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Aug 1st 1999
Now it is time to give away the awesome box of Lightning Strike Lures! It is a beautiful Mahogany box filled to the brim with shiny new lures of assorted sizes and colors!
Off to church and then the beach to fish! Buoy 10 is now open! Ready set GOOOOOOOO!

Aug 2nd 1999

I knew it, I really did, but there is something so optimistic about me that I thought maybe... just maybe there would be this magical bite on the beach at the Columbia. You know, you hear these big hype reports of huge Coho runs, and you envision waters full of fins, and, well, it's a waiting game. They are there, somewhere, out in the deep blue ocean, just waiting to come in. It's just a matter of time. The water was beautiful, the pelicans were working, (I love to watch the pelicans!) and there were fishermen on the beach. But the fish didn't show up for the big party. Should have sent them an invitation I suppose.
I only fished for a little bit. Maybe an hour, and came home.
At the fish stations I checked out, there were mostly sturgeon being cleaned. Lots and lots of them. In fact, in the time I was there, I didn't see any salmon. I wasn't there for long though, and am waiting for the big report.
I think I will sneak back out there today, just for the report.
Off to work.....! Byeeee!

Aug 3rd 1999

I am such a darn lightweight! Went down to pick up Chinese food, because the kids are at their Dad's and had one drink. ONE. (giggle!)
What a gorgeous day, is it going to thunder though? I hate thunder when I am alone!!! I love it when the kids are home. We all pile in my bed and stare out at the gorgeous bay. We can see for miles, and the sky lights up like daylight and we ooh and ahh at it. Guess I could do that alone, but it is not as much fun. Heard Seattle really had some exciting lightning today.
Fishing. hmmmmm Don't know about fishing. I worked all day. Tell me about fishing, somebody! Somebody talk fish to me, I need it!
I was going to fish today, but I had a doc apt, and I ended up waiting forever, and then had to go to the pharmacy, so no fish for this girl.
I think I will take the kids out to the fishing beach tomorrow, let them swim and me, I will FISH!!!!! (Giggle!!!!!)

Aug 4th 1999

I love web toys! I put a little box that searches ifish for whatever you want out of this site. I tried it, I typed in Nehalem, and darned if it doesn't work! Magic! This page is so heavy, that I put it on the directory site, with a link at the bottom right column. Hope that works out OK.
I keep hearing positive things about buoy 10 being good this year, but I think it needs a week or two. I would love to sneak out there today!Sure would appreciate any news on the subject!

Aug 5th 1999

Wow! I am so excited! I got a lot done today, and I am very tired, but I couldn't help but get worked up enough to post what is going on with Ifish! First off, I am pickled tink that I am getting nearer and nearer to 1,000 hits a day! Who would have thought?
Now, for the REAL exciting news! Stan Fagerstrom, who I have mentioned many times before... you know, the Master Caster who lives in Florence, Oregon and travels around the world sharing his casting abilities? He is the nicest man! I feel SO honored to know him, and talk fishing with him! He is an excellent writer, musician, fisherman,... you know, one of the multi faceted, talented individuals that seem to be able to do everything? Well, anyway, he is going to write for Ifish occasionally! I am so thrilled! He sent me a story on the
Bass Masters Classic 1999 that he just returned from in New Orleans. Soon Ifish will feature an article by Stan Fagerstrom on bass and panfish!
So, everyone, please welcome him! What an asset to Ifish!
Also, we have made available his casting video, "Better Casting Means More Fish", which you just have to have! I was amazed at how contagious his love for fishing is, and how wonderful his teaching methods are. I mean, if I can learn, anyone can! And I have! A little bit :)
Set up a casting practice out in your back yard, invite the kids, heck, invite the neighborhood! It's the latest in back yard recreation!
Seriously, if you want to up your chances of catching fish, this is the place to start.
Stan Fagerstrom's "Better Casting Means More Fish."

Aug 7th 1999

I left the window open last night as I fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of several birds having breakfast! I put up a new feeder, and now not only do I have Goldfinches, but every other kind of local finch! It's a bird party!
Went into the living room and looked out over what is usually a view of the Youngs Bay. I am located on the top of the hill in Astoria, and the whole bay was covered with white fog, and the sky was also white. It looked as if I lived in a ball of cotton. Sometimes I feel like I live above the clouds! I do!
I haven't fished at all lately. All I have to do this weekend is finish two client web pages, make a bid on another, played a gig from 5 to 9 last night, one from 1 to 4 today, and then again on Sunday. I have to teach piano lessons this morning too. Looks like I won't be fishing till Monday. :( By that time I will be more than ready! Look out, desperate fisherwomen on the loose!
The Gillnetters didn't seem to affect the Sturgeon fishery. Everyone still got limits I hear. Buoy 10 still needs a bit of time to warm up. I got this info from Linda at Tackletime.

