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December 2011
Happy me at the party!

All nestled in bed
My darling sleepy one, all nestled in bed,
visions of sugarplums, dance in his head...


December 1, 2011

Wow! Happy December! Was I first? :)
The morning sparkles. It's sunshine and cold! I love this time of year. You should have seen Tammy and I trying to make it from the door to the hot tub, last night. Brr! But, once you get inside the hot tub, it feels so good! I kept asking her, "Why are we doing this? Because it feels so good when we stop torturing ourselves?"
Oh, shoot. Willie is up from his nap. I knew that would happen if I typed too loud!
Wow! I have 142 videos on Youtube! Wow!
It's fun, as I take walks on the river, to keep track of changes in my world. The most recent, of course, is Willie!
Bill and I had a great time while I was there. One day was a fishing nightmare, with oar locks breaking, Willie grabbing wrapped Kwikfish, having trouble launching. We finally looked at one another and said, "Gee, it's cold out here. Let's go have coffee."
We loaded up the boat and went inside. LOL.
I wonder, sometimes, how I used to be able to stand the cold, and actually enjoy it, and now, it shocks me to the bone.
I love these cold, crisp days, and how beautiful they are, but I must say, I like to look at them from the inside out, these days!
I'm so looking forward to the Christmas party on the 6th and I hope you are planning on going, too! I can't wait to see everyone and get that rush that I always get, seeing so many bright and colorful toys for the children.
I'm also excited about the Kwikfish contest, and can't wait to find out who the winner will be! Click here to place your vote!
Oh! We'll be doing another coloring contest, very soon with a brand new lure!

December 4, 2011

The Lord dunnit. He dun woke me up at 4:45 in the morning to tell me to get to church! HE knows I need time to get prepared, ready, decide which one to go to, etc.
I was raised in Canby Christian Church. Might be fun to go there. Might be fun to go to my sister's church in Lake Oswego, Rivers West. That's an awesome church! My sister goes there, and her family. There's also a church here in Oregon City that I've been thinking of trying. It's so hard to find your own church. I've been putting it off and now that I'm up early enough, there is plenty of time to find a direction to head!
That time of morning sure comes early! And it's so cold out! I am unfamiliar with a heat pump, but I heard they were very economical. So, I've been keeping the house nice and toasty warm. Yikes! My electric bill was 368 dollars! Oh my gosh! Merry Christmas, kids! You are warm!
You know, I have enough points again on my Hilton card to get a free week stay somewhere, and I have enough flight points at Alaska to do three flights. We could go somewhere for Christmas this year, and then just not do presents. Like, get up wherever we are on Christmas morning, and go volunteer to serve dinners, wherever we are! To me, that sounds so fun! We'd have to pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to take, because I have no extra cash to eat-- but... LOL. Still fun!
I love adventure!
I'm out in the garage, working. That's where my computer is set up. This house is very small, so it's basically an extra room for us.
I'm staying in Oregon City until the Christmas party. Then, after that- I'll probably go to the coast and fish for a while.
Well, it's off to church!
Make certain that you vote on the Kwikfish coloring contest, and if you'd like to volunteer for the Christmas party at Pietros on December 6th, contact me by clicking "contact me" and we'll set you up! It's the most feel good event of the year!

December 7, 2011

The Christmas party was SO awesome! I left feeling so good! I wish that everyone would attend this event. Next year, I'm going to do something... something that will help everyone to want to attend! It's just that I think everyone needs to feel this good!
I have to drive to Tillamook. Willie is taking a nap and I don't want him awake in the car. Hurry! Hurry!
The winner of the contest is Xstream357, I'm pretty darn sure! Congrats to you!
I'll be back, later!

