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August 2013

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August 1, 2013

Happy AUGUST!!!!
There! I did it and on time, too!
I had so much fun at Costco, the other day! I left with a big smile.
First, I couldn't find the dog treats my dogs like. There was a lady looking at some different treats in the aisle. I assumed that she was also having trouble finding the same treats. I asked. Indeed!
She was new at Costco, and someone had told her of the treats that I like to buy, so, she was searching, too! If I couldn't find them, and I knew what they looked like, she would never find them! They just weren't in their normal spot.
On the way out, I found them! I grabbed two bags, and went to find her. It wasn't easy! Costco is big and busy! But I found her! I gave her a bag, and she was so grateful! That just felt good to me!
I went to use the ladies room, on the way out.
OK, back up a bit. The other day, I painted my fingernails blue. Yes, blue! I was just having fun!
So, I was washing my hands, and the water wouldn't come out. I guess I exclaimed out loud my frustration, because the lady next to me didn't miss a beat and said, "What? Can't get the blue off your hands?" I was taken aback for a short minute, but then just burst out laughing! I mean, I cracked up! I love it when people are so witty, so fast! I wish I had that witty about me!
I left, laughing, and laughed several times on the way home to Tillamook. I'm still laughing about that, in fact. Lady, you are funny!
It's little things like that, that can turn an ordinary life into fun!
Have a great August, everyone! Can you believe it? August!
Yesterday I made a peach pie, and it was so awesome! Of course, pie makes life more fun, too!

(Edit! Oh, fun! A small buck and a doe just came to visit! Bill and I were like 10 feet from them, and it was so fun to watch them! They were checking out the apple and pear tree, and then the doe just took off running like she had the wilders! Like Willie does! They were just having such fun! What a treat to see for a Happy August 1st!!!!)

August 6, 2013

Have you noticed?
Things are turning color.
There is a lighter feel to the air in the morning.
In the afternoon, the sky is no longer that deep blue. It's a lighter shade. A pastel ish color. :)
Interesting how the leaves turn up the color wheel, and the sky, in turn, turns an almost chalky blue. As it goes into winter, it almost totally loses it's color. White skies in winter! I think it's part of why vine maples, and all the other leaves that turn crimson and bright yellow in the Fall stand out so much.
I'm the queen of commas. Had you noticed? I use them as thought markers, breaths, pauses in music, etc!
I shouldn't.
It's certainly not proper, and I find myself having to go back to proof my pauses! I wish I had an editor to whack the back of my hand for my mistakes. However, when people used to send me helpful hints, I think I became a bit defensive. Embarrassed, maybe? They don't do it anymore, so I'm no longer improving my skill. Isn't that the way it goes? I have now learned there is a benefit to criticism, and it's too late! Lesson learned!
It's going to be warm, today. I certainly enjoyed my cool time at the coast. Bill and I spent long afternoons on the river. I wore a sweatshirt! Do you know how good it felt to put on woolly socks and boots? It's SO nice to go to a more temperate zone!
The river is my home.
I'm learning that, too. You know, after I bought a home in the city! Lesson learned, but it's thankfully not too late!
Oh! I'm kind of looking for a flat mate, here in Oregon City. If you know of anyone looking for a place in Oregon City, I have it! Of course, I'm very picky, and it has to be the right person, but I am looking. I need to lighten my financial load a bit.
I may have to sell my home, if I don't. Maybe that would be best.
I went to the fish store and bought some fresh tuna for the Traeger! Oh, was it ever good! Lightly marinated in soy sauce and olive oil. That's all it needs! Well, a little heat from the Traeger. Not much of that, either! Lightly seared on both sides, and in my tummy it went! YUM.
Well, off I go. My garden certainly needs tending!

