not have a virus, a case of ransomware, or a malware.
You are safe here! (And so am I!)
On Friday, (I think it was?) I received a message that ifish was infected by ransomware, and that we were being removed access by ODF&W.
What?!? Ifish has the best security I have heard of. When I owned it, I was so careful, spent extra extra money and time to make sure it was so... and now that Verticalscope owns it, a huge company, including the Toronto paper, I was shocked! How could this be?
Well, turns out it didn't be. :)
Again, is safe. You can be here without risk. Thank God!
I was so upset on Friday that I could not sleep. I can't imagine how people feel when they find out that people's VISA stuff has been compromised!
I also thought, "If Ifish is infected, why are they still keeping it open?" Well, because they showed no sign of infection.
The big guys at Verticalscope got together with the big guys at ODFW and figured this out. Here's the final message:
"The analysis that came back from Fireeye confirmed that it was not something on IFish, but instead was a Google ad that served malware. "
Fireeye is a virus protection service.
Any website on the internet could have served that ad to any website that any employee had visited.
Google serves ads to millions of hosts daily and it just so happens that someone, somewhere got to an infected one.
Frankly, it surprises me that Google missed an infection!
Anyhow.... we are safe. We are safe. We are safe!
Of course, whenever there is bad news like this, it travels far and wide. I can't reach everyone that needs to know that they can safely visit ifish, but if you know of anyone who thinks it's infected, could you pass this news along?
YAY! Now, if I could only get that night of sleep, back!

December 8, 2015
New!Vote from the final six Kwikfish entries for the winner!

Okedokey, then. There will be no heart/aorta surgery this year!
Phwah!!!!! Can you believe it? I don't have to! I don't need to! And the doctor said so!
I didn't even have to make a decision! Dr. Song just said so!
Due to the margin of error that is possible with these tests, I just don't have to! Whoop!
I'm so excited that I don't know how to feel!
But, I've been so thrown out of the loop with this stress that I'm late for Christmas stuff! I haven't decorated, and I have two houses to decorate! I haven't put lights up or anything! And it's December 8th! YIKES!
There is always something, but when it comes to Christmas or heart surgery, I chose heart surgery to stress about! Silly me!
I'm so thrilled with all of the well wishes I got over this. I have friends and that, my friends, is the most important thing in my life! Love! I feel so loved! Through this entire thing, I have felt so close to those I love!
I was forwarded this, by my brother. My sister Teri went with me to the docs, and here was her report to the fam. :) I love my sister. I love my family!

Dear Family,

Once again the Lord has been so good to us. Jennie and I met with Dr. Song this morning to discuss the pros and cons of surgery to correct her growing aorta before it ruptured. Jennie was agonizing over scary options of surgery or not. However, Dr. took time to draw out the anatomy and show us the measurements starting ten years ago after her surgery. He said it had definitely grown over the ten years, but the change from two years ago and one year ago are so minimal it could be contributed to margin of error. He said no surgery now, no surgery next year, and maybe even two years out. Praise the Lord! No decision for us. Yay!  Happy dance after the doctor left the room. :) Then dissolved into pools of jello. :)


And that is exactly how I feel, still. Like a pool of jello! So, how is a pool of jello to put up Christmas lights? Agh! David, help me! Help me! (and he will, I'm sure!)