Aug 9th 1999

Sorry for the inconvenience! Ifish has been down all morning due to server problems.. Back up again now! Time to fish now!

Aug 8th 1999
This just in from
Linda at Tackle Time

Hi Jenny,
Just thought you might like a little fishing report since you've been
deprived of fishing! 5:00a.m. People everywhere!!! Salmon! Where! Lets go! Some are
headed to the ocean. Others feel a little more comfortable fishing at Buoy 10. The reports earlier were pretty grim. Not much to get excited about in the river. The ocean has been very good.
Just called Len Self on the ole cell phone (Oh, the technology) I asked
him what was happening at Buoy 10. I hear stuff, but part of what I'm hearing is the guys fishing in the ocean. Len said he had a nice Chinook in the box. Said he's seen at least 6 or 8 Chinook caught this morning, and heard there were a few fish taken at Buoy 12. WOW! That's the most excitement I've heard yet. With the tides the way they are, It's just going to get better!!!! As for the ocean, Fish on! We've had both our boats (the Elijah and the Slo-Jo) fishing the ocean since it started. Limits! One day, between both boats, they had 5 real nice Chinook. ALL 30 pounds to ALMOST 40 pounds! The silvers were about an average of 6 to 8 pounds. Now the silvers seem to range in the 8 to 12 pound range. The fish are in great shape! Lots of bait fish out there. Birds working away. Also, there has been some blue shark out there. Eat three of our best divers (The Delta Diver) Darn!!!! Unfortunately, the last two days, the Slo-Jo is siting at the dock with small repairs needed. Nothing serious, but costly. What Isn't when it come to boats.Gene has been working to hard. Getting bait, Selling bait, Helping me, fixing stuff on the boats, and running up to Portland for boat parts, that didn't do the job when he got it home. Ho Hum! Yawn!! Were both tired. If people only knew what goes on behind the whole bait thing. Not a complaint, just fact. Sturgeon fishing is still hanging in there. I've talked to a few people who got their limits right after the commercial nets came out. Others say, It's worthless out there. Don't think they caught anything!! But all in all, Sturgeon fishing is a fair fishery. Can't get limits everyday!! Fishing is fishing. And what fun could that be, if you got your limit everyday? Okay, It would be fun. But then, the tag would fill up, and no more fish to tag.
Well, Jenny that's all the earth shattering new I have for you today.
It's really hard for me to get any computer time. Usually I'm here
by myself. As soon as I sit down, the phone rings, or someone comes in. I'll try as hard as I can to keep you informed. If not by e-mail, then maybe I'll just pick up the phone and give you a call. Until then, Jen, Have a great day!

Aug 9th 1999

Whoo hoo! I nominated myself for the fish hoo award and I won! I just did it real quick in my spare time, thinking, ah... fishoo, large site, they won't even read it! BUT THEY DID! Go see, it's cool! Search for great sites at FISHOO!
Get to go out to Buoy 10 in the morning! I can't wait! Fish or Bust as Bev, my e mail pal says! I will literally go crazy soon if I don't get out on the water! It's supposed to be sunny too!
Don't forget about Stan's video, I'm going to put the article on the August page, but the link is up at the hot links and here. I am deeply engrossed in a book that he wrote right now. I spent a couple hours laying in the sun, and I almost finished the book!
Anyway, off I go to dinner, and then a long summers nap until I fish! Lookout Chinnookies here I come!!!!!