August 7, 2013

Tammy and I were sitting around the patio table last night, discussing our lives, our problems, our drama, as we often do.
"I mean, Tammy? I deserve to have a happy life, too!" I said, as a resolution to my happiness. She laughed. She could tell I was trying to convince myself, more than anything.
We have been together for enough time, now, and it seems like my entire life is dedicated to his happiness. Tammy sees it all the time, and she recognizes it as truth.
Sure. They say that in order to be happy, you need to bring happiness into other lives. I have done that. Oh, have I done that! I bend over backwards, to have "done" that!
From the very minute my bare, cold feet touch the hard wood floors out of bed in the morning, to past the time they lift off to get back into bed, my main focus is him.
Him, him, him!
Even after I lift the covers up to my chin, it's him! I scratch his back, or run my hands down his back.
Are you comfortable? Are you hungry? Do you want another cover?
I don't want to leave you alone. Do you want to come with me?
I'll figure out something fun for you to do.
I will give you a sweet kiss on that special place by your ear, and hug you through out the day. I'll whisper sweet nothings in your ear.
I am here. I am here! I am here, just for you!
What do you want for dinner?
Are you happy or sad?
Let me read your emotions, so I can react appropriately.
It's almost like raising another child. In fact, it is! He is so entirely needy!
I do, though! I do deserve to have a happy life!
And taking care of him, making sure he is always happy and healthy just isn't doing it for me!
I mean, I love him so much, and I know he loves me. I couldn't live without him, I'm certain.
I don't even have to ask if my life is better with him or without him. Ann Landers used to always use that as a measure. Oh, by far.... My life is better with him!
I would never, ever leave him! I do enjoy each and every moment by his side.
But, I need to learn that I don't need to do everything for him. I can step back a bit, and things will still be fine.
I am allowing him to smother me. It's that old, "take advantage of me once, shame on you. Twice? Shame on me!"
I have learned the hard way that he will take all that I give without ever telling me to stop. He'll never tell me that it's too much, that I can quit, now. He just sucks up everything I have to give, and more.
You know, the more I talk about this and think about this, the more it almost sounds like I'm talking about my Bill.
Thank God, I'm not. Bill will tell me when to stop.
Bill doesn't care for sweet potato and duck treats, and would never put up with a leash.
Willie? Willie the springer spaniel is the most wonderful dog. But, he's also the most needy animal I've ever had. I have to say, though, that I'm probably to blame.
He was around when my son passed away, and I'm afraid I came to love and depend on Willie, just a bit too much!
Willie is spoiled.
I deserve to have a happy life. I do. I can take a day away. I can do my work in the morning, without heading straight outside to play with Willie. Right?
Dogs are man's best friend, and he loves me more than he loves himself, but he'll also take all of my time that he can get, and more.
As I heal my heart of the sadness that I've been through, I'm going to teach both Willie and I a little independence. It's not going to be easy for either of us, but it has to happen!
I deserve not only a happy life, but a little alone time!
And Bill? I apologize if people didn't finish this column, and left, thinking that you tolerate a leash!

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It’s the best deal man has ever made.
M. Facklam