December 9, 2011

Every time I think I'm going to have time to write, the puppy interrupts me. It's so much so, that I have to find someone to watch him while I take a shower! And going out to breakfast? It's one sip of coffee, go check on Willie, a bite of pancakes, go check on Willie!
Just now I got up to find an old blanket totally un stuffed! Oh, no! Hide, before Bill sees that!
But wait- Wasn't Rev a puppy for 6 years? Uh huh. "Bill? Come look at what Willie did and don't you say one word!"
Funny how we are more tolerant of puppy troubles, than young adult troubles!
They say when a child is small, they step on your toes, and when a child is older, they step on your heart. Isn't that the truth?
The other day I was drowning in parenting sorrows and thinking, "God won't give me more than I can handle." I know that! But, then why did He let us invent Prozac? Huh? Where does that come about in the Bible? I missed that part, somehow!
I take a very small dose of something called Effexor. It's called a "pain control dose", as my heart surgery left me with pretty severe nerve damage in my legs. I forgot to take it the other night, and it was like my emotions were alive, again! I cried over everything, but nothing at all!
It was almost refreshing, because I hadn't cried over nothing in years. I cried, of course, when my Dad passed on, and I cried when I found out I had cancer. I cried when Kilchis passed on. But, on this day, I cried, just because I felt like it! I think it was due to forgetting my dose. So, next time I want to cry, I'm going to forget my dose again. Crying sort of helps to clear the air.
But- my Effexor also creates a bit of a stretch on what God thinks I can handle. He must think I am very strong! (I'm not, God! Really!) No wonder they put me on a pain control dose! It works on both mental and physical pain!
So much to talk about!
The party was really neato! For the first time in ever, I was able to actually talk to people. Lots of times it's just crazy and I end up missing people, and this time? I made a huge effort to actually sit down with people. It was like one of those dating things, where you move from table to table. I didn't get to talk with folks as long as I wanted, but at least I was able to visit a bit, with most everyone. (I hope?)
It was so nice. The pizza was awesome and the presents were stacked high! See here!


Pictures, compliments of Pete Morris. I think?
(Pete, is it OK if I use these? LOL)

We just had a ball. Next year, it's going to be huge! We are already planning!
It looks like there is an inch of snow here, on the ground, but it's just frozen fog, etc. It's so beautiful! I told Bill last night, "Go out and get the yard for me, to put under my mirror!" I collect sparkly quartz rocks and have a collection under my mirror in the bathroom. I love my rocks, and the lawn looked like it would fit in, perfectly! I mean, it was just white and glittery and beautiful! I wish I could capture it in words, let alone, under my mirror! Either one would do! It's like catching a great big fish when no one is looking, and you let it go. It's stuck in your mind forever, and the experience is yours, to keep. Yet, you can never explain the beauty of the moment to another soul. You can try! But, you know it's better than whatever you can come up with! And YOU get to keep that for yourself! I love things like that!
We changed servers last night, and the discussion board is back to its zippy old self! It's SO nice to zip along like that. I can get so much more done!
And everything is working except the gallery, right now. We are working on that.
So, it's back over the mountains and thru the hills, to Oregon City, I go. I'm going to miss my river, and so is Willie. But, we'll be back in a couple days! Just have to go back to the city to do some business.
Carry on, and enjoy the Holiday spirit that surrounds us, this season! Peace be with you all!
You know, I got a card from a dear friend that wishes me nothing but peace in the New Year. I took that card home and stared at it, and it made me cry. Peace. That's all we really crave. Isn't it? Peace and Love. Each one of us. And the magic of that, is that it is free to give to one another! Do it!

December 14, 2011

Wow. Six days without writing. Bad me. It's just been crazy, plus, I haven't felt well. I had to miss this awesome party with some of the girls from my high school. I so badly wanted to go!
It was the same night that my puppy class was to begin, also, so I missed both!
On the bright side, my dear friends Liz and Art brought us a Christmas tree! We had so much fun putting it up! This house is pretty small, so finding a place for it was a trick, but we did it, and oh, how grand this noble is!
Liz is the most thoughtful gal in the world, I think. When I spent the night there, one night, before leaving for the airport, I told her how much I loved her outdoor fire column. I've been shopping for one, ever since, but it is a luxury, not a necessity, and my budget is very small, these days. Anyhow, she brought me a housewarming gift, and is it ever warming! It's her fire column! Now, mind you, this is not the first time that she has been so thoughtful! Once, I admired her earrings and she took them off, right in front of me, and insisted I have them! Oh, my gosh!
My girlfriend Tammy studies counseling at school, and she told me about a book (I think it's called "Connections") that talks about the effects counseling has on people. That sometimes counselors in the end, reach up to something like 800 thousand people! I got to thinking about people like Liz, and how many people she touches, and how much love she spreads.
I had more fun at the Christmas party when someone admired my little light up Christmas necklace. I took it off and gave it to her. It was so fun, and the reaction you get, when you do things like that is a fun pay off! So, Liz? This isn't the first time I've done things like that, because of YOU! So, you are making a difference in this big old world! LOVE! You're it! Pass it on!
Kind of like a game of tag... :)
I'm off for the coast, this morning. I am hoping the roads aren't solid ice, like they have been.
I wanted to thank all of the people who are spreading love that went to the Christmas party.
My brother David is so awesome. He brought his office mates to the party! That's what I'm talking about! All of those innocent little babies and children in the hospital on Christmas eve will have presents, due to the love that everyone showed, who showed at the party! Pass it on! I'm so excited to introduce our 2012 Kwikfish to you!
It's going to be a fish killer, for sure!
Oh! And don't miss the CCA meeting in Milwaukie, this Thursday night, OK? It's going to be awesome.
Get involved! Make a difference!
The Willamette Falls Chapter will be meeting Thursday, the 15th. General meeting begins @ 7pm. The guest speaker will be Steve Williams, ODFW Fisheries Director. Steve will be talking about the Spring forecast, and sturgeon fishing, my neighbor told me. Also, they will begin selling raffle tickets for a side drifting trip on the Clackamas with (my neighbor!) Scott Nichols. I want to win that one! Tickets are 5 bucks, and if you buy 50 dollars worth, you will get two extra tickets. All proceeds go to CCA.
I am going to try to be home from the coast to go to this meeting, but we'll see how the roads are.
Here's a little video of Willie and I, walking in Oregon City... just for fun!