Aug 11th 1999

Fished the Nehalem yesterday for Chinook and then went up to fish for some cutthroat. Both were very slow, but to tell you the absolute truth... I mean it would have been GREAT to have hot fishing... but I really needed the calm clear waters, and the waving of the trees in the summer breeze more than I needed any more stimulation right now in my life!
I am riding the emotional roller coaster of a very exciting adventure these days. So tired from it most nights that I collapse in bed by 9. Not tired of it, mind you.. just tired.
It has finally and most peacefully settled upon me that I am moving to a house in Tillamook along the Kilchis river. It really is a dream come true, you know. Living in a place surrounded by water, when come to think of it, is usually where I settle. But this place is special. This place, where I will call home is a place where few cars pass up on the road above the house. There are deer that come to stop in the lawn, sometimes bringing their little ones. This is a place where the river bends around nearly 3 corners of the house and the sound of the water brings me home. You can walk easily from the house, through a thin line of trees to the deep green depths where Fall Chinook will soon explore and make their way over riffles, and through deep cool pools. Whenever I feel that overwhelming urge to fish, can you believe that I will just be able to walk out my door and do it? The Kilchis river is open all but what, two months a year? Plus, I will still be able to fish my old rivers, because I will be commuting to work to keep up with my students and web work here.
For quite some time I struggled with this decision.
I think of the wild storms that rage here. I have watched towering Spruce trees be torn and beaten by the nearly 100 mph winds along this coast line. In some seasons of my life, I have had to stand tall and strong against some of life's struggles and gales. Truthfully, sometimes I really thought I was going down. But I held tough, and as I look out this morning at some of those trees, I feel proud to still be among them.
Iv made a place for myself here in Astoria, with friends, and in business.
I kind of worry about my little flock of feathered friends that have trusted me to fill their feeders every morning. I guess they will be migrating soon, and next year, maybe... just maybe.... they will find me in a new location, and in this new location, they will find that I have dedicated an entire acre to the equivalent of a 'Bird Disneyland!' I am going to have feeders everywhere!!!
The birds will wake up one day and the feeders will be down here in Astoria, and soon the storms will begin. They will survive... I know they will! ...and come back stronger and more sure!
So, peace and happiness fills me like Spring after a wild and rough winter.
I have found a place in life where I can fish, talk fish, live fish, have a house decorated with fish pictures, fish books, fish furniture. I have new rivers of fish to write about. I have new fishing friends to meet. Most of all I realize that sometimes in life, things happen that you'd only dreamed could occur.
Not only have I found myself moving to a new house, but I have found something much more important and meaningful. Much more valuable than anything I have been responsible for caring for. And I wouldn't pass it up for the world!
Look who won!
On the more serious side, I uploaded all the messages off of the old Ifish Discussion board here.
Please continue to post about your fishing trips on the New board! Come on, you guys, you read it! It should be Ifish law, that if you read it, you have to post your trip info! I think I will start that myself. Include weather, water temp, all the good stuff, catch or no catch! Pleaaassseeeeee?

Aug 13th 1999

Do you think that if I stood outside over the Bay and yelled real loud, "Here fishies!!!!", they would hear me from out in the ocean and finally come in? Dang! Where are all those thousands of reportedly good catchable fish at Buoy 10? Well, it is raining here, maybe that will bring them in. I worry that the rain though, will bring them all in at once, and zoom... up the river they will go, and I will be home packing more and more boxes for the move. Moving is a nightmare, but I seem to be doing my job saving the fish. I have had very little time to go out and tease and torture them. Oh well, I think I may make up for it this fall.
Speaking of which..... Do your realize that Steelhead season is really just around the corner? It seemed ages away at the beginning of summer, but you know that feeling when you go out in the morning one morning in late summer and you can just feel it? The smell... the crispness.... that says Fall is approaching??? I love that! Fall is my favorite season!!! Steelheading thoughts always fill me up with this kind of joy and excitement! Cold freezing hands playing wild, tail dancing steelhead from a raft! Those kind of sunny winter days where the sun doesn't warm your hands, but engraves pictures of glistening dew drops on leafless trees that sparkle like diamonds! Ohhhhhhh I want to go steelheading! O.K. I'm dreaming again.. I still have summer silvers and Fall Chinook to wade through before I get to my favorite fishing season. Fall Chinook fishing is fairly new to me. Iv fished for them in the Necanicum several times, but never out my back door on the Kilchis. The kids and I think we are going to set up an outdoor coffee and doughnut stand on our river beach for all of the drift boats coming down! FUN! And we haven't even started the ritual of going out to the Columbia river beaches to swim and tease the silvers!
I set my seasonal Calendar by fish species.... is there any other way?