August 12, 2013

Laughed till I guffawed the other day, playing flashlight with Willie. You know, I thought he was so smart. Not so much, sometimes!
I have two main "Willie" flashlights. One that he is allowed to carry in his mouth while I sing my after dinner medleys, and my precious Coast flashlight that he doesn't get to carry, but chases the beam of.
Anyhow, we have a complete routine after dinner, and boy does he know it. The minute I put my fork down, it's game on! He barks, and races around the house, like, well, like he's going to drive us crazy.
Can I even enjoy a cup of after dinner coffee with Bill? The boss says no. Just NO. Sure, I could, if I wanted to put up with barking, racing animals gone berserk!
Bill is all for well trained dogs, but he's more for peace after dinner, and as long as I'm game, it's "get those dogs outa here!"
And so I do.
I grab my portable duck chair with the two flashlights in the pocket, and off we go. The circus, and I. I'm in the lead at first, but I'm quickly overtaken by Revvie and Willie, "flying through the field with the greatest of ease."
First, it's to the river, where they have a sand hole they dig in while I flash the light around. I have my portable coffee cup, and I relax, while they chase and dig in the sand. (and bark, gleefully.)
Then, I unlock the canoe, and I go for a ride, while they swim by my side. I'd fish, but... well, you know... the dogs. They pretty much scare the fish away splashing in the shallow summer waters.
So, we explore. I stare at the bottom structure of the river while they swim by my side. Hey! I found a rope suspended in the depths, yesterday. I bet it's an anchor. I'm going to explore that more, today!
After the canoe, it's more sand digging, and then it's chase the stick in the river. This is to wash the sand off, before coming back inside. They think it's just a game.
Then, it's the slow down. You know how at the end of exercise class, they have you breath and slow down gradually? Yeah. This is that.
So, I set my chair down and sit upon it, and hand Willie his flashlight. "His" flashlight has a pretty red beam. I sing, and he takes off, doing laps. The red beam dances around the field, with the greatest of ease. He lopes around the show ring like a show dog doing his fancy Springer canter. If my voice is tired by then, I have his two songs recorded on my iphone. I put them on loop and casually sip my coffee, and he still "runs round the field", thinking I'm still involved. (NOT!)
Well, last time, I decided to become very involved. I took my flashlight out, and flashed it's strong beam around. He nearly lost it. He went nuts! He wanted that one!
It's a rarity that he gets my flashlight, but I gave in. He dropped his, with the beam still shining in the evening light, and grabbed mine. I laughed. He got but four feet away with my precious flashlight, saw the beam of his flashlight and wanted his back! He darted back to grab it. He grabbed it with desperation. That was HIS flashlight! But, then he dropped HIS and wanted mine! Oh, precious mine! He wanted mine oh so bad!! I'm not kidding. He played the drop and grab for at least a solid two minutes! It started slowly, and then went faster and faster till he was drop and grabbing within a foot of each other.
It started with me giggling, and ended up with me rolling on the grass. Revvie got a real kick out of my laughter and was licking my face, and wagging her tail. Willie, still dropping and grabbing, not sure which flashlight he wanted.
Tonight, perhaps I'll duck tape them together. Poor dog!
Yesterday Bill held his annual North Coast Steelheader's picnic, here at the house. We had dogs galore, and it was just a blast! I'll tell you more about that, later.
I was brought to tears when the guys awarded Bill with a beautiful black, shiny Steelheader's jacket and gave a speech about how much they appreciated him. I'm so proud of my Bill. He's done so much for the fisheries through out his life. It was so good to see him thanked.
It was good to share our beautiful river home with people that appreciate it. It reminded me of the first ifishstock picnics we used to hold here, a decade ago. Before they got too big to hold, here!
And now, what happened? Why don't we do those at all? I miss our ifishstock picnics and I think we should do them, again. If someone wants to help me get them started again, I'm on it! We just have to find a place that will hold us all!

August 17, 2013

Didn't sleep well. Got up and played hymns in a jazz style on the piano. It was so nice. Sleepy, nice. I can't believe that I can still play the piano. What a gift it is. I don't even have to practice in order to sound decent.
It's nice to have people walk by, and with my door open they can hear it. They smile as they walk by. I feel like I'm doing a neighborhood concert!
So... I just want to make it perfectly clear that I believe with my entire being that we should all share fishing secrets. This 'boo ha' about keeping your secrets to yourself... well? Boo ha!
That said, here are mine.

My fishing secrets

I know, I know... I say on the video not to tell anyone, but that's just light hearted teasing. I believe that you all should know that you must wear the right lipstick. It's no secret. It's law. Well, that is, if you want to catch fish.
I used to think that was funny and cute. It's not. It's true! I believe it with my entire being. I have seen it work more often that not.
You know, it's funny. Once I tied a pink ribbon on a spinner, and in front of several serious fishermen, proceeded to catch a fish, first cast. The next day, all those men had pink ribbons on their lures. It works, darnit.
I really think that's it's just being different. The fish bite on something, and then everyone uses that, and for a bit, it works. Then, they get tired of it, so I change it up a bit and I catch fish! But, they'll get tired of that, too. So, just remember, the secret to catching fish is to change it up a bit!
Sh! Don't tell!
I'm going for a walk with my pooch, now. He's getting irritated that I haven't put him first in my life, this morning.
I'm having someone come to look at the house to rent a room.
Tammy, my roommate may get a job in Lakeview, Oregon. She's off to go interview, today. What a long drive that will be! I'll sure miss her, if she goes. Somehow I thought we'd grow old, together. Oh wait. I'm already old.
It's just that vision I had in my head of two older ladies, sitting on the back porch, knitting, together. (Smile).
Well, thank God for another day. Any day that I wake up and am breathing, well, that's a good thing!