December 17, 2011

Good morning, America! Are you glad you live here? I am!
I just took a nice walk around the block with the Willster. He's so darn cute. I've never seen a pup so amazed at everything new and shiny. He is teaching me to see it all that way, too! Greet everything in life with a smile and a waggly tail!
I was browsing thru my e mail, today and never really noticed the typing on something I get daily, called the "emergency alert" for the day. I mean, come on.... "Saturday Terrorism report". Oh, my! Get that outa my mail box!
I had a rough time as I arrived home, yesterday. Parenting never gets easier. Ever!
I don't think it was intended that families live together, after the children reach the age of 18 or so. I get it. Times are tough. Housing is expensive! (Boy, do I get it!) But the "kids" and I are beyond the age of parenting, and onto the age of "room mates". With that, comes responsibility, you two boys-'os. (I hope they are reading!) And, I have trouble separating the two. I keep thinking, "How would I ask my room mate not to leave this mess? How to look for a job?" Would I, even? Attempt to help? I don't know!
But, good things come of bad things, and as I sat with Tammy, last night, sobbing and discussing it, I said, "My mind is just full of how to fix things, and I'm playing all of the arguments the boys and I have, over and over in my head!"
As I mulled it over, it (God) hit me. This is not my problem! I am making myself sick, worrying about all of this, and God doesn't intend for us to fill our heads with problems!
My head ached. My stomach was upset. Knock, knock, Jennie. Anyone home?
I have to let go and let God! This is why God is my SAVIOR!!! How many times do I have to realize this, before it sinks in?
I have an awesome God. If I'd only learn to give my problems to Him, I would be free to fill my head with lovely, wonderful things! But as it is, there is no room at the inn!
I was watching an old Christmas special the other day, and I can't tell you how soothing the voices were on that movie! The things on television used to always be good, and calm, and lovely! Remember?
There wasn't Law and Order, and murder specials and all of that, and if they were, they were fairly tame.
But, this was a show about good, and lovely, and Christmas things! The voices, they just soothed me! I sure miss those days!
I have a popcorn bowl, from back in the days when my family made pop corn and watched Walt Disney every Sunday night. I'm going to get it out, again! Back then, you could turn the channel and the television was just full of good and wonderful things!
This Christmas season may be different for us. It may have not nearly as many presents as normal, as we are all on a strict budget. "It's going to be a Visa Christmas-- for the next ten thousand years!" (- sang to the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!)
But what shall I give? It is the season of giving, right? First thing I'm going to give is all of my problems to my Heavenly Father, so that I can fill my heart with good lovely things! Pure thoughts and sweet things! I'm going to look out over my neighborhood and wonder what cookies I'm going to bake for my neighbors!
Last night, I came home to Tammy, baking cookies. It was so nice, but I didn't even really "see" it, or enjoy the smells, because instead, I saw the problems! It is all what you focus on.
I am always so good at handing my problems over to God, and then grabbing them back! I have to learn to give them to God for good! That doesn't mean I do nothing, but rather, that I learn to listen and obey.
And, right now, God is telling my heart to focus on the good things in life. The lovely things. Cookies baking, Christmas shows from the past, the warm feeling of the fire pit that was given to me, by a dear friend.
My life is filled with so many good things. It's about time we recognize those good things, and really, really focus and appreciate each wonder of life.
And, right now, Willie has got his big old front paws on my lap, wagging his tail, and asking to go out. That is the kind of good thing I'm talking about. As I gaze down at him, he makes me smile.
I'm deleting the emergency alert from my mail box, and un subscribing from anything, except for the good things in life.
For Christmas, I'm "giving" my problems to God. I'm giving it with huge thankfulness for the ability to have nothing but goodness and glory in my head!
My wish for you for Christmas is the same. That you don't clutter your head with things that worry you, and that you have plenty of room in there for all of the joy that Christmas brings!