Aug 15th 1999 update!
They caught fish on the beach today! Chinook, Silvers! WHOOOO HOOO! I'm out there first thing in the morning! I"m not suppose to meet Ben till 11, but, Ben... Sorry! 'Can't wait that long! I'll fish at 6 till 10, go to Ben's and fish from 11 on! I knew the fish would come in with these cooler temps and rain! I knew it I knew it I knew it!
Whoooo hoooo~! Let you know when I get home!
Aug 15th 1999
Still no great news at Buoy 10! Can you believe it? Oh well, I have known years that they didn't come in strong till about the 3rd week in August. I still hold out hope! I am going fishing tomorrow with my dear friend, Ben. We are going out to the big beach at Fort Stevens. That would be Social Security Beach, I guess... I am just so used to referring to them as the little and the big beach! I prefer the little beach most often, in Hammond because it is so quiet. Of course, if my vegetable garden is doing real well, it's fun to go out to the big one and trade veggies. It's the best farmers market around!
Then you can go home with a dinner of salmon and veggies!
Last night my son Andrew was kind of bored so I got him to go with me in the car to go check out my jack hole. Nothing yet, but I didn't give it as good of a chance as I would have had I been alone. Then off to the bridge at the Clatskanie River, and nothing there either. An ambulance ripped out to the Young's river loop and was followed by several emergency vehicles. I tried to get to my third hole, but the accident caused me to have to turn back. Yuck, must have been an awful accident.
Anyway, I'm home, it's raining.. Feels like Fall is definitely here, but it is August. This has been the strangest weather year I can remember.
I am looking forward to being on the beach with Ben. We have tons of fishing memories to go over yet again tomorrow. A banter, back and fourth full of "remember when..." I love it!
Stories of Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon, Chinook, Flounder, Trout.. you name it, we fought them together. Through terrible storms, through putting our chairs to close to a steep embankment and down Ben goes! Through tons of soggy sandwiches, and pickles and pop...and yes Ben, I will get out and lock your wheels into 4 wheel drive!
It's a chicken and dumplings kind of day... off to the kitchen!
Oh yeah, Janet, an e mail friend wrote to tell me that Sunset Lake will have those big two pound trout stocked on the 19th of this month! Thanks Janet!

Aug 16th 1999
Just talked with Tim Wright at the Nehalem Hatchery about the next plantings on the lake. Seems most will take place on or about the 25th of the month. This is contradictory to some of the magazine articles I have read.Of course it is difficult for anyone to keep consistent with what is planned, because the hatchery staff has to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to give us the best fishery. It involves checking the oxygen level on the lakes, estimating and taking the temperature of the waters, (which should be very nice, because of our recent cool temperatures) and making sure all of their delivery equipment is up and running well.If all of the factors are favorable, then the fish will be in as planned on the 25th!
I updated the My Three Lakes page with this information and a little more!
Just got back from the beach, by the way, and although it was beautiful, as usual, I didn't even get a wiggle. The most excitement I had was some grass on my line. There were about 5 rigs out there, and we all had a great time, you know, swapping stories, and showing off our licenses to the authorities... When they ask you what you are fishing for, you know that it'll probably be slow.....Well, it was.... but my visit and time with Ben is more precious than ever lately. The clock is ticking, and it's so sad to see someone you love lose interest in things. Nature can be so beautiful and awesome, but so cruel and unforgiving at the same time. I don't know how old Ben is, and he would NEVER tell me, but when you hear someone say they don't want a garden next year, when before it was a source of pride and joy, you have to realize things never stay the same. He still loves fishing though, and for that I am so thrilled! He looks darn good, and can still cast with the best of them!
OK, enough of the blearies...
I am going to get some work done so I can figure out where those fish are tomorrow. The kids are at their Dad's and I need to catch something really badly! Herrrrrrre fishy fishy!!!!!!!!

Aug 17th 1999
Got an encouraging River Report from Linda at Tackle Time! I put it on her page, and will continue to do so as she let's me know what is going on, so check back often.
You better believe that I will be out there sometime today. I think I'll fish off the Hammond Jetty for a bit, I just can't help myself! So drive your boat by and say hi!

Aug 18th 1999
Spent the day out at the Hammond Jetty yesterday with Ben. Had a nice time, the weather was cool and foggy, the river like glass. No luck however, and if I don't catch a fish soon, I am going to go stir crazy. Time to give up on banks and board a boat, I guess!
Got a nice report from a friend of a friend, and I thought I would include it!
Thanks Mike!