hollyDecember 12, 2015

Poor doggy!
They do tell you when something is wrong, but by golly, figuring out just what is wrong is sometimes very puzzling! I'm so glad I finally figured it out! Probably not nearly fast enough, but in the end, we are good!
Poor dog! (Did I say that?)
First off, I'm not feeling very good, lately.On top of that, I'm stressed about Christmas. I didn't have a tree until last night, and the one I got is very small. David said we can't have a tree that is smaller than we are, and guess what? We do!
I don't have many or nearly enough presents or stocking stuffers, and can't get it going to get them! I just can't do it! I have to, so help me! Help me!
Alright, back to poor doggy.
We have a routine in the morning. Actually, a routine pretty much all day, but we'll start with morning.
I get up, take my medicine, brush my teeth, etc., then go make coffee, feed Sargie the kitty, (Sargie is large, though- and doesn't actually need any more food!!), and get Willie (poor doggy!) treats. and a small handful of food.
Anyhow, I put Willie's treats down, and went to the computer to do ifish, as normal.
I could hear him crunching away... Normal. Check.
But, after that, he came to sit by my side. This is not normal.
He usually sits in the chair by the kerosine heater, and snuggles patiently, while I work. It's routine. It's my time.
I scolded him. "No, Willie. I have to work!" This usually does the trick. He layed down with a sigh.
I finally became frustrated by his frustration, thinking he might have to go to the bathroom, so in the dark, I took him out, got out the flashlight and began to sing. (Don't ask. OK, ask! I sing Christmas carols to my dog, to make him run until he goes to the bathroom. It's routine. Don't laugh. I don't know how this got started, but it happened.)
He went potty, and we went back in.
No luck. No rest. He sat by my feet, restless like. He didn't lay down. Something was wrong. I kept working until I couldn't stand it. I took him out, again until I froze!
Then, not feeling all that well myself, I decided instead of trying to work, I'd snuggle with him in bed. It felt so good to me, but Willie was not at rest! His head was up and alert. Agh. What in all heck is wrong with Willie?!?
Was a thunder storm coming? An earthquake? Was I about to have some kind of seizure? What!?!
Finally, I noticed his mouth semi ajar. What was that about? I remembered that when he would chew sticks out on the river bank, he'd often get things caught in between the bridge of his upper teeth, and when that happened, he'd come sit by my side until I worked it loose for him. Oh my gosh!
I opened his mouth, and sure enough! There, caught in his throat and mouth, was a chicken jerky treat! It was half way down his throat! Oh, it stunk to high heaven! How long had this been in his mouth? He had acted strangely last night, too.
I worked it loose, and pulled it out of his throat. He was so happy! So relieved! Over joyed! I was the hero, even though I had been tardy in fixing the situation! Dogs forgive so well! He wagged his tail and wanted to lick my face! (No thank you, Willie! Your mouth stinks!)
So, now I'm finally back to the computer, doing my ifish thing, and Willie is in his chair, by the heater.
All is well in Willie land.
Oh, how I wish animals could talk! This could have been taken care of, so much more efficiently, if so!
Now, off to decorate the tree!

December 15, 2015
We have a winner!

You can read more, and get the link for pre order, here!
Dang... I hope I did this right! LOLOLOL

HollyDecember 19, 2015Holly

Mud, muck, goo... it seemed to grow around the soles of my shoes! Up to my laces, up, up, oh no! It was overtaking me! I was only trying to retrieve my trailcam! Give it, give it, give it back to me! It's mine! I was so close, but by the weight of my feet, so, so far! The forest wanted to keep it! With each step, my foot was swallowed as I wallowed. One step, two... and with each step, I lost a bit more of my balance! If I began to fall, I felt like I'd break my leg. The earth was holding me captive. I was getting that trapped feeling, and for good reason. I was!
It got so that I couldn't move. I grabbed a tree to aid me in my trek.
I finally did make it, but not cleanly! I was a muddy mess!
You know, it was a good thing our cam was even still affixed to the tree. Bill and I had discussed over coffee how the flood may very well have taken our trail cam. The water came up so far as the meadow, out front. It's maybe five feet above the mean average water line? Or, how to say this... I walk down the river rocks, or down from the meadow to the tree line about five feet down to get to the treed area that lines the river. That area was full to the brim at the flooded water level a week back. When it receded, it left probably two feet of debris, sand, what is the dang word? I am getting old... um... silt! That is what! (I do have flashes of my youth where I can think of words!)
It's weird walking two feet over what I was used to. The cam had been 5 feet up a tree trunk, and now, it was only 3.
All of our trails that we worked so hard to make, (along with the help of deer, elk, and other wildlife) were nowhere to be followed! Trees fell, this way and that, making my way nearly impossible, along with that two feet of muck!
It was clear becoming that I was not welcome. Nature wanted its land back!
When I got to the trail cam, I could see straight away that there had been water in it, or at least, darn near. I opened the clasps that hold it watertight, and it was water tight no more. A couple good tablespoons of water poured out. :( I turned it off, and back on again, and was amazed, though, to see it flash on. It still worked?! We'll see!
In preparation for the next flood, (this last weekend) I decided to bring it to the house and dry it off. I'd give the animals a break from their photo shoots. Not that they'd be swimming through this muck, any time soon, anyhow.
The grass that had covered our chosen photography area was buried, anyhow. They'd have no reason to come to their nice green hidey spot, anyhow. It was trashed. The grass gone, and replaced by two feet of mud, and trees down, this way and that. It just wasn't the place it used to be. Would it ever be?
I've always been amazed at how the river changes for our fishing. I've been delighted over it, saddened over it, but mostly and always fascinated. But, this time? Oh, my! What a change! Where it had been deep, it was now shallow. Huge expanses of change, everywhere!
When the river was still high, Bill called and said, "Oh, Jennie! Our plunking beach is so nice! It's all mudded over, and where there were logs we'd have to traverse, blackberry vines and such that made it difficult to walk, now was a gently sloping access of nothing but soft dirt! What we didn't know, however, until the water totally receded is that our actual fishing hole was also mudded in! Dang!
Well, I guess we can't have everything!
I can't help but think that it is nature, protecting itself! At the same time I was frustrated, I was fascinated by how the river heals itself, and how now, the fish won't be caught by us!
Live, fishies! Live!
Oh, I must be getting old! Where I used to think nothing of taking a fishes life, now I'm rooting for their survival? Oh, my!
I mean, you can't have a good fishing spot with easy access, too. You know? That's just too good to ask for! So, thanks to the flood, we have easy access to a bad fishing hole, now. LOL. Thanks, nature!
But, no. I do thank nature. I thank nature for protecting its own. I thank nature for making it so that we can't totally destroy the things that we are gifted. I thank nature for making fishing a challenge. I thank nature for making it "fishing" rather than "catching".
It can't be that easy; to have both access and good fishing. I think, sometimes humanity isn't clever enough to limit themselves, if they were to have both.
Good thing Mother Nature looks over things.
The cam is now dry, and when I go back to the Kilchis river, (I"m in Oregon City, right now) we'll find a new nice grassy spot where I'm sure the deer and elk will pass by and perhaps stop for a nice rest, while the trailcam snaps picture after picture for our viewing pleasure. That is, if the cam still works!
Perhaps our old plunking spot will turn into our next trail cam spot. Who knows?
The river is always changing. As we see with all of these awful landslides, nature can take back what it once owned. As tragic as nature can be, at times, we can't fight it.
Go with the flow... go with the flow of the river. We have new adventures ahead of us, finding where the fish will bite!
Now, that's fishing!