December 22, 2011
Whoo hoo! Look at the 2012 Kwikfish!

Click HERE for the discussion

If you'd like to order one, you'd better let me know, so that I can order the right amount. Please enter how many you'd like on the poll, here.

Good morning! It looks like snow outside!
What a great thing for Christmas! I hear that it's going to warm up, though, by Christmas and be our usual drab weather for Christmas! But, for right now, it's darn Christmasy looking!
There will be a Christmas, after all! I am so late in buying presents and such, and my budget is extremely narrow... but yes! I had time, yesterday to be creative and go from store to store until I had it just right. Christmas will happen, after all!
I'm at the river, and life is good.
We are going through Willie's terrible twos. I don't know what it is, but when he comes here, he has trouble being potty trained. No, that's not true. He is potty trained, but not the other. The messier, stickier-ickier, most smelly of all kinds of messes occur, here.
This time, it's my fault. I forgot his food, so he's eating Rev's food, and his little tummy is not happy. I guess, however, when puppies make messes, it's always our fault. (Of course!)
We aren't watching closely enough. Puppies so keep you on your toes! We thought, since last time he was here, he was mess free, so that we could relax this time. Nope! No relaxing, here! It's 24/7 puppy watch! I just picked up (count them!) 11 puppy poops! Yucko! So, now it's time for the shampooer. Oh, man. Does this never end? I have to laugh, because he is SO darn cute! Somehow, the mess on the floor and the face of my darling Willie just don't match up! They aren't associated! Nope!
I wish you could look out my window. It's just gorgeous, out!
Bill has to go to ER this morning, as Molly (our river cat) has been biting him! I mean hard, too! Remember last year, when Molly bit me, and I had to go to ER? Molly has been loving Bill's laptop. When he tries to work on it, she nestles on the keyboard, and Bill tries to get her off. Bad move, Bill! That is Molly's laptop! Sure enough, she bit him hard, yesterday, and today? She bit through the bandage! His hand is all swollen, so I insisted he go to ER.
After she bites, she's all lovey-cuddly. What is it, with these pets, lately? Bad Molly! Bad Willie!
So, it's been quite the morning.
If you wonder, sometimes, why I don't write, read the above! I've been busy!
There are so many fish in the Kilchis, right now. They must be terribly nervous about the conditions. I haven't seen the river this low since- not last summer, but the summer before! It's scary-low!
There are dead chum, silvers, and chinook, everywhere! I wonder if it's because the river is so low, that we see so many? Usually, the fish make it up, further, before dying? I don't know, but either we had a very good run, or it's just that they couldn't make it up any further, due to the low water, this year.
I walked to the lower deep pool, and there are so many fish, swimming around in there, very nervously. It's really fun to watch, but at the same time, I feel for them! They have no where to go! They can't make it up any further. They are just stuck!
So, rain, already! The fish need it!
OK, I'm off to take Bill to ER. See ya later, alligators!

December 24, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!
But, there was Nevel! He was there! I saw him!
Nevel is our house squirrel. :) He scampered across the fence, as Willie and I met the morning light.
Oh, how Willie dislikes the morning light! If it's light when he gets up, playing "flashlight" is not an option! He loves to chase that light, and I know, I know, it's not the best game for him to play, but darnit, but it burns up his energy! And, when you live in a small home with a small yard, we have little options!
That's why it's so nice to go to the river. There is no better "home on the range" then home on the river! He can run until his heart is content!
I woke up this morning, plugged in the tree, made coffee, turned on some Christmas music in the background, and Willie and I played flashlight until the light outside was too bright.
Puppies have to have routine, and this is ours. Oh, how he hates to wait, while I do my thing. Make my coffee, get dressed, all the things that people must do, don't ya know.
Willie doesn't sleep nearly as much, these days, and oh, how he has to be watched over, adored, given things to "do" (like chew, chew, chew!)!
I find it difficult to write, or do almost anything! I have to hand him to the boys and say, "Please? I can't get anything done!"
My minutes at the computer are few, and often interrupted! How can someone write under these conditions?
So, we write when we can, and ... uh oh! He just spilled his water! Gotta go! Then, I have to go finish my Holiday stuff, and Oh! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