Well kinda a 10 for us, but not exactly at B10. I did get out to the CR estuary yesterday, 17 Aug with daughter Jennifer and her friend Janet. Would have waved for you on the Hammond jetty had I known you were there. We had intended to fish Chinook in the Church Hole, but with the milquetoast tides and the low imminent, decided to try sturgeon off Hammond. Best bite I've seen all year. The girls of course got all but one of our 7 landed, including the 4 keeper sized. Then we set our crab pot at B20, and, with the tide still slack at 2pm, we opted for B10. Instead of trolling at warp speed for coho as the fleet was doing, we began a quiet deep mooch toward B12. Naturally, Jen nailed a Chinook right away. Two more were lost before we were half way to B12. After just an hour, time ran out as Janet had to get back by 7pm in order to be at the airport at Portland to meet her parents. Crab pot had 6 keepers out of a dozen or so males. No complaints on this trip, even the overcast and calm weather was a 10.
I believe Linda's
Tackle Time report that the Chinook are here. Will the Coho be far behind??
Mike Smith

So, anyway, there you have it, and indeed tomorrow I will be boarding a boat for the fishy waters of the Columbia. Wheeeeeeeee!

Aug 18th 1999
Len is bringin em in, and it is red hot out there, kids.... I can't wait! I'll be out tomorrow for my share of the BBQ!
I have to get some sleep! I have to! I know I will be up all night checking the clock to see if it is time... Oh well. I am so excited!!!! 5 AM! Whooo hoo!

Aug 19th 1999
I am a terrible, mean, greedy Mother! I simply couldn't help myself! I was beginning to lose all faith in my abilities to catch a fish of any sort. Bill took Andrew and I out early this morning at the church hole for Chinook. Hot bite(?)..... where? I didn't see very many fish. Wait... wait... wait..... hmmm still no fish. The scientific data that I compiled was that the bite had not started yet. Or yet... or still yet...
Then Andrew caught a jack.. throw him back! Yay Andrew caught the first fish! Things were lookin up! I watched my rod intently.. maybe, say a prayer, (and I did), maybeeeeee...
Nope, Andrew's rod went down! Go Andrew! I was so excited for him, and at the same time, envious! "Give me that rod, boy!" No, I was good, I let him play it... That is until he let the dang line go slack!!! I had to have it! I couldn't lose it! I couldn't allow him to lose it! It was huge, and chrome and and and....
Oh for those precious few seconds where I HAD to help my son.. I felt the fish go wild in the water, I saw him jump! YES! We still have him on! "Oh please, Andrew, can't I just...??? No, here Andrew, fight your fish." (AND YOU BETTER NOT LOSE HIM..sweetheart...)
Well, he really did do a heck of a job. He brought in a 27 pound beautiful fish that is currently being cooked in my oven!
Andrew was raised with a different kind of awareness than most kids. I used to fish so much when they were tiny that one time he was playing house with a little neighbor girl, and he wrapped his arm around her and said,
"Honey, you go out and catch a fish, and I'll stay home and clean house."
Need I say more?

Aug 22nd 1999
No one wants to go. Fifty-plus years of family tradition broken.
We have got to save Diamond Lake! No one seems to want to go anymore!
I remember getting up early on a Monday morning in late August to make the trek to Diamond Lake. A line of family campers, cars with bikes atop, and boats following close behind... Fishing rods packed neatly...We rent a whole line of cabins on the lake, about 6 families that all knew the same Grandfather who loved to fish. He started the tradition, and every morning at daybreak the sound of fishing boats starting their motors on a glassy, fish filled lake will forever be a fond memory for me. Grandpa is gone now, but we kept the tradition alive in his memory, and in my Mother's memory. My own children have grown up to know this summer vacation in a different way. They bike, they swim. They never knew that fishing was the goal at Diamond Lake. The fish are gone.
One by one, each family made the decision not to go this year. "Well, if you aren't going, then I'm not going!" seemed to echo through the phone lines, as one by one we broke our family heritage. We won't be able to say we haven't missed a year anymore.
Diamond Lake has changed too much. Diamond Lake needs to be rotenoned. It needs to have fish again, and I'm sad to have to poison it, but folks, it just has to be done. Look at the unfilled cabins this year. Diamond Lake is already dead!
D lake is not a water park. It is a fishing Lake! There is nothing more sad to me to have to poison it, to kill off everything, except to see water skiers on this lake! That I simply don't want to ever see, and if the people allow an increased speed limit next year to allow for skiers and such, I simply will not go back to Diamond Lake! I can't watch! Heck, why don't we add water slides, perhaps an amusement park on the beach, and large condominiums?
Diamond Lake represents peace and nature. Fishing!
I guess I am a little bitter. But most of all I am sad. Tomorrow should be the day that we would leave for Diamond Lake, and yet the coolers are still unfilled in my garage. The cookies have not been baked, the trout rods are still neatly hung on their racks.
Please help save Diamond Lake.