August 20, 2013

I just heard the weather report. I'm out of here! -heading to the coast. No 90's for this girl, thank you!
Willie and I want to sit by the river, dipping my toes in the water, while he takes a full on plunge into it.
The drama of creating Grandma grass goes on. I think I've bought five bags of grass seed since I bought this place. I finally learned that you should never let the seeds dry out, during germination. How do you do that, when it's 90 out? Pheh!
The back yard is looking almost like Grandma grass, but the front is horrid. It's all dried out, the spots where the moss were (about 90 % of the lawn) are big dirt spots, now. I bought some top soil and sprinkled it about and then sprinkled some new seeds on it. I've been sprinkling water on it, two times a day. My water bill is going to be out of this world!
I'm wondering if the hardest part of writing a book is to start it. Is it? I mean, where to start? I should call Joe and ask. (Joe Schwab... He has three books out, now. Two? Three? I forget!)
Do I want to write a book of my life? Starting at the beginning, or just a story of my ifish years? That's where all the main drama happens, anyhow.
I guess I'm going to start with an outline. I'm going to go through all my notes, all my blogs, and then just start writing. Include some of my blogs, etc.
I almost wanted to do the story of Andrew, but I think I'll just include that part. Yeah. I'm going to do my ifish years. That will be easier, anyhow. I'm going to start this, this year. Life doesn't go on, forever, and if I don't start now, I never will!
It will be a book about living with marfan syndrome, or living with an illness, in general, and how I started ifish.
Also, the drama that sparks while having a discussion board. All of that. Oh, boy! I can't wait! I'm telling everything. Things I don't write about on the net.
Names will be changed to protect the ... I was going to say innocent, but they aren't innocent!
I'm headed to the dog park, before it gets too hot.
Come on, Willie! Load up! Let's go!

August 23, 2013

Remember what I said about no secrets in fishing?
Bill's best friend, Mr. __________ just called us last night, and told us that the _________ fishing was just hot yesterday on the _________ river, and that we should meet him at ___ AM, and bring our __ rods, and get after them! He said he had never fished for ___ on the _____ river, but decided to try it, yesterday. He told us that the best thing to use is a ___ rod and a ___ fly. I can't wait!
He said he caught ___ _____ in two hours, with no problems!
If I do as well as Mr. ________, then I'll let you know!
After all, no secrets in fishing!

August 24, 2013

I am NOT afraid...

Click on the video for a larger screen

I was VERY afraid. That was SO scary!
I'll never forget when I was young and a really well known high school friend of ours rode his motorcycle across the trestle, (on a bet) and didn't make it. A train came. It was awful. I mean really awful. It haunted me my whole life- and ever since, trestles really scare me!
It's not only that, but movies, and stories, and oh my...
Trestles play quite a role in my history. It was tradition to have high school parties at the logging bridge where it was a <insert "stupid"> challenge to touch the front of the train before jumping off the trestle, and into the Molalla river. The train had learned to go slow, because they knew what they were up to, but still!
I jumped from the trestle one time. Not when a train was coming, either. I just did it, because it's a right of passage.
I guess it was the challenge, or the thrill, but it used to be that folks would sit up there on the darn trestle, drinking beer and talking, until the train came. Then, you had to jump in before the train hit you. Wow. Fun, right? NOT.
Stupid kids, anyhow! If my Mother ever knew I was even there, I'd be in trouble!
So, walking across this trestle at the mouth of the salmonberry and the South Fork of the Nehalem, was not fun for me!
Fishing wasn't as good as we heard it would be. At least for Bill and I! It's a really tough place to back cast, and you must fish with flies. You have to get over really far, and Bill and I spent most of our time driving on gravel roads, bumping along, or getting our fly out of the trees. (or not!) The time it took to get there, we could have flown to Alaska.
Speaking of Alaska. I keep thinking it's months away. It's exactly 11 days away! We are trying to figure out how to pack. It's not easy to think about, even! Boots, tennies, rain coats, what? Bug spray? If anyone has a list, let me know.