December 25, 2011
hollyMerry Christmas! holly

Last night in search for a new church, Tammy and I bundled up and went to the Evangelical Christmas Eve service!
It was so nice! They did a children's service about "silent night" and how "not so silent" it probably was, in the barn, where Jesus was born, but how the silence, the peace, etc., is in your heart. Very nice message!
Then, we lit a candle, held them high, and sang Christmas carols. It made me cry, of course, which is why I rarely go to church! At least it was dark! It was just so moving!
But, the purist, most wonderful part of the service, of course, was hearing the Biblical scripture.
Then, first thing this morning, Glen and Ginny sent me the following video. Oh, how I love to hear these words! Remember, back a bit, when I told you how nice it was to hear the older movies, and how peaceful and simple things used to be? They are still there, and we can still surround ourselves with that peace and simplicity. Start, by listening to this!

Oh, the good old days! How many times did you watch this? It depends, of course, on how old you are. I suppose I'm dating myself, but that's OK. I'm 51. I watched this probably 20 times, and I still enjoy it so much! It was always so moving! Even when I was a child... Just mesmerizing! It just set the tone for Christmas! We'd all gather round the old TV, make a bowl of popcorn (or three or four) and watch this. No one was speaking. We all just gazed at the TV! I love it!
I hope that you have the most wonderful, peaceful, joyous Christmas!
Life is noisy, hectic, full of over stimulating things! But, you can have the peace and quiet and joy of Christmas in your heart.
Know that whenever you give, or bring joy to someone's life, that this is what Christmas is about!
No matter what sadness, what grief, what chaos may be in your life when the Holidays roll around... The peace and joy of Christmas can remain quietly in your heart. May it bring you a New Year full of Silent Nights!

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch F8 over their flock by night. 9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

December 28, 2011

The rivers are rising. On the way to the coast, yesterday, I couldn't believe how muddy the Wilson was, already. Must be about that big slide that happened, last high water.
Yuck. Muddy, ucky... but-- good escapement for that last rush of chinook! There is always the good side of things!
I never know to be happy or not, when the waters get murky-urky around here. But, Bill was amazed and called, the other day, about all the fish stuck in our upper hole. "Hundreds!" He told me. All milling around, nervous-like, with nowhere to go. But, now? They are safe, swimming, joyous, free! Happy New Year! With a rush and a flush, they are free to go upstream to do their thing! Yeah. I think it's a good thing!
I've got a darling sleepy four month old puppy by my side. He adores his Revvy! He lives for Rev! Unfortunately for Bill, Rev is mostly by Bill's side, and that means that my darling little Willie is also by his side! Willie follows Rev around, everywhere. Heck with me, which I find unusual, because he's at that dependent puppy stage, but he is just puppy eyed about Revvie!
I giggle, while I'm down at the computer, and Bill is upstairs, watching TV. "Ouch! Dangit! Oh, no! Not another wound!" Bill goes on and on, while being mutilated by those puppy teeth. I'm free to do my work. Oh, how I love it at the coast!
To be truthful, when I'm in Oregon City, I am Willie's one and all. Sure, he loves the boys, as they take him on a half hour walk or play with him in short bursts, but other than that, Willie depends on me for everything. Food, water, play, sleep... I'm on duty! When he's tired, he wants to crawl up in my lap, no matter where I am. I sit at a bar stool, while on the computer in Oregon City. That's a long ways to hoist 30 pounds of puppy! I can't do it, anymore! So, I get down from my work station, and sit on the couch and doze with puppy. Yes. There is such a thing as not catering to his every wish, but I am no good at that. I cater. Yes, I do.
Teach me to be strong, oh, Lord. Teach me to say no! That's always been a weakness of mine. Ask my boys! I don't do "no" very well and then I end up doing tons of guilt about my decisions. (and everything else). Oh, how I need to learn to not feel guilty about everything!
The two things I always wanted to do most in life are these.
- I wanted to be married for 50 years and I wanted to be the best parent in the world.
You know, the things I never cared much about, I'm the best at. The things I do best at, seem to just happen. I didn't have to work hard to get to be a good pianist. It came to me. OK, I worked a little bit. I rehearsed for hours, but I had no real zest for doing it. I just did it. I consider it a gift, given to me.
I love music, yes, but I just did the piano thing. I felt lucky, not driven.
And my web site? It was a good success, but it also just happened. It came easy to me. I do think that I work hard at it, but I loved fishing, so it is a case of the easy button. I didn't start out to make a big, successful web site, it just came to me.
But, I wanted so badly to be the best parent I could be, and to be married for 50 years! Those things God decided wouldn't come easy for me. I work like the dickens on both!
The marriage thing can't happen, anymore. It's too late. Id' be 102 if I got married, today! But-- the parenting thing? I'm still trying with all my might! I can still do that!
Ever since I can remember, I have gotten the nicest compliments about the kids. "They are the nicest kids, Jen!" I heard it from their teachers, their peers, their mentors. Nice is nice, but oh, how I want them to be happy and out in life, being successful! It's tough out there, these days!
Can you tell it is raining? My mind is wandering today, as the fish flush by.
I think about that sometimes, as I lay in bed, listening to the full flow of the Kilchis River. Tons of water, flowing by me. Is it ever noisy, at this stage!
I think about how many fish, and what kind might be flushed thru the system. Oh, how I wish I had one of those dam cams on the Kilchis!
OK, back here to earth, day dreaming Jennie...
The Kwikfish has been chosen, and I've put in my order. I sure hope there is enough to go around! But, that's part of the fun, I guess. To get one, or several, before they run out. That's why they are limited! Take a look at it!