Aug 24th 1999

I'm half asleep....5 in the morning... Going fishing!!! I hope those Chinook make it worth my while! I have decided to take up something new after today... SLEEP! Perhaps even in the boat today!
I am in the middle of a move, you know, the whole thing, garage sale, feeding the kids on paper plates, packing everything and then needing something, and unpacking it! I will be off line for a couple days around the 1st reconnecting to a new ISP, and until then, communication might be more sporadic while I'm so busy. But for today, the girl needs to fish. Not a doubt about that. Sooooo I'll let you know what's happening when I get back! zzzzzzzzz coffee........

Dick was using some herring he jigged out of the Necanicum river, and he got two more take downs, but lost them both. Believe me, it is a good idea to let them hang themselves before you grab that rod!
We saw probably a fish a boat today. Not a real hot bite. We saw many, many lost fish. I think, and this is my personal opinion, that there was SO many balls of bait fish in the water that the fish just have plenty to eat! Is there any merit to that? I don't know, but the bait fish were so heavy in there! I have never seen so many! Candle fish, anchovies, herring, you name it! It was a bait fish party! They were thick!
It sure was a busy day on the river out there. Boats everywhere. Go figure this one. Nearly all the boats out there, or a good 3/4 of them are new boats, like in the last 5 years. Why is that? Where are all the old boats? In yards somewhere?
I pondered many things today, and it was really fun and relaxing. I needed the break from packing box after box.
Do fish feel pain and how do they perceive it if so? How come some salmon wait 7 years before coming in to spawn? Why, are jack salmon usually if not always male? What do horsetail clouds mean? Impending storms?
Anyway, I had a great time. Gosh, guess it's time to go pack some more. That and catch up with some of my web clients. It never ends, and even if you do go fishing.... the real world will wait for you to get back!

Aug 26th 1999
Welcome to Stan Fagerstrom's new column
"Let's look at Bass and Panfish!"
I am so honored to have Stan write a column, and I can't wait to read what he has to say, and get back involved in lake fishing here in the Pac Northwest!
It hasn't been easy to stay up with this web page while I am packing, and with having to change service providers next week, I only hope and pray that I can get up and running in a reasonable amount of time! Should take me a couple days.... SHOULD...!
People have written to me worried that this move will change IFISH. Believe me, Ifish is one of my greatest sources of my happiness, and no, it will not change! I think it will only get better with me being closer to some of the hot rivers for steelhead in the winter! Plus, I travel back here once a week to teach my old lessons, and work on local web page clients so I can check up on any fishable waters here... I will just be able to track more of what is going on! I plan to stay over night here in Astoria occasionally so I can fish my old waters, and hang out and check up on the local fisheries here. The Necanicum is one of my all time favorites, and it is not covered by any data sites. No reports on river levels, etc.. You just have to be there to look at it, or have friends to call to find out the conditions. I can do this! And it will be posted!
No chance could I just leave behind this area... I love it! I feel a connection here in Astoria/Seaside that would seriously put a damper on my mood if I had to totally leave it!
So.... things will be fun this fall.... the Wilson, the Trask, The Kilchis, the Miami, The Necanicum, Nehalem... T Bay. WHOOOOO HOOOO!
P.S.! I can't believe I forgot to tell you this! Coffenbury is now stocked with 1200 trophy rainbow trout! The two pounders! Go for it! I have to get out there!