HollyDecember 21, 2015Holly

Oh, we are in the Christmas spirit, now!
Yesterday, my friend Tammy stopped over with a Christmas bag full of goodies! A coloring book for me and some felt pens, and some cookies! I ate till I was sick!
Then, David came home from being with his Dad with some chex mix. Did I resist? No! Did I sleep last night? No! I was up most of the night with a sick tummy! LOL.
I am not 21 any longer! My stomach can't take what it used to be able to take! Good thing I don't drink!
You'd think I had learned my lesson day before yesterday, when we made and consumed Russian Tea cakes. One would have been good, but three? Not so much.
We wrapped up the rest for David's Dad who loves them.
It's better that my ex husband gets sick, right?
I was wrapping gifts, yesterday when Tammy surprised me by stopping by. She entertained me while I scotch taped my fingers together. Why do I always end up with Scotch tape everywhere?
Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, because they were all scotch taped, together!
I swear... not one pair of my slippers, socks, or shoes are scotch tape free! I get that stuff everywhere!
I'm a little nervous about this wind storm, today. I know I shouldn't be. It's like snow forecasts. They don't end up what they make them to be. Most of the time, anyhow. Then, there are the exceptions... That's what I'm nervous about!
I'm in Oregon City. I hope Bill fares well at the coast. I miss being home. I go home on Christmas eve day, this year. I can't wait!
Blessings to you, and I hope you don't lose any of your favorite trees or plants, and be safe out there!