Click HERE for the discussion

I think that is going to be one hot lure, for fishing, next year! I'm in for six!
Off I go. Willie is still sound asleep, but I'm sure, as I go refill my coffee, one eye will pop open, and it's on with the fun, again!
He is teething, and everything in the house is game! Put your rods up, Bill! That cork is sure fun to sink your teeth into! Rods, gloves, shoes, anything! Look out! Wild Willie is on the loose at the river!

December 29, 2011

Oh, ish. I don't know what it is, but puppy is totally potty trained in Oregon City. But, here? Not.
"Oh, what a big, nice soft lawn you have inside, "Mr. Bill! I think I'll squat RIGHT HERE!"
Puppy relieves himself everywhere, here at the coast.
And, I don't know why, but his tummy is sensitive almost every time we come here. Is it the travel? Or, is it that I'm mixing his food to change it, and the change makes for this mess?
This morning I woke to not one, but four huge number two messes. And, you don't get time to wake up, or the dogs will play in the house, and those messes will be tracked all over!
I plea my case. I tell Bill that he hasn't had a mess in my house for months! I remind him of the mess that Rev once was. But- I just don't get it! In fact, he only went inside ever in my home, like three times. In my home, I have hard wood floors. The mess isn't nearly as difficult to clean. But, here? Oh, yuck! Oh quadruple yuck!
So, I'm up, without coffee, cleaning up terrible, icky, sticky stinky messes. These aren't the easy to clean pick-up type, but the scrape and try not to spread it around- type. Nope! Five of them! Found another! And, you can't rub his nose in it, like we learned as kids. You must catch him in the act, and no matter how we stare at him, no matter how many times we take him out, he comes in and does his business on Bill's nice "lawn".
What did I talk about yesterday? GUILT. Yep. Modern literature and thinking says it's my fault he pooped in the house. We didn't watch him closely enough! We didn't have him in a crate!
fault. (Bill's fault, too!)
Wait a minute! I didn't go in the house! Willie did!
Oh well. After one short outburst of temper, I resign myself to the carpet shampooer and get to work.
Yuck. Good morning, Jen.
And... remember when I was so frustrated with Rev? Rev is now my angel. I lay on the couch with her and she loves that I love her. She is clean and trained and wonderful.
I remember the lazier days of having Kilchis as an adult dog. I'd lay on the chaise lounge and watch a movie on my netbook... or read a book, or listen to one on tape. Where have those days gone? I voluntarily gave those days up for a puppy!
Willie? He's darn cute, but man oh man, he's messy! He goes to drink out of the toilet, and puts both paws in, and then carries half the water, nearly enough for a river, into the kitchen. Yuck!
Is it that I remember Kilchis as a cleaner critter, or have I forgotten?
Well, I did forgot how much energy it takes to raise a puppy! I'm so darn tired all the time! I'm nearly too old for this, I think! But-- this too shall pass! I will make it! I will survive!
As Willie falls asleep on my lap, with his neck draped over mine... As my fingers stroke the soft rabbit fur of his chest hair.... I must admit. It's all worth it. Every last mess.
Off to wrestle the carpet cleaning machine...
Later-- After much detective work, and finding who is doo-ing what, turns out Rev had the accidents (four!) in the living room, and Willie only once... in the bedroom.