Aug 28th 1999
Buoy 10 is closing....Well, I guess I can't complain... I have a refrigerator full of wonderful smoked salmon, prepared for me by Hope and Bill Hughes.... Thanks GUYS! Man, she does a good job! Hope and Bill are the parents of Dave Hughes, the fly fishing author. They are some of the nicest people Iv met. I'm especially intrigued with Hope. She is one of the most spirited, fun, fish loving women I know! I also have some nice frozen fillets for cooking later.. not many though... I hate to freeze fresh Chinook. I'd rather give it away to people that smile real big when they receive it! Now that is a kick! Besides, it is SO good fresh! I gave both of the heads and bones to some Finnish friends of mine for fish stew.
So I got my salmon, but it seemed like such a short season.. and the jacks aren't in my hole yet and and and... well, I'm so busy with the nightmare move and my garage is so packed with stuff that I can't even reach my rods! I had some fresh little Chinook eggs, kinda immature that I took out there a couple days back and they just weren't in yet... No fish. wahhh!
Bill took my son out to Coffenbury today and caught and released some nice trout. They just wouldn't take fresh bait though, and the only thing that really worked was a Flatfish. And Bill lost one. :( A twenty year old Flatfish that they don't make anymore. New in the box still.... They caught and released a beautiful bass, and the weirdest thing I heard is that they caught some bluegill! Strange, I have never caught a bluegill in that lake!
Well, the garage sale is over, and now all I have to worry about is moving. No prob, right? ARGHHHHHH! I can do this!!! :)
Buoy 10 has been slow from what I have heard. Some silvers being taken now, but the Chinook bite seems off. That was as of Friday, and I am sorry, but I haven't heard about today yet.
That's all my news.... fish or otherwise!

Aug 29th 1999
There was one little goldfinch at my feeder two days ago. His coat was scruffy, with little tufts of white undercoating peeking through in that messy, new born fashion. It made me smile. He was all alone, taking care of himself. In the recent past these babies were with their parents at the feeders, and you could watch their interaction, the learning process....but they are gone now, sensing that their babies are now able to fend for themselves.. What a fascinating adventure awaits these baby birds.
It is incredible timing that my bird feeder remains full and almost untouched after three days. Perhaps I will take it down. Usually I have to fill it every day, and one of my greatest worries in moving was "Who will feed my birds?" But sometimes we spend a lot of time worrying about things that take care of themselves. The birds are migrating, I have done my part, and another adventure awaits me.
This morning I had my kids in the car all ready to go to church, when I turned around to capture the saddest expression on my youngest's face, tears brimming his deepset eyes. "It's my last full day here, Mom, and I want to play with my friends." He tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but failed miserably. I tried to hold his hand while I drove.. I tried to be strong, but I couldn't. I pulled over and after trying to comfort him, I let him out to walk home to be with his friends that he grew up with, that he has spent countless hours with climbing the big tree in the neighbors yard, or trading baseball cards in the back lawn. I drove to church with the most helpless feeling in my heart.
Emotions are thick in the air here lately. One day up, one day down...
We are starting an exciting new adventure, but we are leaving behind the comfort and security of what is familiar. I just wanted to hold my little boy, tightly in my arms as if he were 5 and not 10. I wanted to protect him and care for him. The only thing I can do for him at this age is understand, listen, and watch him fly with the confidence I know he is capable of.
I am going fishing at my jack hole today. I am going to sit in the rain, and listen. I will have the song "How Great Thou Art" going through my head, as I do now. As I played that song today in church I couldn't keep my eyes dry.

"O Lord my God! when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds Thy hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the Rolling thunder, Thy power through out the universe displayed.
When through the woods and forest glades I wander And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees; When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze;
Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee,
How great Thou art, how great Thou art."

How absolutely fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful land. How wonderful it is to have water surrounding us and peaceful places to fish.
My boys will be fine. I will be fine. We are moving to a place where beauty surrounds us and love is abundant.
It's a great new beginning, and Ifish will continue to bring you fishing reports and more!!

Aug 31st 1999
Take five.. My back is breaking! Got a big U haul in my driveway and it is almost full!
No jacks yet in my hole the other day, but I sure enjoyed getting out!
Yesterday it just poured down rain so hard, and I wanted to be out on the beach fishing in it so badly! I remember twice I went out on the beach during the first real rain and just having the best fishing luck! Miserable conditions, but I remember not even being able to tell there was a fish on until you brought it in. The wind just shook everything and fish after fish came in! We limited in less than an hour. If anyone went out, let me know?
My bird feeders are down. Everything looks so strange, and I am all by myself in this empty house. I needed to connect with something somewhere so I turned on the handy Internet! Poof! Instant friends!
According to plans, I will update once more tomorrow eve, and then be off till Friday.
Sorry, no new fishing reports right now, but I will call some people for tomorrow's report. Byeee!