HollyDecember 24, 2015Holly

Finally! I get to say it! "I am ready for Christmas!" and... after I was relieved and surprised to see those big delivery boxes on my porch at 10 pm last night, "All my Christmas Shopping is done!"
Tee hee. Better late than never! Well, not late, but it sure is for some people! I always shake my head in disbelief when Bill says he is ready for Christmas and it is a little past Halloween!
Now that I'm ready, though, can I make it to the coast? I just read a winter storm warning for the coast range. It's been cancelled, but they still have an advisory out. Yikes. I don't do snow. I have chains, but I have never put them on. Or, maybe once. I used to laugh because I could always just wear a short skirt and stand out in the snow, waiting for some kind gentleman to put on my chains. That used to work, but at age 55, I doubt in my female powers! Plus, my attire is much different these days. Short skirts aren't my thing. Short boots and jeans, maybe, but more likely, waders! Oh, sexy! Muhahahah.
I'm so looking forward to taking David to the coast for Christmas! He has not been back to the house where he grew up (Bill's on the Kilchis) forever!
We were going to have a super dinner tonight, and just relax on the river... with a fire going and ah... so nice! So Holiday like!
Frankly, I don't know why we don't always do Christmas at the river!
I do worry, though, that a flood of memories may overtake him.
This will be his first time back to find that his room is now the fly tying room, and Andrew's room is the guest room. He would be sleeping in Andrew's old room. It doesn't look nearly the same. I painted the walls a burned orange. It is beautiful, but it is still, and always will be Andrew's room. You can't decorate that away.
Right after it happened, I was walking to the river and passed by Andrew's window where I he and I spoke, often. He'd open his window and I'd offer him treats from the Berry Fairy, or the first tomato from our garden.
It made me stop. Tears flowed fast and hard. Nearly every time I pass that window, my heart sinks. He will forever live in my heart.
So, I worry about David, and his memories of his near twin. They were 13 months apart and loved each other so much. Bill often remarked how awesome it was, that they got on so well. Bill and his brother fought often as kids, but now as grown ups get along quite well.
Sigh... This is Christmas. I don't want to talk sadly! I'm done with all of the above, except to say that I do worry for David's heart. Are men as fragile as women, when it comes to emotion? I don't know, about David. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve. I have to pull to get anything out from him. He is quiet and stable. That's how I think of men. But, then I do see quite a few of you that surprise me with your emotions. I like that, in a guy!
But, David? I have to ask him, "Do you have flashes in your life, where your heart sinks over Andrew?" He'll say yes. But, that's the end of the conversation. I sure wish he'd let me in!
I want to know that he is alright, but I also want to know that he misses his brother. I think it's healthy to talk!
Argh. Enough. Stop. It is Christmas!
My Holidays are getting easier, each year. Right after losing Andrew, I couldn't wait for Christmas to be over. I went through all of the motions of Christmas, and followed all traditions. I made sweet petals (our traditional sweet roll) for Christmas morning. I filled stockings. I wrapped presents and all of that... but when it was over, it was time to celebrate! I made it!
But, this year, I actually felt a bit of the old spirit! Caught up in the midst of it, though, I'd have really sharp pains of missing my son. It came as a surprise attack, rather than a full time burden. Those surprise attacks were especially painful, but in the space between, I sang Holiday songs and smiled more than in previous Holiday times.
OK. Enough. Didn't I say that?
Andrew... I miss you.
When I upload this file to the web, I hope that it uploads to you in Heaven, too.
Regardless, I know you are watching over your us. Some day, I will join you in Heaven, and so will David. Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for us, and keep safe a place for us. I hear your laughter when David and I share a special joke that you would enjoy. We think of you always.
Merry Christmas, Andrew!

HollyHollyDecember 25, 2015HollyHolly
And Happy New Year!

I have been SO appreciative of those that have wished me a Merry Christmas, this year, rather than a generic Happy New Years!
It just feels special. It takes me back to Christmas, and the reason for Christmas.
I realize that not everyone thinks of Christmas like I do, or "we" do, but dang. It's Jesus' birth! It's the night before Christmas with a baby in a manger! It's darned Christmas time! It's not a Happy Holidays, or anything else to me, but the birth of our savior! Amen!
Other people can have their "Happy Holidays" and whatever religion is theirs. That's fine, but when someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas", it feels like they know me! I'm a Christian! I get all giddy inside, nostalgic about Christmas passed and think how blessed we are to have our Savior born!
I have hope, because of Jesus Christ!
Merry Christmas!

HollyDecember 26, 2015Holly

I woke up this morning to pink skies! I haven't seen that in what seems like forever! Summer?
It's been so dreary, lately, and yet on the Birthday of our Savior, the clouds break up and the sun goes "brightly shining", all day long! It reminded me of "Oh, Holy Night" but, the daytime version! I love this song! I made it the daytime version! "Oh, Holy Day!"

O Holy Day! The sun is brightly shining,
It is the day of the dear Saviour's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O day divine, the day when Christ was born;
O day, O sunny day , O day divine!
O day, O sunny day , O day divine!