fishAugust 29, 2013

Woke this morning with a bang. Thunder! Lightning! Fun!
At least there is enough rain that it doesn't seem like it could cause fires... I hope?
I love crazy weather! I love a full blown storm, and after this long, stagnant summer, it is so nice to see change. Rain! Pouring, pounding rain and hail! Wind! Lightning! Thunder! YES!
Then, the forecast returns to sunshine and calm, just in time for my flight out of here, on Wednesday.
I'm leaving for Yakutat. I'm so nervous! I can't seem to get into packing, because I don't know where to start! I'm not used to packing for a fishing trip!
I'm taking no makeup, whatsoever! Well, maybe my secret potion lipstick, but that's it!
Tomorrow night I'm going to see Taylor Swift. So excited! I have pit tickets. Now, you tell me how I'm going to stand up for three hours, when I can barely stand up for 15 minutes! I don't care! I'll figure it out! I'll just sit on the floor, if I have to! I just want to be near and dear to my girl! Taylor is my girl. I love her singing. I love her attitude. I just love, love, love Taylor!
OK, back to packing. I don't know how many pairs of heels to take? Muhahaha. Wrote that to Thumper. No reply. Hm. I bet I at least got a shake of the head out of him!
Thumper is the Yakutat expert on board. He's been going there annually, like forever. So, I tossed my questions his way and he was so helpful. Love that man.
OK, today is the day. I'm going to get packed, and be ready for both the concert, and for Taylor.
I'm so worried about leaving my sweet dog. He's just not used to it. He's so delicate. He gives me this awful sad sack look when I even leave for the grocery store. What am I going to do for five days? Oh, poor dog! Oh, poor me!
Never thought I'd love a dog as much as my Kilchis, but Willie has my heart, big time. He's such a love. We spoon at night. When it's bedtime, he crawls up on his pillow, and snuggles his back up to me. I wrap my arms around him and pet his soft fur and we both lull off to sleep.
This morning, we were woken by a big bang. Thunder! How fun! The house was dark. I made coffee and got him his treats. It was a lovely morning. We sat out on the covered porch, listening to the rain, as he ate his breakfast, and I sipped hot coffee.
Life is still good.
I miss Andrew more than anything, and it never gets easier. If anything, each day is a bit more of a challenge. The death of my son has put a dent in my fairy tale happiness. I had such a fun life for so long, and for that, I am thankful.
I still have my David. We are closer than ever, and he makes me laugh. Sometimes he'll say something that reminds me of Andrew, and I'll fall into his arms and sob a bit. He gets it. He holds me. Nothing like a hug from David. Don't know where he learned to hug so well, but darnit, he's the best.
When it thunders, I used to stay up with Andrew and listen to it. I honestly don't know what I'll do when it snows. Andrew loved the snow, and no matter where I was, or what I was doing, and the same with him, we'd call each other, and excitedly report the beauty of it. Snow!
Snow without Andrew is like cereal without milk.
I'll just have to learn to love it all on my own. Just like I did, when my Mom died. She began the "snow report" tradition.
David has tons of great attributes, but the excitement of snow just doesn't affect him. "Dave! It's snowing!"
Yeah. Great.
At least it makes me laugh!
Well, it's off to pack. Wish me luck and success. Two pairs of good rain gear, six lipsticks and 2 pairs of jeans. Tee shirts, undies, socks and waders.
That should do it.
And that's how I feel this morning. How are you?