The brightness of the "Holy day" almost made me forget. (Thank you, Lord!)
When I first read the letter in hand, I messaged my sister that I wouldn't be at the party. My heart had fallen with the words, ever so ugly, all highlighted in yellow. She said to come, and not dwell on my health problems. She was right, as always.
I'm still trying not to dwell... but who on earth sends "you may have cancer again" letters to be opened on Christmas eve? And, why was it not wrapped in ribbons and bows? LOL
David and I arrived safely at Bill's on Christmas Eve day, after traversing the snowy mountain pass. It was so beautiful! We stopped to play at the summit and Willie loved it!
I was so glad to be at Bill's though, even though we had to turn right around and go back on Christmas Day to be at my sisters for the big family party back in Wilsonville.
Anyhow...I opened my mail...
Let me back up. I had a mammogram a week and a half ago. I was nervous about it, as this was the year that if you test negative after five years of having triple negative breast cancer, you are considered healthy again. You know, as if you'd never had cancer!
Triple negative is very deadly, and many people die within a couple years of diagnosis, but I lived! I lived five years, without a return! YAY! And this was the final test to prove it. I thought the five year mark was last year, but last year was only four years. I was in a hurry a bit!
Bill went to our primary care doctor two days after my mammogram. Our doctor knows us very well. Bill asked how my test came out, and he confided in Bill, "Oh, fine! No problems!" Bill couldn't wait to tell me. Whoop! Exciting! YAY!
I went about my Christmas chores after hearing the good news. I was clean!
Then, when I opened that letter on Christmas eve, it said I had to go back in, as they found I had... let me see if I can remember the words... "areas of fibroglandular density" All the scary words were highlighted in yellow marker.
It asked that I return to do another test!
The weird thing, (but the hopeful thing?) is that my doctor was on vacation after he saw Bill, and this letter was signed by Amanda. Not Danielle, who is our doctor's nurse. So, a doctor standing in for our doctor had transcribed this letter.
So did my doc read it and say it's fine, and then a new doc looked, without looking at my history and without knowing that breast had had surgery and that I had already had cancer?!? Did the new doc just glance or whatever... and see the scar tissue? Oh, I hope so!?! But, at the same time, it still ticks me off to scare me like this!
Is "areas of fibroglandular density" normal? If so, why had I never had that diagnosis before, and why do I have to go back in for another test?
Or, did our main doctor follow legal procedure and just tell Bill it was fine to not abuse my privacy? Just what is going on? I wish I knew!
The hard part is that I cannot find out until Monday!
I am so tired of playing medical stuff. I thought I was finished for a while.
Let me tell you... I just want to fish. I just want to take some time off, not think about medical stuff, and fish!
I was so in the Holiday spirit, sitting there on the couch in Tillamook, warmed by the glow of the fire, with the Christmas tree all lit up and festive! I opened what I thought would be mostly Christmas cards or junk mail. Certainly not a notification of "Trouble,trouble, trouble!!"
The funny part... I went to the party yesterday, and talked to my sisters about it. Sure enough, I had told one sister, but everyone knew. (News travels!) Linda said, "Jennie, I think you will outlive everyone here. Look what you have been thru! How many lives are you on, now?"
It is true. I have been through a lot. But, oh.... I do get weary. Living forever is tough work!

HollyDecember 28, 2015Holly

I was all cuddled up in my bed, when I needed some water. It has been one of those days. I woke up not feeling great. Spilled coffee and creamer all over the counter, and down the side, where the refrigerator is. Then, I took Willie for a walk at the school, tried to fix my blinker and left the lights on, while I walked him. Bingo. No battery. Car will not start!
Then, I took David to Macy's to return some shoes, and no one was around to help us! We waited 45 minutes for help!
Just one of those days! MONDAYS!
Anyhow, I walked to the kitchen, and again... that smell! That "odor" That "perfume!"
Yeah. Not a bad smell, but a wonderful smell, and I had smelled it before! What was it!?
It seemed to take me back to being with my Dad. But...?? What was it, and from where was it coming? I found myself deeply inhaling, whenever it stopped me.
Nothing is in bloom in December... except....
Hm. I have this lemon plant. It's a mini lemon plant, and I adore it. I actually harvested some little lemons off of it, this year, due to our warm summer! They are so cute!
I keep it outside all summer, and inside in the winter, when it freezes. But, this year, it went from very warm to pretty cold so fast, that I just brought it indoors.
It started to bloom, all the while, with lemons on it! But, these pretty little flowers came out, all over the place! So pretty!
I walked over, just to see if that, perhaps was my victim! YES! And, oh my gosh they smell heavenly! So strongly perfumed, just like when I was in Palm Springs with my Dad! He had lemon trees all up and down his street, and one very large one, right across the street. I was there, once, when it was in bloom, and the perfume was so heady!
The same! It was in my home, now!
So, I have to show you a picture, and I wish so badly, you could scratch and sniff it! Here it is!

Lemon tree
Click to zoom, if you like!

Too funny! I went to link the bigger file of this, and it was called "lemontree.JPG". Well, a previous pic of my Dad's lemon tree was linked, instead! LOL. So, until I rename that new file(I did, it's above!), if you want to see Dad's lemon tree, it's here!

I am so crazy about this little tree! I have one right next to it, that is a kiwi lime, and it didn't do so well, once moved inside. It lost all of its leaves! But, my lemon is loving it!
See the little greenish lemon on it? I love it! I actually use them in cooking and in water!
That's all. Just wanted for you guys to see it!